Samsung Galaxy Fit e Budget Fitness Band Unboxing, Overview and 3x Giveaway

Samsung Galaxy Fit e Budget Fitness Band Unboxing, Overview and 3x Giveaway

hey guys welcome to these know times this is chicken and this is a quick unboxing overview as well as the giveaway ins announcement off the galaxy fit a band from Samsung and this band comes with quite a lot of interesting features and this is one of those budget bands that comes fresh under 3000 rupees it's actually pressure twenty five hundred rupees and it's exclusively available on Flipkart so we thought of doing a good giveaway and we have three units of the galaxy ability to give away to our reviewers so this giveaway is going to be about YouTube as well as social media and you don't have to do a lot of things it's just some simple steps but before that let's talk about the band itself so this galaxy fit he comes with a Oh point seven four inch of PML LED display there's a long battery life about six days of battery life is given there's a heart rate sensor as well and it does the regular stuff off packing your step count as well as this sleep tracking and then the heart rate monitoring which is a continuous heart rate monitoring and also the blood pressure monitoring is said to be done on this band along with that the sensors that represent in this include the accelerometer as well as the heart rate sensor accelerometer is for the step count as well as the movement so that when you're sleeping and this disturbance movement of when you're sleeping that also gets tracked with that and there's that heart rate monitor as well and as this band has those automatic tracking of exercises if you are doing some particular exercises it has that automatic tracking of three particular exercise types and it's 50 meter water resistant so it's at five atm water resistance that you get on this band along with that the final thing is I put the notifications so you get all the notifications for calls messages and the other apps if you had set them up from the Samsung fit app and let's quickly now unbox and check out what comes in the box package so upon opening the package the first thing is this booklet the box so you'll get the Quick Start Guide and the warranty manual in this and along with that you have this band that's the Samsung Galaxy fit II and this seems to be quite light in weight and I'm using something that was interesting and I even talked about this earlier it's a three hundred rupee band so I'm going to do a video of this particularly later because this is something that I found interesting for this prize you get most of the features that other bands would offer but again there are some constants anyways there are some issues anyway with these kind of grants but what are those advantage and disadvantages if you are trying to go into at the least budget that's 300 undefined rupees but now I'm going to replace that with the Samsung Galaxy fit II which seems like kind of an interesting one and this is the heart of it and you can remove this so you can pull this out and this is the actual tracker that is given here and tell me that it has that hearted the sensor towards the back the charging in east towards the back so you'll have to take this off and then charge it with the proprietary charger that is given in the box itself so if you take this out and pull it out you will see the proprietary charger that is given here it's self charging cradle so you have to pull this out always and then place it here so that the band would get charged so this is how it would sit and charge itself and kind of a different kind of placement but then it's about six to seven days of battery life and I'm sure it should be more if you don't have it connected always so I'll let that out and anyway make a final review later but for now this was a quick overview it's going to give you that step counting and in this video you will see how we could easily set this up with the Samsung's application and then I'll show you the entire overview of what all is possible on the application itself and how you can keep a sink of things and how you can get the notifications on your band this is that band and at the body of the band it shows a c2 c4 that might be their model or the pairing code open galaxy available on the phone so we had a couple of apps to try out I'm not sure which one would work so galaxy where variable this is the app that it says to install so I will try it out with that start the journey we already see the galaxy fit here so I will try to connect that turn on bluetooth so it's actually vibrating you can see that and it shows the pairing code you can see that it's vibrating so badly that the band is actually moving towards the side check your phone and now you'll have to install the plug-in called as Commodore Samsung Android modern plug-in installed Samsung actually service this allows a data or transfer of data between your watch and the phone so I have to install two or three apps for the entire process here while appearing take a moment to get familiar with your band so this is how you use it next tap the screen to show your widget it's not a touchscreen so tap firmly to get the best heart rate measurement of where your band of about a fingers width above your radish joint make sure it's not too tight or too loose next get notifications on your band so you can check them at a glance notification settings can be changed always and you have to give it that permission here and now the apps for the particular notification so you have all the apps that are selected here there are quite a lot that you can select and you'll get the notifications for the same on the pan turn on the screen when the notifications are received that you're going to do show when show while using the phone show for notifications on your band while you are using the phone so I'll keep this turned off anywhere because you are using the phone you don't have to see that notification in the pan now the band is paid and you're all set it's how you can get to know your band at the time the information there the battery percentage is shown in the app your band only saves health data for seven days to keep data longer and to change your settings install samsung health on your phone so you'll have to install that app in case you want a longer run or the longer storing of the data find my band so that band is now vibrating in the background you can see it's vibrating and also it would say because of those vibrate and that is the fine white band for widgets you can have this these kind of widgets here steps calories and then sleep weather calendar and also the heart rate and apart from that you have the advanced features where screen wakeup would be when you lift your wrist do not disturb can be turned on or off dim screen can be turn on or off so there are quite a lot of interesting features and for a band that is priced under 3000 rupees this is quite a good set of features that you see on this band and I'll again place it back and show you how good it looks so this is how the band screen looked like it would give you the steps and also the calories amount of calories burned and also the sleep timing and the data for weather information so this was that quick overview and I hope you like this video this is the giveaway announcement now you'll have to subscribe to be sometimes gizmo times Hindi both the channels and then comment below in at this video saying which is your favorite feature of this band and also share it on social media that's Facebook and Twitter and be a part of this giveaway you'll also have to follow us on Facebook and Twitter I'll give that on the links in the description below I hope you liked this video if you do share and subscribe for some bands for more thanks for watching and see ya next video


  1. I like this band swim proof and lightweight thanks for opportunity golden chance to win amazing Brand Samsung

  2. Slim Design
    Bright Display
    Samsung Name
    and Budget Price
    that's it which make it a complete package in 2.5k

  3. Clear bright pamoled display along with 6 to 10 days long battery life is my favourite feature of this samsung fit e budget smart band.

    #GizmoArmy #GizmoTimes

  4. mujhe to waise sabkuch achha laga lekin design quality and touch controls and health measures are very good

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