Persian KINGS of Minced Lamb!! 🐑SHOCKING IRANIAN FOOD in Isfahan, Iran!! 🇮🇷

Persian KINGS of Minced Lamb!! 🐑SHOCKING IRANIAN FOOD in Isfahan, Iran!! 🇮🇷

– Hey everyone, hope you’re
having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in
Isfahan, Iran, and this is one of the most historically important and amazing cities of Iran. It is known as half of the world, because of it’s significance,
because at it’s peak time, when it flourished, it was
one of the largest cities in the world. It’s an important trade
center, it’s an important food center, and in
this video we are gonna go on an ultimate food tour of Isfahan. We’ll also be walking
around, exploring the city, going to some of the
most amazing, cultural and historical sites,
but mostly eating a lot of delicious food, and I’m
gonna share this entire Isfahan tour with you in this video. (man singing in foreign language) Just arrived to Isfahan,
so happy to be here and we’re gonna start eating now. And we’re going down here, next? – Yeah, come. You know it’s one way. (Mr. Taster speaks in foreign language) (Mark laughing) You chase each other. (Mark laughs) – It is beautiful, and definitely it’s like if you put
your shoulders out wide nobody can pass, it’s true. And it looks like mud, mud walls. (man speaking in foreign language) (laughs) (car horn honking) – Yes (chuckles). (men speaking in foreign language) (car horn honks) – [Mark] Now getting to a walking street, getting into one of the
main square, the public square area, huge square area, yeah, where are we on our way to? – So, it’s Azadegan cafe. – Okay. – It’s one of the oldest
and you can see all– – Oh, we’re walking into it right now? – Yeah. – Awesome. Just full of antiques, antlers, chains, clay vessels, tea vessels. Okay, and step into the real main area now and it’s so many antiques
filled with lamps filled with all sorts of vessels of silver and clay and photos, the
antiques and the decorations just never end. You can just keep looking and
looking and find new things. If you just look up at the
ceiling there’s portraits, there’s photos, there’s hanging lamps, there’s hanging fish, there’s
lanterns, there’s musical instruments, there’s swords, there’s, it’s like a, you could
just keep on looking around forever in here. (Iranian instrumental music) (bell ringing) – Or, would you like a stool? – No, this is fine. We ordered a couple of
dishes, on their way now. (dishes clattering) (speaks in foreign language)
(dishes clattering) Well, really it’s like a tea house, more of a tea house
cafe than a restaurant, but what I love is that
they serve just a handful, maybe like five different
dishes, and serve the right way specializing them, and so we ordered this eggplant dish looks
incredible just swimming in the sauce, eggplant
looks so tender, and then I love that pile of
carmalized onions on top. It’s so aromatic, it smells
so good, and then we also got, this one is the dizi? – Yeah. – It’s already mashed up? – It’s already mashed up.
– Okay. – And it’s the meat juice. – Oh, meat juice (laughing). – Might call it abgoosht. – Abgoosht (laughing) meat juice, and– – This is kashke bademjan. – Kashke bademjan. – Kashke bademjan.
– Kashke bademjan. – Which they cook it
(speaks in foreign language) differently like this
so it’s more tomato-y, – Ah.
– You know? – Some kind of a dairy product. You put that on top? Ooh, oh wow, oh that’s like cream on top. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Mark] Okay, take the
bread, and just scoop it in? Okay, yeah that’s good, I’m gonna slice off some of the… Oh, oh it’s so mushy
and, oh look how mushy. Eggplant is one of my favorite
things, too, in the world. – I know.
