Rebuilding Somalia's Health Sector

Rebuilding Somalia's Health Sector

not so long ago we brought you the untold positive story of Somalia's capital city Mogadishu a story of resilience under the banner Mogadishu today we are back in the city this time not to talk about business but Somalia's health sector the lowest moments is especially when you don't have funding or supplies for the next year rebuilding Somalia's broken health sector just what will it take I would want to come back to the to the emergency cash transfer system that we set up and that is a part of all that would be a safety net welcome I'm Alex Hamada and on standby to bring us that report is my colleague Elijah Maggie but first here is our fact sheet according to the United Nations estimates the population of Somalia is about 15 million health care in Somalia is largely in the private sector it is regulated by the Ministry of Health of the federal government of Somalia according to the World Health Organization health expenditure in Somalia remains very low and there is a critical shortage of health workers there are nearly 5.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in Somalia including more than 2.2 million who need immediate food aid malnutrition remains high across the country according to the European Civil Protection and humanitarian aid operations there are around 2,000 sites in Somalia for internally displaced people and on average 26 thousand displaced people are evicted every month from makeshift shelters especially in urban areas the under five and maternal mortality rates in Somalia are amongst the highest in the world rebuilding Somalia's broken health sector that is the focus of our show today we now join Elijah mangey for the full report insecurity problem in Somalia can be traced back in 1991 after the collapse of the CRS government and a subsequent civil war recurrent civil conflict has blocked progress toward improving health in Somalia despite Somalia security threats and the difficulties in managing the political obstacles to its reform agenda the Horn of Africa country remains on a positive trajectory this is Mogadishu Somalia is capital a city that inspires hope as much as it evokes despair and desolation for many years it has been termed as a rotten City but comparing the current situation with how it was in the late 1990s let's call it a city on the menu Abdul Rahman Amaro is the mayor of Mogadishu and the governor of Bernardo County he paints a picture of the current security situation in Mogadishu everywhere you go – nowadays there is target and attack so if we compare about Mogadishu what it used to be and now I can comfort I'd say now is even safer the only issue is the terrorist attack and that's why we are here confronting fighting and eliminating the threat posed by terrorists from insecurity – another issue which is connected to the provision of health care in Somalia we have about half million internally displaced people that fled from other regions due to the conflict and so all those are the challenge that we are trying to and change them to opportunities we are focusing on finding a durable solution to the internal displaced people because we see them as a great economic benefit to the city we want them to fully integrate into society there is a high risk of diseases outbreaks do too crowded settlements and the most affected areas include settlements for displaced people in Mogadishu as the country struggles with internally displaced people there is another problem that is calling for attention repatriation of Somali refugees I mean one of the things that we always talk about with the Somalia situation is it's not enough even for donors and for people to fund the repatriation process there also has to be you know of funding for development inside Somalia more after years and sometimes decades you're looking at places that have no schooling that have no basic infrastructure that don't have basic health care where the security sector is still being reformed and oftentimes those things are big those things are our key to ensuring that home is a place that refugees feel they can go back to and rebuild their lives well it's in no doubt that it all goes to rebuilding Somalia and European civil protection and humanitarian aid operations commonly referred to as echo has come in handy to rebuild the health care sector in Somalia well echo in Somalia is covering many grounds and many many sectors I think there is many basic needs and the health sector and the nutritional sector food security but also water is is always lacking and so for the health sector we really count on the SOS in Somalia which has always been there despite all the the difficult circumstances I remember the first time I visited SOS Hospital and Mogadishu was in 2001 that's the time I go back SOS hospital and in Mogadishu has always been an encourage to primary and secondary health care for many people of Mogadishu would you be in a position to tell us you know that level of funding of some of these projects I think an echo is for humanitarian aid and Somalia varies between 50 million euro that's about 55 million u.s. dollar and in periods where the drought is hitting more where we have more acute needs to fill that can go beyond 100 million so for example in 2017 we had 120 million euro which is about 130 million dollars to help the people at Somalia and are talking of funding perhaps maybe in a nutshell okay not talk of you know the