Sadhguru – How to active your energy body [*Scientific Reason **Must Watch**] Part – 1

Sadhguru - How to active your energy body [*Scientific Reason **Must Watch**] Part - 1

to create health for yourself there are three fundamentals that you need to take care of food activity and rest when it comes to food one of the most important things that you must be conscious of is on a certain day when you eat a certain type of food whatever you eat you must consciously notice how quickly does it digest and become a part of yourself any food that you eat if it lasts over three hours that means you've eaten bad food and that is something to be either avoided or reduced in quantity if food moves out of your stomach bag within three hours this means you're eating something that your system can handle efficiently it may not be the best food but your system is able to handle it and between one meal in the next meal if you create a clear gap of five to six hours and in between if there is no other ingestion you will see the cleansing process in the system on the cellular level cleansing will happen this cleansing on the cellular level is most important and significant for a healthful life so between means there must be at least five to six hours of space if you are over thirty years of age two meals a day two good meals a day will suffice one in the morning and one in the evening after the evening meal before you go to bed there must be a minimum of three hours and if there is a certain amount of physical activity not necessarily very heavy or strenuous activity just simple walking or maybe a dance or something like this create something for yourself we're about at least 20 to 30 minutes there is some physical activity after the evening meal if you do this largely your system will be healthy if one goes to bed with food still inside the stomach bag a certain level of inertia is generated in the system this inertia physiologically it's like accelerating towards death death is ultimate inertia and if you go to bed with stomach one thing is it generates inertia another dimension is the stomach bag is full means it will create pressure on other organs in the abdomen region this will also lead to various kinds of health issues it's very important when you go to bed again food has moved out of the stomach bag that the bag is not heavy to put pressure on as you sleep in different postures it should not be putting pressure on the rest of the organs when it comes to activity in this brief time I don't want to give you an exercise regimen the simple thing that we need to understand is our body is capable of bending forward bending backward and twisting sideways on either side this much activity must happen whatever we do in whatever form if you do classical hatha yoga that is the best way to do it scientific way of doing it if that is not yet in your life you must somehow make sure every day you bend forward backward and twist both ways and squat so that stretching of the spinal column will happen this much activity is a must for everybody on a daily basis if we want to keep the entire system in a healthful state particularly your neurological system which will be a issue as one ages the volume of rest that an individual needs is determined by various factors one important factor is the type and the volume of food that one's consumes when I say the type of food you must experiment with foods and see what type of foods cause maximum heaviness within you what type of foods will leave you light and agile if you make sure at least forty percent of your diet is fresh vegetables and fruits you will see the lightness in the body will come because what the body needs is restfulness not necessarily sleep most people understand that sleep is the only way to rest no as you sit and stand you can either be restful or in a state of agitation or in a state of inertia if you are a lively state of restfulness momentum woman in your life the volume of sleep you actually require will come down all of us in the world are seeking something can you throw some light or guide us on this journey everybody is seeking the same thing it is just through different means whether one goes to the bar or temple or wants to go to heaven they want one thing is they want pleasantness if pleasantness is achieved then they want expand now in the foods in the yogic culture we classify foods into three categories these are called cetera tunnels and Rajas this can be put it this way chronic food positive pranic food negative chronic food and zero pranic food positive prana means it adds a certain pranic energy to the system when you consume negative prana takes away energy from the system zero neither adds nor takes a very tan for taste and lethargy have people like lethargy you don't know yes a whole lot of people are telling me we enjoy sleep nobody can enjoy sleep if you are enjoying sleep you're not sleeping you may enjoy restfulness you may enjoy the after effect of good sleep that's different you enjoy restfulness you cannot enjoy sleep you fix this in your head yes or no restfulness must must for a human being because the rest is the basis of all activity if there is no restfulness in you you are not capable of dynamic activity yes or no if you're not rested can you be active no rest is the basis of all activity rest is one thing sleep is another thing you must differentiate between the two sleep is a certain inertia the difference between life and death is just this life is a dynamic process of the energy death is an inertia state of the energy sleep is playing between the two the more you practice that unknowingly you're inviting death if you slept for eight hours a day you are inviting death twenty years earlier or thirty years earlier than what it should have come yes or no so if you eat positive chronic food energy will reverberate in a dynamic way if you eat negative chronic food it takes away energy and causes certain deviations in energy if you eat zero pranic it brings lethargy and maybe you can eat it for taste to some extent but look at this classification what are the foods which fall under this there's no need to look at the positive because a whole lot of