(Mark laughs) (speaks in foreign language) (chewing and smacking) (Mr. Taster laughs) – Mmh, that just melts in your mouth. It’s just so soft and mushy,
in the best possible way. – Yeah. – Whole tomatoes, tomato paste, and the curd also I like it’s
rich and it’s creaminess. Oh, it’s so creamy, so
awesomely good, yeah. Then I’ll mix in next
with these, all of the, the crispy onions, and
add on more of the curd. Okay, I have to take another
bite before moving on. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah? – I think the thing to do
is just kinda like mash up the eggplant a little bit with the onions, and there’s olives in there, too. – [Mr. Taster] Look at that, my mom used to do it like this, put more curd, I call it moss. She was doing it like this, oh. – [Mark] Mash it even more. – [Mr. Taster] Yes (laughing). (speaks in foreign language) messy Look at that. – [Mark] Oh, it turns to just a gravy, it turns to an overeager gravy. All right. (both laughing) – Mm-hmm. – [Mr. Taster] My mom is experienced. – Yeah, momma taster. (both laughing) Mama taster. (laughing) – [Mark] Yeah, that just
like makes everything even more like, it’s just like saucier. It’s like literally melted eggplant gravy. (Iranian instrumental music) Tear the bread and break
it up into the soup. This is the lamb soup, (laughing) All the bread is just gonna
absorb that lamb broth. Reach the surface.
– [Mr. Taster] Yes. – [Mark] Reach the surface of the soup, just mop it all up, every piece of bread to just fully be absorbed. (Iranian instrumental music)
(dishes clattering) (laughing)
– Taste that with onion? Thank you.
(laughing) It’s like a lamb juice sponge, it explodes with this lamb aroma, and then just wrapped
up with that soggy bread that’s soaked up with the lamb. Squeeze on sour orange, (laughing) that will be good, too. Squeeze on sour orange juice, stir that around, yeah. It turns into like a mash. – [Mr. Taster] And let’s have some – [Mark] Pickle as well? – Yeah.
– Okay. Take a bite of the bread,
and add pickle on top of it. – [Mr. Taster] Pickles, we call it torshi. – [Mark] Torshi a dark pickle. (chuckles) (Iranian instrumental music) (laughing) – Taste’s different?
– Yeah (chuckles)
But with that sour orange, the pickle kinda has a– – Should be aged. – Yeah, like a worcestershire sauce to it. And so this actually
the chickpeas, the beans that are mashed up with the lamb. Just kinda scoop into that. That with a little sour orange? – Yeah.
– Or onion? – Both (laughing).
– Both. (laughing) – And we’re gonna chase that with onion, to complete the bite. Again, like the lamb
flavor, because it’s been mashed up it’s dissolved into this hearty, pasty, beany dip. You’ve got the solid version,
and the liquid version. They almost taste the same actually. – Yeah (chuckles). – Like, the flavor is the same, it’s just totally different textures. (Iranian instrumental music) The food was amazing, but
this place is best known for this, and this combination. You have to have both
of them together, right? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, goosh-e Fil. it means elephant ears, yeah. So it’s sweet, and it’s sour. And they mix it together, it’s so strange. (laughing) – Crunchy and sweet.
(laughing) They do kinda look like elephant ears. And then, the… (speaking in foreign language) you can see how mint is floating on, this one looks like the mintiest one, I’ve had so far. Some of them have not had mint in it that we’ve had so far, this one the mint is just floating around
on the top of the surface. And it’s like a yogurty,
slightly salty beverage, so, this is the combination that this place is.
