1. Oh damn girl I used Accutane and it cured my acne and then it came back 20 years later and I found a lady who uses Face Reality you just need the right toner cleanser moisturizer and some benzoyl peroxide and you are good to go you don't need to put that s*** in your body trust me I tried so many different things from the dermatologist and they're all bad for you you just need Face Reality. If you want her number she does Skype I'm in Colorado. Let me know. This girl is the shit! I had super bad cystic acne and it's been completely 100% gone for 2 years I don't even get the smallest pimple ever ever ever!

  2. How often should I do the routine? I've been told to rest a day in between? What do you recommend? It looks absolutely effective on you.

  3. this is a great workout… guys remember: quality over quantity & breathing is very important (in through your nose, out through your mouth)

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