Psychiatric Illness Treated As Nutritional Deficiencies

Psychiatric Illness Treated As Nutritional Deficiencies tonight thank you so much for making it and particularly around the holidays psychiatric illnesses now one of the most frustrating things when you're looking at the research is most of the research that was done on this was done back in the 40s 50s 60s and 70s now we're were they more advanced back then I don't know let's take a look so first off how common are psychiatric illnesses well if you look back about 40 years ago to about today we have about a 400% increase okay and this was out of robert whittaker it's an anatomy in an epidemic it means that now we're talking millions of Americas we're talking about one in three Americans have some type of diagnoseable mental illness now why why I mean it's just be an America that makes you crazy or what's going on well well right now since 2001 so we only talking ten years twenty two percent increase in mental illnesses okay and this is everything this is anxiety disorder this is depression this is attention deficit disorder I'm not talking autism that's totally different autism when we talk about autism we know that that has to do with testosterone it has to do with the vaccinations has to do with the moms vaccinations and toxicities this is just psychiatric illnesses one in four women why would it affect more women than men not really no no kind of kind of kind of hormones but but if you know that pesticides are estrogen based okay so could that negatively affect you if you have more estrogen yes or yes I know I'm going to make it easy for you okay and when you look at this um we're talking bipolar disorder schizophrenia let's find out why now now this is a typical patient that comes into my office now fibromyalgia do you know the x-ray analysis for it the x-ray analysis there isn't one do you know the blood test for fibromyalgia there isn't one okay you know what are their symptoms anxious yeah do their muscle spasms yeah do they have depression do they have sleep disorders too so don't worry about it we have a lot of medications for those now the tough part is if you have muscle spasms you get muscle relaxant pain reliever antidepressants this gal comes in she's taking nine different prescriptions for six years how'd you like to be you know say 29 30 years old with a couple of kids and taking nine prescriptions does that sound like a healthy lifestyle I know what you're thinking 10 prescriptions would have made her healthy no no it's crazy because in particularly when you know that each medication slows or stops a metabolic process that mean each medication is going to slow how your body reproduces itself and how often do you reproduce yourself well if you look at your body doesn't matter if you're 51 years old like me my body is only about a year old it doesn't matter if you're 80 years old your body is only about a year old so if you take a drug that slows your metabolism your body slowly dies on a cellular level so here she is diagnosed with an incurable disease that there's no test for nine different prescriptions so now within a month she was drug free within 90 days she's cured a fibromyalgia no no stay with me Wow I didn't euroval disease GERD yeah well what's cool about this is we've got a hundred percent success cure rate but we're doing exactly what they did back in the 60s and 70s we don't approach symptoms with an idea that we can bring give a chemical to reduce the symptoms we approach symptoms that the body is intelligent and giving us those symptoms for a reason then we go for the reason we solve that then the person gets health back so we're not thinking that decrease symptoms is health that's foolish if you have pain that's there for a reason you can take a ton of drugs to get rid of pain but if you find the source of it it makes more sense now this is one of the drugs that she was prescribed it's called an antidepressants has anyone ever heard of an antidepressant okay good good we're going to talk a little bit about these but I just didn't know if the if that you knew that antidepressants actually have Missy when a drug starts killing people the FDA gets really really tough and they put a warning on the label pretty impressive huh okay you know you know have you ever seen a pack of marbles it has a warning label on there okay well let's look at the warning label antidepressants increase the risk compared to a placebo of suicidal thinking and behavior suicidal behavior means you try and kill yourself okay now wait a second it's for people that are depressed okay I'm sorry that doesn't make sense to me it increases suicidal thinking and behavior in children adolescent and young adults that pretty much covers just about everybody with major depressive disorder and other psychiatric disorders so this means that if you have a psychiatric disorder and you take this drug this will increase suicidal thoughts so now I love this part considering the use of Prozac or any other antidepressants you must balance this risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors by the way suicidal behavior means you're attempting to kill yourself with the clinical need okay so so so what the heck okay the people that are prescribing this I had to look up the Hippocratic oath okay now no Epocrates brilliant guy brilliant guy he goes in there and this is part of the oath that doctors have to take now I have to take an oath to be a doctor of chiropractic and it's kind of fun we're the ethnic kids on the block okay we got to take more anatta we have to take more physiology takes more time in school to be a chiropractor than to be a medical doctor do you know why because we're the ethnic kids on the block you know we're going to be a little tough or a little smarter a little faster okay to be considered less okay now this the Hippocratic ratah code this is what they say I will use those dietary regimes which will benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgment I will do no harm or ingest it to them okay dietary regimes I like that part I like that part now let's look at antidepressants does anybody know how they work don't read this does anybody know how they work come on if there's a nurse or doctor here you know they're going to say there are a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor they're called an SSRI okay that's that's what it's billed is right have you ever heard that or seen that okay good well this is the actual what it is and this is the actual mechanism a prozac or antidepressants is unknown I don't know how this thing works okay but it's supposed to slow down serotonin and serotonin is a feel-good hormone so it's supposed to leave serotonin in your body longer I don't know I know it has a risk of suicide but will you take it well I don't know wait before you take it know that it's only been studied for thirteen weeks so if you're taking it beyond thirteen weeks you're a total experiment we actually don't know what toxic effects it's going to do other than we know what's going to cause suicidal thinking and behavior of course there are other side effects too such as whole body chills but what I want you to look at these this is a list of side effects and I know it's small print but look at the digestive system see serotonin serotonin is called the feel-good hormone it's produced in the gut this means if you have healthy