Probiotics for Physical & Mental Health

Probiotics for Physical & Mental Health

– Hi, it’s Parris from Epic Review Guys, and I’ve recently been
learning a lot about probiotics and bacteria that you want to have in your intestine for your health. Now you may not be into probiotics, but you might wanna put
some probiotics into you. ♫ Epic review guys ♫ We started out trying one probiotic, and a month later look at us now. So what’s the big deal about probiotics? Why are there books
being written about that? Why are there so many different varieties you can now find in the store? Well, recently scientists have discovered that probiotics may play
a much more key role in everyone’s health, both physical health and, very surprisingly, mental health, than they had thought before. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saw, “You are what you eat.” Well it turns out there are
about 10 trillion bacteria that live in your intestine that are also what you eat. In other words, the make up
of those colonies of bacteria are determined both by your
exposure to the bacteria, having some of the different strains actually have a chance
to get inside of you, and then the foods that you eat, whether the foods you eat tend to help those bacteria grow
or whether they can’t process what you’re putting in as food and so they starve and other
bacteria take over instead. You may think, “Well, what do I care about “some bacteria that live in me. “I’ll just take some
antibiotics, get rid of them all, “and be done with it.” Well, you’d be done with you, as well. It turns out you can’t really process a lot of the foods you
eat without the bacteria. They actually do the hard
work of breaking it down, making the nutrients and the
different elements available for your body to absorb, so you need to have the bacteria, and there are many different
strains of bacteria, not necessarily good or bad, depending on your circumstance. If you were a cave
dweller 10,000 years ago, this type of bacteria might be just what you needed to survive, but living in society today with different demands
that we put on our bodies and different demands we
don’t make of our bodies, those bacteria may be doing
things to make you fat, to cause inflammation, diabetes, and to affect your mood
and your mental health. Now I have no medical training. Sometimes it’s still hard
for me to swallow pills, so I’m not asking you to
take my word for any of this and I’m not giving any medical advice, but I would recommend, based on the research
that’s being done now and a lot of exciting discoveries
where they’re finding out how very surprisingly the make up of those bacterial colonies in your
intestine affect your health, to go out and find a
book to read about it. This is an excellent book that myself and some friends
have just finished reading. Nobody thought it was a real page turner, but the information in it
is absolutely fascinating and it can affect how
you take care of yourself and some different ways
to treat your health that wouldn’t be immediately obvious. Now this book, Brain
Maker, is primarily about how your microbiome, that’s the collection of the bacteria that live inside of you, how they can affect your brain. The traditional way to test things out with food and brain, would be to take some food, you wanna know if the chemicals
in it can harm the brain, you break it down, take those chemicals, put them in a petri dish
with some brain cells, and see what happens. Does it kill off the brain cells? No, they seem to be doing fine. Okay, then this food probably
isn’t harmful to the brain. But it’s not that simple, and I think this may be part of why there are these illnesses that have been considered very mysterious, people haven’t been able to
figure out the cause of them, they might be related, at least in part, to the organisms you have
living in your intestine. And the reason for that is, so you take the chemicals from the food, you put it with the brain
cells, the brain cells do fine, okay this can’t possibly
be affecting the brain, but it’s not that simple because of the intermediary
effect of those bacteria. What you’re really doing
when you eat that food is you’re consuming it, the bacteria, depending on which bacteria are in your intestine, that food gets broken down
in, possibly, different ways, and so there are different
nutrients available, different byproducts that come out that may not be to your advantage to have in your system that get pulled in from
your intestinal wall into your bloodstream and
may get up to your brain. So the food itself and its
components may not have a direct effect on the brain cells, but when that food is
used to feed bacteria what those bacteria produce and how those bacteria
interact with the food can produce components
that get into the brain and cause bad things to happen. Some conditions of the
brain that might be affected by the organisms living in you and the foods that you feed them, might be Alzheimer’s, autism, depression, anxiety, ADHD, a lot of illnesses that
they really don’t know what causes it, but people who have, who are looking into it now are seeing some connection between the bacterial organisms that
you have or don’t have, and what happens to the food that you eat. But I’m just skimming the
surface of the information that they’ve learned, and, again, I don’t have
any medical background, so I recommend you go read
up on these things yourself if you’re at all interested in this, but I wanted to tell
you a little bit about the background of it
so it would explain why we’re going out and spending
money on probiotics. Probiotics are collections of one or more strains of bacteria that you would like to
have living inside of you, and this is how you can
put some of those in you, in case you don’t have any of that strain or you don’t have enough of it. Now this is sort of like starting the colony growing. You still will need to feed them properly if you want them to flourish and do what they’re supposed to. So this is only part of the
equation, taking the probiotics. Other parts include: what you eat, what you should not eat,
and also getting exercise and other ways of keeping
