Status Quo Joe's Healthcare Hail Mary

Status Quo Joe's Healthcare Hail Mary

our next clip is brought to you in partnership with Squarespace bring your stories to life online with Squarespace through a website blog or portfolio so easy I can even use it for 10% off head over to Squarespace comm slash tyt or use the promo code tyt question was asked whether we support eliminating private health insurance some said yes I said absolutely not I believe we have to protect and build on Obamacare there's a former Vice President Joe Biden proudly flaunting his a moderate approach when it comes to a very real problem here in the United States our broken health care system his proposal is very different from Bernie Sanders who's calling for Medicare for all an expanded Medicare program that would cover every single American what Biden wants to do is essentially expand the affordable care act and he details it in this next video the question was asked whether we support eliminating private health insurance some said yes I said absolutely not I believe we have to protect and build on Obama care that's why I proposed that in a public option to Obama care as the best way to lower cost and cover everyone I understand the appeal of Medicare for all but folks supporting it should be clear that it means getting rid of Obama care and I'm not for that I was very proud the day I stood there with Barack Obama and he signed that legislation now Biden also said quote we should not be starting from scratch we should be building from what we have there's no time to wait just keep in mind that the federal mandate for the Affordable Care Act has been repealed and right now in the courts there is a chance that the entire you know legislation will be repealed because without the mandate a federal judge has ruled that the remaining portions of the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional now that battle is kind of you know playing itself out within the courts we'll see what happens but to say you know that the Affordable Care Act is great and all we need to do is maybe improve upon some components of it I think is is misleading but just to give you a quick rundown before I open it up to the channel what Biden is calling for in his proposal is federal subsidies to make Obamacare cheaper the public option program which he highlighted in the video you just watched he wants to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices which i think is a no-brainer so what do you make of this David because I know you know you're very involved in this type of policy analysis so thoughts I mean you know there's it's not like anything that Joe Joe Biden is proposing here is is necessarily bad I mean he wants to lower the the rates that people would pay through Obamacare he wants to expand the subsidies the subsidies being not good enough is really one of the major reasons why Obama care costs too much and why the deductibles are too high he wants to pay for it by increasing taxes on the rich he wants to raise the top rate to around 40 percent which is what it was under Obama I mean Joe Biden is now and now on a verb and Obama that that's basically everything that he says hides behind Barack you know he wants to create this public option and put everyone everyone who qualifies for Medicaid into this public option which is kind of interesting because he says I I don't want to I don't want to get rid of Obamacare but of course the Medicaid expansion is over half of the coverage increases in Obama care he wants to get rid of that and put it into you know the public option that would be a robust public option but we don't know what the rates were would be for providers under that we don't know a whole lot about that you know none of these things are that bad but they're but great but they're not I mean they're not single-payer they're they're they're they're an attempt to take the sort of Rube Goldberg rickety system that is Obamacare and put a few more props under it and that might work and that might be better for people I think we shouldn't deny that that it might be better for people under that system and it's not like he's he's trying to take anything away from people he's trying to pay for it and I think a pretty legitimate fashion but it's not single-payer and that's where the fight is going to be so one of the things that happened following the passage of the Affordable Care Act was the federal government offered resources and funding to state governments to expand the Medicaid programs or was it Medicare no Medicaid yeah it was Medicaid yeah so the federal government is like here's some money expand your Medicaid program so people who aren't currently covered will have the coverage and a number of red states actually rejected that money and honestly did their constituents dirty by doing that so is Biden right in you know providing and under his proposal a public option that would essentially transfer these patients from Medicaid to a Medicare program yeah I mean what I want to hear from you on this but one of the one of the things he would do is take those individuals who qualify in states that did not expand Medicaid and put those people into the public option so it's really rescuing those folks which you know desperately are in need of rescue and would also take people at Medicaid patients out of these states where they put work requirements in or these kinds of very punitive kind of situations places like Indiana New Hampshire so you know again better than before and and certainly to the left of where Obama was when he put Obamacare in to begin with so Biden has been moved but he has not been you know moved all the way to single-payer I like the idea that Biden is doing more you guys are definitely more the experts on this than I but I'm anything short of universal healthcare it's just it's not good enough for me you know a few weeks ago I was traveling in a foreign country and I just I fainted and they sent a medical team over they helped me they did my blood tests and all these other things and my biggest fear is I'm gonna get some kind of big bill from and know it's bad universal health care they were totally cool took care of me sent me on my way was wonderful and I just think of how much so many people fear just you know maybe something going wrong with her body or you know anything happening and they can't afford it and so I just want people to be taken care of and also we have the money for it's just we're putting it in the wrong pocket you know it's it's interesting because when I get sick here there's always panic and and I have employee employer provided health insurance that's pretty good but I still panic because there's always like some surprise bill that you get either from the lab or whatever something that wasn't authorized by the private insurer whenever I'm in a European country like Portugal I think was the last country I was in where I got sick I I lost my voice I had laryngitis I think I just showed up to a pharmacy and they take care of you you know and there's no fear and and that that financial freedom I mean that's a part of financial freedom it's something that we should be providing to our citizens and we don't it especially when you consider how we have the resources to do it we just don't do it one final part of Biden's proposal that I think is relevant and important to mention Biden's plans specifically States he would repeal the Hyde Amendment as president which prevents the use of federal funds to be used on abortions except in cases of rape incest or harm to the mother's life I bring that up because previously Biden said he was and when I say previously I mean like a month ago in favor of the Hyde Amendment he was in favor of that ban on federal funds toward abortion and now he's proposing repealing the Hyde Amendment in this health care proposal this has become a consensus position within the Democratic Party at all levels you know you're you're you better see in 2021 actual legislation and you probably should see legislation in this Congress if it's if every single standard-bearer who wants to leave the party says we need to get rid of the Hyde Amendment you know Nancy Pelosi where's the legislation to repeal the Hyde Amendment like what you see click this subscribe button below and don't forget to ring the bell to never miss another video from the Young Turks