digestion you have healthy levels of serotonin this means healthy nutrients coming in you produce healthy digestion of healthy elimination you can produce healthy amounts of serotonin so that's kind of what they're trying to think of they're thinking that if you have more serotonin in your system your brain functions better so they give you a toxic chemical that causes suicidal behavior that we don't know how it works but it may slow down serotonin so it may make you feel better for at least 13 weeks yeah man that makes sense okay so so when you look at this gastroenteritis stomach ulcers gastrointestinal hemorrhage peptic ulcers stomach ulcer hemorrhage these are the side effects does that sound like it helps gut function no serotonin is produced in the gut you're taking something that has altered affection on the gut that's that's ridiculous okay now now this another another one of the effects and it's not listed on the side effects but if you look back in history about 20 years ago bipolar disorder was ridiculously rare 30 years ago is almost non-existing you're talking less than 1/10 of 1% of everybody that was diagnosed with a mental illness might have qualified for the bipolar diagnosis now if you're prescribed an antidepressant and you're a kid you got about a 50% chance of developing bipolar disorder do you know why I don't know we don't know why okay we don't know we don't know how it works we just know that if you take it for about five years and your kid you're going to develop bipolar disorder now adults if you take it you had about a 25% chance within five years of developing bipolar disorder now the tough part with this is depression used to be a short-term problem that could be solved in a very short-term thing in about three to six months and then it would never affect you the rest of your life and I'm talking people that were hospitalized for depression but now bipolar disorder according to chemicals like we're going to treat it with a drug is almost incurable so the drugs of the use of course they will cause suicidal thinking behavior but you also if you take it over five years you're in deep trouble but I'm sorry how long were they studied for 13 weeks 13 weeks okay so so obviously treatment with chemicals isn't isn't appropriate so when you look at the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual the DSM manual and this is where we're like if you're sitting down see there's no blood test there's no x-ray analysis just like fibromyalgia to diagnose you with anxiety disorder or depression or psychosis there's no blood test or anything for that so it's an opinion now in order to do this you would think that when you look at the manual for diagnostics and treatment that medical doctors are using what's their success rate for curing these illnesses what does that say zero percent that means you haven't now you shall always have it yeah that's Catholic upbringing okay well well when you look at this let's look at other stupid stuff that's been around remember there was a time that the most educated most brilliant people on the planet could proved you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world was flat okay and they taught that for thousands of years this right here was the absolute best medical care during the Black Plague now this was bleeding now if you had a lot of money okay and you were super wealthy this is why the wealthy died during the Black Plague you would get bleeding if you were really really wealthy you would also get mercury which was Quicksilver this was like the miracle treatment it would wipe out syphilis it was amazing okay of course she died earlier this is why the wealthy died at a greater rate during the Black Plague now luckily the wealthy today have the finest medical care Michael Jackson and a wait didn't they have just indict his doctor okay well well anyway so so what happens is see serotonin the feel-good hormones produced in the gut how much training do modern medicine or modern medical doctors or modern psychiatric guys have in nutritional therapies zero zero so they're working on a model that's ineffective for cure and they even admit that it can't be cured they admit it can't be cured so we got an ignorance and arrogance now doctors most of them instead of instead of looking for the cause instead of treating people with respect and awe that perhaps their brain is coming up with different thought patterns that are that are inconsistent with the norm and that's also that's all psychosis is I mean you have to have like how many people dream in here okay now what I want you to do some people think in pictures okay they think in pictures and what happens if you have a psychiatric illness those pictures get more vivid but most most people who have a psychiatric illness don't understand that everybody thinks in pictures okay but they'll they'll think it's visions so what I want you to do I want you to not think about something okay so right now just take a deep breath pull it all the way up okay I don't want you to think of a little tiny pain bunny with long ears not paint bunny little blue tail on it so it's a pink bunny with long ears blue tail on it a little fuzzy pink bunny don't think of that okay what do you think enough Pig but I told you that I think of that okay okay so so what happens is you get that picture in your head but if your brain doesn't have appropriate serotonin you're going to start to have that bunny talk it's going to start to it impinge what your normal thought patterns are so you're going to be diagnosed with the so psychotic injury or a psychosis doctors are like lemmings they're jumping off a cliff they're doing something that they know is wrong but they don't know anything else so instead of breaking from the pack and finding out what the cause of it is they keep doing the same thing they keep labeling you and diagnosing you know why because this is how they get paid they get paid by labeling you with something that doesn't exist prescribing a drug that they get actually a commission from and then keeping you like this it's like it's like Bill Maher said there's no money and dead there's no money in health the real money is keeping you alive sort of okay so so we have to we have to look for the cause now if we look at the top drug sales remember where serotonin produced 90% of your body Sarah tuna where's it produced in the gut it also uses cholesterol cholesterol is the hormone that's the precursor to stress hormones cholesterol is in every cell in your body it's 90 percent of your your your cells it's the cell wall it's 70 percent of your brain it's the precursor to stress hormones so under stress do you require cholesterol yes or yes so this means – effective – to act or react effectively to stress do you need cholesterol so one of the top selling drugs cholesterol heartburn oh my gosh heartburn so that means you're not digesting food properly does that mean you were also going to have decreased serotonin so the top three drugs or top four drugs will those decrease serotonin production in the body yes or yes what do you think the side effect the cholesterol heartburn cholesterol heartburn drugs are yeah reduce serotonin what is the reduce serotonin produce depression oh that's okay because we got the other two top drugs for depression and depression can you see this okay let's follow this pattern and jump off the cliff or