Shoulder Workout For Beginners (Planet Fitness)

Shoulder Workout For Beginners (Planet Fitness)

let's get it started hey yo Trump all right first off let me start by saying I'm a little congested you gotta excuse me we're gonna start off with shoulder presses definitely a great exercise to incorporate into your workout and very basic exercise many people do it on an either the smith machine or with a barbell but I like to do it with dumbbells with any of these exercises I like to get between 12 to 15 reps with light weight all right want to go right into front raises it's definitely a great exercise to incorporate into your shoulder workout you're actually working on your deltoids just make sure you keep it tight you squeeze you come up and you control the negative now a lot of people are like well I don't feel it it's push you're not doing it right you have to come up you can track the muscle keep it tight and then control the weight on the way down when you do that it'll definitely burn all right so we're gonna go right into doing shrugs oh my gosh I almost lost my balance but nobody saw that all right so shrugs is like when somebody asks you a question that you don't know the answer to like if your wife was to ask you where you was last night and you're like I don't know that's the type of movement that you want to do make sure that you keep in control and tight you come up you squeeze people do this a few different ways you can do it with your head down or your head up but just make sure you're squeezing and you keep it controlled you want to do this between 12 to 15 reps alright so we're gonna go right into these definitely a great workout and when you come up you want to squeeze your shoulder blades together and keep it tight make sure it's tight and right now I don't really like to go heavy with shoulders because you can really hurt yourself and once you damage your shoulders it's not a good thing so I try to get between 12 to 15 reps about 4 to 5 sets with every workout so remember that all right so I ran through it one more time so you can see exactly how to get the form right you want to keep it tight and right control the positive and the negative now without five pounds but that's a weight that's comfortable for me get away that's comfortable for you you don't want to overdo it and hurt yourself rap it out between 15 and 20 reps and you're good to go you don't always have to go have you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] stay with your shoulders hit it pretty hard make sure you do between three to five sets around like 12 to 15 reps every second feels good I'm a little out of breath hit a little bit and it's still wavy wavy Fitness and make sure you comment like this video subscribe make sure you hit my Instagram at lady sport fitness and if you want to borrow a t-shirts you can hit me up on there too it's a way to do checking out


  1. Should fuck with the machines could go up to two hundred on shoulderpress then those little baby weights machines arent bad like people say they are they allow you to go heavier than you could with a barbell or dumbbell

  2. CAN you please do a core and leg workout for beginners please thank you Iā€™m also subbed and I liked all your videos Iā€™m a 15 year old and I want to gain weight+muscle for football thanks šŸ™šŸ¾ !

  3. Thank you for your various PF videos. As a new member there I can do all the same exercises you show as the equipment is the same. I got it made. Your very clear on the form and how to perform. Subscribed!

  4. Ay bro these videos helped alot, I play football for my highschool and I wanted to go to a gym to keep In shape during the off-season and these videos helped me alot

  5. Hey brother thanks for this work outs. Just watched tri and bicep. I appreciate it. I'm on day 16. 3 weeks

  6. Ayeee that's how you grow the boulders, Thank you for sharing! I have a channel as well where I share fitness educational/motivational content. Let's keep growing! And thanks again for this awesome educational content šŸ™‚

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