1. Bhen chod sharskgu khan ko Bollywood mei itnei star cencer sei mar gai, tab jaha tha bhenchod, mulla mulla ko hi help karega, wo bhi sala sharukh khan jo pakistaani supporter hai,

  2. sorry why all actors actresses plesae take care of food and take time to relax , do yoya, pray to god, alllahtallah, and jeseu andgurunanak deve do not miss out your meals. indhallah all be good health and ahppiness

  3. Allah pak in ko sehit dy ur tandostri dy dubara in ko Bollywood entry dy mai iabal in ka bhot bar a fain hu love you i rfan Khan

  4. Irfan Khan ALLAH apko jald sehetyab kre stay blessed Irfan Khan Inshallah AP jald the hoker apne mulk jaenge Ameen Me ALLAH see khas Dua jrongi apke lie 😢😢😢

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