them more positive I can't produce a list we look at the negative chronic list it's a much shorter less list but unfortunately it may be a list of all your favorite things too and top of the negative chronic list is garlic garlic is a very powerful medicine but it's one thing to consume something as a medicine and it's an entirely different thing to consume it as a daily food substance it has many many medicinal qualities in Ayurveda and Siddha we use garlic in a very powerful way for specific ailments but now your logic is everyday if I pop whatever medicine I can I will be healthy in I rather we say like this every root every leaf found on this planet has some medicinal quality it's just that only a few we have learned how to use others we're yet to learn how to use otherwise every one of them has some medicinal quality if we are willing to pay attention and learn how to use them so now if you want to be healthy what you do is anyway it's fall time there's a lot of leaf just go on eat as much leaf as possible and also take up of your roots and eat it you will be very healthy that's not how it works something specific for a specific problem is different just generally consuming medicinal substances is a different game isn't it garlic is a very powerful medicine if properly used daily consumption no no because it plays on your nervous system big time it is a very strong nervous stimulant if you use garlic your nervous nervous system gets stimulated in a big way anything that stimulates now a system holds you up for some time and then dumps you daily usage of nervous stimulants in any form will slowly get you to your place that you become insensitive to life that you cannot experience now you're holding dog is the ideal because he is more sensitive than you his nervous system is far more sensitive than you because he can feel things and know things that you cannot know this is a higher design than the dog isn't it so shall I continue the list or just I don't want to become unpopular here garlic onion and supported uh green chilies oso4 Dida maybe you are not used to it it is something very commonly used in Indian cooking it's a very strong stimulant should I continue coffee tea no tea means the caffeine tea is the tea other things are just placebos okay be naughty you can boil any flour any leave any root and collecti that's not tea tea means the tea leaf which is caffeine all these are nervous stimulants once in a way if you drink they have some benefits but if it becomes a daily thing slowly it dulls your nervous system your ability to experience life is gone we are looking at this dimension of the food mainly in terms of your sensitive sensitivity to life largely people are ego sensitive they are not life sensitive the country life for them only their thought and emotion is life because they can't feel life if you walk out into the forest you can't feel the tree that's why you call it a wood you can't feel the creatures around you simply because the sensitivity is gone in so many ways one thing is just the modern life this television this traffic this constant reverberations one thing I find when I come here is one thing that makes me get out of buildings in this country is always something is buzzing you know something is going it has a very bad effect in the human system see we are also kind of reverberation there must be space to allow our reverberations to grow and spread now these machines have such powerful reverberation constantly boom something is going on and on top of it what we cannot hear all these wi-fi's and stuff they are doing their own thing yes in all this there is no room for you to become life sensitive to sit here and be able to experience the whole universe takes a certain level of sensitivity I am talking about nervous stimulants in that context you are lowering the possibility of experiencing life see for example if you just touch this not everybody will feel just a touch the same way you know this it depends on how sensitive your system is if you feel this you can know many things if you're willing so I'm not a coffee hater all right but what I am saying is a cup of coffee should not determine the quality of your life by choice you drink today tomorrow you walk away it's fine if it's a compulsion if I don't drink my coffee my day is ruined then you have to do something about it yes I am only talking about this the only parameter is are you moving towards freedom or are you getting enslaved in some way with a cup of liquid you shouldn't get enslaved yes with just about anything you getting tangled up I'm saying do everything by choice then there's no problem if you do it by choice you know when to start when to stop isn't it if you do it by compulsion what you start you cannot stop this is the whole problem it's not like you you become a fanatic I don't need this I don't need that I eat this I don't need that don't become a food fanatic it's just that eat by choice every meal must be by choice not that you've decided this is what you will eat and this is what you will not eat don't make food into your religion it is not it is a choice and the choice should be according to the needs of the body not according to social needs not according to cultural needs according to the needs of this body isn't it so among the positive planning foods there are a few foods which are very very positive on top of the list is what is called as an ash guard I think here they call it a winter melon it is not of the same potency as we find in India the Indian ash gourd is like phenomenal ash gourd is very positive black pepper is very positive honey is one substance on the planet whose chemical composition is very close to that of human blood daily consumption of honey can do wonderful things to you and honey is an extremely good thing to eat especially if you have children at home make honey culture part of your thing psychological stability physical well-being vitality all these things can be greatly enhanced simply consuming daily honey if you have excess fat in your body if you drink honey with warm water it breaks down the fat in the system if you drink it with cold water it will give you weight you


