STREET FOOD in MEXICO | Mexico City street food tour | Best TOSTADAS in Mexico City + quesadillas

STREET FOOD in MEXICO | Mexico City street food tour | Best TOSTADAS in Mexico City + quesadillas

today we’re in Mexico City and we’re
here to eat this Mexico City series is all about sharing with you some of the best spots to eat in
this amazing city Mexico City is a megalopolis with a dynamic culinary
scene this is our second video from Mexico City and we’re hunting down the
best food in the neighborhood Coyoacan watch out for some of the city’s
tostadas, iconic street snacks and loads more in this massive Mexico
series we’re hunting down the country’s best food from traditional street snacks
to food from Mexico’s most exhilarating markets you don’t want to miss this
series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and
we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! this video is going to be set in the
neighborhood of Coyoacan, Coyoacan is a really colorful neighborhood there
are lots of historical sites, the Frida Kahlo museum is here and there is a
really vibrant market the market has been here since 1921 and it is
packed full of stalls selling incredible produce, seafood, meat all sorts of
household goods and there is a tonne of delicious food to eat here like all of our videos this one is just
going to be about great food so we’re not here to show you massive food or to
find a crab just because it’s some stupid amount of money we’re here to
find the best food so all of our videos are like that it’s all about the best
food we’re not necessarily about the visual just because it’s going to look
good on a thumbnail just because people will click on it we want people to click
on our videos because they know they’re gonna see incredible food so this video
again is very heavily researched we’ve actually been here a few years ago in
the past and researched where to eat so we’re just here to show you the best
food and we’re at our first stop right now one of the most popular things here
to eat in the market are tostadas and this is one of the most famous stalls we
have eaten here in the past and the tostadas are brilliant let’s go and grab a
seat what’s great about this stall is the
visuals you can see all of the toppings for the tostadas all lined up in
front of you it’s a really clear menu so you order a tostada and then you choose
the topping that you want there’s seafood there’s meat there’s
vegetarian options tons to choose from we ordered two drinks two of our
favourites when we’re in Mexico so that’s tamarindo which is a tamarind
juice and jamaica which is hibiscus flower they’re really refreshing and now
we’ve got to make a choice as to what tostadas we want to order so I think I
ordered a shredded chicken and also a ceviche tostada
now our Spanish is virtually muchas gracias
is virtually non-existent but I think that’s one of our goals for this channel
is to encourage you to use food to have a genuine local experience
Thomas and I don’t travel with fixers we don’t have someone behind the scenes
ordering for us in the local language but that’s part of the adventure for us
that’s part of the excitement and joy of travel we’ve ordered two tostadas so the first
tostada is ceviche so you’ve got the fried tortilla and then it’s topped with
fish which has been cured in probably lime there’s tomato lettuce some
avocado it looks very fresh and then this one here is the tinga de pollo
which is shredded chicken so shredded chicken on the bottom cooked
with onions and then lettuce there’s some fresh cheese some crema which is like a
thin sour cream almost and then some avocado and lettuce I’ve got to get
into this ceviche it’s gigantic tostadas are one of my favourite
things to eat I love the texture the tortilla is so crispy and then you’ve
got all of that juicy topping on top so the ceviche is very tangy from the lime
juice great hit and burst of freshness from the onions and the lettuce now in
front of me here I’ve got a ton of different salsa so a whole lot of our
different sauces so we’ve got the green salsa verde, salsa Roja this one is sort
of like a a chunkier tomato and coriander and onion salsa what I’m going
to do is add a bit of the salsa verde so the green salsa which is my favorite
onto this tostada to give it a bit of heat so it’s made with
coriander so cilantro and also chillies and tomatillo which are green tomatoes so
chuck a ton of that on there cause I love a bit of spice all right one more bite it’s rapidly breaking up because the
juice from the ceviche is soaking through the tostada so time to eat
quickly the heat from the salsa verde is brilliant
it’s spicy but but it doesn’t kill your taste buds it’s just a nice
tingle works perfectly with all of those ingredients something I love about
this place is how big it is so all the yellow around us belongs to this
restaurant and as far as market food stalls go I’ve never seen one like this
