Standing Abs Barre Bootcamp | NO Crunch Belly Pooch Workout

Standing Abs Barre Bootcamp | NO Crunch Belly Pooch Workout

hey girls welcome to week one of the summer shape up today we are kicking things off with a little bar bootcamp focused on the app so this is a standing abs workout no crunches no straining your neck we're gonna be standing for all of it so grab a light set of weights if you are so pumped for this challenge sweat the thumbs up give it a little click and let's get started all right you guys so if you haven't signed up for a summer shape up yet click the link below go get signed up it's totally free eight week challenge we have amazing prizes for you we're gonna start with this workout right now so if you have a set a way to grab them if not Natalie have modifications for you especially if you have any shoulder issues follow along let's get started you're gonna bring your weights up in front overhead and twist down to the right lifting that right leg up and over and twist we're gonna do a little marching twist here good and breathe as you're lifting and twisting I really want you to focus on drawing that bellybutton in towards the spine and squeezing your abs tight anytime you're bringing that knee up toward your mid lines you're gonna work those low abs so this is a really great way to work on that belly pooch help tighten your abs and focus on your core especially first thing in the morning all right how we doing gross nope get up and over twist and this is great because I really feel like anyone can do this you can make the modifications but you're not getting that high intensity jump we were still gonna really get great work will feel it in your obliques with that twist but up and over let's keep it here just a few more eight on each side eight seven six five four three more two and one bring the weight down shake it off you guys know I love you like sneaky extra bonus work right so you're gonna get a little bit of shoulders and arms which is really nice now that little extra in the legs heels and toes out sit low and we gonna tuck your pelvis under push those knees open wide now the more you work on flexibility the bigger wider you're gonna be able to open up so keep that pelvis tucked draw the belly in inhale shoulders up exhale bring them down sink a little bit lower inhale shoulders up exhale down sink a little lower good bring the weights out in front pull your shoulders down your back so I want you to engage your left it's really helped support core is tight you're gonna twist to the right center left center twist right gaze forward left whew make this about those ABS again if you have any shoulder pain or if they're just feeling tired you can bring the weights just to heart with Natalie left good and right squeeze that belly you guys always say this all the time but if you're new to LA Fitness here you go first time you want to think of your core like a sponge I do twist and got wringing out that sponge draw the belly in twist exhale twist exhale good in just a moment we're gonna take it to a nice fluid motion if your legs get tired you can always come here you're still gonna get good work tanner left center right center let's go left all the way to right left and right I know your arms are gonna start to feel this so bring it back to your abs make them twist and work beautiful twist twist let's keep going are you girls doing are you feeling it Natalie tell me about those ABS you still feeling it nice and okay good like she's really got it and twist just squeeze them movin those quads yeah for sure get a little lower eight seven six five four three two and one bring it and shake it off okay so option two drop your weights here or you can keep them in hand you're going to come into almost a lunge so step back with the right leg to start for your weight into your heel pinch forward and kick off do you find a little balance now I want you to reach your arms forward and exhale draw the knee in good inhale exhale this takes so much core stability really focus on squeezing those ABS find your balance by looking on the floor a few feet in front of you at out and out for eight seven six you're kind of getting full body here too not only are those ABS working like crazy but the booty tough arms the back two more last one switching sides shake it off for a second and then right foot down left foot back lift the leg first arms reach up pull in and back in back good draw that belly and as Annie comes up for eight seven five four we got this three two and one shake it off roll the shoulders out all right come back to that grand plie you're gonna bring your weights over to the left side so you're gonna kind of squat and slightly shift your way to the left side then exhale arms come up across down up down up just eight seven good six do you feel that stress in those ABS working three two one switch sides down to the right lift down and up good eight more eight seven six five four three two and one exhale wait the heart come to standing we're gonna keep this Shore and then we have one more exercise after this one to finish it off so bring your arms up overhead left leg steps out you're gonna lift and squeeze get those love handles and oblique squeeze tap squeeze top four eight seven six five four three two Oh give me eight more come on you got it eight seven six five four three two and one switch sides lift up tap up good eight more eight seven six five four three two and one drop your weights all right you got one more in you all right one more you guys this is the ultimate finisher why don't I run like hate still love love to hate it's a little Burpee action but it is so good for those abs so you're gonna bring your feet out wide you're gonna get down almost like a grand plie somewhere between a sumo grand plie you're gonna go pulse pulse hands down hop the feet back yep jump up stand pulse pulse we go back up pulse pulse back pulse pulse good seven six five more on our last one I want you to give it a jump to wait last one post Fulton jump pull close and Jeb awesome job you guys you got it you got it yes awesome job you guys amazing way to kick off week one of our summer shape up make sure you download the LSF app to get your daily 10 moves and full-length video so if you like the workouts here and get exclusive full-length ones in the app I'll put the link down below for that can't wait to do week two with you soon don't forget good things come to those who sweat so see you later bye


  1. Nice variation of an ab workout standing and not crunching.
    (Hours later) I saw this one in the am and decided to give it a try after a HIIT session and it was GOOD! Kept me sweating and even needed to do some of the modifications even when I train and lift weights daily. Nice Katie! TY

  2. Let’s get it gals we got this!! Don’t give up you have come this far, your so close to that bikini 👙 bod! ❤️ love from another fitness youtuber!

  3. Deceiving little sneaky sneakies. I thought I could use two five pounders. Lulz. Had to drop one half way through. Thanks for the video xoxo

  4. As someone who went to school for video production, this video is STUNNING!!!!! Talent and background!! <3 <3 <3

  5. GREAT workout as usual! YAY for Day 1 of the LSF Summer Shape Up! BTW, love the song at the end of your videos, like this one. What’s the name of it so I can hopefully add it to my workout playlist?

  6. Im confused. The app has a workout, the plan has a workout link to a different YouTube video, and then you just posted this one…
    are we supposed to do them ALL???!! Or just pick one and the daily 10?

  7. I'm not even going to lie…..near the end when you said Oh just give me 8 more, i may or may not have said "You bitch!!" To the screen 😂😂💖 great workout!!!

  8. Yay !! Ready to sweat!
    Are we supposed to be doing the app too for the challenge? Or do this work out 3 times? I just felt like it was short and I didn't sweat enough, I want to make sure I'm doing it fully!

  9. I didn't have time to wait on this one this morning but I did another one of your ab workouts as a substitute and I feel so energized and positive.

    Daily 10✔
    Daily challenge✔

    Ready to annihilate this day!

  10. Tried this straight away and it's one of my favourite ab workouts you've done – sometimes it's nice to feel a burn without having to get on the floor 🙈 going to send this to my mum too, she really wants to work on her stomach but she struggles with back pain and hates mat exercises!

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