Please Help Former NFL Player Albert Haynesworth In His Current Health Crisis If U Can!

Please Help Former NFL Player Albert Haynesworth In His Current Health Crisis If U Can!

and this is one of those stories where there's a brother that needs some help and and I um and it's very difficult for me not to say something about it how many football fans you have out here how many you guys are football fans you guys out there football fans let me know if your football fans let me know I'm a huge football fan although the NFL has my attention and we'll talk about that a little bit later I want to talk about this man that you see right there on the screen how many of you guys know who that is at one point in time that big man was really rich at one point in time that big man got a nice paycheck to play in the NFL got a couple of nice play checks one of the times he got a nice paycheck he got to play for the Washington Redskins the man's name is Albert Haynesworth how many of you guys know what Albert Haynesworth is dealing with right now right now guys Albert Haynesworth had to go to Twitter and I want y'all to hear this Albert Haynesworth had to go to Twitter to beg his followers for a kidney this man who's made millions upon millions of dollars and have lived the dream he's only been retired from the league for about a few years it's gotten so desperate he had to go to his Twitter followers and put up a picture of him in the hospital right now he's in complete kidney failure the me read for me NFL player Albert Haynesworth is in dire need of a transplant after suffering a total kidney failure this week according to a post on his Instagram Haynesworth was hospitalized on July 7th after both of his kidneys failed him well this is hard for me to say but my doctor said I should reach out to my family friends and fans Hainsworth wrote some of you may know that I've been battling a kidney disease for a few years now the time has come family friends and fans I'm in dire need of a kidney mine had finally failed me on July 7 2009 teen Hainsworth decided to go public with his health problems with hopes that he might be able to find a kidney donor before it's too late the bright side of this latest ordeal is I can ask for help by asking for someone to generously donate a kidney he wrote if you're interested in giving this precious gift please call Vanderbilt at six one five nine three six zero six nine five that's six hundred five nine three six zero six nine five when you do guys make sure that you hit the option – he put god bless and thank you Haynesworth has apparently been dealing with some serious health issues since his retirement following the 2011 season not only is he dealing with kidney issues but Haynesworth has also suffered brain aneurysm in 2014 it's hard to believe from a professional athlete that only eight seasons into retirement that my body has taken another major blow hangs where the road on his kidney failure first with the brain aneurysms three seasons out of the NFL and now my kidneys failing me y'all know how old I am right I'm 43 years old he's 38 the 38 year old is currently being treated at Williamson Medical Center which is located just outside of Nashville Hainsworth played his last illness fell down in 2011 after playing for four teams over ten season the defensive lineman entered the 2002 in at the NFL in 2002 other two Titans made him the 15th overall draft pick he's been selected to Pro Bowls during his seven seasons with the Titans Hainsworth moved to Washington following two seasons with reskins hangings worse time with the Patriots in 2011 after being cut by New England during the middle of the season hangs Werth last on the tampa bay where he finished his career if you believe in breaking the traditional mold why suffer from a blade it's really sad that you see like a lot of us will think I wish I had so and so's life I wish I had so and so's money I wish I had and I don't know how long I've been telling y'all and I'm pretty sure your grandmama told you and everybody else told you do not wish you had something that somebody else had cuz you don't know what deal we signed with the devil to get it I don't care if it's my girl wish I had a girl like here and y'all realize that motherfucker driving that nigga nuts which I had a call like it and y'all didn't turn around and see this nigga that flipped that damn calling it and killed him wish I had a helicopter I can fly back and forth that millionaire men and crashing that helicopter with all his kids stop wish he had somebody else's life and just make the best out of the one you have make the best out of the one you have and I got a sit up man tell you I don't sort of them wish I had was so I so had but didn't realize like that nigga letter to tell y'all I said man I wish I had a family like you dig up in Canada I said it I've never denied that I said I wish I had a family like you I was got a wife and kids and I said that to him this fool has dedicated his life to stalking me for the last four years so apparently his life at home can't be that good cuz if it was and he knows I'm saying I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone did he leave me alone like he wouldn't need to keep talking about a man who if his life was better than mine and that dude is saying okay I'll leave you alone you're right your life is better than mine yeah we don't know what deals has been made with these people a lot of people might have been reading that girl before she got in front of that damn train they might have been reading opposed to say wow she doing really good that girl was not in a fruitcake that girl was nothing a fruitcake cuz if she wasn't she woulda jumped down in the middle of that damn train and ran it that motherfucker fools to me like you the juggernaut bitch Albert Haynesworth made millions upon millions of dollars here we are in 2019 he is five years younger than me and he is suffering from complete failure of his children by his kid excuse me and he's having to beg YouTube and Twitter and Instagram for someone to come forward and donate to him so that means if you're the machine that you see him on he's on complete dialysis I don't know how long he can live no he got health insurance he just need the kidney he got the health insurance Jason he got health insurance the NFL covers their health of course he got health insurance he's doing finally he's not asking for money he's asking for a kidney no matter how much health insurance you got if you don't have the organ you gotta fuck you can beat you can be worth 99 billion dollars and have the best health insurance possible if they don't have a heart you walking around oh my I don't have the heart to donate it's the last thing I wanna do but I don't have a heart that'll help me hey look Steve Jobs dead motherfucker who's real rich yeah I do think they do check the family but I'm not really sure how that worked out but him along with and I don't know how you guys feel about this I told y'all I don't like sign in the back of that damn driver's license um are you gonna donate some organs because if you have did they're gonna make you fool dead because they'll make more money off of taking the organs from you than saving your life that's just my thoughts I'm not tellin y'all what y'all should do I'm just telling you when you sign them donations on the back of your driver's license I sincerely think now your ass getting a car accident you got a severe splinter you open that bitch with a hangnail they don't put you and I see you and you don't understand it where we going I see you I see you too but I won't know where you're taking me but Albert Haynesworth if somebody's willing to donate because you can give a nigga a kidney and still live that's one of the things you live with you could share that with a nigga my beer to get some of that Haynesworth money so while hansworth is like that saying and I'm not trying to be funny Hainsworth but I'm just saying why you out that putting out on Twitter that you need somebody kidney what you need to do is that telling that it that's gonna come with like a hundred thousand dollars somebody some I said in the comment section that's exactly what I was thinking you you need you need to come with a little bit of money that pimp I'm just saying these are complete strangers that you asking so if you're gonna ask them for something as big as a kidney at least you could do is throw some money at that no it does not mention his blood type at all so I don't know what that's about but he could he could make it sound a little bit better than just give me your kidney and I'll be forever grateful I'm just saying but I hope you do better Albert Haynesworth and hopefully we can get you back to where you lookin like the brother that we see right there it's sort of your brother that we saw before dad see we can go to another story