and it really screams about how popular this place is they have so many seats
right let’s have this chicken one so I’ve put no toppings on top ooh you’ve gotta
be careful that was pretty close to breaking in my hand Wow oh that is good the shredded
chicken is beautiful the onions really come through so they’ve got a very
strong sweetness and tang from the onions now I might put something on this
so I said toppings before obviously these on here already are the toppings what I
meant was the salsas so we’ll put a little bit of this nice dark red one on
so we’ll just sprinkle that all over look at that beautiful piece of avocado Mexico
is known as the avocado capital of the world they grow more avocados here than
anywhere else and the quality is so high of the avocados that salsa it’s amazing not as spicy as
it looks it’s really red so it looked really fiery but it’s not and the
avocado so creamy everything on this tostada works perfectly together
oh okay now the salsa is a bit spicy but the perfect level not too crazy now I
think this is going to go perfectly with my favourite drink in Mexico this is jamaica so it’s a it’s a cold water based drink but made with hibiscus
flower really nice and floral not too sweet but definitely nicely sweetened
that is super refreshing it’s really good on the super hot days in Mexico
it’s not actually a hot day today but it’s still super refreshing with the
spice and Sheena has her favorite drink which is tamarindo which is same style
of drink but made with tamarind so I’m gonna steal some of hers nice and sour but again nicely sweetened so really well balanced and that one’s got sort of some chunkiness in it so
it’s a little bit gritty super good drink as well this is one of my favourite markets in Mexico
City the vendors are all really friendly there’s so much to look at and it’s so
colorful there’s actually tonnes of decorations and whatnot at the moment
for the Day of the Dead which is coming up and also Halloween it’s just a really
vibrant fun market to walk around time for some more food there’s a spot up
ahead which we’ve heard is really popular with the locals for quesadillas
so let’s go and grab some quesadillas this stall is all go there are people tearing around taking orders the food is flying out of the kitchen the tortillas
are being made to order they’re being pressed right in front of us we
ordered a quesadilla which has been just grilled and then filled with
huitlacoche which is corn smut so the grey stuff here and then also some
cheese now this is a true quesadilla this is not Tex-Mex quesadilla and it’s
very simple and the smell of the tortilla is absolutely incredible so
let’s get into this thing Wow the huitlacoche is incredible
so it’s corn fungus I suppose and it’s got a beautiful soft texture and quite a strong flavour, bery earthy the texture of it is almost like cooked garlic and then the cheese is just perfect
I love the simplicity of it the tortilla has a great flavour too so we got two sorts of quesadillas and
the most obvious difference is the way they’re cooked so this one is deep-fried
whereas Sheena’s was cooked on the hot plate so you can see this one’s sort of
pinched together and it’s a little bit crispy around the edge but exactly the
same same tortilla but just cooked in oil this one and I got flor which is the
zucchini flower essentially so the orange flower you see off the zucchini plant and
it looks like there’s some cheese hiding in there as well Wow look at it, it’s super super hot in
there very crunchy on the edge where it’s been in the oil so as crunchy as a as a
tortilla chip like a corn chip very crunchy beautiful flavor from the from
the tortilla I’m gonna get some salsa on this one the red one is right in front
of me so I’m gonna grab a whole lot of that pour it in that little hole that’s
on the top fill it up sweet spicy earthy from the flowers the
cheese is just a nice little creaminess and that crunch from the tortilla is
magical we’re going to leave the main market now and head down the
road to a market which specializes in antojitos which are little snacks
but before we leave one of my favorite stops in any Mexican market is the
sweet shop I just love seeing all the different types of sweets on offer and
there’s one particular sweet that we need to pick up for the road these are
my favorite they’re called mazapan and they’re made out of peanuts and sugar
and they’re really crumbly they just dissolve in your mouth so we’re gonna grab a few of
those yum we popped our heads into the snack
market but it was just more of the same so lots of quesadilla stalls so we’ve
doubled back and we’re heading to a stall which we’ve heard does really good
like tlacoyos which are like a corn patty that are hand moulded and then cooked on
the comal which is this big pan and then topped with all sorts of toppings so let’s go and grab one so we’ve got all sorts of toppings
on here we’ve got nopales which is cactus paddles and then salsa Roja and
