Stephanie Buttermore | Cheat Days, All In, and the Problem With The Fitness Industry

Stephanie Buttermore | Cheat Days, All In, and the Problem With The Fitness Industry

I don't know if this is going to be a surprise to you guys but I'm gonna be very honest and say being a fitness influencer and being in the fitness industry is extremely stressful and it's hard to live up to the beauty standards of being in the fitness industry sometimes it's a bit of a struggle it's definitely better more address your cheat day is going all-in and my opinion what's wrong with the fitness industry my name is Alan Roberts this is everyday Fitness like subscribe click the mental case were right over there share my videos subscribe to my second channel Alan Roberts in my opinion course link above below at the end thank you very much I talked a lot about weight loss on this channel because basically obesity is kind of a pandemic it's an unsustainable thing for our species that's happening around the world where it's going to be the majority of people are overweight or obese we cannot sustain this it is very unhealthy for people and I talk a lot about it because the majority of people are however I believe in being just healthy healthy means being at a healthy weight doing the best you can being underweight or too low body fat percentage also extremely unhealthy and that's one of the things I want to talk about in this video I've been asked dozens and dozens and dozens of times to make a video about Stephanie butter more who is a figure competitor she has a PhD I believe in pathology so she's a very intelligent woman very very educated and she has a large youtube following and does a you know does a lot of videos based off of her experiences what she's doing she eats huge sheet meals which like 9,000 10,000 calories each males I don't watch those things because I give not a fan of the whole let me eat 9 10,000 calories I even did a video before like how 10,000 County challenges kind of bullshit because that's kind of like Thanksgiving at my parents place you know you wake up pancakes bacon sausage when I used to eat meat pancakes bacon sausage coffee latte you know with cream and sugar and everywhere that you know you're 2,000 calories 3,000 counties in before you get up from you know the breakfast table a basin full of peanut M&Ms a big big big lunch you know you're at five thousand six thousand calories right there dinner is Turkey stuffy gravy you know cranberry sauce all the good fixings and then a little later you have some pecan pie was probably whipped cream and few beers and after after drink coffee with Irish whiskey and cream 10,000 calories plus easy it's just a holiday to me you know I don't think it's something that should be popularized I don't watch those things but they get a lot of views I understand why some people do it especially when you watch 110 pound woman pack away ninety or excuse me nine thousand calories it gets views right I have not wanted to make a video about it because why give attention to that type of certain thing however somebody told me to go check out her last couple videos her video about a month ago talks about her going all-in it's a concept where she is trying to fix herself admitted ravenous hunger the not putting a cap on herself like eating complete satiation she does talk about how in her life she has always stopped herself you know eating from you know eating to more than 50 to 60 percent fullness that is like living under is such a serious restriction I can imagine that being mentally daunting just just to be honest that that's that's tough and that could happen through genetics it could happen there could be all sorts of reasons for it that you know so if that's happened to her entire life and then she gets into figure competiting where she has to see her so restrict herself and she has gotten extremely lean as you can see like extremely extremely lean that's not healthy just about for anybody but you DeLong for women it can really mess up a woman's hormones and she talks about that how she needs to get her her female hormones back i do find these videos very brave because she is talking about how she has already gained ten pounds in a week eight 5,000 calories a day for the entire weekend gain 10 pounds I do believe a lot of that was because she was underweight because as you can see here she still looks pretty lean for a female week yes your girl has gained about 10 pounds which is okay with me because I was expecting it but yes I did put on about 10 pounds doing this and to have gained 10 pounds and still be at that level of leanness I would imagine that she she was already underweight so gaining 10 pounds back is healthy she talks about how she doesn't know how much more way she's gonna gain it she feels that she's gonna cap out at some point in time and her weight will stable out and hopefully that means she won't feel the need to eat four or five thousand calories hopefully it'll be lower because she'll feel satiated her body will be closer to its set point I think I will cap out at a certain weight and I think this is because I do live like an active healthy lifestyle so I want to be able to eat as many calories as I need to feel full but eventually plateau in a certain way and continue living a healthy lifestyle and eventually lose some of that weight naturally I find things like this such a step in the right direction because she talks about how she is no longer having really aesthetic goals I want to start shifting my focus of like non aesthetic related fitness goals so I want to have new fitness goals that are unrelated to the way that I look things like building up my strength building muscle and of course feeling better how she is going to have more you know athletic and perform some goals she wants to get stronger she wants to confirm you know help control her intense hunger but also she wants to build muscle and be and be more powerful those are performance level goals and I really do appreciate that I find it kind of inspiring that she is going to put herself out there because in the fitness industry for a woman to openly say she is not going to have a six-pack somehow that's crazy in reality most women the way their physiological physiology is made if they have an actual six-pack they are underweight and that's not a healthy place to be what I want to do with this series as I start to gain more and more weight is to show you that it's completely healthy and completely okay to be at a higher body fat percentage and you're not any less perfect or any less beautiful it's just it's not good for them long-term it's not good for their for their female hormones it's not a strong place to be the thing that I found most telling about like the fitness industry this woman is an intelligent woman you know PhD in pathology as I said highly educated and she is worried that people will not follow her anymore if she does not have a six-pack I'm sure that you guys can understand that for me it is going to be hard to just accept a bunch of weight gain and I do fear because I'm human I fear that has any influence or would that you'll lose interest in following my journey if I don't have a six-pack anymore there is light years of knowledge between somebody like a PhD and pathology with multiple experience in dieting down working out you know lifting properly lifting for strength there is multiple there's just light-years of difference between somebody like her and somebody like Madeline Georgia Jenna or something like that obviously does not know what they are doing and yet she is worried that because she can still put out fabulous information be very real very true be very true in state like not bullshitting not lying I'm gonna put on weight here is why telling her audience the absolute truth that she is does not have it all together that she is doing this to try to fix some issues that she has with her hunger and stuff like that she's worried that people aren't going to follow her because of being an actual real human being and looking like looking closer to what the average woman looks like because in reality she's still probably gonna be more muscular and she's probably still gonna be a little bit leaner then the average woman is because she is in fitness and even though she's eating a lot of calories she works out a lot she lives a fitness lifestyle she is worried that people won't follow her when people still follow others that have absolutely no quality no quality to their content at all that's what's wrong with the fitness industry the fitness industry is not about Fitness being at an ultra low body fat percentage for a woman is not fit having incredibly incredibly overdeveloped glutes and thighs while having still slim shoulders focusing mode the majority of your workouts on your ass and not building the rest of your body you know in conjunction is not fitness that is not that it's not what actual fitness is the fitness industry has the examples for what women should be it should focus on completely ass-backwards women should train very similar to men they should train the basic lifts they should train in evident just nearly every way how a man would train because the basic lifts actually simulate acts of daily living the squat actually simulates sitting down and getting back up the deadlift simulates picking shit up off the ground and you push the lift up over your head and pull yourself up it is very very very ridiculous that for some reason the fitness industry focuses all on under butts and you'll making sure you have a big ass and a small waist that's ridiculous that's not fitness and my hat if I was wearing one would go off to miss butter more for actually being brave enough to put herself out there to one say she actually has some issues that she's working through to to put it on fucking camera to a woman gaining weight on camera when they were a fitness competitor figured configure competitor is brave as hell motherfuckers that is brave I have like my Hannah's off to her because in in reality more women need to do shit like this more you know I understand the people are used to hearing me say you know you should lose weight it's never because of how the person looks it's never ever because the house how the person looks yes you can look at somebody and say you're unhealthy but that but that is not a problem the aesthetic is not the problem the fact that you are not physically healthy is the issue and being underweight to the point where it messes up your female hormones is unhealthy that should not it should not be seen as a positive thing and yet that is what you see every time you open Instagram and it makes it worse because they put the filter on and they draw the ABS in and all that stupid shit all right yeah I I can't I I will be following every single video that she does of the series I am very very very happy I went and checked it out I'm happy I waited because the 9000 kind of thing but I'm happy I checked it out and I just if I can say anything to anybody we need to unhook aesthetics from health the the concept that they're interrelated is not true just because somebody is huge does not mean they're not a great person does not mean somebody won't find them attractive just because they have their way three four five hundred pounds they can still be attractive they can still be pretty just like somebody that's underweight if they're you know if there are sixty seventy eighty pounds because of some sort of illness they have or they're fighting off cancer or they haven't eating disorder of some kind they can still be seen as beautiful by somebody that doesn't mean it's healthy we should strive to make sure everybody is healthy and worried about the aesthetics afterwards that is the entire issue that I keep facing on both ends of this spectrum and for some reason people the majority of fitness people out there still want to talk about how to get shredded in six weeks so to all you motherfuckers that talk about that shit actually realize that that shit could be leading to many more problems down the road for all sorts of people and anywhere from hurting their heart their hormonal system to making them have an issue with food that is not what fitness professionals actually are supposed to do you're supposed to get people fit that's that's your fucking job it's in your title so everybody should go and support Stephanie butter more in her endeavor to find her healthy point her helped her her health and she plans on you know making sure she watches her health so she's not gonna gain too much weight but everybody should support and that's who you should follow if you are looking for an example of what uh you know what fitness for a female is that is actually Fitness taking care of your long-term health looking out for yourself so that you don't mess yourself up just to look a certain way that's just my two cents a matter my name is Alan Roberts in the up on Instagram and every day I'm day Fitness hit me up on Twitter today fed I'm also on Facebook and ever 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  1. 5:00 "her body will be closer to it's set point". So, you believe in set points. Any chance of doing a video on it to explain what you think about it, because I also hear HAES people claiming their bodies will gain weight until they hit their set point…which is scary because for some people it seems to be 450 pounds.