key milestones that you can cite as far as you know your mission is Somali is concerned we really try to expand as an type of activity is the cash transfers and that is in the context of the emergency is the emergency cash transfers which are actually small sums of money that people receive those that need it the most for example when they are displaced they get a small amount of money to survive during the difficult period and to try to recover from the immediate shock of the displacement and the immediate shock of the drought and the leads that are increased because of the drought you've been to Somalia you cite the 2001 when mogadishu so you are so familiar with Somalia so to speak what will it take to rebuild Somali a health care system we have to work on the basic services that have to be improved including the health sector there is an under coverage of health services right now in many parts of Somalia there is support directly to the people to cope with these acute periods of of increased needs so that requires a lot of policy work and organizational work on the side of the government and it requires also reaching out to the donors who look also in the long term so as we call it the development donors it is not only the humanitarian actors that can solve it we need to look at the longer term help from and from the development dollars well I think the first challenge remains always the the security which is remaining a very serious problem in parts of Somalia which is leading to sometimes difficulties in access from the different partners the government and external partners to access the people in need so there is it's it's the the access can be because of a security but also logistic problems that can be faced as well that means that actually part of the population of Somalia has needs that are not always covered sufficiently as we wrap up this conversation when you look at what's happening in Somalia what you are doing in Somalia is there anything specific that you feel perhaps other development partners can take up in Somalia revealed Somalia effect what is this this is the emergency and immediate response to something broader that could exist one day in Somalia and that is a part of that would be a safety net for the people who are most vulnerable and who needed the most so a safety net to be set up which would go further not only in the emergency phase that further into the longer-term programming of different sectors Thank You Elijah and on that note we take a short break still to come and handle more than an illusion welcome back today we are discussing rebuilding Somalia's health sector now according to World Health Organization health indicators in Somalia are among the lowest in the world but what is the role of stakeholders elisha monkey visited the s or s mother and child hospital in Mogadishu and this is what he found a few kilometers away from the central business district in Mogadishu lies a story of hope a story beyond Somalia's dangerous label forget rules and rubble in most cases of prolonged conflict in a country women and children suffer the most and that's why here in Mogadishu Somalia one cannot downplay the establishment of such hospitals SOS Amaka and charge it is a facility implementing health and nutrition program that engages in life-saving measures to prevent access morbidity and mortality in Somalia SOS established the base in Somalia in 1982 when the organization signed an agreement with the government of the day and this health facility was established a little later in 1986 so it has started as a small dispensary then but when the conflict is started in 1991 this place was converted into a big Hospital some of the sections are like the children's wards and what a view our primary school you know classrooms it has 120 forebear the capacity 48 in the mortality section and 76 in pediatrics section we have outpatient services we have inpatient services we have maternity we have pediatric wards and then MCH where we provide antenatal care postnatal care immunization and all that then we also have an operation theater that provides what we call Simek that is a comprehensive emergency obstetric care bear in mind that Somalia is among top countries in the world that have high rates of child and maternal mortality as mothers have limited or no access to skilled medical care Mohammed decani the medical director at the hospital attends to Halima de here she is one of the mothers here who had to go through cesarean delivery at the hospital and home do Lundell know that I'm losing a limb Samir determined to talk to me come on Shiloh good enough to fight me hand you let it get you still got it and how come it in a good Fangio Ghani so doing that about you talk he's got is doing – masha'Allah Khalifa any mean don't we uh need the even mashallah offenders cooker Cairo how are you honey and get aboard a little Italian more custom shall we do share and it can be shallow Halima stories shared by many mothers who have benefited immensely from their facility getting such Matano services for free in a public hospital is a great relief for them because Health King Somalia is largely the private sector which is good expect comes with a high cost how can have some unfair antenatal care time a lot higher or Liam Connors Sierra her kisses get lumps here they see the Amira her kisses can image a kisses Cody bhai sample delivery a heart of stone I commit to hi Monica or all I am so fortunate I saw would