salsa verde so the red salsa, green salsa and then this lovely lady is popping on
some fresh cheese for us too what’s most distinctive about the
tlacoyo here is that it’s made with blue corn dough so you can see the color is
just stunning and this one is stuffed with cheese you can see the cheese in
there it’s topped with a red salsa and then the green topping here is nopales
which is cactus paddles there’s some onion and there’s some fresh cheese so
they’re being shaped by hand and then they’re cooked on the comal there
so just very gently heated and cooked this looks really good Wow
the flavour is stunning it looks like it would be quite heavy and tough but it’s
not it’s very light the cheese inside has melted a little so it’s very creamy
and the masa has got a beautiful almost smoky flavor from being on that comal
the nopales which is the cactus a little bit crunchy it has the texture
of capsicum it’s got a really nice flavour oh so good as a whole it’s very simple but
all the flavors are very distinctive I really like the different textures the
creaminess and then that masa the corn dough oh it’s stunning that was such a delicious street
snack so I don’t know whether it’s just because it’s a weekend it’s a Sunday
today but the streets of Coyoacan are lined
with street stalls so all sorts of food, snacks and handicrafts so it’s a great
atmosphere that stall um is usually there most days so she’s a sort of a
permanent stall she’s just outside of the main market on to our next snack our next street food is gonna be churros and chocolate so churros and hot chocolate
so in Coyoacan there are tons of churros stalls this area is sort of quite famous for them
we’ve come to a really popular old-school spot it’s called La Parroquia
and I love the facade of it it just has this really old world feel so let’s go and get some churros and hot chocolate the smell of this dish is incredible so
you’ve got the smell of the churros themselves and that sugar on the
outside and then you’ve got the smell of the chocolate now I find this dish
really interesting because it’s got two very different origins that came
together and morphed and changed so churros very well known often called a
Spanish doughnut and the churros did come to Mexico with the Spanish conquistadors so when the conquistadors came to Mexico they brought the
ingredients and the idea of churros so that came to Mexico at that time however
chocolate is something that’s been around a long long long time in Mexico
it was very very sought-after chocolate here in fact was seen as a sacred drink
and was used in many ways in sacrifices it was drunk to cleanse the body so the
Aztecs and the Mayans all used chocolate so I love that when the
Spanish came they brought the churros and then they also brought sugar as well
so all these different things came together to make this so you’ve
essentially got we’ve got four churros here which is just a wheat batter
basically a donut piped into hot oil deep fried and then coated in sugar and
you can see the shape of them so they’re piped in with a with a with a pipe so
you get that beautiful shape and then we’ve got the hot chocolate so which has
been nice and bubbled up so it’s just a nice little cup of hot chocolate and the
magic happens when you dip the hot chocolate and the churros
so oh look at that so I thought the hot chocolate would be darker actually but
it’s nice and milky so you can see all the bubbles on the outside really good I like this often I find
this dish it’s too much the chocolates often very very thick very sweet and
it’s not the case here and I like how it’s a bit thinner so you can see here
when I stir the chocolate it’s a very thin and quite milky hot chocolate so
it’s not crazy thick but it gets into the churros really nicely this is a
brilliant version really well done often it’s just too much after one churros you’re
dying you’ve got too much sugar the chocolate’s too rich this is not the case
here it’s just light really good afternoon snack this sort of ties up
our day perfectly


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    I do a ton of research as you know and often have a specific dish in mind but whenever there are so many choices (as with the tostadas) I always go with the chef recommendation (plus my researched choice if the dish is smallish). I'm adventurous and will try anything and this practice results in many excellent surprises.

    "Jaki jest Twój ulubiony?" for pierogi in Warsaw.
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    In dozens of countries and many impossible languages every single person (100%) has understood my intent. And, they love to check if I liked their recommendations. It's a great way to make friends if only for a moment. I do this in the U.S. and English speaking countries as well. You may want to give this a try if your stomach can handle it. 😀
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