you you you you you hello everybody it is warship time how's it going everybody welcome to the stream thank you so much if you didn't catch earlier my wife and I partied enough together when I'm proud of my wife by the way rent gold tier she got the gold guys on her own on her own yeah I kind of looked over his shoulder and hey do that or do that or do that but nonetheless guys she all did it herself so those hands up for my wife she's awesome we'll continue to bring that lower level warship content because it kind of suits a lot of the community's needs and we do you know the N interests so what's going on guys welcome to the stream let's do a friendly friendly roll call really quick and say hi to everybody first order first off in the chat mister school crush up boom beach what's up skull big shout out to you my friend for the the work you put into your on your channel to bring worship content man and you got a busy life already so I want to thank you for your content and if you aren't subscribed to school go check them out guys he's awesome I'm sure most of you if not all of you know whose skull is so give a big shout out to skull big shout out to you my friend and may you continue to worship your way to legendary X alright we got Ronnie what's up Ronnie VH how you doing Greg Mason always a pleasure my brother we have also who do we have also here yah yah yah SMS 2020 good to see you my friend mrs. Doyle a pleasure mrs. Doyle says more east coast for for for gosh sakes op you are wearing me out again let me clarify guys with you my chests come every day at a certain time so I do apologize I want to bring you guys the most content I can and with three out of four chests I figure that's the best I can do without going 404 so mrs. Doyle I do apologize if it's inconvenient for you on the other side of the globe and as well as many others who might it be inconvenience I do apologize you guys maybe next season I'll wait to collect my chest so the timer's change for better for better time zones but unfortunately my all my friends when I do the warships I like to do it where I have three out of four chests it just makes a little bit more entertaining and a little bit more eventful and and you know it just it's just fun so I do apologize mrs. Doyle we also have mr. anonymous what's up my friend welcome to the stream we also have James B Coogan hello James B Coogan happy Aran's hello to you welcome to the stream chisel Pig audio origami what's up guys Hey speaking of my buddy audio origami guys check this out I sent him over a my 3d printed statue and he was able to print it for me guys look at that it's a gunboat it's purple and if you put light on it it kind of glows like it's a glowing statue this is the gunboat masterpiece you guys check it out also two guys and I'm super thankful thank you audio origami he made little lower level rocket launchers you guys check it out lower level rocket launchers this could also maybe potentially be a keychain or even in your car guys hanging from the mirror like what the mirror you could have this maybe hanging and dangling by your mirror it's a little baby baby rocket launcher look pretty dope huh so a big shout out to you Audio audio origami thank you so much man for printing those and yeah awesome so again a big shout to audio origami guys thank you very much we also have a mere reza pahlavi in the chat thank you buddy welcome to the stream we got blanc hello Blanc how are you bud timber wolf war BL good to see you my friend welcome we got AZ dude what's up buddy welcome Triple J YYZ what's up my amigo we also have a hairy oMG what's up man Darnell Grigsby what's up buddy lucky baja welcome thirsty cactus hello John Jantsch what's up Aaron Watson what's going on man hey Denis how you doing bud Greg Mason nice welcome well so we got I know we have somebody else here we got so many people in the chat it's amazing Andrew hello Andrew welcome to dream uh let's see Who am I missing I don't want to miss been wash Brooke good to see you buddy major azules going to sleep I have a 90 night mr. major Azul savage how's it going bud welcome and I think I'm caught up booty print hello booty prints welcome surreal hello surreal juggernaut what's up alright guys so there we go zero Don what's going on man how you doing Ian what's up Ian yo Bowen hello buddy welcome to the stream beauty and beast what's up beauty and beast a crazy diamond hello zombie Savage holy smokes guys what is up welcome let's get some worship and on guys what do you say so here we go here is my tech tree and I'm sorry if I you guys just said something I missed all the I can't answer everything it's just too fast I remember you Beauty and the Beast I do Hank what's up man I have to store I love your channel thank you shoddy Griffith SCD hello master eh dang it alright guys so here we go let's check it out so here today I have an option of getting that shock blast or a hot pot and what's super nice about these nodes you guys is if it doesn't work out you just use some diamonds and you move to the next one so I like that idea we also have a chance of putting out shock launchers you know I gotta open up some of these nodes guys to get the tech I need 1500 to get to that next er or we also there's been word talk to the town about unlocking the troop health I like it I will probably go for it but I would love to have another defense another proto defense on my map so I'm looking and eyeballing that shock blaster guys now I also want to show you my map I still have the SSS pound townn 2.0 as Escobar layout and I going to you loot utilize this until I get the shock blaster or that special node I got to get my chest rolling guys but there's my attack log right there I have a little few more wins than losses there but we did get some dubs I will show you my most recent one from this is legendary three let's go to a legendary five here so I did beat this person in 20 what was that 28 seconds let's look at my replay I'll go in two times you guys again this was kind of like the shish kebab or lay out this guy had two rockets so I split group my my rifles one two three vomit ears behind him and I barred it out one rocket launcher was going for the next one guys I know Kevin's a super medic but I'm just like you know what everything's better without a shot a rocket launcher so I'm looking at my rifles and I'm like you know what everything's groovy here I wasn't too thrilled with Kevon being on the top over there but it worked out and you can see how the Bombardier skies when you do fan them out look at the carnage they do they they attack all er's it seems like it once we get that last one out there and I do it I do a Hail Mary get over there those some artillery shells and down it's just like gone gone like that and guys I am running full max bombard ears I have fully second wind max and my riflemen are completely maxed so let's do it let's go in and see if we can win now guys when I'm going for my chests win or lose if I lose I'm still happy because I get my ers for my chest I want to win but it's not always the case and it being it at this high of legendary rank I'm gonna face tougher players guys that out tech me so if I do lose is probably for good tech reasons a me you going on welcome a me sugar cake in the chat your riflemen our level 5 says Augustine yes my friend they are maxed let's jump into battles guys and see what we can ponder or get again if I face players that are legendary 8 7 or 9 I'd have I usually get rocked by them because they're out Tech me by far and they're just better they're just better Ryan a what's up man lattice boom yes my buddy lattice now I'll tell you what lattice I don't like your laser but your shot blaster bro I see going this way we're gonna go up we are going to go 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 Kevon and I will I'm telling you right now man I don't like your shock blaster bro and that's why I want one this because you're gonna wreck my butt mine and I have splash here I don't have any shock bombs right now so I'm kind of afraid about that let's get those Bamba deers to rock and roll I really want to get that I really want to get that what you might call it out let's Bart now I'm gonna start shocking stuff guys or actually know what better yet I need to lay down the law with a second wind my buddy uh flatus boom guys actually throw a shock on the laser I thought I had shocked the laser I thought I shocked it I guess I didn't oh man I don't know let's see here come on come on let's go let's go a second wind again lattice has two myeeeeh ours down I need to get that boom cannon down come on boom cannon let's actually shocked that junk over here he has me on two two guys Oh now two one he's probably rushed at me with those bombard ears too so my buddy lattice does out Tech me I hope he beats me because I actually beat him every other game let's see what we can do here all right come on come on troops come on troops was actually shocked that junk we're gonna go for that other er guys then we're gonna do a Hail Mary to the other er I hope they go for the ER come on you guys hey go to this one and we'll art art Bart everything let's see what we can do here Oh lattice took me down guys 220 it's a minute 40 seconds I don't know did lattice start before me or after me I don't know let's see it's gonna be a close one and he beat me by 7 seconds nicely done lattice let me see did you run my Bombardier rifle meta this is the the SS pound townn does hurt oh he's running heavy Zuka Wow and rifles ok so he hit his base obviously held me down maybe I should have deployed from the bottom you guys because it did take me a while to get over there and I did waste a lot of gunboat taking that shock blaster down see what I'm saying that shock blaster is probably what ruined me the most but nonetheless and he and he got me good job Gladys GG bro you know what I probably should have done I probably should have flared that one er then the next one I shouldn't have cared about clearing any more junk that's my problem I probably should have flared had I done that I could have possibly got a lot of closer to beatin my buddy laddus here but you guys can see here and that that like this base is pretty slows down heavy Zuka now he did beat me but it still does slow down heavy Zuko my buddy Ladd is he's probably gonna go for a Hail Mary Flair maybe we'll see I should go to thymes for that and he has shocks too which is also a plus right nicely done lad as my buddy they can be finally down brother nicely done yo face tricky what's up man welcome to the stream go sleeve route 1 1 7 what's up man good good fight to the both absolutely hard to kill a base faster than op these days well you know what you got me lattice and I'm surprised with heavy Zuka but good job I can't wait hey I'm happy I'm happy I got 5 years bro you didn't knock me down let's keep going lattice trying to stream tonight me you exceeded and you took me down bro alive mr. Gunn what's up man welcome John wick crazy hi may YouTube why do you do some people the chat have a ranch tool next to they their moderators my friend yo fat cat scorcher seems slow Scorchers are no no I in my opinion SC 5:5 what's up Tom my buddy tom cams roblox what's up dude welcome to the stream good way to start the day if you ask me that's right lattice it's a good day for you and a good day for me I lost but I got my chest bro now this guy here was you this is the shish kebab or bass it should hopefully outrange I want to get those flamethrowers done and then we can bring a boat of rifles in puppy a little too late there let's actually throw a shock on this junk right here Oh two rifles Bamba dear Bamba dear Kevon I want to throw a shock here and let's do maybe second wind here I think it's a legendary seven player if I'm like if I I think he was legendary seven okay see now now my troops aren't really going over there going for these so this this base guys is really a slowdown stopper for bomba deers unless I were to actually bark them over to the other side it does look like MK 4 will finish my base and I am going to finish his as well but just in a slower slower time here so nicely done it's a nice double loss there for me let's get all our troops back over here Kevon don't die can we get them saved we can and we'll spam and just since we probably already lost let's just kind of do this I probably should shock that I flare them way too close there right not the fastest guys and that base that's the shish kebab or base and pretty darn stinking awesome yeah it was legendary seven just one under me he beat me by a nice nice nice tie not too bad nineteen seconds it wasn't like complete but I bet you he ran the Bombardier rifleman medic where are they nope heavy suka look here I am talking about this base being anti I mean slower heavy heavy Zuka but he was able to he's able to just I guess he's rocking me here not worried about the laser beam nicely done man oh this is out this is how mr. lattice came in and just his base guys is just it's it was it just caused my troops to move slower so I like the I like that shish kebab that layout that these guys are running and once I get my shock blaster I'm going I'm probably gonna go to that layout and yeah using that shock bomb guys that also is a help then he does a Hail Mary flare right on the core and mk44 goes takes me to pound townn nicely done alright guys let's not give up let's get that chest there we need that legendary chest and continue and continue until we could unlock that shock blaster yeah it is yeah it is absolutely yeah I'm gonna check yours out laddus let's see what you do how you you've won nine of ten since I made it even with heavy Zuka lattice even with heavy Zuka hello do SK j RS greens from the UK op welcome man Michael what's up Maxwell Johnson okay alright I see this shock blaster in the back laser beam maybe we'll start at the bottom this time where does these boom Canon his reach man I'm afraid my Bombardier I'll get popped but we're gonna try something I'm like where was Kevon at get that last boat or rifles out with spam another second wind here probably want to start shocking that shock plaster when I get a chance I think I'm gonna do that about now I like what my troops are kind of fanned out right now folks I think we can make this work let's do another shock now let's actually do another second wind let's do that nice nice flare that last one go for it second wind both some artillery shells there and all right guys a minute 22 seconds minute 22 seconds let's look a look at Maxwell Johnson what is he doing he's running heavy Zucco Kevon did perish the heavy Zuka right here that might hurt him but we'll see my buddy Maxwell guys was legendary 9 but went back down because the matches the queue times were SuperDuper long so but I know he has the skills to get back right up there GG Maxwell GG bud mrs. Darrin misses what Amy hey Ryan how are you where do you play now JC is a leaderboard bet the laser the laser blast brother and dude cannon I just changed it and I can't see improvement bill JC are you are you what are you doing bro your flare and your dancing your troops JC I not their prototypes are always going to be barded out but the laser beam is the most scared of the two because when you're running a heavy Zuka die thinkin pierced a zookas so she Maxwell's given us a heavy Zuka kind of dance guys the slip and slide what is it he's flaring over here what's gonna happen over here did Maxwell he's put on a show for us guys bump a buddy Maxwell Johnson Angelo Acosta what's up man welcome to the stream brother I feel a gold penalty for trolling says Triple J's I think he might be wait he's trying I get it max was like you know what I lost let me steal the show here and let's get our troops to move back and forth eventually is gonna run a GBE and then it's just gonna be like whatever can you show yes I will crazy Jaime I will my friend yo Andre uh thanks for all the great strategy tips off destroyed watching your videos helped me push to four ER and ranked 23 pretty quickly will soon get v ER and aiming for legendary Andre as' I'm super excited and pumped and I want to thank you my friend that really makes me feel so happy inside when I can help people and my buddy shish-kebab ehrgeiz again I want to say big shout to him as well he's like my bore ship mentor he really helped me achieve the mindset I guess and make the wise decisions for myself in warship season so big shot to shish kebob ER does look like my buddy maxwell