SICK (2019) | Mental Health Short Film | MYM

SICK (2019) | Mental Health Short Film | MYM


  1. ngl they might need support but honestly the shit they do to other classmates is redeemable i have ptsd depression and anxiety and half of that was school and bullying i get it we have to fix the problem but not excuse the affect they have on other people you could argue thats what they went through but thats not the case when the whole school is against you

  2. This is really good, but also really sad. I relate to this sooooo much. I don’t really know if you would call Autism a mental illness or not?

  3. Thank you for this, I know how to look after my cousin who is suffering from mental health. This nearly made me cry too ngl. Great message

  4. If someone breaks they’re leg they get seen that day because u can see what’s wrong and that it hurts but you can’t see mental health somebody going through something like depression is ill it’s not something they should have to deal with alone if someone had cancer they wouldn’t have to deal with it alone. people should notice the signs especially adults and don’t just think “oh there just being a teenager” because they don’t wanna get out of bed it goes from that, to not wanting to wake up.

  5. Love this because I suffered with Mental health and I had ADHD an used to get bullied, but when I just spoke to my parents an let it out I started to climb up the mountain 🏔 Always speed to your family or some, just please don’t be afraid in barest to get Help, Stay strong,Stay positive😁👍🏻👍🏻

  6. Everyone let’s pray for the family, friends, loved ones who are going through this, it’s soo scary and I hope you know you can always push through anything and there’s always a way out seek help and support around the love ones and don’t be afraid you are very loved#prayforRamz #there’salwaysbrighterdaystocome #Makementalhealthmatterstoo💯💯

  7. I have bad depression and anxiety and sometimes I get bad thoughts about suicide but I haven't done anything because I love my mum and my cat 🙂

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