Response: Sean Nalewanyj – 5 Things I Hate About YouTube Fitness

Response: Sean Nalewanyj - 5 Things I Hate About YouTube Fitness

hey everybody its Jason will ha here you guys know what time it is time to talk about current events in the online fitness community and someone linked me a video that Sean nala wani had done and yes I probably would have found this one on my own but someone lent it to me before I did so I decided to check it out and he discussed the five things that he hates about YouTube fitness and I thought it was a very interesting list because I generally like Sean so let me go ahead and put on my plus 5 out of speech craft and let's talk about this Shah's one of those guys that I feel like 80 to 90% of his information is pretty good he gets a little bit of stuff that I feel is wrong based upon my observations my looking at the literature my studying athletes and coaches and all this other stuff over the years observing people serving different athletes I think some of its wrong but I think the vast majority of what he says is generally right he is a pretty knowledgeable guy overall so I'm not gonna knock that because I don't think any of us get everything right all the time nobody does and we're all still learning I don't care how many decades you are in strength sports or the game or anything else it's always going to be a learning process and he kind of broke down his five things and I think one of the things he doesn't fully grasp and I'm gonna jump to on his last one I think it's cuz he doesn't fully understand what YouTube is and that's going to be the interesting part but as far as the first one he said is that what he doesn't like is the sheer amount of misinformation that's out there right that the misinformation which is because there's so much information out there there is no filter in place because it's an entertainment platform this is not a necessarily a learning platform YouTube is kind of a platform that's for a place television for a lot of people which is we're going to go to on the last one but it's an entertainment platform that can be used as an educational platform if that's how the user the end-user and the creators choose to utilize it and it can work very well for that but because it is an entertainment platform by and large it is what it is and so therefore it means there's a large amount of information out there and a lot of it's good a lot of it's fantastic so it's really really really bad and there's a whole host of stuff in between you know everything from straight up wrong misinformation dangerous information we're talking just training and fitness all the way up to some of the best professionals and top coaches in the entire wall put out information here right so there's these both extremes and there's everything in between and that's the problem he has is that it's really impossible for a lot of people to filter that out and then kind of the point he came over to is that a lot of people it turns into kind of a con because people just go to whoever they want to follow I believe that was like his second point that because it's so appearance oriented and I'm going to say Shawn that's what the bodybuilding world did the bodybuilding and physique world did that to the fitness industry the moment all these supplement companies bought into the bodybuilding world and they cross promoted each other and they became Fitness they threw the word Fitness on everything bodybuilding a physique related you basically turned it and I mean you've been part of this world a long time too they basically turned Fitness into a contest between aesthetics and genetics like I mean genetics and drugs really it would be the better way to put it because they made it so aesthetics oriented and I feel like that's its own video that it basically opened things up to misinformation that created it because instead of Fitness being about knowledge and being about fitness and you know who can get their clients the healthiest and the fittest and and the highest quality of life and the strongest and maybe even things like body composition right we could have factor that is part of Fitness body compositions are part of fitness of ideal body compositions though not necessarily the extreme right because seven percent body fat is not healthy that's not fit but 10 percent 12 percent is that's fantastic body composition 14 percents fantastic that is in the the perfect peak ideal health and athletic range for for most men ride anywhere between 10 up to 14 15 percent that is considered peak fitness by medical experts and sports physicians so you have all that and and if it had stayed in that direction and had gone health and fitness related it would be differently because we open things up to purely appearance which again is going to be largely dictated by genetics and that's a point that he made is that it seems like the guys who are just very genetically gifted who can do anything on any program because they look good they're going to put up their results and this is how I did it so you should follow me instead of them actually understanding hey what's gonna work for the average person right and that's the problem you have and that's what he pointed out and he's right is that it opens it up for the guy who is very genetically gifted to just start a YouTube channel cuz the guy looks phenomenal right the guy looks phenomenal year-round and maybe doesn't know that much about training or about nutrition but it looks good doesn't he so it will sell products and he doesn't actually know how to get the average he can't take the average person and ever make them look like him you could probably take that guy right now and if he were to take ten average joe's of just you know genetically average guys which you know has its own variation among it and he were to coach all of them for the next five years not one of them would look like him even if he trained them in person because he doesn't have the knowledge to get them there and maybe they could never look like him and then the problem we have is when the drug is going on top of it because that's what people need to understand everyone acts like steroids are this mysterious thing and only a handful of people use them you go look at surveys at dinner so I like to take the UK the UK the NHS did a survey in the United Kingdom a few years back and asked young men who had gym memberships how many of them had used steroids it was like thirty percent answered only an anonymous questionnaire 30% of men young men who had gym memberships had used steroids that means that you go to an average gym there you look at there's 10 guys three of them have used year–or on gear right now out of every 10 guys in the gym alright and a lot of people out there they think well it's not that prevalent and you realize it really isn't anyone who said I've never really seen much of an arbitrator of years and they're they're an influencer online they're lying to you gears everywhere every single gym there are people using it so when you look at it from that perspective guys who are genetically blessed they've gone a little bit of gear it is very easy for them to build a following online if they can speak in front of a camera and again they have a different learning curve they don't seem to have to get stuff right and it's not just aesthetics I'm not gonna lie it's a strength world too I mean we see guys