pajama pants how's the guys welcome back to Paris welcome back to house itself guys so always in the vlogs I don't know why I had to today we have got a bunch of different weird ish Danish foods Danish foods maybe they not deign maybe they are Danish we don't know but we recently did a trip to Copenhagen and we picked up a bunch of different foods here things like salty things like this and things like that and we decided that we're gonna try them on camera because I enjoy my food I enjoy trying new things Sam doesn't I'm sorry oh I don't like weird foods Oh same weird to insult anybody but like different foods and what I eat we'll go through each product as we taste it and we'll give you a little description and what we think of it may be well we'll see how it goes I haven't really thought this up very well first product that we've got snacks ters gum elf ducks flag place medsoft yeah exactly these ones are salted and these look like these are practice pork rinds or like Chicharito chicharrones there's a big one taste is like what I was expecting it to taste like quite nice just a kind of casual boss snack I guess they don't smell great at all let me give you guys that I'm ASMR crunch right up in the camera hmm let's not be bad next up we were told that the Rye bread you have to try so we bought some and as you'll see from the packet sad was actually already tucked into so she knows that it's good but I haven't tried any I really like rye bread I live in Germany for a bit so I'm used to eating rye bread and I also don't really eat like white bread because of the gluten elements so I really like so I've just set it up on the board we're gonna have it with some normal butter just tasting it plain because we've got some things to go on it next there you go okay Danish fried bread there's really good there's a lot better than the kind of traditional rye breads that I've seen here that I've seen in South Africa and I think I've got a taste of something similar to this when we were actually in Copenhagen and they had it on this mortgage broad smorgasbord smoke was brought yep very nice rating out of 10 I would eat that every day I give it a ten as well now the exciting stuff to go on top of the rye bread what do we have oh oh oh cool August remoulade yeah it's pretty simple I think this is less of something that you just have oh you guys hear the click the kick was good yes no it's good no it's fine that definitely didn't need to be refrigerated no kidding man it's fine I don't actually know what Remillard is but I know I've had it before so I'm not too scared of it okay these are tiny pieces it says literally it's gonna be like a Mayo top five Cheers yeah that's fine that's nice remoulade was definitely recommended it's just like another good old-fashioned sandwich fun of it it's a little bit like pickle early but not quite earnest because early because it a sec piccola be next on the list Sam's one that she's most excited for I have no idea what this is but it's torture organ they read a fiscal a she's scary I think just don't smell it I'm not gonna take it it's basically a fish paste that it could just be what lost in translation just the way it looks coming off they'll give you a little piece go in smell it don't smell it just knock it back you can do it we're gonna eat the whole thing I'm gonna have a bite of it okay that's fine I'm part of it there's a curse it's not gross it's just them you know what it smells like in South Africa you get this wet dog food called husky smells like husky have you tried it yet no man just take a bite it's not that bad you've got your quick right there take a bite if you don't like it just quickly wash it down with some cook you don't like it I think I know what it is I think it's made from fish roe I think it's made from like the fish's egg sac are you just told me I know this was poor sac no man the eggs are sick the ovaries oh so it's like caviar it's like caviar basically it's a caviar pate I don't know look I don't know if I'll continue to eat this the other stuff so far yeah but I don't know Papa eat this this isn't probably the type thing already anyway like I don't need anchovies or solve B or sardines or like any type of fish paste so this is like it's not that great I'm just cleaning up the board that transitions us perfectly on to the next one though which is something that I've been looking forward to trying Mowrey near there silt no it's not finished but I'm pretty sure the poles do something similar I don't know if they marinate their hearing but I'm pretty sure hearing a silt just by the look of it in the jaw give that a bash I'm gonna have that on some braid as well a little bit of butter but I being Malibu don't worry after this we're getting onto sweeties in chocolates so that don't stink up a whole level just stink up this one room yeah no I don't think this is gonna be a odd pass for me because I didn't give you guys the nice sounding lid pop from the last one you ready oh oh does that bring it as much pleasure to anyone else well that's gonna be nice man here we go as long as they don't use artificial sugar whatever one of those sugar light things I'll be fine because I've had something similar to this before and my only issue with it was that they wanted to reduce the amount of sugar in it so they used aspartame or stevia or one of those things and I just I can't handle that stuff cutting it in part I'm not I'm not eating I can't I like my hat polish Easter and tea man you loved beautiful soft tender Venna green sweet salt pickled fish I can imagine with these onions yeah that's bait that's what it is pickled fish these onions have get a little bite I'm just saying it's not like it's just a no I don't think it's a Danish only then the fish was really good smooth mouth with little water break now on to the fun stuff the sweeties and the chocolates and the gonna start with Chi Chi Keys kite kite kid Katya's salt fist which I'm assuming it's a salted licorice uh-uh I don't like it no I don't like it I don't know why people are eating that look see I was reluctant to buy those because I was like I know I'm not gonna like these my fingers okay see the smile yeah those are no no no guys don't know for me up next on the vs. you stuck in my teeth on to the next one this is called spunk that's the absolute worst name how did they package that you know what it's more like anything thanks good there might be candy coated black beans it's the same as the salted it's also English oh I don't like this stuff it's just very strong licorice that's quite mild and you can sort of you know go through it like liquorice allsorts yeah like that's okay this is very strong like it's very heavy compared to what we used to I mean it might be normal for the rest of the world but the last liquorice thing that we've got it's also liquid bit so the danes are well known for the liquorice and the apparently that's what they told me so these are skippers pipes original someone was telling a great story about these they said that they've tried to ban them from kiddie shops because it promotes smoking and whatever so there was a whole Drive a mate the people trying to ban them lost which is why they still available today and the sales only went up actually after the after they tried to stop they're being sold sales increased which is cool packaging very cool packaging nice unboxing experience here let me show you guys quickly before we tuck in to look menacing they look way closer to licorice pull the liquids liquorice allsorts but yeah it's more of a shiny licorice I feel like we should just share one its d-o-double-g you tried it already you just like to paint things that was my cue to play this is a tolerable licorice this is the licorice that I know I wouldn't choose to buy this in yet but I mean if it was only sweet in the house and I was like I really need something I would like snot on the end of it you know like this all people thinking it's alright I'll give it to them so not all the grisha's back just a couple bad apples up next we've got six mini Brewer more a diamond lick Venise mark I employ that means milk chocolate with yeah so I think these were vanilla fold at one stage but you can see this is that's all the vanilla is the frogs are it's supposed to be Harry Potter okay you do you then this smells like those old box of chocolates you get and then they'd like those ones with like a looker in them in the middle you know those things I've suffered so much licorice almighty in Arthur's hand it's like those chocolates you look half committing to everything I'm doing whole taking full hits here you the brave one that's true I mean the chocolate run that's not too bad okay get the snow clock still trying to get the licorice off my TV what do they make liquor so otherwise so steep next on the agenda we've got some snow flurries snow flutter you just say everything is Photoshop response okay help yourself come on pop a hole in it oh what a little wussy by ice melt these already I don't think I like I don't think I like them what is that I don't know you tell me tip the devil by better know what happened no there's a lot going on in a small sickly-sweet there's like the seams how you're gonna get it now I don't like it the center tastes like bubble gum you know like blue bubble gum flavored stuff I don't like this is that I don't like that at all and I'm like that at all that's giving me goose bumps all I'm tasting honestly is like bubble gum no I don't like that at all can well stab looks up what is in the snorklers we are on to the final solid ingredient poly chocolata pal pal by the two names you know one is some Norwegian which one would you like to try mark or lace lace lace walk okay he's super thin little sheets you gonna lo it's a little biscuit still chopped war it's not personal it's not actually biscuit that's nice it's okay like it would be our type of thing if there was no chocolate in the house and I was craving I just I would eat these Oh oh good okay so I'll go myself some paleo Chocolat it pea-brain yeah yeah now the final final ingredient is a reward because I've been told that there's choco stuff is the best chocolate milk there is probably rinse my mouth after having chocolate hey complaining that allotment looks good thick what I have to do who's gonna roll down the thing Jeff hmm good yeah I'm sensing it's loose yet comes about good cultivar that's a jersey brown that's it I shouldn't read that much oh it's good but this might be because I've just had a whole snake disk of other chocolate I shouldn't afford such big glasses there I'm tempted to pull this back and save it for another day I'm tempted to pull mine back and save it for another day so I hope you guys enjoyed that episode sorry we already packed up the carts and the thing cut out and whatever but if you did let me know by dropping a comment in the comment section in the spin art gallery and we will hopefully do some more of those because we've got some more trips planned soon so we will be visiting more places that have foods different to ours and therefore that makes them weird the money would do one here in France terrible with today doesn't matter I'll see you guys next time


