Snackaging: Russian Food Edition

Snackaging: Russian Food Edition

( music playing )Snackaging is when
you look a the packaging of a snack to determine
what it is, and if you will like it. A tool that is very
handy when travelling
in a foreign country. Today, we’re travelling
in Russia. Mm-hmm. This is the most
intricate label
I’ve ever seen. Who are these
two gentlemen? And how can we be
their best friend? Okay, but down here,
right here at the bottom. We’ve got…
sunflower seeds. – Yeah, these are
sunflower seeds.
– I mean. These are the most hyped
sunflower seeds – on the planet.
– But they’re 3D. – Isn’t all snacks 3D?
– Except fruit roll-ups. Oh, there’s… I mean. The outside is so exciting
and then the inside… There’s just black
sunflower seeds. It’s just–
Mm-hmm. Did you just randomly
spit those on our rug? Yeah. This is a can
of something that
you hold upside down. Oh, gosh. – First of all–
– There’s a ship on it. I don’t think anything
in a can is a snack, man. I’m going with this is
some sort of part
of a fish. – Like a fish liver.
– I don’t see any fish anywhere, I just see a ship.
( reading Russian) ( mispronouncing Russian ) That’s gonna help. Oh. Ah, dang it,
I just poured it
on the rug. Ooh.
It’s an organ. It looks like
a fish heart. – I was right.
– Cod liver? I was right.
I told you it was
a freaking fish liver. Who would snack on that? This is like a can
of horse radish? Like a jar. This is
mushroom mayonnaise. What if it’s
mushroom marshmallow? Ooh, marshmallow fluff? Ooh, it’s thick
like glue. It’s mushroom cheese. Oh, wow. It’s not bad. Way to go, Russia. Next, a bar of sorts. It’s got a happy,
happy giant, looking down at a mini,
mini wizard. I think that’s God.
Maybe this is
a protein bar. You eat this
and you become– A giant.
Or maybe it shrinks –
you down into a small – little wizard.
– It’s chocolate. – Ooh.
– It’s good, whatever it is. So, are we right
or are we right? – Giant King.
– King. Man, he’s so big. I’d hate to have
an intimate encounter
with him. Intimate. Now, we got a drinky drink. It’s green, it’s got
another language on it. It’s probably Russian. It’s got a bird. Oh, I’m not gonna
open it yet. And it’s got flowers. So this could be
the product of a bird, like bird juice
of some kind. Bird juice. Both: It smells like
licorice. – I’m gonna love it.
– Uh, I hope it’s not licorice. – Ugh. It tastes–
– It’s not licorice. It tastes like
bad cough syrup. Tarragon soda? Aww, it’s a “widdle”
baby head. Don’t make light of this,
this could be baby. Right, sorry. This is baby taffy. You give this to babies
when they’re teething. When you’re done with them. The packaging is
very interesting, it’s because you can
give this to a baby and even a stupid
little baby can figure out how to
get into this. Right.
Ooh, ooh, ooh! – ( snap )
– Did you break it? So, I’m gonna say this
has no chocolate on it. Uh, no, you were wrong. – Oh, God.
– It’s chocolate. ( laughs )
This is better than
the other thing. Is there baby in this? – For baby?
– For babies? Well, who’s baby is this? Another bar of
some kind. – It’s cold, Rhett.
– It must have ice cream in it. With an elf baby as
the O. Literally smoking
a singular dandelion. I think that it is
a ice cream bar. It’s some sort of mint. Uh, mint, and I think
this is mint ice cream
filled chocolate log. Oh, gosh.
Are you detecting
any mint? No, it tastes
like cheesecake. Cheesecake? Ugh. This is the most
horrible ice cream
I’ve ever eaten. Like a cannoli. A Russian cannoli. Stay in your lane,
Russia. I can’t say that
I’m enthusiastic about Russian snacks after
all that, but– – Let’s do this again.
– Yeah. Link:Stick around because
we’re about to dissect
the best starter packs
on the internet with Swoozie.
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  1. Since I am part Ukrainian and part Russian (among other things) and know both languages in addition to 5 others; I just wanted to bring to your attention that the can of cod liver was written entirely in Ukrainian.
    And yes Ukraine has its own language that is completely different than Russian. And they are not the same thing. :))

  2. Guys a lot of products were not Russian. The first one was Armenian, the second Ukrainian, and the last one was from Belarus.

  3. Most of that was not from Russia. The first one from Armenia and the second one from Ukraine. The last one was made in Belarus. So you tried all from former Soviet Union states hahahaha

  4. nobody in russia eats THESE, especially as a SNACK, that's a misconception about the country

  5. You guys really need to hire somebody who's good at geography or like, knowing things about the world in general. Or consult people from the countries you are doing the videos about.
    Because BOY you are BAD at it.

  6. So disappointing to see you guys miss out on my country's great food again. Just like in the last video you got some made in USA food that is styled to appeal to Russians who moved to America, and I know that the "Russian" food that is sold in the US is made in US, every time I go to a Russian food store I laugh at how weird the food is there. Next time you guys will be eating Russian food, just PM/email me and I can help out with buying actual Russian food on the internet, I live in SoCali and I know a couple stores.

  7. A giant king chocolate bar is made in Ukraine) and it's not Russia if someone doesn't know it😅😂)
    Hi everyone from 🇺🇦
    BTW love your channel so much😘

  8. VERY SLAV VIDEO, very nice starting out with semechski aka sunflower seeds for the western spys

  9. You guysssss the first one is not russian it’s Armenian 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲 (it even has the armenian letters on)
    and the second one is not russian either it’s from Ukraine
    p.s I loovvveee you guys and I’m from Armenia 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

  10. russian snacks are not this bad…
    you just happen to pick out the most horrible ones, except for the sweet cheese, that is freaking yummy

  11. I love this since I am Russian, I have always loved you guys but this topped it. Спасибо 🇷🇺

  12. Im russian and the second snack, the canned one with the ship on it is not russian it is ukranian which is simaler to russian but even i can barely understand the label

  13. I only know Ukrainian sounds and Ukrainian and Russian are very similar, so this is pretty much how you pronounce the things:
    2.pecheenka treeski
    3.(I cant see it well)
    4.(at the top)avk (at the bottom) korol(kind of a gentle l) velikan
    6.(I cant see it well)
    7.sirok(kind of a gentle s)

  14. Bad choice of snacks. Send a message to the Kuzno Channel on Youtube they know more about Russian food than many people.

  15. We all are opinionated on taste, grows up being fed something, and thats the taste we take after.
    Now myself, i have never had a single Russian or Ukranian thing that didnt taste like stale ass

  16. I'm trying to learn Russian, and thus far I know the alphabet, so I'm having a great time trying to pronounce all these foods. Problem is, I don't know what any of it means.

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