– The most strangest I would say. – And this is only this place. – Only in all Iran. (crosstalk)
– Only in Isfahan. Oh yeah, it’s like sticky and crunchy, you could just feel, and
it’s almost transparent. You can almost see through it. (upbeat music) Okay, starting with the elephant ears, it’s juicy actually, just like a floral syrup, sweetness, that gushes out of it. And it’s kinda like sticky and gummy at the same time and it kinda like caramelises on your teeth. And then you take a swig of the
(speaks in foreign language) and it’s like salty,
refreshing yogurt mintieness. Just a hint of carbonation
to give your tongue a little zing, with the mint. It’s not too thick, not
too rich, not too heavy. But it just goes down easily, and it’s addictive too. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah (chuckles). (upbeat instrumental music) (lips smacking) (laughing) (upbeat music continues) – Ah. It’s an entire alley,
it’s an entire museum of antiques and history in this tea house. And on top of that, the food is amazing. The atmosphere is so cool,
and that combination, that combination that they have here, is absolutely a must
when you’re in Isfahan, and an amazing place. It’s pretty late at night
and we’re gonna call it a night, but quickly
we’re just gonna take a, get my first glimpse, take
a look, in the main square. And I know this is one of the world’s largest squares, it’s huge. There are two mosques within the square, and then surrounding it are shops, and the bazaar, absolutely
spectacularly stunning. And then tomorrow we’re gonna be walking around a lot more in the daytime, but we just wanted to get
the night view right now since we’re right here. (man singing in foreign language) And that was an amazing
first evening in Isfahan. It’s an incredible city
and I can’t wait to explore more tomorrow, and tomorrow
we’re gonna continue with this ultimate food tour of Isfahan, so I’ll see you, tomorrow. (man singing in foreign language) Good morning from Isfahan, Iran. Had an amazing sleep
last night, slept well after that eggplant. And beautiful day today,
the sun is shining, the Persian garden outside
of our room on the veranda is gorgeous, I am ready
to explore Isfahan today and to eat a lot more food. Morning,
– Hey, morning. – Good morning, morning.
– Good to see you. – I remember you in GM. – [Mark] Yes, yes, thank you. – You are going to out of
the boat and eat everything. (Mark laughing)
– Yes. – [Mark] Thank you, (speaking
in foreign language) Staff here are amazing, and we are off for the day to explore
Isfahan, to eat a lot of delicious food, and to see the square in the daylight now,
and to see some of the most beautiful attractions
of this incredibly ancient, incredibly
important and powerful city. (water fountain splashing) Good morning.
(speaking in foreign language) How are you today? (speaks in foreign language) very good. (upbeat music) – We’re going for yogurt
(speaks in foreign language) (laughing) We going for yogurt stew. – [Mark] Yogurt stew? – Yeah, we call it Khoresht Mast. – [Mark] And it’s a musty– – It’s, ah, a strained yogurt with lamb. For breakfast, they have it for lunch, they have it as desert,
they have it for dinner. (laughing) – Lamb for desert (chuckles). I like the sound of it. (background chattering) Step in here and immediately, again, you smell that lamb aroma. This is such an interesting
dish and I love it already. You can smell the lamb
boiling and then on this massive platter is this, all that yogurt, okay, we’re gonna watch the whole process as they make it right now. (speaking in foreign language) (dough slapping) On this big metal platter, he has, this is strained yogurt,
and it’s kinda like sticky, buttery in consistency. And then they take shredded lamb, which has been boiling,
it’s completely shredded and tender, you can just
feel it falling apart. He sprinkles that on
top, and then he starts to like work it with his
fingers, mashing it up, mixing everything together,
forming this putty of minced, shredded lamb
and strained yogurt. And then he starts massaging
it, he start kneading it like a ball of dough,
and then he continues to work it into the texture that he needs, and he takes this plastic mallet, and then just circular
motions, just mashes it again making a finer
mash, and that almost turns to a spreadable
putty of strained yogurt and evenly mixed disinegrated
lamb, through and through. (Iranian instrumental music) (background chattering) That experience and that stickiness, he has to play with it
to get the texture right, it’s literally like putty
of strained yogurt and lamb. Okay, now, powdered saffron? – [Woman] Saffron. – [Mark] And the aroma of that saffron is just intense and the strongest saffron I’ve ever smelled, it’s condensed and it’s actually thick and dark, it’s not even orange in color, it’s like maroon and yellow. (water pouring) The saffron they’re gonna
brew for ten minutes and that goes into a
separate, it’s going to go into this pan where he’s
adding more strained yogurt to a mixer and
that’s gonna mix together and somehow it’s all gonna
come together with that mushed lamb and strained yogurt. (machine whirring) It’s just a never ending process of mixing and mashing. So now that entire blob that they like made perfect texture elastic goes into the mixer with the
more strained yogurt and sugar. (machine whirring) Now it’s all coming
together, he pours in gently that saffron that was
brewed, it’s such a beautiful color and that just like
splatters into the entire mixture, and remember
there’s lamb in there. So this batch is ready.
