Robert Whittaker talks magnitude of Israel Adesanya fight, health after surgery [FULL] | ESPN MMA

Robert Whittaker talks magnitude of Israel Adesanya fight, health after surgery [FULL] | ESPN MMA


  1. Robert Whittaker; a well spoken individual who is clearly confident within himself and as fight night arrives will do what he has done in the past and that`s win. Class, humility, skills, experience, and the confidence to bring it all together for that W.

  2. Huge isreal fan but if rob beats him rob is for sure imo one of the best champs of all time, dude he went 2 GRUESOME wars with a fucking monster yoel, he pretty much ran through the entire division, and then he beats (if he does) an undefeated kicking boxing world champ who also ran through the division, nobody had a harder path to success then rob.

  3. This man has fought two times in almost 3 years.. and his last win was a split decision. I’ve been in awe how he hasn’t been stripped while most other fighters are.

  4. i dnot under estimate whitaker's easy work vs isrel
    i like robert's integrity
    eh RW you did not letanybody down
    surgery is real
    iam notperstitious

  5. Israel is in biiiiiiiiiig trouble! It will suck for him to know he got his ass beat by one of the nicest dudes you'll ever see.

  6. Such a classy guy, almost reminds me of GSP.. Adesanya needs a ass whooping, cant see Whittaker break his face and knock him out..

  7. lets see if israel can stand against this man robert is a very humble man but a true warrior proper fighting man no talk just pure fuking aggression in the cage and shit he can take a punch

  8. I'm a HUGE Adesanya fan. Been qatching him from his kick boxing days, but I agree, he needs to learn humility. I like how humble this guy is. I don't mind if he whips Adesanya's ass at this point….

  9. Ok rob is kool and i do like him and been following him 4 a few years but lets gooo izzy represent boi bring the belt hm bro!!

  10. Israel made Anderson Silva look old generation. Last century. Israel is an upgraded fighting droid. Next generation. Robert, a whirlwind. But a short ass by comparison

  11. You know what people want 6 mins of talks about injuries in a 9 min interview. Nice work Bret . Where the fuck is Schmo

  12. No gamesmanship. It's gotta be a slug fest. Technically, Israel is better. More slick! Faster. Taller! More range? Really! A young jon Jones. Israel could go undefeated a lifetime. Not so Robert. Israel is a hall of famer.

  13. Uncle Chael at the end of videos always chewing on that gum , makes him sound a bit slutty , but undefeated undisputed best pound for pound .

  14. I've always liked Brett Okamoto, but recently he kinda rubs me the wrong way a little bit, for an unexplained reason.

  15. First Adesanya’s real fight…..And this guy will send his black ass to Africa again By KO second round

  16. I feel like these two guys could be friends. Au and NZ. They could be mates if Israel just chills with promoting himself

  17. One thing about rob is he has been caught and wobbled . Can Israel finish when he smells blood .. I see nothing but war 5 rounds

  18. I have been following martial arts world since the early 70's, I praticed a lot, I know most of ufc, k1, thai, kick, boxing champs of the past 5 decades, but really whittaker is probably the most chill, likeable, humble, respectuous, authentic fighter I ever saw (aside buakaw), and he is a beast in fight. Trash talking with him is totaly pointless like with gsp or cerrone. I can not wait to see him destroying israel who is becoming more and more ridiculous and full of himself everyday(his brucelee-like xtra movements to show off in the cage are absolutely ridiculous). Australia can be proud of being represend by such a great Man

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