  1. "You get a hangnail, and they taking your ass to ICU." I swear I hollered!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. There might be rules about offering money for organs Tommy. I'm not sure but that may fall under some type of black market thing. Donating is one thing. Offering money might be against the rules. I'm not sure.

  3. After hearing about what he did to another player, I see this as him getting what he well deserves. He gave another man brain damage OVER A FUCKING FOOTBALL GAME.

  4. He has a picture of the guy laid up in a hospital bed like he's on his deathbed but I have a friend walking around here with no kidneys which I never knew was possible. Maybe the situation varies from person to person but I know kidney failure doesn't just confine you to a bed until a kidney becomes available.

  5. Personally I am no longer an NFL fan due to the current sentiment that has envenomated the league. I sold my giants/dolphins season tickets for good. I only watch the super bowl if and only if the Patriots are playing. That being said, I have already donated a kidney and only have 1 that I have to monitor more then ever now. I now how hard it is to obtain a donor organ. I truly hope that Albert gets a donor before itโ€™s too late. My fingers are crossed for him.

  6. Kidney disease is a silent killer. I wish him luck. My mom just passed away from kidney failure.

  7. So crazy how in times like this people can get historical and claim you are suffering due to Karma or being an asshole previously in life. Even if that may be true should that mean he should just suffer and die because maybe he said or did some things you don't approve of? Haven't we all done some fuckshit at some point in our lives that perhaps we don't even approve of or that we now regret or wouldn't do or say again?

  8. No! Heโ€™s another celebrity who will be put on the front of the transplant list and heโ€™ll waste it just like Cosby and Lopez. Heโ€™s a known alcoholic. So no!

  9. Nah, he had his time to be an overgrown kid playing school games for $. Iโ€™ve had no such pleasure, think Iโ€™ll keep my vital organs to myself, thanks for asking though.

  10. I heard that you can buy a kidney in Mexico.. People dissappear on the way across the border and I read they were selling organs, along with Libya.. Sad

  11. in china, the gov gets the organs people need from prisoners. for albert to ask strangers means his family members turned him down maybe?

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