– Yeah (chuckles). He’s giving us a taste
test, and look at that stickiness of it, it is like putty. You eat that whole thing in one bite? – Yeah, let’s go. – Would that be risky?
– One bite. – Okay, one bite (chuckles). Risky with the stickiness. Mmh. – More saffron. – Oh, wow! (Hamid speaks in foreign language) Mmh, it’s sweet, it’s
like sweet saffron, lamb, ice cream, whipped cream
all together in one bite. It is amazingly good actually. (man speaking in foreign language) – [Mr. Taster] Have you had chicken kabob? – Yeah. – You’re gonna have it with chicken kabob
– Ah, it’s like a garnish Like sauce, almost like a sauce. – Or, you can have your chicken kabob and once you finish you
can have it as a desert. – Okay. It can be eaten as a desert,
straight up as a desert like with tea time or
just as a sweet snack, and it can be eaten with the main dish, like you eat a kabob and you eat this as a sauce of a kabob or eat this on top of the kabob, wow, that
is slightly strange and incredibly tasty. – [Man] No sugar. – [Mark] No sugar, honey. – [Man] Only honey. – [Mark] Only honey. Found me one with honey. – Instead of sugar?
– No sugar, just honey. That’s awesome. Let’s cheers it.
(laughing) Do we not stick together? (woman speaking in foreign language) – [Both] Mmh. – Oh I like the honey. – It’s even better (laughing) – [Mark] It’s more mellow sweetness. – [Mr. Taster] More sticky as well. – [Mark] More sticky, and the
sweetness is not so harsh. It’s more like blended in. This is my final bite before I overdose. (lips smacking) The honey one, wow. Stunning and unique,
lamb saffron cheesecake. (chuckles) Wow. I can guarantee that’s
the best lamb cheesecake in the world. (upbeat music) From here, continuing
on this tour of Isfahan, we’re going to the main
square and to the bazaar for lunch and to just
walk around and explore that area, that’s the center of the city and that’s the heart of Isfahan. (upbeat music) (motorcycle engine revving) (man singing in foreign language) – Wow, welcome to Naqsh-e Jahan Square. This is the center square of Isfahan. It means, translates
to “view of the world” and this is one of the
largest squares in the world and this is just
(motorcycle engine revving) an unbelievably large
square with the bazaar with shops all around. And we’re not actually going
to walk around the square yet, we’ll come back for the
square, but first we’re going straight into the bazaar for lunch. (Iranian instrumental music) Look at these plates
and platters and saucers and bowls and vases, the
blue and the turquoise and the designs. That is unbelievable. (Iranian instrumental music) (tapping) (background chattering) And now getting into
more of the food section of the market of the bazaar, just strands and strands of dates and coconuts. Another four-way direction on the bazaar to choose from, just lanes
going down either side, and in the center is
another stack of dates. This is the section I love, all the food, all the ingredients, all the spices, you can smell the aromas. (motorcycle engine revving) This section of the bazaar is just packed and this is like everyday necessities, lot of clothes section,
the clothes bazaar. There are rugs and carpets,
jewelry, and just like hats and pants and earmuffs
and socks (chuckles). (door creaks) (speaking in foreign language) This bazaar is just
incredible, like a never-ending labyrinth of tunnels
and walkways and alleys and shopping streets
and then you just look down other alleys and
they lead to courtyards or lead out of the bazaar into other areas or into other sections of the bazaar. (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) Thank you very much. (upbeat music) This restaurant is incredible,
its far into the bazaar. In the minced meat mixture
it’s just minced lamb, mint, and saffron. He hand mixes, mashes it
together, fills it into this spoon trough patty. Is it called biriyan? – It’s called biriyan. (speaking in foreign language) Ah, okay, okay. So the actual dish is called biriyan. Oh man, that mashed up
mixture is incredible. Then it goes directly onto this grill and grills, heats,
almost like an oven grill where it bakes in that little pan patty and then it gets transferred
over to this station where he takes a piece of bread, he ladles on some melted animal
