good morning Erica today is gonna be a very special day since yesterday was my birthday and also on my birthday me and my boyfriend Adam we are having an anniversary so yesterday we had two year anniversary and today we are gonna celebrate it a little bit because today it's a fifth of July and in general public we have a holiday this day so enough is not going to work and we are going to spend the whole day together but that's not gonna be it this video is gonna be a little bit of a challenge and it was created in cooperation with the Republic Republic and they said they challenged me to spend the whole day holy all day doing everything in there a new collection with you there and the collection is really pretty I'm gonna definitely show you this is gonna be a really fun I have three three tops or there I have three tops to grow jobs and one hoodie and I have one leg it's one short and one of dollars and I have to do everything in this cloth for all day and we're gonna do a lot of things because I'm gonna show you I'm gonna show you right away because free buck also sent me this it's like a dice or a cube and it is gonna decide what I'm gonna do or what we are gonna do for our anniversary today and I have to do it all those thoughts like a sport coat but to be honest those clothes are so pretty so I don't think I would have any problem doing like everything and I'm also the kind of girl who doesn't get like literally married like in everywhere so I think I'm gonna make it but they're like pretty crazy stuff here is it in check but I'm always gonna translate it to you there's like for example let's go for a dance let's go shopping let's go for a coffee maybe you should try some walk invite someone for food ohayo hopefully of this calling our best friend go for yoga they would be a fun film movies play something for a concert let's try fitness Ohio put it they have days because I need to go for training today oh let's go for a bike it's just like so I think this is gonna be really really really fun I mean I don't know how many times you're gonna throw this but we are listening gonna spend all day only by throwing this dice and we are going to do everything what it is yeah I also have to like one little warning dealing with those like challenges because I am kind of like a pendant right now because I never I have soos on my life like from Lucia you are definitely gonna see why I love this and what happened it's gonna be in the next video but yeah like for example go for a bike it's gonna be probably like a little challenge for me because I still in four more days which is soos in my life and right now it's a it's about like oh it's 9:30 in the morning we went to bed to bed really late yesterday about midnight because we went for dinner is today and we met my friends and we celebrated it will with my birthday so it's 9:30 we are gonna definitely have a breakfast and then we will get started okay so I don't be starting off his day with with these pancakes and marmalade or a gem and did you like it I'm gonna definitely have something like a little bit healthier healthier healthier yeah okay so here I have my alt I can yield and after I just good one so it's a good one because we just ate a breakfast so we are going to probably just chill a little bit I'm going to change because I have to do it in those walls and we are gonna relax a little bit and then we are gonna throw so which one I'm gonna relaxing I would probably wear short crop top I'm gonna wear this to chill a little bit you happy we're gonna over like this first outfit to chill in it's on and let's do this okay so we just chill a little bit Adam and it's probably like the first time we sit here together right like we never have a time to just sit and chill here outside in our like apartment so yeah I'm every we did it and let's throw again this one says it's time to shop a little bit so we will topic I know what we want to shop and what where are we gonna go to chef and let's go shopping I I will probably just keep this outfit on and I will just wear some flip-flops or something and I'm definitely gonna bring my gym bag with me because three challenges here are about like going to Train so I will definitely bring this and let's go shopping [Applause] okay so we just arrived to mall but I have no idea what do we need what are we gonna sell we don't probably beat everything so we are just gonna look in some stores because that's what the challenge said we are gonna just probably looks at some clothes maybe some food and then we will throw rice because I have it here with me and we are gonna throw a dice right here in the small okay so let's throw the dice again here in the mall this one says how about fitness so yeah this one I was kind of like hoping for you know what it mean if this means we are gonna go and try so we are gonna go over the gym and we are gonna do like the little fitness workout I can't like lift weights right now a lot because of this boy colder and so but we are gonna have like a little training probably like a little upper body and Adam is gonna do running are gonna go for right I