will he'd get that last two yar comes on mortar shot there are some up there's a couple zoo coz that perished and that boom cannon that really hefty boom cannon up Oh max what Johnson much love bro Jurassic hey op I couldn't buy a $30 gift card would that be able to get that to me to main base level 10 from 6 well that will that can get you in endless reserves or instant training for 3 months if you wanted it man or just buy diamonds with it whatever you want alright so max well guys does leave with ones ook on his boat and again a big shout out mr. Maxwell Johnson alright guys so we're back one star ended legendary 6 let's continue guys we still have chess to grind and let's shall we grind them together might see you tomorrow bent nice paradise eeeh legendary three this is kind of like the shish kebab or lay out guys I will kind of show you how I run this and it should work hopefully let's go rifle rifle rifle bomba bomba bomba bomba la Bamba la Bamba dear la Bamba I'm being a knucklehead now let's spam this and oh that laser is dirty birdie I was actually shocked the laser in that machine gun right there just to kind of give Kevon a chance to heal up I guess I'm actually going to shock this junk over here let's do another second wind and you can see by spamming the the all over the platform here Scholl I know you're see my bomba deers work everywhere like you got them up top you got them in the center you got Kevon just sitting pretty right there as well let's spam another second win there so that boom cannon I love when Kevon does his victory dance so now we got a little troops can just get the ers guys and we're gonna hail-mary the last one so let's see let's see here can we do it can we do it we got some GBE coming in i'm not going to actually spend anymore GBE we're gonna use the last when we do this let's go let's go let's go let's go and we are going to actually flare the last one right now and we're gonna actually throw art like nothing before on this last er and a BART and 1 minute 15 seconds you guys parrot Asiya let's see if we can get this person to 44 oh I did it I think with one second I think one second I did Wow era dasya Paradis eeeh one second I got the dub we're using bomba dares to my friend I mean this was the same exact base layout yes he has guys rifles bomba deers now it could have been it was close it was close we kind of we kind of like Mirror Mirror because we have the same base layout so he's like I know this spread them out and let them do the damage I'm assuming that legendary three he does have his bomba deers maxed and he's just Kevon took a nosedive south that probably may have hurt him as well folks because all he had left was bomba tears and which is not a bad thing right but I mean he only beat him by a second so it's not like I swept him to the sea or anything but nonetheless my buddy paradise II a very well executed man you almost had me you almost had me bro and I'm super thankful that I got you first off let's get that legendary chest wow that was awesome thank you Greg Mason I got matched up with some Chinese players skull nicely done Thank You Bart man what's up dude it's good seeing you Bart man man I don't know what it is it's just good seeing your name brother welcome I love being the winner isn't it isn't it a good feeling a me like to be the winner of a second is also it really hurts when you lose by a second – alright I think I have enough keys guys to get that shock blaster now but yeah I do 68 I have 83 now I'll get one more chest which will allow me to unlock that if I want to I can get troop health as well let's continue let's get our last if we go one more battle with five that'll bring me over the top and we can collect that last chest so we'll do all that fun stuff after this and then I might actually go to the shish kebab relay out I know guys might think a touch too long but we'll do as soon as we can as quick as we can I will actually want to put the shock blaster in a spot where I told Trish earlier that I might would like to do it so and you guys are probably thinking you're already sold on it shock blaster right and yeah leaning towards it yo Blanc iff ilene SS pound talons report could be beaten easy by warriors oh really okay cool brutality okay a little hot pot and a laser on the right okay okay okay thirty percent troop health brutality has interesting alright Bombardier Bombardier Bombardier Bombardier get those flamethrowers I should put any one of these out it's gonna kill one of my Bombardier is let's get Kevon riflemen spam that ii win another rifle I'm not gonna like really think about that laser right now I just want to like do what I do here I'm sad that Kevon south why come on why my friend Kevon oh come on as actually shocked that hotpot when it rises to the utter promotes there it is shock it like it's hot oh man that was hot let's actually put another second wind down here and shock it again because I need to do that why was I waiting ooo PU knucklehead hot is neutralized it's just a matter now if we can actually do this I should shock that dude yeah boom cannon in the back and keep on pushing forward I don't like the mines everywhere but we will just hope that we can we can win I'm gonna shock this junk Kevon running over to the side I need another rifleman so fast oh mylanta give me the Johnston's thank you I need to get that one get the Johnston's hit the mines and we got to get over to that other one quick style get over there flare artillery shells and yah and 220 for you guys that was a minute 36 seconds is 224 on the clock here and we got brutality 22 by 10 seconds my friend there was an ER down here so look at that heavy Zuka we were able to secure that one now if I would have attacked lattice that way maybe I would have beat lattice guys because that was the one I played just about well he didn't have this person at a hot pot and I just I don't know what my friend said the hot pots gonna ruin the rifle Bombardier Mehta did you see that right there I handled it a little too late but with ease and we got the dubs here guys with brutality legendary six we're equal okay all right I like that Thank You brutality well done GG and boom yah let's grab that chest Yahweh and we'll go like that and folks and folks if I take this it will leave me with 30 upgrade keys so tomorrow if I get three more chests times fifth as 45 plus 30 is 75 up unlock keys will not be enough to unlock one of these but the very next chest after that I will be able to do that take the ten mines she out rights through and I don't know about that brother while he was loaded to Yauch agog definitely brother Jacob Alan I haven't been playing warships that much but I have been watching your streams I'm serious as to why riflemen are better with barometers than heavies Jacob because they there's just many more of them they don't necessarily have the health of the heavies but they can walk over mines quickly there's a bunch of them there's not so much splash though that's the thing yeah there is splash guys machine guns flamethrowers mortars but there's a lot of boom cannons there's sniper towers and you can see what the rifleman we can we can do a lot more heavies are great they take they take boom cannon fire and all that great and also but they're slower riflemen or just like ants they're just all over the place so that that's that that's why I chose that and that's why it's it's it's proven to itself to work because there is too many boom cannons that's right Maxwell there's a great answer shish kebab or what's up man I'm able bro I am I know you guys are banking that troop health but I'll tell you this if I take the shock blaster if you want to get on the chat right now with me you're more than welcome to because I'd love to have you on bro I'd love to have you on so if you if you'd like to get on shashka please just tell me like he says rifles ants up 2019 Amy says yes discord is a nightmare append to discord call me the first time I used to help him he set up when I used to join his stream calls yeah snuggles hello how are you please say hello hello snuggles welcome dr. H I'm running two heavies of two rifles for Mama deers and wrecking five ers at four ers at dr. H that's what I like to hear my friend let me get my buddy shish kebab around the voice chat you guys call him right up we'll get the professor on the phone line really cool Rick let's give him a ring-a-ding-ding yo Matt Elle I got my fifth er though nice Jamie Coogan what's up Oh James we Coogan you're in the chat how's your Zuka keychain holding up bro is is still where is it still in peace or did it break emails ago oh there he is what's up man how you doing doing all right awesome awesome nice get that shot blaster says school one thing every troop health chocolate you know I've got 20% troop health it does enable Gramps to eat – mines he has like no health after he does that but it's pretty yeah but how often though running the rifleman do the Grahams really hit a bunch of mines right I mean I don't know III mean quite quite a bit I don't know dude it's a toss-up I honestly don't know which one's been right and you know I'll tell you what man I love your base I'm gonna switch to it but that shock Blaster where I said I think would be groovy because I played a base like yours I don't know if you're watching the stream the whole time but I played a base that had your design okay and III spammed all my troops out and they all went right it kind of like drove them to the right first and so if they all go there first and come back that shock blaster I mean I don't know if they barred it out that's great but if deploying rife all those Gramps you probably acting on the GB to do that and for awhile and I don't know I just I just think two prototypes would would be a hindrance I don't know yeah I mean that's the thing you know are you gonna slow down your enemy more with the shock last year or are you going to go faster with more troop health you know that's that's the question honestly I think it's pretty close maybe it's based right but I did say like if I take that shock plaster off 30 keys left and tomorrow I'll be just shy of being able to unlock that troop health but one more test after that were able to get it so I'll be able to have it tomorrow like late in the evening if I really want yeah like I said I don't think it matters one way or the other too much and I mean as long as you got effective tech to put your upgrade tokens in in the meantime then it's you know it's great I think you'd be right like the flamethrowers and right and I prepared absolutely unknown toxins what's up bro hope you're not toxic just kidding what's up but how are you yo luizinho gob hello man how are you I played I'm assuming that gob stands for guns a boom I missed that game by the way what's up dude welcome to the stream Oscar Oscar and fonta though they'll be in hello me amigo buenos dias stated Stu hey man how's it going I don't see I remember James cooking was your Zuko ok is it still is it good it's good is it good Brendan what's up man mr. Motta hello oh by the way my buddy shish-kabob around the voice-chat guys again he's my worship mentor I called you my worship mentors that cool bro yeah sure hey he's taught me the ropes guys I mean I'm not gonna lie I attribute most of my worship success to him helping me guys because I've had a few kinky weird thoughts of how oh I should do this or I should do that or I should do that he's like no no do that ok thanks I've seen the light thank you block up I'd say you'd get troupe health today says block what's it today or tomorrow my friend I just the shock Buster's just another stupid proto they got a BART down if they want to take it out and I Hawk launch or two I know mr. Orlan has to shock launchers right he's rocking the to shocks she just cuz everyone's worship worship mentor says Varma is right how long would it take you to get to the other if you did up AC uh not tomorrow I'd be like five shy but I would I'd get my next chest like at midnight and have it if I wanted that day like I could I could do a midnight stream tomorrow guys and and and it might be better for my UK friends if I did that but I could get it tomorrow tomorrow late Hank Polinski says get the shockblast already okay fine oh it's purple look out beautiful know what's nice about these nodes you guys I can swap over but I'll tell you what a hot pot right now at least it is and the mincer reels I get the mines bro no thanks alright no sheesh I I want to first try the shock blaster with this base right now yeah it just depends who's going up against you that's what I'm telling you you got a lot of rifle Gramps coming up against you you need to switch like that that's why I made the switch but this is great against a jersey yes and I've had actually the last three players or Hz and they in two of them beat me by like set by like some seconds not what I like it was like five seconds or six seconds but they came from the right but the shock blaster I just think would be I don't know we could try it with this bass guys and see what it looks like and then if not we'll switch over the I have your other base layout save so I can I wish I could have a bass say it leaves hit let a saved right dude I'm thinking if it's right there and it looks cool they're not the cross that one way or the other maybe put it where the sniper tower is so it's like the rifles don't get to it quick and then leave it there that kind of covers that those three in the sense the mines move the mines away from it because odds are they're gonna bargain oh that's right thank you very much move the mines away because you don't want them to get great value on their bras if they do we'll leave it like that all right let's try that you guys in let's see if that veers off any heavy Zuka now this this is not gonna really hurt heavy Zuka but it's still a bugger it's still a booger alright let's let's just see if we can keep going I'll tell you what folks until we lose with this base which could be the next attack then I'll go to I'll go to your next year new base layout now it's just you said you people are not running really heavy Zuka on that base up at the top top-tier correct I mean you know there's a few people but for the most part no it's a lot of rifle gram now if you are seeing the Hz are they are they wrapping your base over hardcore with that one not necessarily it's usually close and I mean the difference is they have to have troop health if they even have a chance like if they're not running HD with your health they're dead no no troop health with HD goes a long way obviously because the soukous is good right boolean bind you don't need to keep saying notice me bro thank you uh hello how are you know who Leon welcome notice me all right it's Chris banner bro my moderators will bring the ban hammer down on you my friend you will be a notice no longer silver dragon what's up pretty good still pushing a warships I am I am you notice Qurna Gerrard hey op I'm stuck at 40 yard because I'm HQ 12 should I go for boom mines orgy be path you're at 4 er so that's the best it's gonna get for you go for the boom mines they will serve you better right now gve is not necessarily something to get right now it's just it's just not required there's no smokey action yet no smokey troops Anderson V var hello to you savage Hayden miss I got 30% troop health and the shock blaster now the 50% helped massively for hookah says Hayden miss now I could see that really ramping up heavy Zuka with fitters and troop health but I like my shot glass let's just take it let's take it for a ride guys and if I do lose we'll say if I lose to will go to shish kebab burrs noob a setup I have it on my iPad so I can just kind of do it as quick as possible hello Anderson Vivar guys are new to the channel consider subscribing guys if you want to be a party here if you also check out my buddy shish kebab or – he's also awesome he hasn't he's worship the worship encyclopedia the professor check them out guys please if you're not I got the skull crusher we got Fritz boom beach we also have snuggles here's a shish kebab er kind of he has he has a doom and a shot glass her like me and a shock launcher holy smokes okay yeah I'm I spin it I might come in from the right because those those could be all shocked together we could probably Palin those quick right well you can do a split drop well I mean you can do you know four-year Gramps and two of your Johnson's on the left with Kevon and then you can wait a second