fat, I think some lamb fat and then he puts the
patty, the cooked patty into the bread on top
of that, he sprinkles on some almonds and
sprinkles on a handful, and grabs on a handful of lungs, uh, like a lungs paste,
and then wraps it up. That is a spectacular display, genius. (speaking in foreign language) Okay, so over here at the
front of the restaurant they have these two steaming
vats and that’s where they boil the lamb and
they save the juices, all of the meat juice, they actually steam the bread in the lamb
juice steam, they cover that up so the bread stays
soft and has the lamb aroma. But then they use the
soup to go over bread, they tear up some bread,
they put the lamb soup in it, they put some herbs
in it and some tomatoes and then the lamb fat on top. This is just like the
definition of playing with meat juices, they’re
just like slinging meat juices all over the place, into the bread strategically (chuckles). (upbeat music) That will be interesting
to try it with lamb, the same one we’ve had. (laughing) (speaks in foreign language) – No hand wash for two
days so you can smell it (laughing)
and enjoy it. After you eat biryan
don’t wash your hands. (woman speaking in foreign language) – He is watching all your videos, she is – Oh, (speaks in foreign
language) thank you very much. (speaks in foreign language) (people speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] So we begin
with the bread mash up in lamb oil, lamb fat,
with herbs, sprinkled with herbs, tomatoes on there,
and a little bit of that, was it yogurt? The curd, okay. Oh, it’s jut oozing. And then you also wanna
have onion ready to go. (dishes clattering) That is so, sheepy tasting. The oil, the flavor, – Love it. – The bread just soaks it up. Yeah that’s extraordinarily
animally tasting and delicious. (chuckles) Mmh, squeeze in next, the sour orange. Oh yeah, I love it. And you can taste it
with some of the basil. So the main dish has arrived,
and we got the special edition with extra juices
and meat juices and oils. So what you do is you unwrap the envelope. Oh, it’s so soft and just
saturated with oil, juices, meats. Let that kinda drape, just
drapes over your plate. There’s that patty, you smell
the nuttiness of the almonds. And then you have two
different types of breads, too. One is the fluffier bigger bread and one is the thinner bread. – [Mr. Taster] So you take the
bread, juicy bread, and then take a bit of lamb, mix it
with lung and fat, and then I go for onions as well. – [Mark] Re-juice it, and then you have some
onions, either onions or herbs to chase with. Okay,
– Ready? – I cannot wait, yes, after
seeing the whole process? (chewing and moaning)
– Wow. (laughing) (speaks in foreign language) – It’s so good. – That’s incredible. – It’s so good. – It’s like the most
crumbly, juicy crunchy lamb and then you’ve got the
crunch of the almonds as well. (chuckles) (onion crunching) (man speaking in foreign language) Mmmh. Mmh, I’ve never had that
crumbly of lamb in my life. And that flavor just erupts. I love chasing it with the
onion juicy crunchy refreshing. That’s just awesome. (upbeat music) (bites onion) (laughing) That is satisfying, so juicy. And then when you get to
the bottom, you just start eating the base, and that’ the best part, the base of the bread,
because that has the most juices that are actually
starting to harden, harden onto it. It is just unbelievable. – [Mr. Taster] Wrap it like this, and then you’re gonna
have biriyani sandwich. (laughing) – Final pro-tip from
Mr. Taster is to wrap up the remains of your
bread, you could literally probably squeeze this like this and juices and fat would run out of it. (upbeat music) (laughing) Can you drink this at
the end of your meal? – Yeah. – To wash it all down? (laughing) Which is the yogurt,
carbonated salty beverage. Cheers (chuckles). Oh I had a, a leak. Oh that’s nice and carbonated. Oh, this one is not that heavy. It’s good it like washes everything down. At the last place we saw
the process of making it, now we get to really see
the way that it’s eaten in Isfahan, culturally,
the real way to eat it. And in this instance,
it’s eaten like a desert at the end of your meal. Oh this is the same lamb meat mixture, strained yogurt saffron. Khoresht Mash.
