Protein Makes You Huge? | 5 More Common Fitness Myths: BUSTED!

Protein Makes You Huge? | 5 More Common Fitness Myths: BUSTED!

good night night yeah you're not good more what I'm still fixing my hair when you started hey I'm still is just as terrible as to me when my self he's got no head to fix anyways my love do it don't do it first of all before we kick things off with our latest video let us say thank you a tyvm that's thank you very much to those of you who don't communicate very never owned an ocular all have never read escaped hard yeah that would be me before we press on with our latest video extravagant extra oh thank you I was really struggling for every word to about it yeah thank you thank you bro first of all thank you to everyone who took the time to watch our last video some of you have seen it we know this some of you in commented many of you commended many top a many of you even more liked it yeah another and a few were triggered by a handful of time being I have yeah so were treated we appreciate everyone who watched it we appreciate everyone people trained by it and we appreciate Whitney and grace who both responded to an Instagram person typed the video and how that you have pretty pretty good things to say and we're very appreciative of that with that out of the way let's press all the way through this evenings extravaganza again as you so wonderfully puts it so well back we just know I guess a couple of Jim if videos none of you will have seen it though but it's now maybe you were here you're all new and now we're gonna do a third and some of the myths makes off the previous videos and comments we got there's a question that last and they're clearing things up a bit and some of them are based off just general that has been put out there there's ambien horses out there and bull nonsense but the myths are a Heights either that seems to be a recurring question of everyone's night out so we're body 6-1 breeches 510 I'm 63 they I'm not bashful just a relative I'm sure seven inches of his height are just pure for it alright so the first point is going to be the bracelets probably are the most effective way to train the bro way isn't the only way so a lot of common well we have a few questions on other videos and you can train more than one muscle group based on a day I know you don't only have to do chest on one day's what you can do triceps – oh my god no I know sure thank goodness for that if you can't see it in the mirror don't train it we will fall into the trap when we first are training that we would do a muscle group a day five days a week it's really easy to keep track of I mean yes why people do it but unless you're on lobster medication it probably really yield the results easy training ah salute multiple times a week for example we trade back about four or five times a week and while we do Cobras boy Giga snakes and we train Lakes about three or four times a week and we've actually received the notice the best games from doing so received of the game we were most them to either see a first class actually both part of the team our graduate systems either basic many games usual never away to cycle yeah you can't trade a muscle for it more than once we can't take more than one muscle group in a day and especially without the use of hard work and dedication it's actually better to train the muscle more frequently and accumulate greater weekly volume rather than just accumulating significant data for me science okay yeah we don't have to justify anything because almost a science afterwards back that's it you have to believe it reference tiffen in 2018 it's you versus you me nibiru dots that means to you by the way the in Spanish this concerns my love handles and it does it concerns all of our love handles unfortunately you can spot reduce fat and that is something that you categorically fundamentally 100% cannot do we're gonna add in another side ran out at this time of night my brain does not function very well nor is this hair grow what does that mean what does that mean so bald that means if you like us have been wondering why we want thousand crunches you've been doing every day haven't given you a Mike Chang six-pack you've been hoping that all these crunches are gonna help your stomach get Thailand whatever the hell that means yes yours it has we not even but it's not possible please see previous to mixing here comes yes please don't watching your test the body when it metabolizes fat doesn't metabolize the fat closest to the muscle group that is doing the work it doesn't just go you're on your abdominals are working there for all the fat around your abdominals it's just gonna get incinerated fat loss of fat gain or area of fat loss of fat gain is greatly determined by genetics in they say the first place it gains is often the last crazy lose it not all the time but often the case number three the same training program doesn't work everybody I guess a lot of people say either I know a wallet so the booty work how you recently purchased from your favorite fitness guru may not work for you people are different genetics are different yeah there are so many factors that come into play with it comes down to results for example my legs are non-responders by Chili's a common trap that people who are quite new to training fall into if their training with someone else is that they both do the same weights on everything they'll then be surprised when they don't see the same results and this kind of all rolls into one really which is everyone's body reacts differently to different stimuli they go to question one again Katrina's on what is the best what's the best program to develop a 6-pack organ robotic unfortunately the best program is probably the one you and not do it blast the nine thousand yeah yeah just drop seemed a team family and she went upon you received boot blaster nine thousand free it's a three-day program and you'll then need to buy a subsequent three-day program afterwards and then maybe one off of that as well but in those nine days we can guarantee that you will add one inch per day onto your ass what he said not like it or not honestly it's not like it's scientifically impossible people respond differently to different training methods different programs systems etc etc you can't compare your results to another's souls because everyone is unique it's super sincerely number four which is Quatro men and women should train differently again in rock if you have the same girls there's really not enough difference in the physiology between men and women to elicit a huge amount of training difference is shocking do men and women have the same muscles yes it would effectively mean that if one person does not have testicles what you need to do 1,000 ramps to get this that sexist man yeah it's very safe Jen you're sexist I mean you can have testicles if you want coming what if one day I wake up with testicles and then another day in my gender-fluid state I'll wait for man no testicles well you're just different has to adapt to that new a thousand red one day and do five reps the next your genders and determine how you should or shouldn't rain no I mean you look a male and female athletes in you know the top athletes in professional sports their training sessions are different they all will do all you know top male sprinters and top female sprinters guess what their programs are the same gol so men can do the booty programs – I know yes I can't wait alright so degrees it is you versus you single fight protein honestly this is just on the tip of the tongue they blowing out today when you first get into training hmm and you see how that boys on protein shakes that's why he's massive it's not it's not it's not these are the ultra venus protein the other the other thing is are is unwell woman he got yes he or she can those of wait because they drank protein shakes without going to the gym no no no I'm so there's a poor excuse for your bad dietary habits I mean I think it's just comes from so much like poor information because everyone says protein but nobody tells you what it is people fleeting BIOS and alien and this guy got so like all the protein shakes went through his stomach not didn't I abuse Jackie Chan it's obviously the most to us strange thing you could ever have the edge retarded but that being said to this day when you meet new people I know doesn't come very often if they'll still say Oh Jim does that mean you on protein shakes what has been on protein shake to actually me but if they sounds like they're basically my thinking protein shake you're a protein shaker on steroids it's this one on the same oh I wished out of the case although go to it what proteins do you take it doesn't really matter does it's alway protein based protein and the other one is a protein there's more important than calories we're trying to gain weight you could eat your protein macros to the team because you know other micronutrients therefore you've calorie counters can be so low you're gonna regress and think you know you're many huge caloric deficit which will mean that your weight loss zero Kenya which is tipping your weapon to people who say those are protein you know calories in versus calories out is that simple again science science believe it believe in we believe ya see listen you clap I saw boys hair piece yeah go from number positive it's you versus you Montano cut three or it might this is nothing you can't you can't go just completely diversity deal it should versatility it is you versus you [Applause]


