Secrets The Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Secrets The Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

– [Announcer] From marketing
tricks to shady practices, the food industry has a lot of secrets. But they just want you to think about their yummy products, nothing else. Well, it’s important to know
about the things you eat. Whether you love eating meat, or choose not to, isn’t
really the question. Here are some crucial facts you should know about the food you eat. – Amazing! – [Announcer] Number 10. A lot of antibiotics go into meat. Did you know that 80% of the antibiotics produced in the world are fed to animals? Most of them don’t actually
go to human beings! That’s what a study in 2011 revealed. Now, you might think
that’s not all that bad. It probably makes your meat
safe and healthy, right? Well, unfortunately,
that’s not the full story. The actual reason is that antibiotics help generate rapid growth artificially, which makes sure that
the livestock is as big as they can be. Unfortunately, this can
have harmful consequences for the world. That’s because the overuse of antibiotics is really dangerous. It can help the rise of super bacterias, which are resistant to antibiotics. And that’s not good for
anyone, cattle or people. Number nine, Food
Companies Are Hiding Sugar Nowadays, it’s pretty
much common knowledge that you should avoid
sugar as much as possible. It’s bad for your teeth, it
contains no essential nutrients, it can help you develop
diabetes and all sort of other problems. If you want to live a healthy
life, you know it’s all about consuming it in moderation. To put it in perspective, we
actually eat in just eight days the same amount of sugar
people from the 1700s ate over an entire year. Surely that’s not a good thing. Well, food companies don’t want you to stop buying their
products because they have too much sugar. So, they devised a sneaky little solution. Some companies hide the
true amount of sugar inside of a product by mixing
up different ingredients. How so? Well, here are some of the
label names you’ll see used instead of sugar. High-fructose corn syrup, cane crystals, dextrose, evaporated cane juice, agave nectar or fruit juice concentrate. All of these are basically
sugar, just with different names. This way, companies makes
sure that sugar doesn’t appear at the top of the ingredients
list on the back of the box. So, most people don’t actually
realize how much actual sugar they’re actually consuming. Next time you’re in the supermarket, try checking the ingredients
list and see how many of these you can spot in the wild! Number Eight, Monsanto’s Secrets Of all the food corporations out there, Monsanto sometimes feels
like they’re gunning for the title of the worst. The list of things they
probably wish to keep hidden is pretty extensive. Monsanto was one of the first companies to genetically modify
a plant cell, in 1983. It started producing
genetically modified crops that were resistant to their
own herbicide, called Round-Up. These seeds were marketed as a safer and healthier alternative
to other competitors. With that, Monsanto took over the market. Most farmers now use Monsanto’s products. The seeds that they sell, however, contain a Monsanto-owned
patent in their genes. So only Monsanto can say who
gets to plant their seeds or who doesn’t. Not all farmers went with
these new crops, however. Some decided to stay with their old seeds. There’s one problem, though. Monsanto has actually sued many farmers, accusing them of having
used their GMO-seeds without permission. In virtually all the cases, however, those farmers didn’t
use the seeds willingly. Unwanted seeds actually
flew into their crops, from neighbors farms who
used Monsanto’s seeds. Worst of all, these seeds
would actually destroy the organic farmer’s crop. So, many farmers had their crops destroyed and then were driven to bankruptcy by having to defend themselves in court. That’s not all! Another little secret
Monsanto wants to keep hidden? They aren’t a big fan of bees. Because these genetically
modified crops have been created to self-pollinate, they don’t
need bees to do that for them. In fact, many speculate that bees are actually getting in the company’s way because they’re a way
to break their monopoly by naturally creating foods
outside of the company’s patent. However, when bees try to
pollinate a GM flower or plant, it gets poisoned and dies, mostly because of
Monsanto’s pesticide roundup which is used in conjunction
with their GM crops. Monsanto, of course, denies all this. But, with their track record,
can you really believe them? Number seven, Your Shrimps
Are Dirty, in a lot of ways. Did you know that most of
the shrimps sold worldwide are imported from countries
like Thailand or Indonesia? They’re grown in a type of farm. Which are actually
crowded and filthy pools, full of antibiotics,
disinfectants, and pesticides. Most pesticides used, in
fact, are actually banned in places like the US. These pools are so dense
and dirty that many shrimps actually die in it. Not only that, many prawn farms slice open and cut off the eyes of female shrimps to make them breed
faster as it causes them to develop mature ovaries. This practice, called eyestalk ablation happens in almost all prawn
hatcheries around the world. It has been reported that the eyestalks fully regenerate after a few months, but scientists agree that this they do show traumatized reactions when
this treatment is performed. That’s not all the problems
with shrimp farms, however. This type of farmed
shrimp also causes harm to the environment. Plus, many of these productions
actually use slave labor. Next time you’re feeling
hungry for some shrimp, maybe first check where it comes from. Number six, Many Cheese
Products Aren’t Cheese Who doesn’t love cheese? It’s delicious and it goes
on pretty much everything. But, if you look closely,
the cheese you’re eating might not actually be cheese. It’s all on the label. If a product is labeled
as a cheese product, that’s because it isn’t real cheese. Large-scale dairy producers
actually replace milk with processed milk concentrate
or whey protein concentrate in many of their products. Why, to save money, of course. However, as a result,