– Mast. (smacking and chewing) – Mmh. This one is like citrusy more. – Yeah (chuckles). Oh the saffron, what
an extraordinary dish. And here’s this place in
Farsi, and this is the, this is the English. (background chattering) Oh, it was so amazingly good. The process of them making it
and then being able to eat it, that was superb. We are walking outside of
the bazaar, jumping back into the van and we’re on our way to go see what is the most famous
sweet dessert of Isfahan, and it’s called gaz. And it’s especially from Isfahan? – Just for Isfahan. – Okay. Actually that was just
down the road from where we were, this is the gaz factory,
and gaz is Persian nougat. (upbeat music) Hair netted out, and plastic shoes’ed out. So this place is actually a major factory export specialist of gaz in Iran. Mana.
– Mana. – It’s only for Iran.
(speaks in foreign language) – [Mark] Is it a type
of plant or something? (speaks in foreign language) It’s what? – Insect. (speaks in foreign language) – Ah. – Just try a little bit. – Okay, I’m gonna try some of this. Wow, and it’s all natural. Yeah, it’s sweet, thank you,
it’s like sweet and waxy. And it’s produced by some
type of an insect, wow. Sticks to your teeth. It’s called Mana locally, I believe. This is another one,
there’s like little sticks and herbs in it, mmh,
that is, that is unique. And they say that’s what
makes it truly Iranian nougat as opposed to other
nougat from other countries, is that, oh now it takes like
hay, is that like substance. – [Woman] Hot gaz. – Here it is some of the fresh hot nougat. That is pillowy and sticky
and gummy and nutty, mmh. (upbeat music) Okay, and from here we go
back to the main square to try to get the light
when it’s nice over the whole square and
walk around a little bit. And we are re-emerging into
the square, but this time on the opposite side, which
is like way on the other side, it’s so far, it’s so huge. Just walking to the entrance
here, and this face, the, again the geometry, the
patterns and the tile work is just unbelievable and
the colors, and this is one of just the, the facade,
you can look out over here, you see the dome in the distance,
you see the entire square, wow this is really just unbelievable Persian architecture design. (banging) And so quickly right
before they close we have an opportunity to step inside. It is just huge in here,
massive domes, massive arches, the tile work. (man singing in foreign language) So despite it being under
construction, this entire courtyard, it’s just spectacular. (man singing in foreign language) So when you stand in the center
there on that stone and sing your voice echoes and
picks up all the way. (clap echoing) Whoa, hey. (children speaking in foreign language) (man singing in foreign language) And on the outskirts of the square again, this is where we started
last night, last night, where we came here, we
just stopped, we just took a look said hi to the
owner and then we said we were gonna come back, now we are back. (chuckles) (background chattering) Look at that drill.
