PRISSY P & PINKYXXX TALK HEALTH & FITNESS | what i eat in a day | healthy diet | fitness motivation

PRISSY P & PINKYXXX TALK HEALTH & FITNESS | what i eat in a day | healthy diet |  fitness motivation

so how I enjoy my videos I say what up game game game so I will maybe I'll just start off with a strategy I know I'm still playing one to have a hotline for a suicide they have a hotline for alcoholism for IVA for smoking but they don't have a hotline for people who's on a strict diet in in a bitter night they get another banger guys if they I have a little special guests over here miss pinky also known as pe-choo blacks but for today we're just gonna call me Sarah so that's my real name I don't speak any gang gang-bang yes guys and today we are talking all things Fitness whether you're a mom no mom and trying to write it where that baby fact or you're just a girl who's been all the way all your life me try to do things healthier we're talking about how Sarah okay pinky XX how she's changing over transitioning over to business wellness and she has like a her own YouTube channel and she has Instagram patron asking to follow so I have all her information in description below click her channel in go subscribe to her and check out her Instagram thank you yes so pinky what makes you want to give the is okay I would just keep it 100 thousand what you got there so I've been battling my way my entire life so like literally I used to be really really fit I was a dancer my whole life I did not eat a lot because I used to be really stressed but once I started living a good life and I wasn't stressed much I learned oh it tastes good I wonder like all these foods these were different recipes and I learned how to cook so with that being said I ended up gaining lutely you know from here to there and on top of the bird control like I'm not gonna lie I was on death both appeal and like literally I gained like 50 pounds in like three months all one the demo of yes crazy right so but every time I go up and down on my weight when I do lose weight well what do you do oh and then I get people that like are inspired so much you know what right my love I want to want to do something and it's like it's crazy how at something like look they have a hotline for a suicide they have a hotline for alcoholism for IVA for smoking in him but they don't have a hotline for people who's on a strict diet and in a bitter night they want that writer or when you like out and about right and someone's like and this is a thing like you have to have a plan whether it's for you my Nancy that's true what for drinking even like even if you've walked to the club like okay I'm going to drink this much or drink a little water got a plan so you don't be fun then with your finances okay well this moneys for this it's even with the fool okay but I go out today I've got my snacks for this you haven't planning in advance if you don't plan in advance everything around you you know it's for you to fail so everything you around you and then it'll I act like this is healthier up that's healthier but it really is not those sugars and that's really not so a combination of my personal struggle right things I hold my family my friends will be all struggle and then even my fans like okay I seen you do it before if you lose the weight I'll which you then I gain delayed and then ok well but it's realist by the struggle is real so this turnaround I'm stuck I've been one for the end what fit out well what I really need is I want to be a part of a group right me to hold each other accountable that's why when my homegirl told me what you were doing and like I'm really cool with her that's not one of my best friends and she was like okay and I'm no she's not going wrong something you know what and then you're doing your challenge but let's move jack so we're on day 14 this is perfect yeah because I've been putting a little seed out but I've only been getting a little minimal cuz it's like people want to see results before they just jump in you know yeah but what I was asking for was okay I'll have all the results right now but let's do it together where we can keep each other accountable and I do have a few people that's ready to do that and everybody else but I want to see some really old photos yeah that's fine yeah but in the meantime in between time I told them whatever energy you give me yes well whatever energy I'm giving you I need you to give me back that same anymore I need someone to say hey what's up what you're doing right so I want that checking in breakfast snack lunch snack dinner or whatever we're doing so maybe like something like a group chat absolutely brother zoom or a telegram or whatever we're doing but I told them like some things we're going to put out publicly that's where the only right so I'm going to weigh in so maybe a weekly weigh-in yeah you know so Mia pinky are going to try to put together something Sabrina hurt pinkie Fitness in the let's move challenge absolutely so get submerged together with Sean girl power women empowerment to motivate each other help each other and we'll be announcing that later on like what else we got deep toast together and stuff like that but we wanted to just come in on camera let you guys know that I'm a morbid obese and I'm 480 pounds and pinky is a she don't look more obese but for her height she said she is so you could be a little bit more than Allah and tiny eyes Oh 4:11 yeah 240 pounds but some trucks that people think that more below because in my form but I'm very short right you're sure I'm very short so taken consideration my shortness right exactly well 244 411 that is yeah I'm obese no matter what formula gonna put yeah hi whatever thank you put it in I'll consider these very nice clear period so the object over the details but what we got going oh we gonna be doing and go check out her channel I can't even description below where to being serious about this fitness stuff yes pinky fingers and your Instagram is what they keep it in this pinky Fitness yeah all right around pinky Fitness go subscribe go go check out our Instagram go follow her all that good stuff and stay tuned for the details what we got coming up yes gay gay gay gay gay gay


  1. Thank you to the ones who are respectful!
    Sarah is a beautiful loving person, she’s human just like US..
    Wife, mother, business owner etc
    Stay tuned for what we have in store ❤️❤️

  2. Sweetie she was so sweet to you! That’s so true, there is no hotline for people who are on a strict diet 😂 that was funny. I like pinky.

  3. Hello 👋🏾 Prissy P.
    Look 👀 at God how he lines you up with people whom have the same struggle as you but can be a major support system for you to help many. I’m so proud of you. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿❤️❤️🙏🏿

  4. Can't judge what someone did in order to eat, before a fly got wings, it was a maggot laying in shit. 🤟🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  5. I’m on a fitness journey too and I just started my youtube channel where I vlog my workouts, meals, and living healthier!

  6. Action comes before results and it’s good to motivate people during the action. Y’all keep pushing. By my doctors I’m obese as well. I’m 5ft1 and I weigh 179

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