like that who are you know putting out information as far as strength training but then you listen to some of them talking when you hear a guy say something like well I got two about a 430 bench before I learned how to bench press correctly I just used brute strength and that got me up to about 430 and then I had to learn how to bench correctly with good form and good technique and you know and how to actually program and do some periodization and accessory work yeah okay guys let that sink in if you have a guy who gets to a 430 bit just by going to the gym and bench and heavy regularly and doesn't even learn how to arch correctly doesn't learn an ideal bar pass he just uses brute strength of just muscled up and gets up to 4:30 on his bench and then he gets to a 500 later that really someone who's the best bit of advice to get bench press information on if you're the guy who's struggling at 250 he might not be I'm not saying he's gotta be wrong he might be a brilliant guy with it but he didn't have to go through that process you did just like the really aesthetics guy tell ya this is how I did it and then other people try it like this isn't working for me you know everyone else has to follow the one guy who gave that advice and they never get to a 400 he got to 430 without knowing anything so it matters for strength too I mean it does matter and that's a valid point so he brings a lot of that up and then again the needless complexity that arises from it I and I think that's a big problem too that's and it's very hard when you're trying to put on information you put out a bunch of points of information you try to tie it in together for people and that could be complicated enough I mean because sometimes even getting the basics right and even the basics you know become different when you get become an advanced lifter right I mean you get fairly advanced as a lifter you're not going to keep getting bigger and stronger that easily off the classical list with a low injury rate you're gonna have to use some variations you're gonna have to change some stuff the stuff that will make a novice lifter grow like a weed is not going to work the same as you get more aggressive you have a higher need for complexity the more advanced you get but the problem is that when you're putting out information and you're teaching people stuff and then they go listen to other people on top of it guess what happens it creates a big big mess because then they try to incorporate the advice of four different people and then the other people's advice ends up messing up your advice for them and they wonder why they're stalling you know and it's a problem where they get the wrong advice because if you're going to give good advice you've got to give different advice for people at different points and a lot of times it's going to be conflicting advice in other words what I would tell but not this Lister dude's not gonna be the same I tell the bastard even if they did each other's advice the advice I gave to each one if they followed the advice to the other one it's gonna screw them they're screwed they can't do that it's not gonna work so it creates this complexity when we start criss-crossing different people and he's right about that but the final thing that I thought was fascinating and it said he brought up and I'm someone linked it to me I said hey I think the ho could be talking about you with the drama stuff well in Sean says I don't like all the drama in the back of worth and it's sad it's like Sean it's that's not sad that's what this platform is that's money you know it he kind of said you've got to remember everyone uses this as a business it's like Sean does you understand that the drama is a business all right you make tens of thousands of dollars from the drama and that's just the reality of it I mean it I'm honest about that people ask me why do you engage in some of the drama is it because you're jealous of this person is it because of X or Y and I'm like I engage in the drama because people enjoy the entertainment I'm an entertainer by profession it's my job like I'll be honest with you guys man do you guys let's just be brutally honest you think I would hate on anybody for free like that's the loser don't like that sad if I were to sit around making unmonitored videos calling out junkie Ward who needs to be called out you know if I wasn't getting paid for it if it wasn't drawing an audience and an entertainment monetize platform just like a television show because YouTube replaced television people enjoy the drama the same way that they enjoy on television they watch reality TV they watch sitcoms but people need to remember it's just entertainment it becomes a problem when people assume it's reality they assume that all of this is reality and that every time you say something bad about someone or there's hyperbole if it's literal reality and therefore you should extrapolate that over that person but you know for me I mean I realized when some of the the channels out there that created nothing but videos about me were getting hundreds of thousands of views just smack-talking me in creating sensationalized stuff it's not even close to reality and they create their own insane narratives that aren't even a remotely based on really me at all in assists they create a caricature of me right and they continue to perpetuate those myths and have their own followings that get obsessed with that when I realize how many views they were getting I realized personally the drama is big money so that's been the one lesson that I learned from watching the different drama that was thrown at me is that I cashed in on it I absolutely cash you know what they taught me how to make a hell of a lot of money on the drama and I cashed in and that's the same thing I would say to Sean it's like Sean I mean here's what I would ask you given that this is an entertainment platform wouldn't you rather people engage in drama for money than to actually rip people off for money and sell garbage products you know I mean you got to look at it both ways I mean this is still a platform but you can make a ton of money on I would rather engage in drama that keeps people entertained and that they think it's funny that's way better than ripping people off isn't it selling on branched-chain amino acids or pre workouts and stuff that we know doesn't work based upon the research right or completely garbage training programs like naturally enhanced right perfect examples see that's caught in people at least if you're making you know 50 grand a year off of your drama videos you're getting paid for entertaining people and you're an entertainer by profession and you have to understand that that's what it is you're seeing all this drama and thinking that it's eerie yes it's just entertainment brother and the only people who take it seriously are the people who are seriously mentally ill right that they actually think that it's all reality it's entertainment it's just television this is the new television and so you're from a generation that you'll understand national so that's actually what it is that's why the drama's here no different than reality TV you us okay it's it's all entertainment and people turning it into a business and there's nothing wrong with that all right guys but that's really all I have to say on that today I hope it's been informative and I will talk to you guys next time


