Royal Marines Fitness Tips

Royal Marines Fitness Tips

hints and tips for the RFA wrong reason fitness assessment press-ups main failing points for press-ups are elbows locked tight to the side body tension and full extension of the arms key training points to improve these press ups these are tricep press ups so keep the elbows tight to the size work on core body strength and train quality and not quantity so nice steady reps sit ups failing points for sit-ups our elbows not going all the way up to the knees throwing arms forward so they leave the side of the head to assist in forward movement and not returning the head shoulders and elbows back to the mat on completion of every repetition key training points train hard and make things easier when you get here for example feet and ankles not fixed quality steady repetitions all the way up and all the way down pull-ups key failing points for the pull-ups kicking your feet not full extending the arms and chin not over the beam or pull-up bar key training points for the pull-ups attempt to get your chest to the beam ensuring that there is a clear gap between the beam and your chin for beneficial strength gains working essentially is a very good way to improve both your technique and strength ie learning to full extension of the arms as slow as you possibly can


  1. Has the run time been lowered? I thought it was 11mins for the first run then sub 9.50min for the second one. I also thought it was done a treadmill with an incline. Dont tell me the RMs are lowing their standards.

  2. Recently there's a news article making the rounds that the British Army has gone 'crazy' and dropped the push up and sit up portion of the training as to adhere to a more "Gender Neutral" environment. People are obviously eating this tripe up by the shovel load and have now started to declare the country is run by snowflakes that can't do basic exercise or some sort of nonsense about lowering standards for woman to compete with men….. blah blah blah.

    Personally I think it's because there's much more efficient ways to build muscle and test stamina than the good old knees up mother brown school of training.

    Can you comment on what is actually happening and how this affects the quality of Soldiers going forward into this brave new world called Monday the 24th of September 2018 ?

  3. There is no way that big ass Marine isnt on juice. Dude is bigger than you can be naturally especially doing military style training. Not that I really give af but noobies should know they arent going to look like him from doing some push ups and eating wheaties.

  4. There is talk of the UN invading the United States because of President Trump. If you send your royal Marines to invade us we will unfortunately have to kill all these hunky guys. Come as tourists we can show you a good time. We haven't really changed all that much since 1775.

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