  1. Big fan of sadghuru, but this is actually wrong. How quickly food is digested has to do with fiber. The foods that digest quickly are carbohydrate rich foods along the lines of ice cream, chocolate, pasta and bread etc. Foods that digest slowly have a lot of fiber usually vegetables like kale, broccoli and spinach. Longer digestion is good, quick digestion is bad.

  2. Yoga divides the causes for human behavior as consciousness passes through human perception each as a different body.

  3. I bet you at no point in this guy's life could he give you 50 pushups I wouldn't listen to a word he has to say

  4. Ty, ty, ty, profound wisdom that's practical, yo!
    Aligns with what I kno
    Awsm, dear sir🖤💯🤜⚫🆒️🎶💃❤

  5. Immense love, respect and gratitude Sadguru.
    I feel privileged to be alive in a time when you exist too.
    This is in itself a blessing.

  6. Would not certain people vary from how they experience life on a continuum sometimes I only drink one cup of coffee today. Is it different that maybe I'm sensitive to life even with a cup. Also garlic is good. Yes we are a bit enslaved. Want your suggestions for helping a friend get off cigarettes And heal

  7. U inspire a 34 yr old black man and I will spread to my people so we can live life to the fullest thanks

  8. Additional note: SadhGuru speaks of methods and tools for example food and sleep. The science must always be placed in Era, Location and certain circumstances. Food in this Era, for it is been misused and abused in several way is to be transcended ultimately to get to activation of the Kundalini and Bodycells. Food is thus just a method not the ultimate goal. For example 'the seed' has been misused for many selfiah purposes. Aghori true Aghori's and Yogi's that is, are examples of transcending the need for food for the body. They can go on for days, weeks, months without food. Their energysystems work different. Hordering of food in the body is pure toxicality. Look around you, every day I see bodies how food haa a destructive impact instead of healing. Taking pride in the food that you eat is also destructive impact on your body. At first it may seem/ appear to benefit you, depending in how you consumed it. This nonsense of food being for certain dnacodes is helpfull but also trapping. All food comes from VichitraRatnaPrithvi Mother Earth, over half doesn't eat starves, you think Mother Earth will allow you to reap the benefits while people are suffering for a singel grain of rice or bread? Not in this day and age. Knowing with what energy to consume is a huge part in how it will impact your bodysystem. The example of Shiv the first Yogi who thaught Shakti his wife the lesson, non-sathvik food for example cannot harm those who transcended the nessecity of food, He knowing how people would misuse it. So yes there are for those who wholeheartely in pureness and humbleness consume food, these methods SadhGuru speaks of will be benificial.
    Restfulness is a big part to. For most goes you'll sleep when your pran has exited the body. If your body rests a part is still awake otherwise you wouldn't breath when you close your eyes.
    Ultimately the vast mayority of energy is Dark Matter and in these Times the closer you get to No-Thingness untrapped by the Elements cause for must the Elements their bodies exist of have become a trap, the closer you'll get to Supreme Knowledge to merge in positive vibrations of the Cosmos and it's Will. The Entire Cosmos is a living consiousness with a very Clear Will…
    As long as you have a Body you'll have a chance to allign your body system. It is said Ma AdhiShakti gives each person 1008 chances due to her compassionate Nature, if your Time/ Chances are finished She Will leave you and let you go from Her Safety of Her Womb and that is not a place/ vibration I wish for people. Ultimately it is your own choice. Activation of your EnergyBody will always be Sensed by the Cosmos. It is wise to Follow the TimesPath that the Cosmos has Set…

  9. LIAR! Chakra is not of GOD! It's real, but not of GOD. God wants you to have faith and trust in the holy spirit and follow his leadings. Christians… DON'T practice chakras!!! You have nothing to fear on judgement day. He who believes that jusus is the son of GOD, GOD abides in him, and he in GOD! Whoever teaches chakra will be accursed!!

  10. Garlic, onion, tea, coffee, green chili, are negative pranic food and should be avoided on daily basis. I got it.

  11. According to one study, modern science has documented garlic's effects on immune system improvement, cardiovascular disease, and more. When you crush raw garlic, it makes a chemical called allicin. This compound gives garlic its strong odor. … Some studies say allicin can lower blood cholesterol…

  12. This is why Sadhguru is so smart . He learns while he teaches so he always has new information to share . Love you

  13. This is all described in full details in the quran… I know for some people hearing it from someone else is all that matters. You maybe scared of islam so youre not receptive to it, but this is literally word for word just a translation of some of the things the prophet taught.

  14. thank you JD my first time I like him I like the way he talks strait forward without judgement in his tone good teacher I will enjoy this journey again
    Thank You your quite lovely. to share XXXXXXXXXX

  15. I meditate and breathe on a daily basis , once I went camping with my parents to their little cottage in the mountains , and they have hundreds of little gadgets inside this cottage, only now in my meditative stage when everyone goes to sleep and I meditate , all these little gadgets get twice as loud and are incredibly amplified , so I had to leave cottage and breathe + meditate in the trees , my parents think this is strange….I can relate to this vid ….🙏
    Relate to this one and listen to all…

  16. The knowledge I have I want to share and help other peoples around me but they didn't understand what I want to tell them but sadguru has that power and he is changing many suffering life's I am biggest fan of him

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