  1. Biden the corporate puppet. Once Bernie makes sure as many as poss Democrat voters know hes a puppet of the people that are the worst thing thats wrong with this system ie the unelected richest behind everything and thats why he gets much more coverage from the media we should be able ro decimate the amount of Democrat voters that vote for him

  2. People don't be fooled by the negative attacks on Biden they are mostly from Russian and right wing bots, they see the polls of him beating Trump by 13 points. Also how can Biden talk about the 8 years he was VP and the things they did without dropping Obama name? Can Scottie Pippen talk about winning 6 NBA Championships with the Chicago Bulls without mentioning Michael Jordan?

  3. It’s not a Hail Mary because he’s still leading in the polls. This plan should play well with his supporters, moderate democrats, independents and republicans who want trump out but don’t want to vote for someone on the far left, and democrats who want a “safe choice”, someone sure to win. Personally I like Warren.

  4. No Joe…..You do that for me?…..Like my plan and doctor and l can keep them? Why thanks Joe…..

  5. I like this plan. Not much is wrong with it. Why are people writing this off. Some of us WANT private healthcare.

  6. Biden you America hater when will you get out of my country.  You're weak, get out of our way.  The public option is communism, you are a communist, you had your chance with that already and you blew it.  I support a public option.  We are not running with that now, we are running with Medicare for All.

  7. You shouldve MADE
    Obamacare better in first place . Medicaire has been around and lots of americans have it now .
    You want to fine us for not having healthcare when we cannot even get healthcare . ..and then make sure our taxes are taken before we get them .
    Biden is old ,outdated, and why does he need any more status ..go retire with our taxes and healthcare for life .
    We dont have that !

  8. He's staged it so his dead sons' flag is on his shoulder? How sick is that? Cashing in on your fallen sons' flag is dispicable.

  9. Bernie Sanders 2020 – Medicare For All
    Joe Biden worked on Obamacare – a past achievement he is trying to relive – a messy compromise to insurance companies – let it live in the past
    Biden's proposal of public subsidies is a complicated mess – with M4A everybody would be covered without extra paperwork or gotchas

  10. Biden has gotten even richer helping funnel taxpayer money into the coffers of corporate insurance companies. There is NO reason to keep these profiteering middle-men!! They blow 20% of it on bonuses for CEOs and dividends for shareholders. Instead eliminate them from the system and use the Medicare system which is far more efficient. I thought capitalism was about creating efficiency. Eliminating the need to turn a huge profit on a product with an inelastic demand via Medicare For All IS the most efficient use of our money. Anything else? It's wasting money on enriching CEOs instead of keeping the money in the system to pay for medical care.


  12. Sure this is better than now but does anyone actually believe Joe Biden actually fight for something like this? No way.

  13. I gave his announcement an honest hearing, but it was hard to get through, Joe Biden fundamentally with this, proposal is just a disaster and it would further the pain of all Americans.

  14. I understand the appeal for high speed broadband, but folks supporting it should be clear it means getting rid of dial up modem.

  15. Biden talks like Obamacare is a building. We built 5 floors and we shouldn't knock it down. Healthcare is a bill and any addition to Obamacare will take a new bill so why not do it right and cover everyone.

  16. Not enough Americans travel abroad and this is part of why they are still putting up with non universal healthcare

  17. Capitalism for the things we Want, Socialism for the things we Need!
    We need healthcare to live so it should be run as a Socialist program.
    We want smart phones so fill your boots Capitalist system, you can profit off people's desires.

  18. The only argument Democrats had for funding Planned Parenthood was “muh Hyde Amendment”. Now they want to repeal that. I look forward to defunding PP!

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