the other lemmings let's look at another disease okay let's not look at just just this let's look at heart disease you go up to 90% of the doctors in America and they say what are the risk factors are heart disease what are they going to say they're going to say we have four risk factors heart disease this has been chiseled in stone by the guy that told us that the world was flat it's for heart disease risk factors if you got diabetes if you got smoked if you smoked cigarettes if you got high cholesterol high blood pressure okay those are the four risk factors have you heard those risk factors from a doctor you bet you you have you bet you have are those fact or those legend all that fact yeah you would think so wouldn't you you'd be wrong but you'd think so so let's look at this so when we look at this let's say we got the diabetics smoker who's got high blood pressure and high cholesterol he's got four out of four risk factors what's his actual risk of heart disease less than 1% so people that actually have heart disease out of all four risk factors they have less than 1% of those are those are the guys with the heart disease and in fact if you have just one like let's say you're diabetic you got a little bit of high cholesterol see in real health care I'm not talking stupid drug therapy we understand that if your blood vessel is smaller your blood pressure has to increase if you have tissue damage your cholesterol has to increase if you have low energy or a decrease in metabolism where tissue is built breaking down you're going to have to have more energy in the body so when I look at this list I know that diabetes is excess energy in the blood that this body is trying to recover and build its metabolism when I look at this list I see high cholesterol I see that person has tissue damage so they're breaking down when I say high blood pressure that means as blood vessels are closed off his body's adapting to increased pressure to keep oxygen going to the tissue so in my mind those aren't risk factors by god that's a body that's hurt and it's trying to adapt to toxic environment does that make more sense yeah at least that's what the statistics bear out so they're not risk factors by God does the body trying to adapt then you look at this low cholesterol in the dutch researchers 30,000 men they found out if you have low levels of cholesterol it increased depression why because cholesterol is produced by the liver eighty percent of it it's the precursor to stress hormones if you can't produce the cholesterol you can't produce the hormones you can't adapt to stress if you can't adapt to stress what do you get depression Wow makes sense to me then you look at this I this sweet little sixteen year old girl come in at the beginning of the week with headaches do you think headaches chronic headaches will cause stress absolutely guess what else she was taken accutane oh wait pain will cause depression accutane causes depression contraceptives cause depression wait a second contraceptives cause depression what was the biggest it was at males or females that had more depression no females oh my gosh that kind of makes sense kind of fits like a piece still puzzle high blood pressure drugs cause depression why because your brain burns 25% of your body's oxygen you slow the pump down the brain is not going to function correctly oh my gosh that makes sense and cholesterol-lowering drugs cause depression that's okay we got drugs for that and then you got this other list of drugs that cause mania and we're talking antibiotics we're talking Ritalin which is given to kids so so we're did SSRIs that cause mania this is the antidepressants it doesn't make sense look at your body's natural response to stress and this is physical chemical or emotional stress do we have emotional stress of the holidays yeah my son just got married last week okay did I have emotional thank you very much really nice gal she's a nice guy okay thank God okay but did I have emotional stress yeah I wanted everything to go smooth luckily my son ran it it ran smooth as clockwork my worry didn't help it I thought worry would help okay but also holidays are coming up so does everybody have emotional stress yeah so does that mean that I'm going to have increased heart rate increased LDL cholesterol increased glucose decreased blood supply to the gut okay this is a normal stress response but also good did I just scare you good I just wanted to stimulate an emotional response did I next look good so what just happened under perceived stress heart rate increased yes increased glucose decreased blood supply to the gut but also I want you to look at this what just happened was increased adrenaline increased norepinephrine increased catecholamines these are the normal stress responses so when that guy scares you when we're watching a scary movie at home and my heart's beating faster you know why my heart's beating faster because I got adrenaline now adrenaline and catecholamines that weaken your immune system weakens your body's ability to produce serotonin so what is chronic stress due to your serotonin levels it shuts it down by Gus it also shuts the the blood supply to the gut down oh my gosh so does this mean chronic stress will cause anxiety depression and psychosis yes or yes okay good so that I just kind of caused a little psychosis maybe okay so let's look at this now this your body is a sea of cells stress adrenaline causes your cells to break down faster now why anise Pauling came up with this this is the solution this is the antidote to adrenaline the antidote because when catecholamines the adrenaline and catecholamines they're designed to keep you alive in the short-term so if you want your tissue to repair you have to have an antidote and that's what b3 is or niacin now there's also a lot of other you know antioxidants vitamin C vitamin E beta-carotene but b3 is the big one this is the one that's been studied studied for years so when we look at this most of your fears and I don't know I know Tony Robbins does this false expectations appearing real most of the fears that I had about the wedding about it rain on their about the police coming because we just kind of took over a beach without any permission okay hey you know I know I love the boldness okay none of it happened okay I saw a beautiful wedding two people that are totally in love got married I loved it it was a blast but you know all of these things false expectations appearing real it causes those adrenalin it causes the catecholamines produced so now these are the indications of B 3 deficiency B 3 deficiency there's niacin deficiency alcoholism it's been used to treat alcoholism it's been used to treat behavioral disorders Alzheimer's now now what stuff is these are multiple multiple studies that show that b3 is essential in treating alcoholism drug addiction Alzheimer's mental disorders psychiatric disorders now I love this because when you look at this it's difficult for the medical world to think that one substance can treat all of these okay it's very very hard for their training because their training is for depression do we have a drug yes sir yes for blood pressure do we have a drug for cholesterol do we have a drug so if I say that vegetable juicing will solve all three of those it's hard for them to think of it because how can one substance do all of those it doesn't make any sense that they're