SNS Nail review/Growing Healthy Nails

SNS Nail review/Growing Healthy Nails

hey guys today my nails are starting to look a little busted so I decided to run and grab manicure and on this visit I'm trying the S&S nail healthy nail version for the second time this is a healthier alternative to the acrylic and gel processes that we are so accustomed to this deposits minerals and vitamins and keeps on yells a nice healthy and strong in this process I'll just kind of show you guys how it done how it goes and if you guys are accustomed to the gel gelling the takedown process is about the same my nails look stronger they're actually tougher and held up pretty well with the growth it actually look healthier and this is the process it's a three-step process where a powder is deposited onto a gel sealer that's embedded onto our nail after it's been gum cloud down to our liking I'm here you see the manicurist applying the top gel sealer and um kind of dipping my nail into this powder substance that kind of holds as like the topcoat um before I apply whatever color that I'm adding he added this extra step to kind of enable extra security since the color that I chose was just a bunch of global glitters feeling a little festive this relaxed with any weeks um again he applies this dealer as the second coat to apply the color of my choice which is the gold glitter which I'm just loving right now puts in on every single nail again this is just as such a much healthier alternative to the acrylic end or gel where there's zero drying time literally this process takes in like 20 minutes to do I'm like in and out which you know from from New York originally and I need to go and get out once I walk in I leave their own visions but um as you can see he adds the sealer and drops the color deposits onto my nail and it kind of stick like glue it's a pretty neat process and I'm gonna add a plug for this absolutely no drying time and it's zero damage to my nail that were in there wasn't any buffing any harsh buffing at least none with the machine and that's all ups a manicure discretion I asked them not to leave the machine that they usually use because I find that weakens nail and I'm gonna quest to growing my nails nice healthy as with me so that's not sigmaringen so yeah they're both done now he's kind of is dusting off any deposits and as you can see before anything is even done or shining it's already done now he's adding the final coat which is again another sealer but this is just a calcium sealer that kind of just hardens over the nail and adds the extra shine before you buff stick or after he buffs it it'll still consisted I'm kind of pissed the shape I wanted to go a little rounder this time collapse family waitress grips on me and my hate back because it kind of leaks makes my nails up stubby don't like that too much but here they are these are the SMS and I'm loving them


  1. I want to know where in the area I live in where to get this done. I work and my normal polish chips and I refuse to use gel that needs to be set with a UV lamp. Those look awsome!

  2. I love my sns nails. I do them myself at home. I'd love to get a closer look at your stylist's swatch ring, if they don't mind sharing… The one downside to sns is that the color swatches they have online are just graphics, not real photos of the color on nails.

  3. I recently tried the SNS system.  I love it..I added tips to make them longer but when I returned for a new color I saw that my nails were less damaged than with the UV gel I normally get.

  4. is a sanitary to keep dipping your finger and to a salon products or do they let you have the powder after your done. just wonder I have seen in my manicuring class. alot of salons are not sanitary.

  5. I personally didn't purchase them.. my nail tech did.. I believe they're just tips with the added color.

  6. I personally didn't purchase them.. my nail tech did.. I believe they're just tips with the added color.

  7. can you tell me where you purchased the nail sample swatch? I really thinks it would make showing colors so much easier!

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