or two and then do a johnson-graham some right but but it should I let my Baba deers come out first and kill the splash first where I dropped Johnson's on front that splash well you've got the sniper tower and the boom cannon flanking that frontline Yeah right um you can just shock the splash true but you need to bard out that shock blaster but I have enough juice so and that's like I can delay drop my smite my boy here's a lay drop ya delayed you're up some of those bomba tears so to Bombardier drop drop drop drop get three get three off the drop go okay so we'll go one rifle we'll go we'll go one rifle one two three Kevon right – with him right yeah all right at the shack plastered one two oh not enough juice I waste a shock on that splash there we go let's get some artillery shells I need one more there it is fire fire and then I'm probably gonna just those minding to go let's spam a second wind here folks I need to see the Bombardier yeah yeah let's get the Bombardier is over here one one two looks like Kevon might take it to the face here if we don't get that handle come on some more like Kevon is gonna probably hurt here come on come on I need some GBE second wind yeah Kevon got popped but he was able to get some house remember you can smoke true that's right shish I forgot why she stole the shock on that shot give a little taste of his own medicine he has being a pain let's get that boom cannon he's being a booger oh man well that shock launcher hit that and we'll go to the left I'm over here folks get out of the mines holy smokes don't hit the mines no yeah this is not looking pretty here he has one more left to get to me actually shocked that that's I feel like just flaring each of them because it's not helping me just kind of just do this as long as the mortar is out probably all right yeah I'm circling come on let's help for this side over here why not start Barton over this flare here art bad timing guys bad timing it does look like Peavy I don't know if how he's doing but 150 that's horrible and I got the whip I'm I guess yeah what happened what happened Oh pb's in the chat what was he he messed up Oh heavy Zuka on the right okay all right yeah it's it's tough against heavy azúcar especially coming from the bottom here right look one of the things is that flank machine gun the machine gun by that laser is a flank machine gun so they just sits there and picks up see right and guys what lookit he borrowed out my laser beam right he asked to still deal with that shock blaster which is kind of a booger so the bar juice you know he could be Bart saving up for it but look at that machine gun see him flanking the zookas just like you said that's what it's there and so you guys see it's like a merry go scenic route here with heavy Zuka and look at that shot glass were just working on the troops way off that bat and the heavies are just getting pinned look at ba ba ba ba ba he's flat flanked and more there's the shock on that shock blaster he's like I'm tired of you quit touching my heavies bro there he goes firing off again just being the dirty nasty shock blaster that it is look at that guy's clear in his heavies the heavies are all pretty much dead and it's just now more now he it's a shock again he's flaring will he have enough juice or where that flamethrower mine Rock'em and guys just couldn't hang there the shock blaster I don't know was that was that the was that the help in need I know maybe it was but let's continue to push and see how we can handle that weird bass I went against guys I was really horribly like I mean I took him down but man it was a bass that's like your base layout man like I could see how dirty it could be ya know things are there for a reason like you think oh why is that machine gun there oh that's exactly why it's there when you go from that angle it's the right lucky says I give up what's up man am I not seeing your comments bro what's up man – guys don't be so irritated if I miss your comments I'm sorry it's just I'm focusing on the game and then when the chat goes up I just don't see it now to apologize it only took you 20 minutes to notice I was here did I are you serious – it took a bit sorry eh OBS why what's up man welcome to the stream lucky school why did you pick laser or doom cannon Oh what's up what is the best base for five er Elijah hell are you doing game brain opera what software do you live stream from my friend that's gonna come out that this Sunday okay here's another one here look look with the shock blaster that's where I wanted to put it okay so so the other way that's good to approach these bases that one got a little bit nasty just to to drop for like you want to delay drop a boat of Johnson's and a boat of Grambling basically as soon as you cut off the tail of the snake you know what I mean delay drop that last boat of Johnson's and Gramps on the sink on the same side right you know what I'm talking about on the left side yeah right right right right right right right right okay look we can try that so I mean let me look at the range here so this goes here we might be I think we can out range cannons with bomba deers ya know generally Jenner so I'm gonna drop out for bomba deers and see what they can pick off here that doom cannon should be out of range let's go Bombardier Bombardier Bombardier Bombardier just stay there guys and shoot let's blow the bow two rifles out as soon as they start picking off that flamethrower let's do it right now pull another bow two rifles out and we'll let out Kevon I will throw a fat shock on that doom cannon shock launcher and then we are going to now wait till the snakes cut off right shish like you said pretty much yeah and which of that sniper tower goes down let's spam another second wind here do you want to deal with that shot glossary one two one two and I'm gonna let the other rifle now and bombardier out I just did another stinkin second when I didn't mean to do that but we got the got the other guys out now I just need those Johnson to hit those mines right they should go up there they are I should probably get some yeah they will all right let's get rid of those two mines there there we go I like it I like it we're good we're good we're going good let's do it let's actually shocked that junk over there for a second we're looking good over here right now folks and we'll sure will spam another second wind and then focus on Bart I'm the last er yep all right let's go like that let's get that other let's get that down we're gonna flare the other one right now and we're gonna Bart the heck out of it artillery shells coming in hot and let's let's throw med kits out and I'll be Deanna you do it in a minute 24 seconds guys after good hit that's an idiot physics 236 where's yet he is at 211 heavy Zuka guys I'm telling you look we got it and that was a shift layout so I didn't cut off the snake right and then you hit that Avenue so there we go yeah and the reason why it's still effective even it like the level you're thinking well that's I get the base yeah but because we have to delay drop the last boat of cramps that slows us down because I don't have them all out there exactly 3 3 1 3 3 7 flame hello welcome to the stream my friend thank you dude thank you buddy silver dragon op how much longer will you be pushing oh you know what man I'm having a fun time we are we are winning that shock blaster I don't know if it's if it's playing a role and being so awesome let's just see how this just amount plays here yeah a Hannah Brown hello op do you have to upgrade the rifleman to use the rifle grants the grants or does it matter it would be nice to have your rifles maxed out obviously everything maxed out right agree right right 3 is where we calculated it yes ranked 3 is doable you'll get over it if you have rank 2 they'll die over 1 mine they're like 2 HP short if you're ranked 2 so make sure they're at least ranked 3 at best on higher it's not too expensive to max out your rifleman you guys but that is something that to look forward to if you're going to use the grip the bombuh deers which I really hire lekker man Oh rattler now this is kind of like that one we could shock both of that shock blaster together grapple my Johnson's bro the grapple though will hit a fight we could come on the far left and just kind of come in and kill that then send a boat of rifles and Johnston's off that way right yeah you can do the same style of attack right I think this time I'm gonna just keep shocks on that shock blaster and grappler I don't know you're worried about the grappler I mean whatever you think you're right you're right it doesn't do much with rifleman and what grappler that's what she's watching why you said that right that's why I said grapple my Johnson's burrow now I'm also thinking maybe putting a boat over here to get that last er it's spicy no it's the kind of play I like to do as well but you need to like to lay that one by about 10 seconds or whatever on the right right so we're gonna drop down three boats and two rifles so we'll go we'll go Bombardier Bombardier Bombardier and rifle just one rifle and I need to delay will do Kevon let's bard out that shot blaster one two one two and now just kind of get that machine gun thank you and just just keep going you guys go get your right right the right flank out doot doot and then bring back it your left flank yeah let's go rifle Bombardier let's polka Vons gonna perish the second wind broke go Okavango picked alright that's not cool I'm actually gonna I'm gonna shock these flamethrowers here in that boom cannon they're killing my rifles on the other side oh that grappler man not cool bro and let's shock that grappler we got some troops kind of we still have some granite bomb but I mean what you McCall it's a rifleman I'm gonna keep that grappler shocked I know it sounds crazy all I need that er at the bottom to go and we can focus on the one we got one Bombardier up top are you kidding me Oh get the last er I should just flare it but if I do that could be detrimental oh here he took me out this guy took me out already down I'm done well you don't know about the time yeah okay CC for you it's nice when they can eat some minds yeah now the other thing as a lot of people are putting Minds in pairs now now the troop health is out because to kill azúcar it takes two minds now so the fact that Gramps can eat two minds at 20 percent HP it really does help a bit more than you think oh absolutely and guys right here that's the first time I when with the grappler in it it yeah I just yeah good so I like that layout it does look pretty juicy I know I probably lost to this duty I would way too much time I beat him by 8 seconds boom how's that shot glass to grow I know why I think as I wait to the very last second on my scout or something yeah Daniel you guys 8 seconds who thought I didn't think that let's take a look what did you do bro heavy Zuka from the bottom right still in a very great time he finishing running this route you know the fact that he finished is amazing yeah exactly so big shout-out to you my friend holy smokes guys I beat him by 8 seconds was it the shot look at he's barding the laser down but he still has not a proto to deal with again the shock blaster kinda doesn't matter but it's still working man let's go 2 times for this and look at low gazook was kind of peering off to that machine like you said she's kind of flanking on the flank machine is the flanker she'll anchor and look when the heavies go to that flank machine and the shock blaster hits it and said look at the hypnotists e so look the guy's a shock Buster is working on the troops right now from that spot and he's picking off the zookas he's trying to destroy mines because they're all over the place so look look at the shock blaster it's just such a a nuisance he has to shock it he has to waste GB shocking it cuz it's such a nuisance there's some mines for the zookas with the absent troop I think then machine gun and get more than just saying yeah yeah no I'm sure yeah you're right but you guys can see here I mean shoot I thought my time I took long taken his base out but we got it we got it noob alert hey op I'm when one went away from tier 25 thanks for all your advice and help I'm using your strengths same strat but I have one question how can i deploy them the best way to get the best fastest win for er stuck I don't know what your troops are we are using rifles or heavies and bombard ears I don't know but it's staggered and shish-kabob ever taught me to stagger my troops and that's why I win yeah you stagger the same way either way with mini bub or I'm just opening up bomba tears again and I'm using rifle I'm sorry I'm using heavy in bomba tears and again just same thing stagger your heaviest angry or Johnson wait so wait no you're not now using heavies again you just you're tell him you did right well what I'm saying it's like because I've already switched to sorry I've already switched to Johnson's and Gramps on shish kebab or but now a mini Bob or I've just got Gramps like up to rank for I think so I'm starting to play them again but with heavies so I'm back to heavy dreams because I don't have the job aha okay okay Rick see in the chat looking good guys 28th for shift amazing guys we got the community oh gosh Rick isn't it late what time is it there 6 7 8 9 10 11 thank you how's it going that's three in the morning your time guys we have Rick see in the chat big shout out to my buddy community manager Rick see he's in Finland guys in Rick look at us look at us the Bamba dares our bomb tastic my friend holy smokes what are you doing up so late bro you partying it is Friday night well Saturday night for you so you probably karaoke and bro are you bringing are you busting that mic in the karaoke bar guys I want you guys to spam Rick sees Chet name right now in the chat give a big love and shout to Rick see how many people we got here watching right now 158 I don't know if it's still like that but a big shout-out to my buddy a buddy Rick and my buddy Rick I'd love to sit down and talk with you if you don't mind in the next coming days possibly we can kind of shoot out some ideas that would really really awesomely maybe help assist the parking so early in legendary tears there's Rick giving the thumbs-up yo Rick see yo yo says fat cat guy we have the community manager of boom beach here in the chat right now all right you guys realize that autographs will be given later all right guys let's see if we can wait let's see if we can pull off a win for Rick again we're on a six win streak we're using five Bamba tears three rifle and the Kevon second wind boom let's battle let's do this Flint Michigan Rick yes it would be awesome if you did a stream with Optus Troy yeah we definitely can try that again one of these days if he's but it is super early in the morning he's probably super tired Hank what's up Rick everybody give them and Rick some love right now awesome Rick see man one must be 24-hour offset for that op says mr. anonymous new boy what's up dude welcome new boy finding an opponent Zehra dawn oh man Stu shock launchers and a shock blaster and a laser beam yeah bro this is gonna be rough have fun so yeah you're gonna definitely want to bard up the shock blaster but you can take a little bit of time before you shish i'm thinking of maybe one two three heavies that's stupid that that would be stupid all right okay let's see we got heavy to get absolutely flattening okay gotcha gotcha gotcha no just just slowly staggered the Johnston's man you'll be fine get all the Gramps out and you can work on Barton it down check the range on the shot glass sure so you know when it's gonna be a noose right after the flame machine gun kind of party okay so let's go we'll go bomba bomba la bomba guys like la bomba my ritchie valens let's do that let them kind of kill these this splash up front really quick that sniper dad's gonna wreck but they're gonna wreck it first I think you did take one you lucky bones hey let's stagger that I'm going to throw a shock man that shot yet come oh yeah Kevon would be nice to come out too let's go one two one two on that shot blaster let's spam another the second win I know systems like dude chill out bro yeah gram show oh yeah another boat of grams over here let's get that let's get that boom cannon let's actually shock the shock in the back I think that's gonna be the best oh gosh get the shock launchers folks come on bomba dears I need another Kevon second wind Cavazos looking around like Timmy