you know they're not looking at the actual science behind it so now what I want you to look at is this list here this list here and I purposely put that top thing in small print so you can't see it back there okay apathy depression confusion headaches restlessness tremor anxiety delusions delusions okay you look at this disorientation psychosis okay does that sound like psychiatric illness those are all the symptoms of playground or niacin deficiency those are all symptoms of niacin deficiency now when you look at this what I want you to understand is that depression or psychosis is is deficiency disease it is when you look at this anyone that has mental illnesses is going to have bad skin why because they can't produce those proteins anyone that has this is going to have dandruff poor digestion why because serotonin is produced in the gut you're not going to have appropriate so this means what you put in your body you're going to end up with psychosis with what you're going to end up with delusions disorientation stupor see we've got drugs for each one of these but if we keep looking at the body has this disease doesn't exist it's just nutritional deficiency heck I could have put scurvy up here a scurvy is vitamin C deficiency what's vitamin C deficiency I had a patient about a few years ago she was super depressed and she found ice cream Oh think of that now okay why come from a world of sub thrifty ice cream okay five cents a scoop ten cents two scoops what do you get for fifteen cents three scoops baby okay yeah and okay okay so now now I can understand that being depressed but she ate ice cream every day breakfast lunch and dinner for 30 days okay I mean I'm thinking for an afternoon that'd be a blast I'd be in heaven but for 30 days her joint started to ache her gums started to bleed she started to get headaches she started to get sleep disturbances and she when she started to get these joint pains this this constipation of these headaches all of these different symptoms guess what she went to she went to a medical what doctor yes okay good so he said look I'm going to give you a pain reliever I'm going to give you an antidepressant I'm going to give you a sleeping pill you're having indigestion I'm going to give you an antacid so all of these pills and she comes to me after being on drugs for about you know she's on ice cream for 30 days she's on drugs for about two weeks and I select go to mother's market get a vegetable juice stop doing the ice cream you're going to notice a difference sure enough within three days she started to feel better so when we look at this change your viewpoint that your body is intelligent it is smart you don't have a disease you have a nutritional deficiency that's causing disorientation psychosis tremor restlessness you don't have a agoraphobia you don't have all the different phobias that they can diagnose you have nutritional deficiencies this guy brilliant guy okay you just passed with proper nutrition shelter respect and high doses of certain nutrients like niacin recovery rate is as high as 90% okay that means 90% I'm sorry that means 90% okay 90% what's interesting is he even says and dr. Hoffa this this guy if you saw his history you got to look him up the guy has brilliant he goes in there and he had tenure at a Medical College head professor the guy broke from the pack because he's saying look guys we can cure this stuff and this right here is part of his protocol now niacin does give you a flush so I wrote down on this handout the dosage that he recommends and this is overdoing this stuff for 40 years you get a guy that treats severe depression anxiety for 40 years you got to listen to him okay and these are multiple studies one of the studies blew me away guys from Canada they found 11 pairs of identical twins that were psychotic okay I think he'd be fire hard to find 11 pairs of identical twins okay he boils it down to find and find them all have some type of diagnosed mental disorder treats one with nutritional therapies and it's not just niacin it could be finding out what's toxic in their environment what are they eating that's toxic okay any treats them and what's a success rate 90% yeah I mean just brilliant brilliant guy Nobel Prize he also this is a colleague is Linus Pauling won the Nobel Prize twice he developed the term orthomolecular psychiatry again per dote prude going with the precepts that the body is intelligent given some for a reason it just makes sense it just makes sense at this the FDA the fraud and deception Association which is truly what it means in 1986 they actually were brought up before the government committee a government committee went in there and said guys you're approving toxic drugs you're approving hormones for our meat and food supply but countries around the world are refusing our products because they're too toxic for their population this means that food that you're getting from the stores unless you're reading the package and unless it's a hundred percent organic it has poisonous products in there that will negatively affect digestion oh I'm sorry where does where does serotonin get produced the gut okay so that means if you're eating commercially produced meats milks cheese's vegetables okay it's it's going to be the FDA has consistently disregarded its responsibilities okay has repeatedly put what it perceives there entrance of veterinarians and livestock industry ahead of its legal obligation to protect consumers they are failing you know when you see FDA approved run okay so what we've got is this type of body structure okay this is not healthy it's an abnormal see there's normal fat distribution and there's abnormal fat distribution if you see somebody with deli seat and thigh fat okay that means they have brain damage they have some type of hypothalamic problem this means that they're being exposed to toxic products I was getting canola oil for my car because it burned veggie oil okay from smart and final I'm behind a guy and I'm seeing he's getting frozen healthy choice meals and then he's getting the diet coke and then he's getting the light chips okay and I'm going my God he's got genetically modified stuff he's got a synthetic sweetener that causes depression and anxiety he's got he's got just poison there okay and then he had children's flavored Tylenol and then going oh my god he's got the deadliest drug in the world given to a child that weakens the immune system and decreases their immune system responds and he thinks in his mad mind he thinks is buying healthy stuff so obviously you know we need to change the education process a university Irvine if hot if it's a three hotdogs a week these shouldn't be allowed in our schools or a school program they have a ten times ten to twelve times higher rate of brain cancers and lymphomas now think of this if you're eating food that has toxic products that that will be deposited in the brain okay that can cause brain cancer will that negatively affect brain function yes or yes so this means every packaged meat in America with those hormones with those things in there will that cause tumor growth cancers and abnormal functions yeah absolutely it's right there so when we look at this when you go into the store I know you're going to see kids like this coming up when you go to the store understand that if it's genetically modified it has abnormal proteins in there that's going