  1. I've been doing split routines for years. You guys said you train legs about 3 times a week, back 3 or 4. How do you do that? I can only workout from Monday trough Friday, and if i train a muscle to frequently i don't recover.

  2. would you not agree that men have different hormones to grow muscle faster than women, so in a way it is different?

  3. Obsessed the word botty and love the content you guys are doing. As a girl it can be easy to get sucked into the instagram vortex so I'm loving the witty british humour and straight talking sense. Thanks bois

  4. I really like you guys. I need to show this vid to every stupid a** who is telling me to stay clear of the scoop of whey I consume a day, bc that's what's going to make me bulky ๐Ÿ˜‚ hahahah ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  5. You better believe your boy is finally back. d o p e video with a capital d . Going to find the son of a bitch who gave this video a thumbs down and bicep curl them in a squat rack to they hella dizzy.

  6. I love these videos. That protein one is such a problem. I was so starving and thought it would magically not harm my health because I was eating mostly protein. Soooo dumb in hindsight.

  7. Protein really is a steroid – just ask my mathlete sister. So is creatine, sniffing salts, arch back benching, sumo deadlift and lifting belts. Don't do drugs kidz.

  8. Ah, thanks for busting that protein! Btw, guys, you have like the perfect green screen wall going on in this vid, you could do some cool editing with that in future videos. Cheers!

  9. Oh please no more , So these three sexual baboons in their bloody jumpers have decided mid workout to drop everything and drop knowledge bombs all over the place whilst musing about the lack of testicles at their local gym! Iโ€™d cancel my gym membership that very day if these snakes decided to have a fat fact conference whilst I was a pumping iron ! The once great Alex is now vexing me with his tiresome bobby davroesc catchphrases and please let sweet Justin Timberlake in the middle get a word in edgeways !!!

  10. Thought it was great that you included their responses in this video. Thought Whitney's response was brilliant! Grace I'm still on the fence about… ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Who's in the thumbnail? Is that woman Sonia Armitage? It's just she's my Mum's best friend, a body builder, and it looks just like her

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