QUARANTINE HEALTH ROUTINE | 21 Day Fitness Challenge

what’s up guys
we’re Eamon and Bec & we’re currently driving around the world but now we are
stuck here in Morocco we are self quarantining ourselves on this beach and
you’re probably stuck at home as well if you’ve watched any of our content
before you know how important movement is to us we are willing to work out to
do it anywhere because it makes us feel so good and keeps us positive now more
than ever we think it’s really important to prioritize physical fitness so we’re
challenging you for the next 21 days we are posting a new video every single day
there easy accessible workouts anybody can do it with no equipment necessary
we’ve invited our friendly off your couch and join us this movement challenge
they say it takes three weeks set a new habit yeah! we’ve
challenged our parents and so can you share the video we’ll see you tomorrow
day one the world you’ve probably seen us work
out around the world guys I can’t say that’s your Segway yeah what’s up guys
we’re aiming them back and you might know that we are quarantine you’re now
self quarantine on this beach and like you you’re probably stuck at home yeah upper body should be relatively you
guys want that sexy six-pack that you see right in front of you right here and
I stick to the core ones one is chest

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