  1. Hey Jason, what are your thoughts on a Olympic football/Swiss barbell that includes multiple grips such as the Neutral Grip as an assistance movement for presses, standing presses, rows ect?

  2. I add 61 lbs on my strict curl in 3 years with doing only fluff & pump work. Is that Good Progress? 😀

  3. Seeing all the stupid things going on day to day in yt fitness is one of the biggest highlights of my day. Ironically all the guys making videos snubbing you every day don't get paid a cent, better question is to ask why they bother not why you do.

  4. i wondered where you got the idea to make videos about ward and hearn and kali and fake nattys etc. they my favourite videos as they entertaining. can you make a video about kali muscle bulking up to 300lb and give a life expectancy for him. he said in one of his facebook videos he is aiming for 300lb by end of this year.

  5. I think he understands that the drama is a business ; he just thinks it's a pathetic route to go for your business or for money. Everyone's got a choice and the drama route is just lame to him even if folks are into it. Some of the more successful channels are largely drama free. Look at chris jones, ogus, David laid etc.

  6. coach, what is your view of this kid (when you have some time)? he says he is natty and is tall, skinny and super strong: His name is SSJ Bobb.

  7. Fitness = how good you look (body fat%, good mass, V taper, low muscle insertions).
    Thats all that matters.

  8. I love the drama. It’s all I want. More drama. Get all you guys arm wrestling man. Dish out some challenges. Pick a few easy guys first like that anemic vegan butthole, and the work your way up the ladder.

  9. I hate that none of these fools can do the most highly recognized and best way to show fitness. There’s only one true show of fitness. And it’s holding a smoking hot chick over your head while flying a round an ice rink, with her foot long razor blade a few centimeters from your neck. Thats fitness man. Then you get to plow her later.

  10. Dude, that study showed 33% ADMITTING the use of gear.

    The key word being "admitting".

    How many are deluded or would never admit it? By my estimation, and take away the cardio and yoga gym goars, and count only the guys hitting the weights, and if you gauge accurately the reality of who uses something, it's closer to about 80%.

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