you know how here klepto had just OPD land hire or her committee in Korea hub Colonel Sato Ludovic is commercial City I have the worst student how could you know how come it a historic element elusive a hurry along oh look her grave sin described in fact or OT 2015 or case qalupalik a ski emergency Omaha or some register in a different word for normal childbirth delivery Zahra Mahmoud is recuperating after very painful experience during childbirth outside the hospital she almost lost her life but thanks to child she was and she's now out of danger what accented ahead okuni ahah be welcome in the new markets or socializing so I did a good margin de quoi can I promote another or food I know recommend another chef Watkyn Elohim Adonai Allah if we do well behind Rocky III III we're gonna had to hire another busy section of the hospital pediatric unit this section specializes in the key of critically ill infants and just like any other day you'll find long queues here this facility has got a lot of support from the European Commission humanitarian aid and Civil Protection Department and those visiting the facility can now access a wide range of services related to save motherhood Allen Hynek are doing character becomes our director or manager Buddha where the holy content Allah la ilaha Khan who has a fan c'mon son Neff brain could be there huh see the Matakana leg ahead like a chicken who never drank a collective chilean system the Warhawk alley l martial uncle I'm a fuckup the head at the Atlantis on Oahu Karbala circle O'Hanlon a Caetano leader emergency department I woke up with a holiday hat odorant guerra ham remarkable it is very very unfortunate okay Samba dollars for the holiday a memorial we manage our malnutrition is at Toronto leader the severe acute malnutrition in am actually avocado cacao Honoka theorem entities from staff talked about Walker franca holiday horribly do one oral maja vicious AF so attacked though still in operation and delivering key services to women and children in Mogadishu the pediatric unit struggles with a myriad of challenges Alan hi whatcha doin I have the bookends or director or manager Buddha before the content allah la boca la vaca or had a fan film aha c'mon son nephron together huh see the motor can dig ahead like a chicken who ranked a caricature in season Omaha color L martial uncle I'm a fuckup de haut de llano honimaru Karbala circle O'Hanlon Caetano leader emergency department hallo Kabila hollaback odorant gihan remarkable it is medical encryption key okay Samba dollars for the holiday in the morning we mark our malnutrition who is at Delano leader the seafood equipment Edition it will actually avocado cacao Honoka theorem in Texas Comstock Oba who a colorful Anka holiday halebidu one oral maja vicious AF so attract the lowest moments is especially when I mean the year is ended and you don't have funding or supplies for the next year almost everything is running out of control there is a shortage of supplies here and there everywhere that is usually the most when distressing moment it's in no doubt that the facility requires more funding for me to have the capacity to handle the ever surging number of issues from the Pediatrics section to maternal and child health clinic commonly referred to as MCH the clinic provides antenatal care to women ensuring that they have a healthy pregnancy and birth postnatal health it's also provided of the newborn unit of the mother and child clinic well at the maternal and child health clinic mothers also advised on key components of motherhood such as importance of breastfeeding and nutrition according to UNICEF data in this region feeding practices related to breastfeeding including breastfeeding within the first hour of the in France life exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and continue breastfeeding for up to two years are extremely poor at 23% for the first hour 5.3 percent for the six months and 26.8% for up to two years but with the maternal and child health awareness being created here these numbers are deemed to change perhaps just a matter of time monitoring coalition land in La Jolla in La some of the upper balloon to a garrulous Kaluga Vocal Duo Baraka I've not been a healthy also away I know you didn't Al Queda may occur satellite oka Liguori analysis one cakier an affirmative me Veronica Freitas little Alka old until my mercury Nugent but it's the freedom car a musician more and more back for every fetus car wash bother knocking it allowed to see the whole murky Oh could you see them yet another Allison I had Amanda Ferriero tell her I didn't defile ty Brewster feeding Kabul in Accra in the new Kelly below decoder Oh Anna bacillus e ni o or immune system could euro Moscow a dialogue didn't Merkel is below the fauna and antelope that I'm Anna hi complicit implicitly all over that I through who do a new system for Anika Kuwahara Caro a senior economist interior camelcase if an ocean has dark an ahmadi alphadon cafe is how a guy you know tell REI hi Christy freedom kofi annan hi Cesar renegade Johanna so angry Yasuo extra butter nikto radda radda Katie faker la cosa parental Alka the solution expansion of new facilities at SOS mother and child hospital is underway but for these complex to stand the test of time adequate funding is critical otherwise the dream to have a healthcare that be feeds the people of Somalia might remain to be just at a dream


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