they don't freak out on the shock launchers is the Splash Damage just keep your Johnson's alone your damage comes from Gramps not from Johnson sir worry about yeah yeah and if there's a lot of Johnson Johnson's all over the place then they can definitely do that I'm gonna throw a shock bomb just to kind of prohibit them from that shock launcher from doing anything let's spam some more second wind here and let's see it you know what if we can get that shock launcher out quick I think this could be good I don't know I'm just telling you don't worry about the shock launcher it's not stopping your damage we're going through the Hail Mary Hail Mary shock shoot all the artillery shells in the world to it and yah yah yah yah yah yah yah Bombardier is going and blast on that er one minute 30 seconds here with to a shock blaster to shock launchers will it be enough will it be enough 2 minutes and 30 seconds and no we got zero on you guys boom the shish kebab or pound town does does does meet expectations and my buddies eridan is not gonna get my last er folks I think the shock blaster shkas really fine-tuning your SS pound town a little bit I don't know oh yeah no it's I'm getting it too I mean it's all good bro I mean I got your bill I'm getting winds to I mean I don't know it's well you know we hate let's say one is better than that true dat let me mind you this my buddies there Don if you're in the chat big you said yeah you got I got lucky I got lucky bro look big shout-out to you my friend you're an excellent hitter you're ranked 9 dude legendary 9 you didn't get there by a legendary 10 oh he was what he was just yeah I don't know if Rick was here to see that one but if Rick the Bamba dares bro don't nerve from ok brute do not nerve them they're fine they need a buff yeah make them move faster is this two point two seconds for Rick says I am no no don't nerve them dude they're great this is cool this is so fun you know what you need you need to you need to you need to buff is the HP on on defenses or just what would you advise more splash or more buildings on the floor or the base races what can you give your spiel on the base race oh I don't know I just it's just we need more defenses period whether it's ice or whether it's just more building count because just having every single match come down to time it just seems a bit like I don't know not correct considering that's the third of the wind conditions and what they're always being decided true absolutely so but a bit of look Rick says though I'm here lol I love it man overpowered is fun yeah it's cool if they could balance and shed more buildings to kind of overwhelm them but nonetheless you guys they are super fun and I love they make like a giggling sound when they shoot they're like they're like they're just kind of weird old like old old old men right grumpy old men grumpy old Bamba dears best way to get in tough is Twitter wait best way to get in touch is Twitter says Rick see there you go guys follow Rick see Rick see devil can you post your link to your Twitter on here I don't know if you can of but if you can go ahead and do it guys Rick see has his own Twitter account as well go ahead and go ahead and follow him on Twitter so you can tweet them on Grace is Andre says Scorchers need a nerf I'm afraid that unlocking them will make my worship to over oh oh really quick Rick why you're here can I ask a question are you guys intentionally making us unlock Scorchers because no one did last season or the first I don't mean to ask that in a disrespectful way I just think it's funny that we have to unlock those guys before we get our next er and that would have been my guess too because like we did some love so that that's what you guys put them right now way I know why got the scorcher crab so they figure you know let's kind of give the scorcher some love and the tech tree or whatever but it how it's just funny because I didn't unlock him at all season one or two I don't remember I don't think I did no there was no other place to put Scorchers in the tree yeah just keep him out of the tree all the way at the end all the way lol I am not in charge of the layouts but ayushman made the decisions oh you know what Rick I love ayushman bro when I was in Finland bro that guy was the coolest cat you're cool too you're awesome but when you stuck let us stick in that room with them when you had to go do something we're just on the couch he has a beer in one hand and we're just chit-chatting man it was so fun and he's just like he's just so he's so receptive and just so awesome I like ayushman we need to get him on the YouTube chat one time and see if he pops in here to be nice he's lost one point in my book for that Scorch shish kebab her loves I used to but and he said he's lost one point of love from me for that scourge the reason why Rick we love it hey we love it it's a three month season and so you make it harder to get these nodes because I mean look how expensive man like 90 keys man or look at bullet 110 and that scorcher that's gonna be useless I'm sorry to say 120 keys but I like it you're there playing hard to get in this tech tree I mean I mean I usually could have put explosive critters there and they would have been a little bit more useful than this oh dang it Rick see any other way to connect instead of Twitter says lucky guys you know what just I mean you could also leave comments on the boom beach videos I'm sure they check those out as well and he'll respond but Twitter is the best way I think even discord he does chime in on the discord boom beach discord server you guys go ahead and you could go out there and you could you could message hopefully and run on there as well but Twitter he says is the best way lucky mr. Pete Rick what's up man Pete Rick sees as if people are asking me questions to answer you got a super chat there you go shish kebab Rick's guy is saying if you want questions answer you got a super chat to hit to ring it you gotta pay you got a payroll Rick I don't know if you're still wide awake or you're still up if you want to get on the call bro I mean you know I know and I promised I wouldn't the chat ask you questions you didn't have to answer but if you want bro just let me know it's just a click away wait a skull says hey gaming Brian welcome back mr. anonymous the other day I thought Scorchers were finally useful in a regular attack used him with grands killed all grins and a flare point by exploding dying score Church Oh as dude Rick getting on the call would be like this an epic stream he's been on a call before mr. as dude cuz go check out some other ones can't right now girlfriend in bed oh okay okay hey getting them better girlfriend in bed oh I see she's sleeping probably okay never mind we don't want to wake her up we don't want to wake her up but dude Rick why are you up dude think aren't you gonna have a headache for not sleep don't ask so many questions I know I'm sorry bro all right let's just I'm just having win-streak with the shock blaster on your base bro I don't know blasted up bro blasted up bro people keep throwing Hz at you so it's working out but for the most part that's what I'm seeing yeah I know right you're right you're I haven't really seen any Bamba deers coming at me yet that's what it comes down to yeah earlier today I was going up against all Chinese they were all doing heavy Bombardier so man you know you can't beat them join them the style all right yo Charles John hello to you guys if you're new to the channel guys consider subscribing please we have Rick on the chat we have shish kabob row and the voice shout what could be better um go away guys we got legendary three here what do you have bro this is kind of like ooh this is like a total split left right type stuff huh I like that the two yards on the bottom right because it's obviously like the rights gonna be juicy let me see this boom cannons don't reach we out range cannons there's a sniper tower there but you know it's a lower level one so they should eat it so I'm gonna drop out one two I'll leave it up with bo2 rifles is not much splash there we'll go Bamba dear Bamba dear I should have waited we'll leave the last one for the hopefully the flank will do this there's sniper towers look cute they are cute so that laser beam is dirty but Kevon is out start healing I'm actually gonna shock the flamethrower and the laser blast the laser blaster let's have to let the last boat out over here Bamba deers rifles I'm gonna throw a shock hopefully getting all those boom cannons thank you let's throw it on the lip ground fun I had two grams for the left 19 mines oh they are eaten but with it we got that rifles coming in as reinforcements let's do this I was actually shocked this junk over here because they are hitting my troops look at they're all fanned out guys this is what we want right they're going at all ers let's throw a med kit on that that those troops that are getting roasted by that flamethrower I like what Kevon is right now it's just like so juicy oh my buddy here is trying to take me down here let's get this let's try to work on the others come on guys come on we need these yars down we want to impress come on come on we're ready to do the flare to the engine-room guys and let's get over there though all the bar juice we have and barrage artillery come on juice it up one minute 12 seconds dude you know I mean I guess it's gonna be good enough dude to have you Zuka bro like what it's not gonna work bro and that shock blaster just makes an extra space oh look at the shock blaster just nail in the he's getting azúcar not the heavies that was juicy uh-uh oh mylanta you guys you've got rixie staying up late to join the stream much love yes I am only at rank 11 right now it says Rick Oh Rick we got to get you up there my friend awesome time best I've ever seen look at this guy's fallen short can't get my last dr thank you my friend i know you are a legendary three but broke you're still legendary dude is it even possible dude like legendary seven maybe I mean you know you're looking at it today in your scope now I'll tell you what the last two streams you guys I had a full log of wins I'm just I need to bump off two of them and lattis you beat me bro but I'll tell you what next time I face you again I know how to attack you bro I think I could beat you you only beat me by like eight or nine seconds I think and you have the same baseline I beat up so I'm ready for you again lattice let's keep going you guys luckily lucky ball says Oh flying troop was confirmed by Rick I don't know about that well I don't know about that I don't think he said that sergeant Joe maybe oh man maybe that's yeah what work is priority says Rick see it's so awesome guys I want you guys to leave a like on this video because Rick see is communicating with us all now what better than a community manager to be a community manager with the community and he's doing just that guys he's exercising his community service to the community no you get paid managing managing community managing not service managing so thank you Rick for coming here man and just being really open with us and cool thank you very much even though he's managed that community sir way to manage that community sir fruity tech another shift base okay well thank this guy's a good attacker okay I probably kicked my butt we are gonna go Amba dear Bombardier Bombardier rifle Levon I missed the shock blaster but it's okay just want to get the flame let's let a let's let a Bombardier out over here any Jean sent I want to save the other one let's let another let another second wind come out get the boom cannons get the boom cannons i'ma let another boat of rifles out over here with the Bombardier second wind Kevon do not die yet please Oh hittin those mines not cool let's throw a shock on this junk over here yeah fruitful tech man you might be taking me to pound town here let's see his tech is fruit what it is it is fruitful right and there's just a lot of like defenses that are just all over the place here so he has a nice layout and I could see while you're talking about you know like hey I'm matter it's pretty much the longest delay I'm actually gonna flare I'm gonna flow to each entry room guys I'm not even gonna kill anything else I should probably smoke them okay we're gonna flare and I'm gonna shock this over here and then we're gonna actually flare this one here and use gunboat to get that and then get the gunboat out over here all right a minute 32 seconds fruitful tech bro I got you man you probably beat me bro because you're awesome let's see if we got anything out of this and he beat me yeah bye what's 17 seconds old using bomba dears bro and rifles probably you're smart there you go bomble bees in chat he said taking this out taking there you go brother there you go a guy this this base is susceptible and vulnerable to Bombardier there he is Barton down the shock blaster because he knows it's a pain in the rear end laser beam gonna die and yeah nicely done you got me bro nicely done 90 days is really long Society Gil yeah ste Bert Burgess what's up my Rick see I'm new to the boom beach and any advice I've asked off like five times button every time he's ignored I didn't ignore you bro guys please understand that it's not always easy I mean I have a hundred and sixty people watching me right now when the chats flying off the hook it's not always easy maybe I should put it on slow mode st offensive stratton get them statues man says we're like there you go yo thawne Tran Kong nice play op thank you but charles edison armando hello my friend how are you all right so there's numbered lost number one guys to the shishi face and that was the one i just lost to everybody else use heavy Zook assists right so like i'm saying it just a medical it's attacking exactly phase tricky how do you do against hammer man 25 for doctor i don't know what you mean their brother Matthew would take her I'm having trouble with my for ER base I'm stuck at tier 25 just keep getting those chest guys do not let your chest go 4 out of 4 please that'll you'll lose your time ste Burgess yeah my friend I'm sorry if I missed your your chat brother but yeah just continue to get your chest man in warships don't let your chest get 4 out of 4 guys cuz the time will stop so just make sure you're playing everyday dd back on the win streak I well yeah until I just got I'd just lost a fruitful tech yeah and we got shish kebob er they're getting the professor as in you guys a hundred and six advertisement absolutely a alle Honora hello man welcome I'm did the song dis Shawn what's up what's up man mr. fruitful tech taking me to pound townn nicely done and I warned you the slippery one he is he is can I have a shout-out yeah I'm DeSean I just said hello bro there you go you're on Jan's frul Tech is on the chat I know he has Pink Floyd okay all right got you all right bro I like that all this junk this boom cannon is not gonna we could like seriously let Wamba deer's rain here 1 2 3 or I'm gonna do 4 heck with it let them kill all that junk really quick let the boat of rifles out about now let another boat out Kevon kind of wait here all right come on rifles get in front the boom cannons are taken off let's do a second wind right now because we might we might get some Bamba deers back which there and we're going to come over here now let the voter rifles and the bomb is on the left let's just keep spamming second wind here I could probably throw a I think those Johnsons should hopefully get those mines will throw a medkit here buh-buh-buh second wind okay cool cool beans I'm gonna flare the last one right away I'm gonna keep the second wind down I'm gonna save some GB you guys I don't think I need anymore I'm not gonna lie yeah don't blow it don't blow it yeah they need to work on that er guys hit that er you got tons of GBE the BART CD Bart said he come into town soon guys it's actually flare the other one right now and I will throw a couple Bart's there and will literally oh I just flared them I got to bark that down now and then we'll go for this one here Viraj artillery and just like that guys a minute 25 seconds meeow meeow but but I think Pink Floyd let's see if we got him and yeah he's not he's gonna have bomba deers coming at me but I did get him on time well I'm surprised he's doing so poorly I wonder what happened and his bomb but here's look maxed alright Rick see the VP level leaderboard is a huge problem in the game yeah it's been many years Bart man man food ePrint