Peppermint Essential Oil & Vitality – Young Living Premium Starter Kit (HOW TO USE)

Peppermint Essential Oil & Vitality - Young Living Premium Starter Kit (HOW TO USE)

Hey we are live again for this time peppermint power and vitality yeah yeah so peppermint how do you use peppermint the best way I have found to use government is when you make brownies so you mix it all up and then you add one drop in there oh oh it's amazing you know great especially when like they're still warm and you have like that cooling sense with the peppermint oh that sounds amazing Katie it is or when I'm feeling rough after a night too much fun I like to rub it on my belly I even just take a little bit of my water to help soothe it all right so when you first started drinking peppermint in your water did you go whoa yeah it's it's a it's a low feeling you have to do I mean like one drop I even to take sometimes like a toothpick and just mix it in with my water just take the toothpick right in the top yeah so it's the less yep so when I tell people that to do peppermint in their water because this is a vitality in it you can use it as a dietary supplement so you can ingest it I always say get a big pitcher a glass pitcher because you want your vitality oils in glass and then one drop in a large pitcher and pour from that pitcher with the first star yeah and after you've been doing it for a while you get used to no it's not that bad because I have to eat it for so long well it is your like old man well and it is that cooling of fish so another way to use peppermint and one of our friends Jackie Labrecque taught me that she was at baseball games all the time her son's a awesome baseball player and she just puts a little drop behind her hairline and it's like a it's like a personal thing I was at a three-day concert last two weekends ago and that's what I did is dropped it behind me and then I had my fly guy rein it up my back too so anyway it was hot I mean it's sweaty human in Chicago was like yeah any degrees we were saying outside all day yeah totally worked everyone around me was like oh can we have some too peppermint on people's back of their Max and then it smells as bad and I wasn't as hot well they probably made everybody invigorated and everybody dance yeah we afterwards cuz you learn that sticky and sweaty anymore then that's a gift of peppermint cuz it enlivens you so you're driving long distances you can take the cap off and inhale it use a car diffuser a great way to do it it's one of my favorites to carry in my pocket and open and smell just put it in my diffuser in the mornings to wake me up specially when I have to go to school and I don't want to get out of bed yeah beautiful so the vitality oil also we can say that it is supportive to a healthy digestive system so that's really big to know like Katie said put a few drops just rub it on your belly or in your water and see how it affects you and supports you for your belly what else anything oh I use some vitality on my toothpaste too one of my faves Too Faced to give me more of that minty freshness in the morning you really like that I've got a peppermint one of my favorite your jam okay good so I'm sure there's more ways you think of how you're gonna use it but that's how we use this have a nice day

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