to have abnormal brain function so we got to change I am Mary this is a reverse curve in her neck okay daily migraines for twenty years now she was 33 years old at this so she was like 12 13 when they started what happens to girls when they're 12 or 13 years old menstrual cycle good okay so I guess the headaches were from the menstrual cycle I'm sorry any woman have a menstrual cycle without a headache yeah all the time so but this doctor didn't think so of course she was in gymnastics cook a couple of headers into the mat but you know that couldn't a cosmetic so it must be hormone related so what do they do to this twelve-year-old girl they put her on wet birth control okay then they put her on pain relievers then they put our on antidepressants since they couldn't find anything they can you see the pattern here and this is not an isolated case now she had daily migrants which had a lock herself in a room so you know then you go up you get the antidepressants everything's no it's ridiculous and she had a drive from Apple Valley which is like two hours one-way within two weeks her headaches were gone within 90 days you know I mean that's her x-ray she got the curve in her or neck back she got her lifeforce restored we got her off of the toxic chemicals we got her on to healthy food she recovered does that make more sense yes sir yes this is living food now now I'm assuming that this is all organic this isn't genetically modified this isn't the tomato that's that's prepared for frost that has the the halibut gene okay these are all organic vegetables they have living enzymes in it your body knows what to do with it now if you juice it you're going to break down and get soluble fiber and this will clean arteries you clean arteries you get more oxygen of the tissue you have less preservatives in there you actually can get healthier faster God it just makes sense this is what your body requires to be healthy understand that psychiatric illnesses don't exist lack of health does the symptoms are real the visions the psychosis the the the abnormal thoughts the depression the fear all of those are nutritional deficiencies according to I mean we're talking 40 50 years of research you cannot treat a deficiency with a toxic chemical it doesn't work right so this is how you treat it first you get your nervous system check that's ideal regular exercise every study shows that exercise daily in England the they recommend gardening for an activity they've shown that gardening and daily exercise is more effective than any antidepressant now why would this be why would having direct physical contact with the earth be beneficial the earth has an electronegative charge okay it's called earthing and in fact what you can do is we can do blood studies where 20 minutes of your skin on earth contact it has the same effect as an antioxidant so it's like taking fish oils or healthy vegetables so skin on Earth contact is essential go and tell me it's cold now I don't care put a jacket on good out there barefoot okay you have to you have to have that skin on earth Conte you have to exercise 20 minutes a day proper nutrition huh swimming in the oceans okay but it's going to be really cold yeah yeah wetsuit well you know I'm still going with walkin okay walking is a better electronegative charge okay and not walking in the house it's got to be skin on earth contact proper nutrition this means you have to have nice and you have to have be three you have to have vitamin C now niacin will cause a flushing okay there are not non flushing forms out there but the dot the dosage in here is very very gentle once you correct the deficiencies once you eliminate the toxicities what you eliminate the medications and poisonous food from your diet and you add in healthy food your body recovers it usually takes between 30 to 60 days to notice a significant difference now when you're changing from the drug world and toxic world to a healthy world is their transitional period yes or yes absolutely that's what we're going to talk about detoxing the first week in January because you've been living in a toxic environment right now don't even think about subtracting stuff just think about adding stuff do 30 to 60 ounces of vegetable juice a day start off with a low dose vitamin b3 or niacin start off with a high dose of vitamin C because there's no side effect from that other than you're going to urinate it out which oxygenates the system sufficient rest every night we're going to talk about this in January how imagine this you get deep sleep every night your head hits the pillow you're sound asleep and then when you wake you wake refreshed you don't wake tired you wake refreshed full of energy looking forward to the day that that sound like fun I know it does I get it every morning it's really cool okay and I'll show you there's just a couple of tricks it's really neat it's called healthy living prayer meditation we're going to talk about that next week we're going to talk about appropriate ways to meditate now do you have an hour a day to meditate most people don't ok I'm going to show you how you do have an hour data met eight okay 15 minutes in the morning 15 minutes at lunch 15 minutes right when you get home in 15 minutes before bedtime that's an hour okay and it keeps you connected every time you meditate you increase oxygen of the brain because it involves breathing you have a calming effect so your gut actually has a chance to produce serotonin so how'd you like your burnoose serotonin four times a day oh my gosh will they give you a positive mental attitude works for me okay so it just makes sense these are essential since getting your nervous system checked okay is essential that's what we do okay that's what my sister is here for and in this she's got the parade wave okay to get checked it's usually expensive in our office at this time of the year it's only $25 and that's why because we get we get patients from all around the world okay we've got letters from Venezuela we had a guy from Germany come out last year okay you used to be diabetic is no longer you get a posture analysis consultation drug search this means we go through the list of medications you're taken I tell you the side effects and I tell you healthier alternatives you may need to be on the drugs for the rest of your life if you are each drug sucks nutrients are in your body I'll tell you what nutrients that's sucking out will put them back in there that we keep the drugs or eliminate him if they're not necessary an exam digital x-ray so we give you a copy the x-rays I give you a report on it so you get to keep the x-rays and if I find pressure on the nervous system you even get an adjustment does that does that make sense okay good now all of these are recorded you can go to YouTube they're all going to be on DVDs so you can come by our office and borrow it because God knows I talk too fast there's going to be audio versions you can always borrow it we've got a couple of websites you can look at that you're not lemmings the doctors are treating you are they're doing the same thing they know it's wrong they have no other option that's their training okay so you guys are the real health warriors to take time out of your day to come here and learn not just alternatives but how true health is achieved that's really cool I mean that takes a lot of courage just to show up thank you you guys ride