Oh ask him poor find me on Twitter and press follow and you can tweet me directly there you guys go guys Rick see Twitter get them as a matter of fact here let me see if I can I could probably get his link and tweet it put the link in the chat here one second let me find my buddy people still VP push I thought especially after warships right I'm just focusing on warships man we got to talk about that global number one or more ships one of these days – yeah yeah absolutely let me let me go to Rick let me go to Rick there it is Halloween and my buddy Rick there you are I share you view lists share there we go share poppy copy link just poppy poppy let me go into the YouTube chat here Rick all right guys I'm gonna put Rick's Twitter link in the chat here so get ready to go anyone does somebody do it already no you just you got your windscreen up oh cool all right here it is guys let me paste that in there there we go boom remove any website address and try again yeah well let me do it it's me though bro like I won't let me put the Twitter link in there that's bizarre it might not a moderate maybe I have to do it for my end here yeah a whole dog what a booger can you paste it in this court if that's easy I can boy let me do this let me just say oh I can do this courts just yeah one second yeah then I'll copy it over yeah Thank You sheesh hold on guys I'm sorry technical difficulties here let me paste it there you go shit's in your Twitter right now it's in your discord chap and guys boom like that Pink Floyd gets owned no I'm just kidding I'm just kidding if you're in the chat painful you didn't get on I just beat you bro then let's keep going there it is that's Rick's official Twitter in check there it is you guys Jacob Humphries hello my hello that's my cuz right there welcome Kimmy boss what's up what's up mr. pappu Joe mr. bucho me amigo hello hola como estas no new blur question any idea why parrot Porto troops have been added to warships yet up why haven't they asked Rick well not now but tweet them alright get to eat them sweet um wait wait wait this one looks kind of like we could just send a bombardier over here I think we could yeah I mean that sniper tower could give them some problems but they'll do also the boat Oh rifles with them why not right okay okay Bombardier rifle we're gonna come over here and go bomba bomba bomba bomba and we'll go rifle Kevon and what else yeah let's let that last photo rifles out here and we'll just kind of just so far located right guy would you agree this so just look for juicy shots just think about what a juicy shot with a juicy shock would be that mortar doom cannon the flamethrower how's that matter juice yeah yeah always always plan your juices yet all right that one's down over there let's check to do this let's actually throw another juicy shock on that mortar doom cannon I missed the machine gun crooked IOP let's go like here another second wind out and I got a lot of Johnston's I'm not really fir that doom Canada anymore let's keep going like this getting ready for the make it rain bark juice oh yeah I'm gonna do that let's do it right now guys we are going to Flair that last yard like right about like now and we're gonna rain the BART juice down throw a second wind out and we need to get that down come on Bombardier shoot it shoot it like it's ha yah Oh one minute 15 seconds but he took me out pretty quick too unless he went before me I don't know it's gonna be a little bit more efficient if you let one or two barrage is that me soon right he beat me 7 seconds bro who wouldn't be that much efficient but he could have made me say it one second right right okay so he's doing the Bombardier think to guys but I was a little slower well that palem town dude the panum town is very vulnerable to this attack that's one of the reasons I switch cuz I just kept seeing these attacks right no absolutely yeah that ya know for sure this time Kevon went up top there and look he did the same thing you kind of just free snipe doesn't engine-room over here so that was very very smart Wow we're trying to tell you earlier you weren't seeing my chats but when you do approach the pound townn always draw up one Bota Gramps from the right Gramp – you see that cuz now right after this engine yeah this is the proper way to kill the pound town right there right Peng tastic boom Beach what's up dude snuggle is a trick how come we never see any boom Beach adverts on TV but there's always clash Royale well ok you don't know that's not trying to slam him with questions you can't really answer right now you guys but we like it when he's here and just hanging I know let's enjoy his presence just as a cool friend and I mean I know you guys it's it's it's like wow we got the community manager let's just bombard him like the Bamba dares with questions I get it I know we all want stuff and we all ask for stuff but let's let mean it is in the wee morning hours for reg let's just kind of like let's just joy's presents please clash is more popular game says rixty i don't have the rights to do that says rixie well there you go snuggles in a short kind of a you know answer all right I did say two losses I'm switching the pound town that pound town it's just a new layout we'll give it one more chance here to shine and then if not we will we'll move over to that Bart mantis rixy can you answer the global warning the warming issues of the world for us please triple j I'll say it again Rick is our guest and isn't obligated to answer all questions this triple j thanks triple j nasa we know he's drunk he wants to talk sister necessarily no I don't know about that Blanc snuggles well that sucks says snuggles yeah unfortunately hey guys listen boom Beach has a tight-knit community its warships has made it a lot more awesome I mean I'm not gonna lie I've never had a hundred plus people in my streams before so obviously something's right about it right but nonetheless you guys it's it's it's super awesome a main base edit oh yeah yeah that would be great yes absolutely having maybe a saved layout for warships oh so you could have like at least two or three layouts you'd like to switch to I don't have to build it again yeah that'd be some but those guys were all brainstorming ideas so we can talk about that to Ric later but nonetheless yeah warships is hot skull you said it guys let me give a big shots on my big my buddy youtubers here we got shish kabob ER on the voice chat right now go show some love to him he is the professor the insight was oh yeah that's him he's saying what uh that's my buddy the professor check him out guys click his cook link in his channel click a link in his channel wait click the link to his channel if he puts it up and you guys can go check him out he does the he does graphs guys he works countless hours I'd say hours on those graphs right bro come on say it you know of course ok so he guys provides you with minute then beta doesn't just input itself you know I know so go check him out I wish it did right we got also my buddy pop bucho me amigo my pop bucho guys also does stream and he's his channel as well he speaks English he speaks Spanish he'll communicate with you whatever legacy if your Englishman but he does boom beach guys what we love so go check out the pooch out my amigo we also have Fritz's boom beach adventure he's not here right now but he's the most creative boom beach content creator guy dresses up in costumes and he has his own music videos and he he just he's amazing check him out as well and my buddy's skull crusher boom beach I think he still might be here as well check him out guys he is so awesome go be a part of the skull army right now and then snuggles snuggles is here as well she's the European as of the UK that kind of that accent hello that she's also does some boom beach condoms to go check out we got to support all our boom beach youtubers guys so go check them all out give him some love Spades buddy Rick see here and enjoy the show yes indeed okay a legendary night Oh Nader owe so much to subscribe thank you so much okay this is another legend this guy kicked my butt last time too Oh what do we get let's see shock blast her doom cannon same idea just delayed you're up one to get to the yeah after you cut the tail off yeah right right right let me see this doom cannon where do you reach cannons I think we should be able to free snipe the front here without any problem OHS but I'm gonna let the Johnson a little earlier because that boom cannon was picking them off so we are gonna go one two three I'll let the cut the rifles out now cuz I take forever to get there get those flamethrowers down you put another boat of rifles there it will put Kevon one two two is it time to drop the boat it's time to drop the boat man all right let's get another second wind out here folks he's already has me on two one yeah he's probably rocking me like nothing but I started a little later we'll see what happens here see that what happens is his base has you go all over the place trying to kill stuff and that's the problemo here so let's keep going get the engine rooms guys and I'm flare into that last one like super quick I'm gonna save the GBE kill the other one guys come on Bamba deers come on you guys come on come on come on and the reason why we separate two ers and not just one is because if we just separated one you could bar it right right right right all right a minute 22 guys not the fastest I just don't know we'll see we'll definitely see it's probably gonna be close but he might have me on this and he did by five seconds it wasn't that much man I'm not gonna lie i rifle Gramps what kudos to my level my legendary 9 player here and maybe the rzj no it's its rifleman Bombardier yeah he's dropping the lot the shock blaster I love all his boats yeah they are he just blown it as soon as you see more of those you'll change the base oh of course I know I will I will I am going to it's it's not enough like I'm going to I'm going to it's it just oh no I get you yeah it's a matter when a lot of your attacks that have been Hz so it makes sense right so he just had me by 5 seconds guys it wasn't like he blew me out of the water and this is a legendary nine player so you know the boom cannons giving him problems here it was until it blew up but shocking the boom cannon up top there guys cuz he knows it's gonna cause some problem owes but they should be fine the baba deers are just awesome they just like they just wreck and you can see here we'll go two times it's going too slow Barton down that and again the pound town guys is susceptible to obviously you can see here then he just says the Hail Mary good thing he did that but only five seconds not too bad red beer it is red beer here what's up red beard welcome to the stream alright guys so again I did tell you the two losses we're gonna switch over the Newton new design I think we should do that now let me take a screen grab of this just because it's such a cool base there we go yeah I did the same thing before I switched yeah and let me load up the picture of ships base on here here it is see right here on my iPad here so I'm going to I know guys you probably like yeah are you doing this now bro cuz it's just I have to okay stop part of shipping you know it's all part of shipping guys the ship got real all right you have that there and you go to here like that that's good they're all in the same spot it looks like no no wait oh you have one in the middle here like somewhere here it's at covering that vent on this it's like lip and like right there alright first we will start out with I'll start out with the mortise I'm ordering you to be upgraded you guys I need to get those upgraded that's what I'm gonna be working on those now with all I have upgrade token what am i doing bro I should be getting stuff right it's the matter with me yeah I don't know dude I didn't even notice I just notice I'm like what in the world all right folks bear with me as we we do a live base design on the stream and when you do put the mines I do recommend putting them in pairs kind of like I do you cuz you do that yeah they against the troop elf for sure for sure I'm just trying to go from the bottom up so we'll go to this flamethrower here boom cannon sniper tower nope not you boom cannon sniper tower you can just like place itself right where needed to be cannon just above you actually know you had to be right there bro coming back down machine gun flamethrower yeah the laser beam right everything I see one more spot out a mortar step of the HQ I need in our sniper tower you have a sniper tower I don't have so I hope to kinda forget about that for a second okay I think what I have hello Abraham Osama thank you for subscribing my friend and I'm sorry guys I know it's taken a while I apologize please just real I'll be right there and you move some stuff up over here machine gun goes I mean my hands are my fingers are sways on my iPads moving okay like this it's hot today here guys it's hot today where I'm at that's actually out one you're out one gosh you're not speaking of hot did you know that there are always two points anywhere on the planet that like if you draw like one line straight through the center of the planet and out to the other side where you'll have the exact same temperature and the exact same humidity are you serious yeah it's like a mathematical thing but it always exists yeah my god surface limit theorem thing but it's kind of crazy and I see not only do you like get to enjoy boom Beach on this channel but you get to learn new things like I just did wow dude that's awesome shockblast I told you I was gonna put it somewhere in this vicinity somewhere like that like eat it enough to make them shocked that she laser with it I think it should be good covers that range alright leave like that and then minds your minds you've already placed out because you know what's up right like you're just like this is where I want them oh and just to expound on that some of the guys liked it in chat actually it works for any to surface dependent very so you it's a surface temperature and humidity is just one set of two variables that works that's so awesome and I didn't know that I like I like the weather too so I didn't know that yeah anything that's continuously varying over a surface and it's a function of the surface it's always true when it's mapped over sphere dang dude hey shush I see that you have maybe two minds you had one probably there and one above I think right it looks like you did see two minds there okay we got one two three yeah you know it's a little bit of this a little bit of that I like to have those up in here to kill some Johnson's when they get too close to the yeah exactly Bartman no it has nothing to do with plasma from the Sun sorry guys I'm trying to get this finish as soon as possible there's that mortar you got to there bro there's a sniper tower that needs to go up here so I need to get him and I need to get my sniper towers yeah Triple J he say no copy base feature needed if you want a copy you have to do it old-school we discussed this a couple days ago and swap and it might have been discussed previously but we're kind of of that mindset like you know copy base would just make it too easy to you got to put in the hard work you need to understand where defenses go and why they go where they no III got to you I know I definitely understand boom mines just you hit some of your boom mines it looks like right there's it just maybe it's maybe it's you didn't um yeah I mean the boom lines they're almost like whatever because I mean again this I'm trying to really stop rifle Gramps so Oh mines and yeah it's they're good that the ones that matter are those ones on the left side that you put out there those are the ones that might kill Gramps other than that it's just it just roll the dice gotcha yeah some over here it looks like – I forgot to put out our your your blue mine's maxed no I'm one or two ranks off it okay that's why I mean you might have some more yeah so let's put let's put one here kind of do something like that just like to put one over here maybe some more over here to deter that I don't know yeah okay oh he's going on the record saying they're not going to refund that a tech choices I believe but yeah let me oh wow okay oh there you guys go no no no no freebies or reduce on tech tree okay all right fair enough there it is guys I actually have to go into the tech tree now and I'd like to get an extra sniper tower as a matter of fact I