Planet Fitness STILL Equals No Gains

Planet Fitness STILL Equals No Gains

this is Robert Frank six one five I'm standing outside of Planet Fitness and this gym has gotten a bad rap over the years of not allowing their members to make gains and having food like pizza and Vic sir sir I noticed you just walked out of Planet Fitness you're eating pizza care to comment on your own business a judgment-free zone back to you I'm here with longtime Planet Fitness member Jeff I see that you're eating a bagel can you explain judging me I'm just curious why you're eating a bagel when you just left the gym judgment free zone robert frank sleep on five back to you thanks mbj let's go see what's going on inside this is the same gym that kicked me out six months ago for exercising too hard and as you can see six months later Planet Fitness still equals no games


  1. When I heard that the alarm was real  I had to see for myself………….you got to be kidding  and  pizza?   All I want from planet fitness is to eat all the pizza then take a DUMP right in front of the staff.   WHERE IS THE IRON..THE STEEL..THE RUST FROM YEARS OF SWEAT AND TEARS ???  FUKERS!!!

  2. Planet fitness is a complete shit hole. I did my time… whole month. Lost a lot of strength in that shit excuse for a gym.

  3. Better journalism than Yahoo… Anyone else catch the irony of Robert Frank being judged for being a lunk? Apparently you can only judge away from hard work

  4. I low key kinda feel bad for the guy on the machine eating pizza because he probably didnt know anything about losing fat and just saw that planet fitness is a judgment free zone when in reality he should've been going to a real gym so he would see that not everyone that goes to a real gym is a gym bro that bullies the fat guy and he would've been doing real exercises instead of back extensions, so much wasted money

  5. I wonder if it would be economical to buy a Planet Fitness membership so that you go there for lunch every weekday, do some curls, and get a slice of pizza. Would that not be cheaper than buying a slice of pizza at lunch from some pizza shop?

  6. Good thing that FUCKING lunk alarm NEVER goes off in my planet fitness…I'll grunt and breathe hard and drop weights all the fuck I want. Judgement free zone, right? Don't judge me for actually wanting some RESULTS

    Edit: My grunts aren't that loud tbh so either way I'm set.

  7. I agree. How can a gym offer it's members fatty foods for free goes beyond me…and I normally work out at PF.

  8. fucking love it ….and i hate to say i work there but are club we disabled the alarm and …yeh we are actually full of fitness honeys and juice heads its awesome ocon-Wisconsin come on out and after THEN WE HIT METRO FLEX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I call bs, what about all the fat you gain from the free pizza? Which you're not aloud to burn off because it might offend someone

  10. strange ive been working out at planet fitness for years and people walk up and ask me how much i bench or how i got so big all the time. i know people that workout there that train hard as fuck…

  11. Maybe they should give out some HGH and a shot gun shell at the end of your 1st year…lets hope your kidneys fail very soon

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