1. I agree with Senator Bennet's more moderate stances on education and healthcare. Bernie's proposals just can't practically be carried out.

  2. Privilege has no rules, If so Shut up Me -again! Stop buttering the McCain biscuit.You sir can offered insurance. So many cannot!

  3. VERY GOOD on him for saying Bernie's name and mentioning him. Very up-standing and real to the political moment. Other candidates are just stealing from Bernie and shutting him out entirely though he's the originator of the policy bandwagon everyone is jumping on

  4. I agree with him on student loan.. I don't think forgiving would help in the long run.. making it more accessible makes more sense and doing a study on the effects of slavery till date makes more sense so you can understand how to fix the problem.. throwing free money no one in the long run

  5. When he said he wouldn't forgive student I wrote him off. Sorry, but I'm not even interested in anyone who is against wiping out student debt. Nope!

  6. (Trump) cares only about himself and not the American people.” …. how can anyone say that with a straight face? In what world are you living???

  7. Hes trash. Every credible study said trumps stupid tax cut would have been better spent on forgiving student loan debt. Drop out now

  8. Pay off my student loans and you can have my vote lol. On a serious note I don’t even need help paying for them, but I can tell you for sure if I had that extra money every month it would be circulated and taxed so many more times than it does now. And it would help support business and other incomes as well.

  9. Michael Bennet is what USA needs. He is right down the middle and a true democrat. He is progressive and consistent. America wont vote for him because he isnt crazy with a suicide bomber personality. I hope someone picks him as VP even though he should be Prez.

  10. nope. this guy ain't in. no student loan forgiveness? back in their day, they didn't have to pull out thousands and thousands of dollars each semester just to get a degree. seeing as how they didn't have the same experience as the newer generations, he was so fucking stupid to dismiss loan forgiveness.

  11. We gave the crooked banks a bailout. Why can't we give students their bailout? It's only fair. He cares about the people, as long as they are not students with college loans. And why give reparations? Current generation has nothing to do with the generations during slavery. Healthcare should not be private for profit business. It's not real healthcare unless you get rid of the insurance companies.

  12. Supporting hr40 & supporting reparations are 2 different things.. no reparations no black agenda no black vote

  13. This guy never answers the question. Always has a trap door to slip out through. I don’t like him or the fact he’s owned by Big Money donors.

  14. Nice guy but, he should stick to the Senate as Bernie's the only one with real policies that will drastically help Americans and has had those same policies, for decades.

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