Power Twister Lats and Chest Exercise

Power Twister Lats and Chest Exercise

hey guys watch you graduate with three small fitness I'm here with my power twister I've since decided based on a lot of a lot of Google search that this is proprietary game or not but a lot of these seem that these bendy things that I've been calling her seem to be called agreeably called power twisters so we call it good twisted dependent but composters I love this thing I've been talking about a lot sliced bread and all that I got the baby spinner this has been around for decades my dad had one with you as a kid he's 67 63 and he had one when he was a kid and been around the prior to that but I got an imagined that it's got to be like a job for me it must feel like when you know hobble braga the kettlebell and to American mainstream something that's been around for you know probably 100 or 200 years prior to that but everybody just decided it was cool well that's this is my own little personal kettlebell I also love kelvins because I'm finding all sorts of amazing things to do with this and I apologize thing but I don't think this created content already or as we doing this purse for decades perhaps and it's been saying hailing it's great it's all along but it's new to me hopefully do to you too so I'm going to show you a new exercise for me a brilliant new way of approaching the bend of this bar this paddle faster especially as it relates to a day focused on heavy horizontal pressing really vertical pressing to it will stall out the body presses of course King being the bench press so I love that explain something real quick talk about a lot many different for me to talk about as well and that is creating upper back tensions particularly laughs cameraman to teres minor recruitment when bench pressing especially want agree super solid platform not only protect the shoulders but to deliver the most power that that that Club Louie Simmons can't fire our candidates what can do to get that strong base look good Matt seven max out of push especially if you want if you're doing it for a long time keep helping shoulders one thing I know is I work out a little not exclusively so what I'm doing hitting bench by the bar for instance I'm gonna rely on these safety bars call me stupid if you want I don't care it's been working for me I trust my equipment perhaps too much and this is my last videos warm Killman so here's what I'm bitching look just let me just show you here if you notice I'm up right above the bar because of squeezing my shoulder blades together standing on my scapula if you will with scapula's tiptoes and squeezing out the back together engaging my legs as much as I can I'm bending the bar and a half talk my bad luck now watch what happens although I can't get the win so I'm saying by the tens here all I have to do is just slide all that and I'm good so one thing I've noticed while doing that when I get real heavyweights for me getting real tired girl fatigue I'm noticing that one of the first things to go for me is my back keeping that back tension and when that happens yeah maybe not so good for a couple more presses but that's when things of you kind of sideways with with the shoulders that's when that's when you sort of cam so notice the way tell so easily than losing my hallucinate ripple my oh my upper back so to speak is this our tap that can only happen if I'm not up above on my back my back side engage me more I'm flattening out so I'm just purely like all my other bottom like oh my shoulder muscles show muscles go muscles back here so that's so neat that among many things likely I'm experiencing an endurance issue a muscular endurance issue one thing I've learned from from like my see QPS training training from the ring : Jim Smith's that they may have huge on upper battery like a lot of strength coaches know the talking about and one thing they pointed out is upper back responds very well take those those upper limit higher ground pepper to be ranges that a lot of body of those would use for the rest of the body so responds really well to you know the 20-plus reps and you can do it very frequently as well I've done worked out my back sometimes for four weeks so our four days in a week and experienced everybody gains so this is a finisher getting finally getting to the money here this is a little finisher you get into your upper body press workout with where we're going to set the clock for three minutes and I'm going to do this I just have to actually get done with it I got I think about 103 which again I don't know it's the second time doing sliding through the glass so I'm trying to get endurance I'm trying to build a whole but I've heard for beating up a back again stamina strength a little bit of come from that just just by giving those near logical jump firing but you're doing it the cool thing about this is you're doing it while you're using your pressing muscles now you see a lot of people use it like this yeah if your elbows out I'm not saying it's a wrong way to do it what that's doing is just really hitting the really hitting the pecs heart your shoulders are a little rickety in my opinion so what I like to do it's bus that doesn't do much for engaging the back we want to get your back so what I'm doing this finisher my huncles are tight to my side and I'll do it so I'm still getting that chest recruitment I'm getting a little bit up here basically all throughout my chest but I'm also even triceps a little bit oddly enough but my upper back and my last primarily rear delts are staying totally engage the whole time I know that because I have my elbows here Jessica I was doing a bench press so I hope that makes sense I'll tell you I really have probably too excited I'm very excited about this this little piece of equipment I almost want to start making them to do again new to me anyway exercises with them I think just a super great piece of equipment if you have any exercises with this thing other than what you might find in the manual that comes with it please let me know I'm really into it hit your wall deikun download alright my name's Rob through crafts restore Fitness is the channel I appreciate you watching please subscribe to the videos and have a terrific day thank you


  1. Now Amazon sells the new 70 kg and 90 kg Itta power twisters. Other brands dont have these level of resistance.

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