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  8. “Simply Thank you”

    After more than twenty years of fighting depression, many psychologists and many psychiatrists and so many cycles of medication, this simple personal insight brought me home!

    To all those beautiful people who have suffered from depression I would like to say “Thank you, Simply Thank you” for doing such a wonderful job. Thank you for being such beautiful and courageous messengers , such shining beacons!

    I hear your pain , I have felt your pain, and now I hear your message and I hear it loud and clear for your message is simply the pain of humanity and the way it has to live now. The way we are living now is so wrong, so wrong, there is so little human-ness left in the way we live. We need to change, and we need to change now! So now relax in the knowing of a job well done, your message has been heard, that there has never been anything wrong with you, you are simply a gifted messenger!

    I know that place you go to; that deepening, darkening tunnel, which you shuffle down with trembling knees, and your body full of terror and panic. I know that place you go to, where the tunnel ends, where your bare feet are on solid ground but your toes are dangling over nothingness, an empty abyss, and it is so dark and frightening. Then dimly just ahead there is a feint outline, misty at first, that slowly forms into a shape, a doorway, and it's only about five feet away.

    And I know that moment when you are rocking on the balls of your feet, trying to decide wether to jump or not. “ I wonder if I can leap across in one bound or shall I take a few steps back and take a running jump?”
    Then for some reason, you stop rocking and plant your heels firmly back on the ground, and from somewhere deep, deep inside you grab hold of something primal, something essential and you turn around facing back the way you came and take a deep breath. I thank you in this moment for choosing to return to life rather than taking the leap of death.
    All ahead is blackness and you squint your eyes and then dimly perceive a minute spec of light, so small you are not sure it is real at all. So you slowly retrace your steps, and that little spec of light gets bigger and bigger as you shuffle fearfully upwards.
    You are heading back to the light and it is your light, and it is getting brighter and brighter until it's the colour of Cornish Ice cream and you can feel it's warmth enfold you, and suddenly you are out of the tunnel, back in the gallery of life.
    So you take your light and sit down, and relax and look back at where you came from. The tunnel is gone, the entrance has been bricked over, then plastered over and some artists have painted a mural over the place honouring the purpose of the tunnel.