could see now she's he this tech I could I could get another I could max my flames and my mortars 450 tech and get the 1305 and they max this guy and get 20 and 45 more so it's like I feel good right now bro I would go flamers right now for sure because it just burns Johnson's and we'd like to see Johnson's bark we can do some big fan of the flamethrower alright so I'm looking at 418,000 I could do the flame and the sniper I think or should I go mortar a 3-1 80 and 195 is – yeah yeah go mortar flamer oh yeah yeah I think so and then leave the sniper tower for another day huh yeah yeah I think right now those are more effective or it's all about killing Johnson and boom you guys there we go we get no more it looks like I thought we did one other flames am I missing it well yeah no but oh I was already at the highest tier one okay got you got you okay we're good well now they're now they're healthier and they do a lot more damage right that's night we're talking until we hold off at where that position is and we'll just kind of run with that and let's go give it for a test spin now guys and see how it does the only suggestion is that shock blaster it might cause troops to automatically naturally path to that area okay so you might want to be careful so maybe should I put it over like back here like that well just don't have anything connecting it right now the borders right so maybe put the mortar like I mean you can have the shot blaster out you want it to be as close as possible without actually like drawing too many so I'll put the mortar there and I'll put this cannon I could put the cannon where the machine gun is and the machine gun could hang over here and still tag troops if they put the machine gun back where the shock blaster was and just put the shock blaster just a little bit off to the side of that that cannon like maybe like right about here back it up just a tile and yeah yeah something like that that shouldn't have them dragged off right I think that should be pretty good okay let's just give it a test spin guys and see what we can we can get with this again rocking the five three bombardier rifle men thanks Jeremy says gosh Rick big shout-out to you man for staying up I don't know how you're doing it bro it is like I think the sun's coming up over in your neck of the woods right now if all right I think I think I think split hit save Bart juice to Bart the middle back engine the one the back right over here yep three boroughs and a bunch of artillery that little take care alright so we'll drop a boat of rifles – Gramps here bow – rifles will do another rifle here and then the other Gramps like here come on I'm even gonna spend my second wind here guys I know wait but but I'm gonna just it's all I'm pretty much gonna do here hoping we can kind of just tear through this junk so for Jessie chokes yep I think I could probably do a juicy shock on these machine guns right here which have already pretty much killed my kick my troops but let's just keep going here trying to save gve I don't want to keep releasing troops but I think we're I think we're decent I don't know maybe but let's just keep going Kevon might die but I don't think it's gonna be a problem if he does I really don't goodbye Kevon so start your barrage is get three of them not the one two three one two the rest is artillery and dude I did it in a minute one second boom son that's what I'm talking that's what we got to do folks here a minute and one second saving the bar juice he's bringing his grandpa deers back with a boat of rifles dealing with the shock blaster let's see how this shock loss ZF shocks a shock because it's gonna start picking him he's gonna flare it taking the Johnston's out that's what we want to see ya Rema Rema oh yeah I mean he's not even coming close to that time no I'll be honest with you here I really think that the mortars and machine guns are gonna end the boom cans are gonna finish those those bomba tears off unless he can destroy you guys trying to bard the last er out big shout out to you mortars machine guns coming in to hit those guys and he's not looks like he's not going to get the last yard unless you have some more hearts commands oh and he leaves it up guys leaving one up with the boom look at that dang it it's the new parent town right right it is it's awesome and nicely done Jeremy what's up moose what's up everybody Hannah brown if you listen closely the Bombardier sound like the game Angry Birds that's right a good good good good comparison then Hannah Marv echo should I swap cannons for snipers I'm at I'm at level 15 says Marv no man cannons are your your it's the way to go bro sorry to say would you guess heavies yeah as long as heavies are attacking you you want cannons to greet them exactly all right folks let's see if we can push to rank seven and then we'll end the stream that the point where it's like the higher we get the Q times are gonna be outrageously long and are you getting long a queue time just on your legendary yeah yeah it just depends I kind of just come in trick try to play a couple matches here and there throughout the day because they can take you right right so we need we what we need that's what we need we need to stop the Parkers we need to stop the Parkers and we have ideas how to do that so else I needed to stop being so good exactly so so my buddy mr. Rick I know it's early if one of these days we can get a whole with you and just kind of talk to you with some ideas that would be from if you're still here by the way Alex Aang Bumba deers are basically granted ears yes with pinpoint accuracy man and a lot more damage we got they learned how to friendly fire that's for sure yeah all right all right I don't see any other proto's on here but that dune cannon let me check this out sniper doom cannon we got the bloom back they shouldn't reach we should build a free snipe some of this with some Bamba dears where do you reach again bro I might actually let a boater rifles out on the right hand side for that sniper and doom cannon I don't we'll see exactly exactly excessively fire you need to be really draw right right well do this I will let about a rifles out now cuz those Bombardier should kill those those what you just think about juicy shucks and save Burt juice for the final yard yep so I probably will shock those flamethrowers right now I'm a little too late we'll do that and now I will spam a second win guys and now we're gonna just kind of try to save up GBE I really need that doom cannon to fall and I'm assuming they will go for those and you can afford one more second win no problem just saying them okay that's a good thing it's good to know thank you let's do one more second win guys and that's the last we're gonna use now and we're gonna start farm now I will start barding one two three there's nuts to Bart's that's two of them that's the third one if the boom cannons folks art art art art art a lot of arts a lot of arts and farts folks let's actually let's actually I want to flare them kind of I think they hate those mines there let's flare the other one now throw arts and Bart's and everything and beautiful in between another art we have and guys a minute to that minute 20 seconds here on this player 240 let's take a look where he's at he is that oh my gosh he's grenadiers sky has grenadiers sheesh first time I've seen the first time I've seen him too and guess what I'm gonna beat this dude easy-peasy yeah shock-watches gonna say hello grenadiers is how are you doing today you yeah look he's like shocked he's like dang it bro you can see them from the back too and zookas and rifles what what what the heck is this this guy's drunk as the grenadiers zart I'm just kidding no I mean we're trying to be nice we're not trying to be mean guys everybody has their own strat okay we're not trying to like dog and he but I haven't seen grenadiers yet this guy actually went troop health and grenadiers so grand sook yeah yeah you know I mean is that work it's 4:15 here gonna sleep thanks everyone for being awesome sending love your thoughts sending love your thoughts way goodnight Rick see take care man thank you so much man get some sleep please and and yeah thank you for tuning in brother yeah man take it easy have a good night yeah absolutely good night says mr. anonymous look at this you guys look at Grenadier he should should have had Bombardier with those guys I'd have been really cool to see how that worked out but man rec tanks it took so darn Joji that's a whole minute in the second I beat him by and sure okay i i'm i'm gonna keep my cool here i he's a legendary 7-2 wasn't he was he not he was a legendary 7 interesting very interesting ok keep it going man all right what do we got here we just need one two three four more dubs you guys and we can dub our weight at legendary seven laddus want some gold where is lies let's team up again bro I think I have the way to get your base down he's just still holding true to those heavy Zuka man Blanca's right so you've probably just testing out the grins cuz that was a weird hit just save up the juice again righteous for the lassi alright that's the general approach as long as you can as long as there's not something you have to borrow out then ya save all your BART juice for the final we are for the fastest you just think about those juicy shacks indeed like maybe right about here and I can afford a few second wins Craig like you said yeah two of them no problem let's do it right now there's some mines I need to clear and get those yeah there we go I'm gonna start the BART train now one two I'll do one more second win now we'll wait for that bar choose to add up again come on there we go there's the third and now we're just saving for arts there's another art here another art another arts another art it's just art gallery harvest yeah art yeah and then we're gonna actually flare this one here throw some arts on it blombo deers come out and play like skull crusher which they woven shot these boom cannon so they don't mess around and guys we did it in a minute 3 seconds 1 minute 3 seconds opponent retreated that's how you do it what was he doing that it would you've retreated I don't know you want to see it I want to see guys look at that boom goes the dynamite as skull would say I want to replay my friend here and what did he have to offer me bomb but odds are three right years yeah same Bombardier kind of huge he's running that shocking that he gave me a start happen bro laser beam the mines are killing the rifles like you said and look at the look look at this laser the shock blaster picking that off those bombard ears kind of thing oh yes it's excellent I like that placement we're getting a shock look at the placement oh look it's pegging them from there see that yeah it's a flank it's a flank shock blasters oh dude shush that's that's the where it needs to go bro yeah there you go that's the SS downtown 3.0 Leicester yeah now with shock blaster she just needs to be next unlocked bro you have to get that next unlock of course it's my next why does I just want to repeal first you know I'm my my Bombardier scanner and over more mines so huh well I'm getting my troop health gosh but I might want to get that shocked laundry that'd be another booger bro wouldn't it you see that's the thing I think it's oh you can only choose one or the other because you'll have enough to unlock keys and tokens and all that go tech to unlock the engine rooms I think you can only take a pickle well we'll do the math later but I think that's the case all right all right assuming you want a rush 6er but all the cool kids are russian 6co his legendary six okay well I think we could we could save one on the right and let's see where do you reach I think we could actually free snipe this splash up front that snipers only at level he's gonna be picking on him but if I flare him right they might target him first kill him off laser okay here we go we'll save one for the right side too all right here we go so we're gonna go Bombardier Bombardier Bombardier Bombardier and I'm gonna set a boat of rifles out now cuz they're a little delayed we will send out Kevon another boat of rifles we'll put our boat of rifles and Bombardier is on the right value shock shift right always look for those juicy yeah we always allow one shock you guys I'm looking for the flamethrowers let's do a second wind right now and I will throw a shock over here and we're gonna start barding down one two not three yet there's the third one I'm gonna be able to get a value with this boom cannon let's go here here you can still do a second wind if you need it I think okay second right and we'll go Bart Bart or art art we'll go one more art and we're gonna into that last er folks and we're gonna throw all the artillery shells will throw the shocks on the machine guns as in the more is a pass-by and guys a minute one second shish do you think you think you're getting this meta now you think you're getting this whole rifle Gramps it's nuts what is this heavy Zuka well he wasn't in heavy Zuka they couldn't hang bro your base is like with SS pound townn 2.2.1 that shock blasters key right there bro I think it's great whadda what a base I want to see what he did was he wasn't heavy was he running heavy Zook I want to see how he ran heavy Zook on this base yep heavy Zucca Kevon let's see how it plays out of your shish he's burned down the boom cannons here interesting no why the heck he'd do that I guess good fine I guess so but look at that look at the flank of that shot blaster dude it's just a couple of a couple of him fan off it's that's the best they've come on hangs up up there he got a cup you can attack Kevon almost did oh it's flank shock blasters so yeah look he had no choice but to get up there because he knew the shock plaster was gonna be a booger and oh that was that is so dirty I mean look guys you lose your mind he lost his mind you don't know what to do and look he laughs he's gonna leave three yards off I think yeah he's 4 for bum oh this is so fun to watch and play at the same time uh Dylan says lol shish says op and accident what yo hag are he never did active wind says Hagar I don't know man oh yeah I did I thought I saw some pink stuff on there that's what pink heavies and zookas and stuff she I think we only need two more spots bro two more wins you got it man keep it go and hopefully you get the the opponents yeah Hannah Brown what level are your riflemen they are maxed Hannah noob opponent please sign me up to get into that Cuse as Triple J B Logan man up you're moving up quickly thank you man I appreciate it you guys but I don't want to move up too quickly guys cuz the queues get long and my buddy Maxwell ranked down because he was accused were ridiculous up top and I don't want to park if I get to legendary I want to keep playing I couldn't imagine playing warships for like 60 days or something yeah that's the thing I'm gonna keep playing when I get there but I'm not and I'm not in a hurry to get there either for the same reasons yeah I should actually be stopping now so I can just farm my chests this is just like another rinse repeat right almost uh yeah maybe we could delay drew up on the left and save Bart juice for that back top back the top left er you could even do a drop of one Gramps one Johnson on the on the right ramp to get that other yeah you could come at all angles you could do it Slade drop on the left yeah you could do another flip drop on okay we got you we can do that bro you see what I'm saying all the angle let's go three way here no I mean in worship so that it's kind of cool yeah of course bro you know when guys come on let's let's keep our e way attack come on here we go let's see if I can pull this off here let me see this sniper tower you are gonna be a booger so rifles will need to come out ASAP and we just need them to flank that other AR and we should be good let me check here make sure nothing's gonna hit like grants that more is gonna be dirty we will do the value shock so let's first order off a we'll do this Bombardier will go Bombardier Bombardier Bombardier will do this will do Kevon I will do a shock on the mortar and machine gun here and we'll see what they can do they got that the flavors on the right are gonna rock but we should be able to get that er with the bomba deer's true oh come on took it what do you do why'd he die so quick oh come come on well we saw a lot of GB you can use more shock so you can be lucky yeah you still got your delayed gear up on the left