think so so we are let's go and train because I even try don't see it and he goes are zero so even though I both like you some some kind of like new Red Bull it was supposed to be a zero so I'm really curious about it but I'm gonna have a free workout like this one it's a 3d nutrition drink I have it from acting and I'm gonna have this as a pre-workout but he already had a Red Bull sugar-free so he's fine but I need my caffeine in my face [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we are done here I just finished my workout I just did some like pull-ups and those two bars and hence the vault and some skier and everything not to like include this my leg and I'm kind of like tired and I'm really hungry so hopefully we will die so to eat each section and this one says to go grab a coffee so we'll probably just do it together with a meal but we will definitely go get a coffee that's like yeah it's what I wished for let's go get a coffee after workout okay so I'm having my favorite boomba Rambo and Adam is nothing it's kind of like a moonshot about it's a wittle roasted duck duck and we are hungry so we just finish our lunch and we know like that we were supposed to go for a coffee first but we were so hungry so he just grabbed the lunch first and we went to get a Vietnamese and now we are gonna get some cookie because I need coffee in my paint so just wanna say that I mean I have to go like the Samba like to get some tan so we will probably go to someplace and chill and we are gonna get something but it's not very sunny today it's really cloudy but I think we can get some tan today it's hard to sunbathe when you don't have Sun but I will wait I will relax and get something I just spent like maybe three minutes and now I will throw the dice again and we will see I will try to do something like have a workout so I'll work out over here it's kind of busy it's a lot of people it's a lot of old people here there or everyone is staring so yeah [Applause] this was fun because right here there is like a stand for ice cream ice cream and there's like a like a coffee shop here and there and good me doing burpees and push-ups and sit-ups and everything so this was really fun and right now we are gonna probably throw the dice for the last time and then we will be headed home right because it's already like almost 5:00 p.m. it doesn't look like because Sun came up but it's already like 5:00 p.m. so do you wanna throw dice yes no no way no way this one says to run oh my god everyone here thinks I'm crazy already and I'm gonna run since I can't run a lot because I have to choose it my like I will only probably do like one left on the square it was fun someone was screaming at me a lighter over there and be like let's go with God oh this was fun far more well it kind of hurts I'm not gonna risk it yeah that was the last challenge here in the city now we are gonna be headed home and I don't will definitely throw a dice at least one more time so we just get home and it's already almost 7 p.m. I don't know like how old is a fat but it was so fun and I have one last rolling a dice left and this that's gonna be my last activity for the day because after that I'm gonna just probably chill there on a couch and do nothing after we get home with Adam we clean our apartment because we have guests coming tomorrow so we cleaned our apartment and right now I'm gonna roll the dice and call it a day I really hope there's gonna be something like a heavy bag or leave or something because I don't want to go for a jog or anything like that again all I wanted to do was to chill and now this one says go and ride a bike but okay okay let's let's go for a trip on a bike and I'm not gonna make it lost because of my life but okay so here I have my bike it's almost like 7:30 p.m. but yeah I'm gonna take a while probably to the other side of the place where we live and back and this is gonna be definitely build I think I'm gonna do today because I'm really tired but it was so fun so thank you very much for joining me in this video hopefully you liked it so if you did don't forget to give this video a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe my channel for everything and see you in the next video


  1. Moc krásně video, i když anglicky moc neumím 💕. Chtěla jsem se zeptat, umíš anglicky už od dětství nebo ses jí naučila později. Já zatím procvičuju a moc mi to nejde. Jinak si skvělá 👍👍

  2. Luci já jsem strašně nerada negativní, ale mně přijde, že Adama to tvoje natáčení absolutně nebaví a je toho součástí jen proto, aby ti udělal radost (i v ostatních videích). Možná je taková povaha/stydí se mluvit anglicky atd. Samozřejmě netuším, jaký je v soukromí, když kamera nejede, ale jen říkám, jak to na mě jakožto diváka působí. Určitě ho nechci urazit, jen je to škoda, protože ty jsi naopak vždy krásně usměvavá, plná nadšení a energie. Každopádně nápad na video se mi moc líbil :))

  3. sem naprostej antitalen na angličtinu a nikdy nerozumím vůbec nic ale ty mluvíš tak pěkně a pomalé že sem si tvoje video užila i v angličtině 😊

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