you can’t actually call the end product cheese. Hence the term, cheese product. Some examples of cheese products include, processed sliced cheese, cheese sticks and some shredded cheese brands. That doesn’t happen just
with cheese, though. While many products claim to be one thing on the front of their boxes, that’s often just a marketing name. The legal name usually
appears in smaller print, somewhere else on the box. If you want to always be
sure of what you’re eating, always read the back of the box. Number five, Pregnant Pigs
Are Confined To Tiny Crates Pregnant pigs don’t get preferential treatment, unfortunately. Millions and millions of
pregnant pigs are actually kept in very small cages, usually
called gestation crates. These crates are so small that the pigs can’t even turn around. They also have slatted concrete floors. Why is that, you ask? So that all the waste that the pigs eject just slides down to pits
that are underneath them. They spend four months
inside these crates, their full pregnancy. At the end of it, these pigs
usually suffer from ulcers, abscesses and sores. It’s such harsh living
conditions that many countries have actually banned this
practice, like the UK and Sweden. Number four, They’re
Selling You Fake Fiber. Nowadays, many doctors and
experts extol the virtues of including fiber in your diet. They say it’s great for
your digestive system and overall health. But really, food companies
just saw an opportunity to make people buy more
products by jumping on the fiber bandwagon. Some basically skipped the
whole actually putting fiber in their products thing. In many cases, the
products that are labeled as high in fiber are
actually misleading you. Those products are filled with fake fiber-synthetic products. You can technically, and more importantly, legally call them fiber. But they are far from the fiber that will make you healthier. Quite the contrary, this fake fiber can cause bloating, gas and general gastrointestinal distress. Once again, it’s always
important to watch out for shoddy marketing
while in the supermarket. Number three, cows are now fed corn. And that’s not a good thing. It’s entirely unnatural
for cows to eat corn. They have evolved over thousands of years on a diet that consisted of eating grass. The process of digesting
corn is unnatural to them. If not done correctly,
it can kill the animal. Especially if they aren’t being fed a lot of antibiotics along with the corn. That’s not all of it, though. There’s a whole E.coli
problem associated with this. For those who don’t remember,
E.coli is a bacteria that can, in some cases, be deadly. Well, cows actually produce
a lot more of E.coli in their gut when they’re fed corn. This is poses a huge risk
in terms of contamination of the meat we eat. How do they handle this problem, you ask? To combat this, they often
treat beef with ammonia, to try and kill the bacteria. Yes, the same ammonia that can
be found in floor cleaners. It might be in your ground beef. It can also comprise of up
to 15% of fast-food burgers. And it’s all completely legal! On top of all of this, there’s
still something to be said for the treatment of cows, who don’t live a very
great life before going to the slaughterhouse. They live in stressful conditions, produce way more milk than they naturally would in the wild and some
veals are even saddled with heavy chains for their entire lives. Overall, it seems that cows
have a pretty rough life. Number two, Male Chicks Are GroundUp Alive Companies in the egg industry don’t have a use for male chicks. After all, they can’t lay eggs. They aren’t used for reproduction, plus, they can’t be bred for meat, for example, because egg-laying chickens are different from the type used for meat. That’s why, as soon as they hatch, male chicks are sent
directly into the grinder. Another shameful little secret
from the poultry industry is that the label free
range doesn’t really mean much when applied to chickens. When we talk about free range, most people might picture
happy chickens roaming around beautiful green
pastures, living freely. That’s only really accurate
for organic chickens, but they only equate to
around 3% of all produced. In reality, so-called free-range
chickens are still raised in giant, overcrowded sheds. Free-range chickens get
access to the outdoors, but since there are no
limits on flock size, many are still so cramped together they can’t even spread their wings. They also live in filthy conditions, with manure-laden flooring
that’s only cleaned every two or four years. Number one, Chickens Have Really Changed We’ve actually been shaping
the way chickens grow and look like for quite some time. This is so companies
can make as much meat, and hence profit, as possible. Intensive breeding turned these animals into what we could call super breeds, made to grow faster and produce more meat. We selectively bred them to
accentuate preferable traits. For example, most people like white meat. So chicken breasts increased
significantly over the years. The breasts of a modern meat chicken, also called a broiler chicken, is 80 percent larger than of
chickens from 60 years ago. Wild chickens of old actually
looked more like pheasants than the massive ones we have today. Take a chicken from 1925, for example. It usually weighed around 1.2 kilos before it was slaughtered
at the age of 112 days old. Nowadays they weigh around 2.6 kilos, and are slaughtered after only 47 days. That’s because we control
all aspects of their lives. They live a strictly-regimented life, in controlled and confined environments. Chickens are usually
raised in close quarters so that they don’t waste energy. That makes them grow faster and get bigger in a shorter period of time. But those conditions
are also very stressful. That’s the reason most
farmers elect to clip or burn the beaks from their chickens. This is done to prevent the chickens from pecking each other to death. All of this can show a
side to farming that might not be pretty to look at,
but is important to know. No matter if your next lunch
will be a good chicken sandwich or a tasty salad. Did something on this
list really shock you? Are there more secrets you
would like people to know? Share your thoughts with me
in the comments down below! Thanks for watching.


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