  1. Torskerogn are eggs from cod.
    Remoulade is used as topping, like mayonnaise. Would actually be perfect on top of the torskerogn.😁

  2. First of all: You bought the cheapest and the worst flæskesvær (pork rind) that’s not good at all 😆

    Second: You have too cut the torskerogn (cod roe) in slices and then fry the torskerogn then put on the rugbrød and then put the remulade on the top of it

    + You have too put the pålægschokolade on some White bread
    PS. You bought worst pålægschokolade that’s not good in any way

    You bought the bad frogs too 😆
    it was supposed to be caramel and rum inside it 😅

    Fact: Here in Denmark we use remulade to dip our fries in or like mayonnaise on top of the toppings

  3. hahahahahah lmao fucking died when she said: ¨ok get the schhnifflerrr¨ btw you are eating almost all of the foods wrong ahaha

  4. The thin chocolate is not meant to be eaten alone. Its called “chokolade pålæg” and pålæg means I guess something you put on bread. I don’t think there’s an English word for it, and if there is I can’t remember it.

  5. Meget af det
    I har spist i vidoen er
    Lakridser piber
    Dansk mad er godt

  6. spunk is like a mint for us…. the pålægschokolade is a topping for white bread… the katjes fish is nasty… and the snøfler is a variaty of "romkugler" witch comes from the old days when the baker would grind up yesterdays pastries/danish and put sprinkles on the outside (its the poor mans candy)…. torskerogn is steamed cod eggs…

  7. Matt, those two names on the Pålægschokolade…
    First one is danish, the other one is swedish 😉
    Sweden uses ä instead of æ, and ö instead of ø 🙂

  8. She had her first experiance with "the Cocio effect"… Gone in one second 😀 also, pålægschocolade should be put on a loaf of bread!!

  9. Matt – if you ever try Danish food again then try the macro in tomato sauce (makrel i tomatsovs) A lot that visits Denmark takes some cans home. It must be on rye bread (rugbrød) and put a bit of salt and mayonnaise on the top.

  10. you need to put the remuolade on the torskerogn….. And to put the pålægschokolade on slices of bread

  11. You forgot the best candy Denmark has! Kæmpe skildpadder! It's basically chocolate turtles with rum liquor filling

  12. You don't just put remoulade on the bread you put it on other things like ham and such and i know that cuz im from denmark

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