Star Fruit Juice || कमरख जूस || healthy and best for liver disease || Syreen’s kitchen

Star Fruit Juice || कमरख जूस || healthy and best for liver disease || Syreen’s kitchen

Assalam alaikum, Today I am sharing with you a very healthy Star fruit juice. It’s a very healthy juice for liver. Doctor also recommend it in India. Let’s start to make it. Take some fresh star fruits. Clean them with water properly. Cut the edge of the star fruits. Now cut into pieces. Now time to grind them. Take a mixer jar. You can use juicer also. Now grind them. Now stain the juice from the pulp. You can drink it without sugar and salt. Or you can add some honey. Honey also very helpful for health. Add 4 tbsp sugar. Add 1/2 tsp black salt Mix well. Now ready to drink it. Take some ice cubes in a glass. You can drink without ice cubes. Pour the juices in the glass. Now it’s ready to drink. Take this drink after breakfast. It’s a very healthy for liver.


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