1. The cheese & pineapple is like that because of the acidity of the pineapple & the cheese is daily. I use lemon juice & whole milk 2 make a substitute 4 buttermilk…😁😎✌🏿 Love watching u guys!!! & Ben, I can c u w/ a black girl…Lmbo Ijs (I'm just saying)

  2. I felt this was the most polite close to a video that I've seen in ages….except for the pain of Ben's suffering. Thank you Ben, for not springing out of your chair in frustration. And a BIG thank you, Mike for being the buffer. Please sirs….may we have some more?

  3. It would be cool to see a Pass it On remake, where everyone gets an hour, you can only use the ingridients from the orginal PIO, have to make the same dish(if it was a burger, it still has to be a burger at the end) and see who can make the best verion of the dish, it would be interesting to see how each of you attempts to incorporate pineapple on that burger

  4. I would very much like more reactions to PIO. I would like to suggest a variation, too: Each mate has to go into another room with a CCTV of the kitchen once they're done so they can see how it plays out live but cannot comment or intervene until the dish is done. I can only imagine the potential reactions for every outcome…

  5. Here’s an (dumb) idea for a pass it on : each of the guys has to prepare one layer of a layer cake, without knowing what the others made.
    It’s gonna be disgusting.

  6. American cheese is not cheese, it is congealed vegetable oil and flavorings. The bromelain in the raw pineapple broke down the chemical bonds in it. It will do the same if you put it in something like custard. If you want pineapple with American cheese, you have to grill the pineapple first. When you do the bromelain breaks down into sugars. it loses that fresh pineapple bite but tastes sweeter and really very delicious. You can also used canned pineapple which has lost its bromelain during the canning process. This is the same reason you never put fresh pineapple in a gelatin dessert, only canned.

  7. Since we know about the protein from Johan Pedersens comment, I just want to add: the biggest part of the protein in cheese is made up of casein. Which is derived from the latin word for cheese.

  8. I want to point out ( as an American) that American cheese is not in fact cheese, it is "processed cheese food" which I maintain means it is what you feed to cheese, but is not actually edible.

  9. Not one, but TWO quality videos uploaded on the same day? (Initially thought I was going crazy and was seeing things earlier…) What a happy birthday indeed; this day just keeps getting better and better! Thank you fellas for the laughs!

  10. I've tasted a burger with pineapple from a famous fast food chain in the Philippines called jolibee. Tasted pretty delicious. It only had one slice.

  11. Maybe inspired by Ben's veg alphabet you could do a challenge where all the ingredients have to begin with one letter

  12. Themes: seafood, American, mystery theme (only the first person finds out when they start cooking), dinner party (aka fancy).

  13. Fun Fact:
    The Hula Burger was a meatless burger made by McDonald in the 1960's. It was a substitute for American Catholics that would not eat meat on Fridays. The burger was a slice of grilled pineapple with American Cheese on a bun.

  14. I can't speak for other Americans, but my family, we grill our pineapple before putting it with other hot foods, or like with a ham, we cook it in the oven with the pineapple on top .

  15. Pass it on, Stadium food. You go to a Football match (or whatever Brits call a soccer game) and make a meal you would be happy to buy at the concession stand.

  16. Should probably have waited a bit with releasing this video after the other one. Now i accidentally watched this one first.

  17. I would most definitely watch a full, uncut version of Pass it on!! Additionally, why not have a separate room where each of them goes in after their turn to watch it all unfold (or crash) and get their reactions in real time!!

  18. YES for sure a new series!! Reactions to all kinds of videos: old videos, old challenges, first videos (James' maybe??), battles, food marathons, new stuff like recipe relay etc. Would be so fun to see!

  19. Pineapple can be great on a burger (and is a staple ingredient in Australia) – but it needs to be tinned, and it needs to be grilled.

  20. So here's a thought. Yes keep doing these, cause it's great. But equally, if not better, would be to see what can be learned from the most egregious PIO fails. Come back, maybe as a season ender, and recreate the intended recipe in a collaborative effort. I know, too many cooks in the kitchen = bad, but perhaps in the spirit of elevating a previous failure to its potential heights, you all work together to bring out the best of what was posited in each step, with the final result in mind. For clarity of direction, use the first cooks inspiration as stated on film. Could work, or could go over like a new dumpster fire, but there is little doubt it would be fun! Cheers, and thank you…

  21. Am I the only one who thinks that Jamie got this one off to a cracking start? I thought he was 9/10 to start, he got things rolling and planned out the dish for everyone and even got everything on the bench

  22. Love all the fun stuff you guys are doing, always have. What I'm missing are the teaching videos, which this channel started out as being a champion. Mayhap consider adding another day of filming, to get back to basics such as leveling up dishes, or simply teaching how to cook a dish. Personally, I learned a lot from your videos, and have made several of the recipes with a fair amount of success. What about another Big Night In? Just thoughts, but would like to see more of the 'older' Sorted formats still being represented.

  23. I love you guys so much i don’t even know what to say just like keep doing all this dumb shit i request in comments

  24. Pineapple and cheese dont work because the cheese was hot so the dairy in the cheese mixed with the acid in the pineapple and cooked. If you add acid to dairy it curdles

  25. You absolutely have to do more reactions: The likes say it, this video has more likes than the pass it on itself 😂

    And I mean, they're amazing to watch, so yes please!

  26. I like this, cause, I mean, might only be me, but I would like more videos per week from you lot, and this is a good filler type video!

  27. It would be really neat if you decided to do a proper recipe video out of the meal ideas that are attempted in the pass it on episodes. It seems like some interesting ideas come to the table when you each bring your own flare for 10 minutes – creating something that wouldn't necessarily surface otherwise!

  28. I think the gadgets were beneficial in that they told you what you needed to be doing during your time.
    Mike is right. You guys need to accept that moving things along, as opposed to creating your own thing to add, is a good use of your time.

  29. Poor Ben and his Type A personality… I'd react the same way!
    Also, Barry's jacket and Ben's white shirt look noiiiiiice.

  30. Finally a reaction video that actually makes sense… doing these will help them improve the 'pass it on' final product quality. And it's good for a giggle.

  31. If I could have a used a bowl with a whisk instead of fucking around with the lid-


  32. I love this round table discussion of what went wrong. It's both funny and really helps the home chef diagnose and know they aren't alone in their own disasters. More please lads!

  33. This react-type video is so good! It feels like sitting with friends and laughing at funny cooking skills of some random guys 😀 ♥

  34. Guys we want to see your reaction not the video again 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the tiny picture is supposed to be the old video not the new one!

  35. I have a suggestion for pass it on… The person that finishes their turn goes to a different room where they can see AND react to the next person continuing the recipe, on a live stream or something similar… And as they rest finish they turn they join in the room to watch. I think It would be fun to see.

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