1. Surat is a pretty clean city they are making it with proper cleanliness and thats why making 1 pizza taking so much time

  2. Ufff cheese ko melt kn krega? Ye melt krwaty tbh jaky is egg pizza ka maza ata sb kuch thanda panda hogya… Faida…

  3. Bitch I'll be damned 😂😂😂. All I see is an entree for a stomach ache and blocked bowels.

  4. Wahiyat.. Bahut jyada bekaar khana.. Aby insaan ki jaan lega ye sab khila ke.. Bas butter cheese cheese cheese…

  5. People are so blind if you think this is bad for you and inhigenic them you should probably not eat at any fast food restaurant

  6. Nobody:

    Literally nobody:

    Le* shopkeeper:
    Thoda or cheese
    Bss thoda sa or
    Bass thoda or
    Mmmm ek or packet dal deta hun🤔

  7. What an absolute abortion of a meal. "fusion" cooking at it's very worst. I award you zero points and may Vishnu have mercy on your soul

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