    You are Home, you are safe! Well done and Simply Thank you!

    Namaste' Bob and Barnaby Eden. Woof.

  9. Men In Pain

    For me the reason men are in so much pain is because for centuries they have been denied access to their own most powerful healing tool, “Feelings”!

    “Big Boys don’t cry, Suck it up, Deal with it, If you don’t stop crying I will give you something to cry for, Man-up, just a few hammers that come to mind.

    In my own journey,I spent over 20 years trying to think my way out of depression and it only got worse, It was not until I learned how to silence my mind, that I could hear my heart, and so I started feeling the pain of depression and allowing those feelings that had been locked inside me to fully express. For me, Depression was a gift for it drove me to find my own soulutions.

    So now , I listen to my heart and body and obey them, whatever feelings come up I express them in the moment (depending on location, haha) and allow them to discharge. Depression was just a spiritual wake up call, a rite of passage and a natural human response to having to live in such a corrupt and oppressive society!

    “Feelings are Healings”!

  10. Also there is never 1 solution. Nutrition is a big part. Some people do need pills. But the person not the dr has to be responsible and say enough is enough. I do both of these plus counseling plus educational classes on changing of my negative thinking.

  11. Heres a good example where you need to think as you watch videos. He starts off telling you about the huge increase. I would like to suggest in the 70s people did not discuss nor get diagnosed for mental illness. I have lifelong clinical depression and then in the 70s had post partum depression. Thats after you have a baby. I stayed in bed for 6 months just barely getting up to be the housewife who was expected to run the household. I never ever thought of going to dr for this. And neither did any close family. In fact did not get diagnosis and help until late 60s. And the lifetime shame it is just now being acceptable to have mental illness.

  12. Dr. Bergman, what about drying beef or chicken liver and make our own liver capsule? Would that be as good as juicing?

  13. What is the problem with SSRI or SSNRI??? It was working for me! SSRI locked me up in my room whereas I used to work around the world from jungles to desserts before and SSNRI almost made me commit suicide but it paralyzed me for a day instead by leaving me in a hell of a ride between the boarder of over driving my heart and than leaving it just barely beating… How on earth would I have been able to have such an experience in life without these drugs that paralyzing me even after 4 years of being drug free? 🙂 🙂 🙂 But let`s put the joke aside and give a shout out to the people that are at the verge of taking the drug… Always check for gut issues first and go for the drugs as the last resort!!!

  14. As long as people …scientists etc believe in evolution then there is no real way to respect that the body has been made to heal itself. Just mho

  15. the sarcastic jokes are annoying. the interesting part on nutrition starts after half the video. like to see more of that.

  16. Chiropractors aren't medical doctors but they sure talk a good game. Selective statistics can be used to prove almost anything. There's a reason salesman talk fast, it doesn't give the listener the time for critical thinking. Is that a 'snake oil or snake oil'?

  17. We used to believe the earth was flat, then the faked moon landings and convinced us we live on a spinning ball chasing the sun through space.
    Yet all there is above us is the universe = the one voice!
    No real experiment ever proved the earth moves.

  18. Thank you Dr, Bergman for the educational enlightenment and your loving kindness for sharing.
    My wife has been going through a very difficult experience for the last several /four years

    She has been going through an emotional imbalance, originally brought upon her through a fear that she encountered during prayer. She has been suffering from the induced anxiety/ depression, which in turn led to insomnia.

    We have tried holistic approaches and medical approaches, has seen
    several doctors MD's and specialists  Internist, Neurologists, Psychiatrists but have not found any medical condition or any other abnormality other than anxiety./ Depression.

    She has had suicidal thoughts and 1 attempt and was hospitalized .  At some points she has given up on Christ and the faith, she became rejective. We always try to seek the holistic or natural approach to things before seeking the medical approach because of all the side
    effects that it has in our bodies

    When she tries to pray more and draw closer to God she gets more anxious so she backs off

    She has a very difficult time sleeping as well so she is leaning on the 
    Klonopin  “ clonazepam “ medication which has many bad side effects just
    so she can get some rest at night

    She has tried many different holistic approaches to aid in her sleep, but to no avail, Every prescribed medication has not helped her either .

    We also consulted with other functional medicine doctors, but it seems that the recommended supplements were not going well with her, maybe she did not give it enough time, not the right dosages or combination of supplements.

    She mentioned said she feels things shifting and moving inside her body sort of
    spasms  and brain shifts, as she describes I think this may all be side
    effects and or withdrawals from the medication.

    She seems to have a difficult time overcoming the intrusive thoughts as she
    describes that interfere with her prayer and confuse her.