your body healthy. The bacteria that you’re going
to consume with probiotics need to be in your intestine, but to get to your intestine, ordinarily, they need to go through your stomach, and the stomach is not a very
pleasant place for bacteria. They tend to get destroyed by the acid and harsh conditions before
they can get to the intestines. Some will get through. So yogurt and foods that have probiotics and different bacteria added will get you some of the bacteria, but the ideal way is to have the bacteria encapsulated in some way that they get a free ride through the stomach, and then in the intestine
the capsule opens up and then the bacteria can be
where it’s much more friendly for them to find a place to live. That’s the thinking behind
these two probiotics. This is the first probiotic
we started off with about six weeks ago, I would say. Hyperbiotics PRO-15 There are five billion bacteria in each little, it’s like a little ball, and 15 different strains. Now these were a little
large for the kids. They don’t like to swallow pills, so we got the kids version of this. They’re smaller and, if you
really can’t swallow it, you can chew it up and swallow it. Some of the bacteria
will die along the way, but, again, some of them
will make it through to your intestine. Here you can see the two probiotics. This is the one for adults. This is the size. The same idea with the capsule
with the bacteria inside. This is the kid’s version, much smaller. Sadly though, my kids still
say they have a hard time swallowing these, and
they don’t like the taste when they chew them up. So we got children’s chewable probiotics. These are little bear
shaped things that are cute and they’re meant to be chewed up, however, they are kinda chalky and they didn’t like the
taste of these either. So in my continuing effort to
find some kind of probiotics that the kids would drink, we got these GoodBelly
probiotic juice drinks. This one’s mango. This one’s blueberry. They haven’t tried them yet. I’m hoping they’ll like
at least one of these. And this, Mood Probiotic, just
arrived in the mail today. This was actually recommended by a doctor, and we’re actually taking
this to a family member who has some anxiety
and depression issues. This formulation has two
specific strain of bacteria that were shown in some
research to actually improve mood and to
help with some of those mental health issues. Again, this was only around $20. There are 60, I guess,
capsules or tablets, haven’t opened yet, inside, but this is something people with depression and anxiety issues can try out that doesn’t have the side effects of so many of the medications that are prescribed for that. It’s an exciting time in medicine and for learning more about probiotics, as well as, how the food you eat determines which bacteria live in you. There was a study just a few days ago I posted on Instagram, this little news story I saw about a study where they had people eating salmon and fatty fish versus people eating regular animal fat products, and they found that the
bacteria that like the fish, that grow well when you’re
eating a lot of fish, those tend to help with weight control and blood sugar balance; whereas, the people who were
eating the animal product diet were feeding the type of
bacteria that contribute to obesity-related inflammation. More research being done all the time on how what we eat and the
bacteria that live inside of us can relate to medical
and health conditions we wouldn’t ever have considered. And it’s pretty exciting because now you may actually,
with something like this and changing your diet, be able to improve that health condition, whereas, before your only
choice was a medication that had a whole bunch of side effects. If you’re interested in this
book or any of these products, I’ll have links to them
down below this video, and I will do a follow-up
video in a month or two, let you know how we’re
doing with the probiotics, let you know what the kids thought of the GoodBelly probiotic drinks. We’ll keep up with the
latest news about probiotics. If you’d like to follow us on Instagram to see posts about that, I’ll make sure I have our Instagram link down below this video, as well. I’ll be back with some more videos soon. You can keep checking back for those, or you can click that
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  2. My parents think I'm weird because I started talking about probiotics, story of my life, lol.
    I changed my diet but still need to talk to our doctors about the probiotics.
    I was wondering if you were going to review the book or probiotics in general and here it is! Btw, Bill Nye also talks briefly about microbiome in his book 'Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation'.

  3. I have to say Parris, you really look mighty handsome in that color of blue on your shirt. Not flirting, lol. just stating a fact. But I really liked how you explained all of this. And to think, we started all of this in the 70s when we learned about eating yogurts! Also note, when you take antibiotics, it kills all flora and fauna in the gut and can cause many  problems especially for diabetics after completing a course of them. Women's genital health suffers as well, after completing a course of antibiotics. I was a nationally registered Paramedic for over 10 yrs so I was really impressed with the level of information you gave in your review. Hope lots of people take your advice and get started on Probiotics, it really makes a difference. Another great video Parris, kudos!

  4. I loved the book and enjoy taking probiotics daily. it's amazing what they can do for your health. great review more people need to know about this. I hope it helps others and sparks an interest in health conscious people. also thank you for helping me 🙂 my friend.

  5. The food industry is all about money now. They don't care about the health of their consumers. So many people have autism diabetes obesity, it's crazy! I personally have ADHD and it makes school work so much more difficult. It's honestly a sad thing to think about.

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