there yeah oh mylanta you guys what happened it come on oh maybe people on the right were here hit up and he was running to him shish it's possible I start it you guys that was not cool man I still feel we're gonna make it you'll be okay just don't don't go crazy with shocks hold onto your GE this guy's working down here I feel like I should dump my gve over here one two that should be good to go I thought artillery uh whatever it's fine and then we're gonna actually flare when he pops that one and go here GBE up the ying-yang here Bart down and it wasn't the fastest you guys but man I lost Kevon early on and it was stinky a minute thirty two seconds I don't like that one especially to my minute one second the other time too considering that was no Kevon that was pretty impressive right so – one minute forty – guys we beat this dude and he's gonna not make it I don't think he has the Baba dere's never know it's a dirty design bro yes yes with the shock plaster just makes it dirtier bro I just I think you hit it in just the right spot to where the shot blaster location yeah and yeah you told me to push it back more and boom do you know everything bro that's great I love it but the shock blaster guys is the guarantee one sorry hot pot take a seat bro take a seat and look at that guys by a minute in two seconds uno mas and we are legendary 7s the last two strings were I moved up a rank each stream what is this it's beautiful I mean just you know we'll keep up the trend here you know don't don't set the bar too high though everyone's gonna be expecting this I don't know if we can I know I know I'm we're showing them all our secrets huh I'm skidding lattice is loving it what's up lattice Robert though you know it's funny I hate playing with ships because I'm not good but I also enjoy watching you play Thank You Robert oh I hope I encourage people to play I mean I think this is a lot of space I think we I just barked out we got a BART to shock posture downright shish these okay sorry you got me uh I think I'm gonna thank you is faster I thought yeah yeah you're gonna have to burn it down but the good news is it's touching an engine room so use that yes I'm gonna throw a shock really quick on this junk here this flame junk we're gonna go like this and I'm going to proceed to go one two on that one – what's the second wind that is still not down one where's my other boater rifles there Opie idiot drop them I need some more second wind coming please come on troops give me some second wind-up Kevon took it to the face okay remember you can always smoke them all let's tell you that two legs you know dude I know I know I know I know you do you can do you can do second one under smoke as well so it's nice yeah for two GBE he can take some merit right right alright come on troops come on get these boom cannons and doom cannons and all kinds of kids I'm gonna throw another shock here on the boom cannons the mortars are gonna be dirty but the rut they should get them I don't like all these mines here though that's scaring me right now see the double mine meta yep was actually art art that down before they kill everything yeah hit that boom cannon and then gosh I want to Fleur to the last one but shoot they're gonna run over all these mines come over here Oh over here and then over here bar come on guys come on oh that cannons gonna start picking my Bombardier is off that is not cool come on guys shoot shoot shoot oh I think I lost I did I lost oh I lost I miss I flirted from that cannon I shall take in the cannon out first and he ran heavy Zuka this way on the right about 140 or so available all right Wow Kevon dying so quick you guys hurt me the most I think and he's running heavy he's not doing right when people do run heavy Zuka this is the best angle to come from just FYI for those heavy Zuka people out there that come across the style of base it's the best because it's the shortest line between all the engine rooms right oh that what it's doing gonna take a while that movie is beautiful on those zookas though yeah was hey i'm he's almost dead I mean I'm not gonna lie like oh there's no second win again okay I'm like wait no I can do well it's you know it does okay against heavy Zuka it's not anti heavy Zuka it still slows him down and I should be able to help pace them you know I think I think if I woulda got that last year I would've beat him by time I really think I would have but dang it you guys if I was just epic fail that's the first time I think today or maybe I remember that smoke Kevon trick but do you see come on about to die smoke them and then I can set you're right you're right smoke them like you see it happening cuz you're saying it oh come on my die smoke oh right oh you guys that was legendary seven status now I moved back down so we got to win two now uh man I've lost my winning streak folks hi mohamad bragging rights doesn't matter I know I did trust me I don't I don't want to keep going high because it's a cute times working it long need a bulletproof vest mode for Kevon says mrs. Doyle yeah Mohammed hello did I miss something no my friend I always felt the heavy Zuka combo was always a strongest in this game it is it was since bomba deers came out bro I'm not gonna lie bomba deers rule the roost here it's just would you agree well yeah I mean you gotta look at it as the fact that bomba gears are basically a prototype so I mean that's like comparing heavies ooh kind of laser Tron's almost you know it's like it starts to get into a different County right Akemi boss lol up I wanted you to say Kevon you knucklehead Kevon what what I mean Kevon wait I understand what he meant I say something wrong I said Kevon Keamy that good now but don't let me Ron HC is a force to be reckoned with and I would not rule them out I'm also seeing a lot of really high level RZ attacks right now yes we think we might see our rzm or an RC cm meta later in the right like major Azul got me by one second today with his HC attack he's rockin twenty percent true fell through 30 percent repelled I think it was really yeah no its Simone's asking and none of your opponents have rock it's not really because it's not the most effective tech and you don't see it up here because to do that you got to make a lot of sacrifices and it's hard to it's hard to climb this high up and rank when you make those sacrifices with ineffective tech right alright they're working on that one over there I'd like to save gve from here on out to get that other one one to do you can instill if that is not cool I'm in a second one I know it's probably bad welljust well just actually flair the last one you guys once it goes down this one here and we're gonna flare it now and throw in artillery show we'll do a shock on the mortar give them a little too late and an artillery shell a minute 15 yeah give or take 2:45 what's my opponent looking at right now 246 and still has two left to go we got this and he's using Baba dares to but he came in from the top right interesting he's moving up oh he took the shock blaster oh look at so all he has left is Bamba dears and thus he has a second win to produce but they will out range most of that until they get to the boom Ken and there's the mortar coming in hot I'll tell you what I can't wait til I get my shot blaster after after seeing how that installation works so nicely and you called em you said hey that's that's the area to put it in that area man is yeah flanker like it if they if they come down here and kill all this it just flanks them from the back you know you can't ignore it it's it's super dirty against Hz because Hz has two problems because that they got the laser you got to get rid of that right you can try this or Hz and then you got the bank shot that's key and guys we think this friend it goes well and they paint a success I'm using RZ primarily James V do you think Bamba deers are going to get nerfed I sure hope not James I like them the way they are and they don't feel that overpowered no no no then you can lose them easy their health maybe they could nerve from by or by losing more health or I don't know make him a little bit more hurtful on on their health but he came in on the on the right side Oh all his boats okay all his boat so he came from the right side I don't know if that was a smartest thing maybe it was I don't know but obviously I want to do that shock Worcester came into play dude let's see what let's go to engage let's look at the range of it right now oh yeah let's see so that Bombardier is gonna come right into that you might come and go for that cannon next look at here's pop and Bamba deers in the back you see that last shock let's play it's a flank and litter which he's shocking it cuz he knows look here it comes back on I'll be shocking it again cuz he knows it's a booger and so loggers GBE yeah and look at the mines his other bomb tears were running over you guys and look he shocked it again now T like that's where he aired again the shock plaster is key on this this layout I'll actually low it absolutely is no a that is where it belongs that is that is the icing on the cake Noda dude getting approval or getting that from shish kebab or guys is like getting like an approval from the business Better Business Bureau you know like it's an A rating so thank you that's really good shockblast ur guys is definitely way o P over the hot pot I don't know a hot pot I mean I think so the it like you said it's the range it's all about the range that's where I find the value – right hey Angelo says can you guys talk about all the low level players buying into the tier 4 barrage not a wise move corn little I copied mini bobbers base yesterday and help me reach legendary one just with no I T thank you sir says fog Homer hey you're welcome I'm glad he was on the global leaderboards he could find guys if you don't know it shish kebab or a little mini count 48 he has only one level one sniper on his main base and everything else is economy building stuff he's not legendary legendary to you right legendary – right yeah I think but you know what's nice is you're gonna get a legendary trophy for that if you don't if I can stay there the problem is I'm locked at 5 er well then that's for the gamble Cup should I just part yeah if it gets too rough and you find yourself losing every battle Park it what's it you got yeah I think I will before I drop at a legendary alright Blanc yeah I take it back SP is over hotpot says Blanc yeah there we go I knew I'd win your heart over come on block you see it in action it's it's like it's like a menace to the Hz Society and the trick is always those flanking positions guys whether it's rocket launchers or even machine guns like I'm the SS pound townn or or or the the shock blaster here you want to pick them up from the side because that way you avoid the frontline and you get to the juicy stuff exactly exactly guys like the stream guys please leave a thumbs up on the way out I mean it we had Rick see the community manager in here guys during his bedtime hours tuning in answering questions just being the cool guy that he is I believe a thumbs up please let us know what you think and guys we are potentially in the next battle reaching legendary 7 get them get the shock launcher now op says Kimmie I was thinking about it but that's just another piece of work I yeah it's it could be dirty and if I could upgrade but my problem with shot blaster shock launcher is I don't see it slowing down rifle grams it slows down the rifles but it's grams that does all the work you guys yeah so I just don't find the value there I might be wrong but that's still my initial observation and it's what I continue to observe when I ain't yet absolutely I get it you're right it shocks them and then they just carry on because these are low levels because sometimes it keeps them away from more splash defenses sometimes I get when it shocks my Johnston's to it feels good it feels good a little shock therapy Mike Darby what's up dude welcome to the stream what's a good 3 our base layout I can't find one 7 Barker skull crusher has some good 3 our base layout video my friend go check out skull crusher stream it was for was but he had a 3e r1 as well with the farting method I'm not farting OH a legendary ex JISC is it taking the pound town of course is possible guys hotpot why did you choose that my amigo now guys I'm not gonna try to brag here I'm gonna play this cool but I think I think we can do this yeah don't even worry about that hotpot because of where it is you just attack them from them from that left ramp you're good save your Bert juice for that backe oh yeah hold on baby girl I'm fighting a legendary 10 right now and you're trying to get legendary 7 out of this – yeah I'm not throwing a shock right there I'm a lot of shock and I'm gonna start now saving up I need those Johnson to get run over the mines I'm an illusionist which is the last year I'm gonna get the one on the right here man I just have a feeling that's what I'm thinking – yeah let's let the last bowl of Johnson's what was like doing I didn't let them all out what am I thinking bomba dares get out all right kill all this junk are our art art Kevon is probably gonna die but I don't really need them anymore I don't mean to be mean come on I'll just work on that other right er with the boom cannon try to get value or if they share the right or that one's there okay gosh there's so many mines here it's just like scares me boss I can wind again why not get them up come on get that last yard where that we're gonna kill that morning we're gonna go for the last er folks and we are gonna see what we can do here at Bart and the other ones already going for look at that didn't need to do it well Bart throw some art down and you guys a minute do it minute 23 seconds this is legendary 10,000 hot bro how's that hot hot bro 249 I think we got this Turkey that hot pot did nothing bro nothing bro my legendary 10 player get rid of it shock blaster he still has one down here he's probably saving that bar juice but we didn't look at the denon he's we got a legendary 10 player in downtown so now he needs to play again to get back to legendary 10 we look I just demoted him from legendary 10 he promoted me legendary 7th I'm just making jokes eyes but big shout out my friend you got to get a sonic blaster brothers that hot pot where did that come into play at bro maybe roasting a few pink Johnson's big deal alright and it looks like I mean look at him he's having trouble yet he's relying on his artillery and barrage that mortars gonna maybe a little too late there but it's he's gonna rely on Bart juice and I don't know if he'll have it those boom cannons and snipers are gonna work on those zookas and does he have enough juice to finish my base off no he does not the SS pound townn plus the shock blaster sheesh part two holds up and look guys he's now a legendary 9 and you're now a 7 right right I am so he demoted I'm promoted that's the way to do I want to see what he ran well he was heavy Zuka obviously but yeah heavy zucca oh he's split attack oh and he has rifle and Zuka on the left interesting right are zhc split attack Wow no that's what he was doing an RZ help watch this guys as they fan around that shock blasters gonna say hello everybody welcome I'm over here flanking you on the light there we go kill that Zuko look look at the shot glass without even paying attention to it and it's just killing his troops flank flank Flay one who's got it almost got Kevon – you see that he's smelly smokes I'm look at ya look how it makes him do a detour you guys because they get so dirty so so look that they can't continue their push to get this order because they have to go for the shot blaster just you gotta get a shot but with this base design and in that location the shot blaster is definitely better than the stupid true bill that I took Oh are we getting okay no I'm just kidding I'm gonna get my troop out tomorrow bro it's just that I felt the shock blaster look at this I'm jumped a rank folks we got it ranked seven just three losses in that log but dude shock blaster bro you are beautiful just right there my friend just stay right there for me okay keep looking left and right like you do because yeah you're just obvious guys they can come in from the right they'll get flanked they can come in from the left they get flanked is the barracks but it is and do you see how players usually smoke and try to knock that out first and then proceed with their attack that's just more time wasted