(laughing) We’re here to eat fereni which is a milk, like a milk pudding dessert. And so he is about to make
a batch, he has this amazing marble counter top with
a huge hand rotating a drill with, this is a
straight up construction drill, with a massive beater on
it, and that’s just full of hot milk right now. (tapping) (man speaks in foreign language) (laughing)
(drill whirring) It’s amazing, so he mixes in
some starch into a bucket, with some hot milk, and
then he uses, he brought out the drill, he jack-hammer
styles it, drills it. So then this whole starch
goes back into the main pot. (liquid pouring) (drill whirring) I think that might be the
coolest hands down, the coolest kitchen appliance I’ve ever seen. It’s been brewing and stirring
slowly for 30 minutes, it’s now ready but it’s
still hot so it’s not thickened, it’s not cold,
but it’s still like soupy. So, we’re gonna try it like this first. Mmh, it just has the
sweetness of the natural milk and you can feel the thickness of it, like gravy thickness. (liquid pouring) (upbeat music) Okay, so once that mixture
of hot milk and starch then hardens and then it
turns into a milk pudding and it’s not sweetened yet,
and it has this jiggly, amazingly jiggly texture,
and then when they serve it at the front of
the (laughs) look at that. (speaks in foreign language)
It just shakes. What he does is he scoops it
out and then the sweetness comes from a grape syrup
made from grapes, a syrup made from grapes and he sprinkles that on. – [Mr. Taster] I’m mixing it. – [Mark] And then you mix it all in (speaks in foreign language) Mmmh, thank you. (laughing) Mmh, mmh. Oh it’s really milky, it’s really, oh it’s not too sweet. – No. – [Mark] It’s like the aroma
and the hint of sweetness from that syrup. – Normally in other places
they making it with sugar. – [Mark] The actual milk pudding? – Yeah, and it’s already
sweetened so you don’t use the grape juice. – [Mark] But that gives
you more of a fragrance. That gives you more of a,
its so refreshing, yeah. And he is the man behind it. – The king of firni.
– The king of firni. (Hamid laughs) (men speaking in foreign language) – Thank you so much. That was, that was good I enjoyed it, but
especially I enjoyed Uncle who is so friendly, he’s such a nice guy. (man singing in foreign language) One final thing this evening
before we end this tour of Isfahan, is we came to
see a bridge called the Si-o-seh pol Bridge, it’s very famous. We’re just gonna take
a little stroll, enjoy the atmosphere and take
a look at the bridge to end this tour. Either 33 or 32, arch 32
though, 32 arches that go all the way across
the river, and the design again, the design, the
symmetry, the composition is spectacular, and on the
bottom is really nice too. You can go to the of the
bridge, you can see the arches, but if you come to the top
it’s really, also spectacular. Even the way it’s lit up in the night. (man singing in foreign language) It’s amazing. (background chattering)
(laughing) (people in foreign language)
Nice. And what’s amazing abut
these bridges in Isfahan, is they date back 400 or 450 years ago. And they’re almost like community centers where people gather, at this
bridge people are singing. People are hanging out,
there’s a little bit of street food under this bridge. And so it really is like a
community hangout gathering where people just come
to leisurely stroll, or for both leisure and like gathering. (man singing in foreign language) (audience clapping) And so that’s gonna be
it, that’s gonna complete this day, this amazing tour, amazing food, amazing history and attractions
and people in Isfahan. This is such a fascinating city. I loved every moment of it, and
all the food and I wanna say a big thank you to everyone who hosted us, to everyone who we met along
the way, thank you so much and I wanna say a huge
thank you to Mr. Taster for organizing everything
and to Ghasr Setareh who is the organization
who supported my trip to Iran, thank you so
much and also thank you to Ali Jan for guiding us, for touring us in Iran. Again I wanna say big
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  1. Thank you all again for your incredible support. We visited Iran and filmed this video back in Dec 2019, before the coronavirus outbreak. Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected in Iran and around the world. 🙏🙏Keep safe and healthy!

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    So…. apparently is the waste product from aphids. It is secreted from their rear end as they feast on trees. Usually it is collected and eaten by ants but here they have found a way to harvest it. They go out in the early morning (before the ants are up) and knock it off the trees along with the aphids. It is then dissolved in water and strained to remove the bugs and plant matter. Wow!

    Here they call it manna but it is also referred to as honeydew.

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