    She also tells me that she gets compulsive during prayer and she goes into a vicious cycle with intrusive negative thoughts, her mental images/pictures are blurry.

    Please , can someone provide some advise or recommendation.
    We are in Northern N.J

    Thanks for your guidance and edification
    Andres and Sandra

  19. Doctor ,  What  about   infections  in  The  Brain  making Diseases  ?      100%  Truth .

  20. I agree with Dr Bergman but the truth is people go to their psychiatrist and only want a pill to get better. Patients don’t want to hear about nutrition

  21. Give me ur time

    Im mentally ill. Im not ever getting on meds again. Im never ever going back in a mental institute
    They fucked me up so bad

    Im determined to if not cure my illness, then make it managable.

    My family will not help. Because they look the other way. They would rather i just die from this then to look and see what can help.
    I dont care anymore. Im gonna be loud and im gonna OCD research this to death….

    Will u use me as a lab rat and help?

    Thanks from Texas

  22. I cured my severe depression with Omega 3, my psychosis with Vitamin B12, the stupid doctors wanted to giv me nasty psychiatric drugs which just treat the symptoms, not the cause and leave you with nasty, nasty side effects.!

  23. it is a money making racket. nurture your body with proper nutrition and exercise. surround self with goodness. drop all forms of toxicity.

  24. Truth. Illness comes down to toxicity and nutrient deficiencies.

    My main toxicity was mercury poisoning due to my own mercury "silver" fillings, which destroyed my microbiome, and the heavy metals embedded themselves in my fatty tissues and organs – including my brain; as mercury drove emotional instabilities such as depression, anxiety, fear, suspicion, codependency, anger, emptiness and chronic loneliness.

    It destroyed my heal and life. I'm in recovery now after having my mercury fillings removed safely by a biological dentist under the IAOMT and SMART protocol.

    Please get informed and take massive action for your own health and life, and don't trust ANY allopathic doctors who are quick to use pharmaceutical drugs and not look at your body and heath from a holistic point of view – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, nutritionally, etc.

  25. I love you dr B
    Your unfknbelievable
    Had you been my doctor
    Sht Who knows
    But I k ow I fkn get it doc
    I was soñupposed to almost die over and over again so that i could learn and join people like you in helping people
    Im ordering Truehopes EMPowerplus product tmrw
    I looks promising
    Some miseducated fkn pawn leaned into my mom 25 years ago and insisted that 12 year old be put on the absolute worst fk. Phychtroipic ever fkn sht out IMO because I was bummed out that my 2 best pals moved outtove the nieborhood
    That was the start
    It’s fkn infuriating doc
    Interesting tho
    My fury My fkN Rage is dying
    My brain power is rising
    I’m gonna do it with kindness
    The kinks in Pharmas armor are visible the walls are crumbling the few good ones will be fine
    Pharmas teeth are being filed down aren’t they doc it’s fkn claws are being snipped
    The fkn horns removed
    Unfkn ubeliable
    I think The empower product is gonna put out the last remaining embers for me he’s unbelable like you
    Another Canadian product
    I’m starting to really like fkn Canada man
    Biok plus and by next week truehope
    I’ll come visit soon
    Keep a rain coat at the office . This t1000 cries It makes models that cry now
    I’m gonna cry right on your little microphone there. Short it out If that’s ok with you

    You have a school
    with giant bleacher classrooms you need fkn banoculars to see the board ok
    There’s a statute of you like Walt’s
    You see it
    I see it
    You see it
    I see it
    I fkn see it

    Bless you John
    Thank you

  26. This is just another snake oil salesman. If it weren't for Ritalin and Clonazapam I would have committed suicide long ago. Good nutrition can't cure anything other than vitamin deficiencies which can be determined by a simple blood test. My blood tests have constantly been so good including my cholesterol levels that it makes doctors jealous. I rarely eat out and prepare all my own food. I don't ever eat preprepared foods.

  27. 1 in 3 have a diagnosable illness because everything is a disorder now. Big Pharma gots to sell dem pills!

  28. sir, our own FDA at the beginning of the 20th century said that nutrition cured all illnesses. Fibromyalgia is the nerves are over active.

  29. sir, there has to be two people for there to be a mental illness. what is chaos to the spider is peace to the fly and vice versa. there is no such thing as a mental illness. A doctor in the 1930's wrote a book about his proof and it was banned. Learned about this decades ago. our ancestors were smarter than all of us.

  30. It failed on me though, I had vitamin D defieciency and it was really mild and I took it for 5 months and it didn’t do anything, nothing was wrong with my body, I was on no medication at all and then was wrongly diagnosed with depression but then had a manic episode after years of hypomania & depression. Medication for me helps a lot and has kept me episode free for almost a decade so stop bringing down the medications, I have not gained weight, ate healthy, slept 8-10 hours a night, exercised every single day and honestly I have never felt better my whole life, I have never been this stable and normal and down to earth. I have jumped off the meds before and started manic or depressive episodes with psychosis and catatonia but im just completely normal now.

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