right and again if an HD player comes they are so screwed because they got the laser they have to bar it out and then you still got that shock blast you're just wreaking and and what's nice guys that they can't shock them both cuz they're just two dogs no can't do it yeah they're those guys I did I don't want to keep going because I I don't want to keep ranking up I want to be able to battle and get my chests and stuff like that but rank seven my wife brought me dinner look I got Taco Bell she bought me a dr. pepper here and she got me a nice bean and cheese burrito and I don't want to eat it cold if you don't I mean but I guys I guys I want to say thanks Hank thank you so much Keamy boss co-op thank you guys everybody thank you so much nice work and grach be Logan you guys get getting over there yeah that's right be Logan what a way to end the stream fighting legendary ex-players just I mean dude I know it's perfect and leave this three streams in a row you've gone up a rank in legendary I mean who makes content like that anyone anyone you guys name another youtuber and it does there's no one only you oh so guys we we jumped a rank today we jumped a rank yesterday we jumped a rank the day before yesterday I went from 4 to 5 5 to 6 6 to 7 and in the introduction we were able to redefine the base to the shish kebab or 2.1 chalk blaster poundtown the shock blaster poundtown SS express whatever how do you want to name it it's the shish kebab for 2.0 2.1 and we got it guys we got it fine – now – shock blasters is the key is the Iceman it's the cherry on top of the SS pound town folks Thank You Muhammed I appreciate it Fredrik hello my friend mr. anonymous thanks for the stream bye everyone it's been really late here Thank You mr. anonymous that's what I call pace as Blanc thank you so much fat cat gamblin Missouri time is 64 hello to you dear heart nice stream thank you buddy Isaiah's has Rico hello I welcome great job Thank You Fredrik alright folks well thank you so much just come over I want to say thank you for always being my side like my sidekick might might might might my buddy like you know like on game shows but not game shows but talk shows when they have like they're like another person there to kind of chitchat with right I kind of like that here I'm here Ed McMahon you're like a Johnny Carson my Ed McMahon yeah he's my Ed McMahon he's yet I'm your wait would you say that Johnny Carson the way back in the day you are correct sir yeah I think I wasn't old enough to appreciate that much but ya know definitely you guys so again thank you for coming out here guys today I appreciate it again sheesh you know everyone gonna have the shock Blaster layout now right he says Kimmy I guarantee you bro you already to get rocked Kimmy get ready here it come you've seen it here first so Sookie me that if get serious about the shock blaster now look out bro cuz look what it does man what does Kimmy runnin on you that he beat you always comin bro I got that shot last year lined up at 6 a.m. in the morning so I already know when it's coming so what all right guys so here we go lattices I'm just here for the gold all right so now guys this is the time for you guys to make some gold I will put two minutes on the clock the more likes I will times it by seven the rank I'm at right now so get those likes guys up there and guys don't just like it for the gold like it because it's we had Rick see on the stream tonight we got to another rank up we got to play some really cool people it was just a great time hey what are you having a global leader board bro I didn't check pearl let me check I didn't even check no one let me yeah let me let me go here oh it doesn't refresh okay so I gotta go all the way up sorry I have to scroll up guy sorry don't mean to be so uh no I keep going girls girls girls haha alright let's go five six Oh 51 51 with a nice win percentage though huh 61 percent look at me I'm I'm telling you bro Leslie this 258 wins 164 on the losses 8 draws and 430 battle spot 1315 on the tech there we go and I'm super happy oh let me look in the USA man where I'm actually from us where am I at here in the US oh oh I know we can't say it too long man oh yeah I make it copyright fight it's so silly it's coming out of my voice even though it's the same tune it's my vocal chords bro you can't copyright my vocal chords okay whatever I'll stop I'm in 10th place in the local in the US guys so yah yah yah yah yah I'm almost part of that no scroll club and I actually have to be like six to get there but number 10 guys in the US of A so big shout out right that's awesome I'm super excited and guys there it is and all its glory thank you and also to guys I'll let me put the two minutes on the clock really quick okay so guys again if you guys appreciate the streaming liked it please like it because I'm gonna start I'm gonna pay out gold to the amount of likes that are on the stream right now I'll ask my buddy shish to refresh and give me a grand total once the timer expires but I will times each like by seven okay by seven that's the rank I'm at right shits pretty cool no we'll do that I found this stream because of cosmic duo thanks to them for leading me to this says thank you cosmic do a big shout to Christian and Jimmy you guys III Christian a big shout out to my buddy Christian he did give me a shout out on one of his videos and fat cat that's how you found me but because of that tell them thank you okay go go into one of their videos fat cat and say thank you for leading me to op destroy stream I'm just steps you don't need to do that yeah but but a big shout out to them and just let them know let them know thank you because you know what guys as the boom community we should all embrace each other it doesn't matter if you have 400 subscribers 100 subscribers 77,000 like cosmic has or whatever we all play the game we all got to be a tight-knit community guys in this game because I'm telling you and I'm not gonna say this just because you guys are here but the boom community by far to me is the like is the friendliest it's the most enjoyable group of people to be around I'm not I'm not kidding but the least toxic the least toxic thank you very much glad to see some names I can read in the top 10 nice job Thank You didi all right guys we have 12 cancer I don't know about that hate a community I imagine it's pretty sublime or I don't know pretty pretty mundane over there too I mean any nice people yeah right exactly big shout to hey des I've got Phoebe gizmo spike big shout to them they do hate it I play hey day two guys so you know I like hating to 10 seconds to go and we'll get a final count on the likes we are number one says Kimmy boss you said it my friend foghorn leghorn agree boom each committee is great indeed it is foghorn super gamer what's up man mr. anonymous says how did they get so many subscribers is what I wonder about says mr. anonymous they've been around dude since Nick at night they're the only guys who still do boom now nigga I mean this this game was super super popular back in the day so some of those are just leftovers leftover subscribers yeah no absolutely Nick at night kind of kind of not doing warship cond anymore he kind of did some at the beginning but now I haven't seen many other videos for warships coming out from him but nonetheless I love Nick at Nite cosmic duels been there since I was watching Nick at Nite so big shot – cosmic duo and shish kebab er can you do a refresh and give me a on all the likes please uh yeah one second I'm sorry thank you I've got 85 80 85 is it 85 yeah all right 85 it is let's see a cause has been around it long yes they have Kimmy you're right Flutie print you should have played call of duty back in the day the most non-toxic community laughing might yeah right oh man oh shoot him up game so 85 ships you said that's what I see yeah a moment a cap that's race okay 85 that's 595 gold you guys oh why not just do that shoot what happened there we go you guys 595 gold to all you friendly awesome people out there there you go thank you so much again guys on your way out if you haven't do please leave a like guys it's really cool it helps the algorithms promote this game to even further the audience and community of boom beach and make it even greater let's make the boom beach community great again just kidding no it is already great but but like we can't even reach more crowds guys I'm not lying it's true thank you David Lee Josh Ladd thank you buddy up Gold inflation that's right it was 595 it wasn't that right yeah yeah and if you haven't checked that much if you haven't checked out my channel be sure to do it it's right there and then a chat yes indeed guys do not do not go to sleep tonight without subscribing to shish kebab rechannel okay and also we got Fritz's boom Beach adventure we also have skull crusher boom Beach pop poocho there's others there's some Russian you to storm oh there's got banana I believe you does some videos as well tomba I know he does more mega crab stuff but it's too but pushing and worships yes right now you know I haven't seen them very active in the chat of swap so I'm not sure Pettis is oh I'm not sure what his status is okay all right cool black gold 66 what's up dude welcome you know as do check-in this gold there we go we got to Steven die beer what's up man gamblin 100 and you won congratulations super gamer what do we do with the gold fat-cat can you put the vault up yes we can we can do that definitely I can go put the vault up really quick alright there it is you guys again I am going to potentially where is it where to go my buddy audio origami guys printed these little mini rocket launchers you know like when you first unlock them they're like this small right these are cool because they can sit on a table right like it's not send my palm of my hand right now but this could also be like you know like in your car like in the rear view mirror like in the front this could be hang in there as like a little you know token also guys I do have the zookas coming in I was told by my supplier they're on their way again so they are coming and I will show you what those are those could also be Zuka keychains guys could also be dangling from car you know that that's the rearview mirror right thank ya the rearview mirror yeah put a button right next to your fuzzy dice yeah right next to your fuzzy dice guys because they have the arm like this so there's a holder so you can just tie a string around that put it around there with the fuzzy dice you could have a Zuka and it's it's really cool guys in it they won't break their and you know unless somebody's mad and you could have a Sukkah between your fuzzy dice come on there you go look at that so mark my words the moment blocking is fixed a V will wreck them VP Lords o VP leaderboards Kimi yeah I agree tames oh man the end of the stream yeah man we got to go greg mason AKA shell-shocked what's up checking your gold alright folks thank you so much it was a pleasure again this is how you swap your gold if you guys want to cash something in you have to reach me on telegram and discord not both you can pick winners yeah you can pick one boat one or the other telegrams probably the more active of the – but discord is also a great place to find me and message me so if you want to buy something and you have the goal to do it let me know and I will get that to you ASAP once I can confirm your gold amount okay and if I have to recommend one I would recommend telegram because there's a lot of other really good boom Beach groups that you can find on telegram as well yes indeed yeah guys so definitely telegram is probably the most recommended Kimmy boss we need all hits now op says Kimmy alright Kimmy I'll tell you what bro I'll tell you what I will I will run and all hits live tomorrow how's that okay I was trying to think of another way to do all hits lives where you have to buy in with your gold but then I would just take too long to deduct and everything from people yeah I don't know but just to kind of we can talk after this dream yeah well you gotta use I can eat I can eat bro talking to you so I just want to on the stream just kind of weird no I know but yeah we can have we talked we I'm thinking creditor can and so just let you know Oh a critter krandall hits live I like that mr. freely Thank You op you're the best Thank You mr. freely Co I appreciate it brother I really do appreciate you guys Gregory kiselev hey op what's up bud how are you mr. anonymous agree with Kimmy right mr. freely thank you for the $10 donation and you got a 1500 gold bonus with that man thank you so much bro I really appreciate you guys that's support like that that I really do I really do appreciate that thank you so much let's see here there it is anonymous it has anonymous because you have that the a SS word in your donate $10 for super chat so thank you very much ever my happy minions appreciate it you're the best Thank You bud belong says freely dropping another bomb yes indeed so play a battle says super gamer I already did my friend I played a lot rewind a hey I going into harbor at legendary 7 I'd call that yeah right right absolutely going to Harvard um anyways folks thank you so much we'll end on the warship stream because the gold vault is cool but let's it's cooler to have the warship stream right so there it is guys once again there's my log again three losses the rest dubs again guys beating a legendary 10 he was legendary 10 he's legendary 9 now might be legendary 10 now because he won't be one again but we took it down a legendary 10 player tonight so that was cool he left one up and that's that shock plaster was the reason he probably oh it's such a beautiful addition absolutely I'm jealous yeah did you see your food says sunshine yes maybe it's right here sitting right next to me looking all pretty thanks up for the entertainment and you're welcome be Logan Kimmy boss up go eat good job Thank You Kimmy I really appreciate it bro tomorrow plan on it all hits live guys if you guys were wondering what that is all my new friends subscribe be ready hit the bell guys we have on all hits live I'm gonna probably do two all hits lives tomorrow simultaneously will do a low level mid level then a high level so we can get the two to the best the best world here at the boom beach community so we'll run and low hit a lower level all hits lives and then we'll go a higher at the very next and in the same stream okay so what we'll have an all day event all hits live tomorrow so tune in for that and I like shish kabob where's idea about critter cannons we might fill those into that we'll see also two guys on Sunday be ready I have a nice cool little vlog video of what I stream with how I stream how many screens I have what I use and I'll put links to all the the items that I have for my my my setup into the description so if you guys are really like you know have the money and you want to do it and there you go so stay tuned for that on Sunday guys Sunday afternoon sometime I'll have that up and you guys will be able to see what I use okay all right guys take care of yourselves it was a pleasure guys hit the shower says B Logan primitive gotta love New Zealand times just saw the stream now what's up primitive man guys I don't have the the DVR on my stream just to help with lag and ping so just wait till I end the stream and then you'll be able to play it back now you might not be able to play it back from the first part to the last because it has to render every frame so you might only get to see 40 minutes into it or whatnot so just don't be alarmed give it about an hour to and then you'll be able to see the whole stream okay against up up I'm late it's okay buddy alright guys thank you so much and on your way out please if you haven't leave a like I'd really appreciate it you guys are the best and again subscribe to my buddy shish kabob her and all the other guys I said it's just cool crusher for its boom beach adventure you set pup bucho everybody and until next time guys have a beautiful rest of the day and we'll see you soon bye bye

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  1. The people treating Rick C like a bus boy at a country club is cringeworthy. We have no idea how hard he works to keep the BB community happy. He’s not our slave. He said to tweet him, and people still want to chat like he’s in a police interrogation. The lack of respect from some of these chatters is really sad.

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