Singapore Airlines Non Carbohydrate Meal Review

Singapore Airlines Non Carbohydrate Meal Review

And that the plane taking us to Singapore and then we have a few hours in Singapore and then on to Osaka so exciting we have been waiting forever for this and it’s just looks like a beautiful day for flying. So on Singapore Airlines you can choose from all kinds of different meals gluten-free, low carb and sugar-free, diabetic and there’s religious meals and so I chose the non carbohydrate, the low carb meal option not knowing what I would be getting and so I’m going to share with you today all of the meals that I receive on my flights between Melbourne and Singapore and then singapore and Osaka, so all of that will be in the video today and then I’ll leave a link down below to a blog post with photos and more of an explanation and review and also the photos of my journey home and what those meals looked like so make sure you check out the link down below and so this video is just going to share what’s included and a brief overview of my thoughts so I hope you enjoy and make sure that you like and subscribe for more inspiration. This is the no carbohydrate meal. A roll. Kind of carbs. Not sure. Fruit. Kind of carbs. Lets see what the actual main meal is. I already see heaps of carbs. Not sure what that is. Think it’s fish. Fish good. Carrots. Depends. ok so that is the no carbohydrate meal I’m going to pick at bits of it. No! Just no! we are in changi airport now and flight number one is over and we’re going to have flight number two soon and I found the 7-eleven and I grabbed some strawberries that’s all that I’m kind of eating at the airport it’s kind of the middle of the night so I might have one or two of these and the and have the rest on flight to Osaka. I’ll catch up with you when we are on our way to Osaka finally last flight of the day. We have almost landed in Osaka. Let’s have a look what breakfast is. the no carb breakfast. Says omelette. Sounds promising. I see mushrooms. Probably the best meal. Not sure about that sauce though. I’m actually really hungry! I don’t know about the fruit or orange juice. But that looks like my first half decent low carb meal. so there you go. That was the meals that I got on singapore airlines from Melbourne to Singapore and Singapore to Osaka. all of my so-called loke low carb meals. make sure you check out the link down below to the blog post with more photos and more of a review of all of these meals thanks so much for watching make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more inspiration and we’ll see you again soon bye


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  2. Oh dear. That was terrible!
    I had the no carb meal on Singapore Airlines on my flight from Singapore to Queenstown, NZ. They served me a steamed chicken breast with some broccoli, so I was quite pleased. Although they did have the obligatory bread roll and fruit with it 😄

  3. Hello I love ❤️ your channel Iam new to keto Iam going to subscribe blessings thanks for sharing to help others

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