  2. I’m so happy to hear your opinion about this, I was underweight as well and when I started getting healthier my hunger spiked and I was starving all the time. Eventually, everything did even out and even though my weight spiked, I ended up losing the excess pounds and now I’m at a healthy weight and I don’t feel like I can put away the calories like I was one able too. I look up to Stephanie a lot and hearing what she’s doing is refreshing. She is one of the few female influencers who are educated, realistic and inspiring. Hearing people slam her for what she’s doing is disheartening because I believe she’s one of the few females in the industry who is real. No Instagram model, no BS fitness chick who has 0 knowledge, she’s a creditable individual and since there isn’t many out there like her I feel that more people should be supportive.

  3. She is Beautiful. She will be fine on the internet. Especially if she is posting Fitness updates about strength and new PRs

  4. What is active and healthy to her? I don't ride with people who are under the influencers! Lol I need science and a healthy SOUND MIND AND SPIRIT to go with the body💅🏾

  5. I really appreciate your video and you pointing out the real issue in fitness industry, especially for women. The unrealistic expectations and extreme aesthetics make even perfectly healthy women feel insecure and unhappy about their bodies.

  6. I still dont understand how this all in approach will help her in the long run. I assume that she wont always eat just whatever she wants everyday, at some point she will go back to a somewhat 'normal' intake again. When that happens wont her appetite just drive her crazy, she would have just spent months eating 4 to 5,000 calories which is definitely high, and then dropped back to a normal intake of 2,500 or 3,000, her body will just want more food, thus putting her back in the same position again of always being hungry. Have i got that completely wrong, or does anyone see this playing out exactly how i've just described.

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