welcome to markets Cornell University did the largest most comprehensive scientific study ever conducted on what happens when people eat meat dairy and animal products is it really good or bad for us are we lacking key nutrients if we don't eat meat do we need meat for protein do people with certain blood types need to eat me if you or someone you know has cancer heart disease or diabetes you need to know about that china study meet the man who conducted this groundbreaking study right now on Marcus if your is a health and healing and getting yourself into a better state of health and living a long healthy life you've got to watch this video especially if the issue the topic of your issue is eating meat and how it affects the human body in any kind of animal products and if you think protein you're brainwashed into believing that you need to kill animals in order to have protein you got to watch this because this is the video that I have been so excited I'm amazed I'm even doing this video I flew across the country the Cornell University to interview the author of this book the groundbreaking China study this book is world-changing and I have the honor of interviewing dr. T Colin Campbell who's with me today yes you all know who he is who is going to explain to you who don't know about this the effects of eating animal products on a human body Cornell University and as is a real study studied 120 villages was it in hundred thirty dollars or thirty villages in China which incorporated over what six and half thousand people and the effects that eating animals has on your body so thank you for being here is honor is beyond words to be able to do this because this is going to really hopefully set people straight because most of this stuff until for most people it's hippie talk it's like yeah yeah that's just you just don't want to kill animals but nothing beats a good ol scientific study especially from a reputable University there is a lot of controversy you and the powers that run the world the country the whatever right colleges for the existing system right exactly colleges for the state of school doing the wrong thing you're doing something that's going against what they tell you to do and say in in the educational system in the medical system and you're upsetting a lot of people by coming out and saying I'm not amazing even pull this off with the with it with the university that even allowed this to happen well the university wasn't in a position to stop it really they could have but right with the way it works in the research world we get money to do the research the money came from the National Institutes of Health in Washington that's the biggest biomedical research agency in the world actually and so I got money for many years from them it's very competitive and that's my doing that's not the university aren't the big industries sure fed by the beef and dairy and yeah the industries of course they fund some research like this no no I don't they try to stop this guy oh yeah they raise Cain they did things like you know maybe the one orientation one day to see tried to get me fired they couldn't because I had tenure you know these kind of things happen but I just focused on the research essays you screw them I should say that push it it's a miracle you're able to pull this off because the world needs this information even if one person can come forward and bring it so okay so let's get to the good stuff for those people who are just watching this for the first time in who are just getting into health for the first time and you have been brainwashed especially with well I guess how many about eighty percent of the world eats meat this is pretty pretty life-changing for people even consider the thought that I mean everybody thinks you have to have meat for protein well you don't we don't we know that that's true what you just said you know people are fascinated with protein probably more than any other single nutrient where all the way back to the time of its first discovered in 1839 protein was the thing yeah that was us our life we have to have much if we can get more or less people assume that was always from animals that's not true we get all the protein we need from where the gorillas get there absolutely I mean the biggest strongest animals safe the elephants now look this is grass I mean make all the protein they need exactly from heating plants exactly what happens when people eat animal products the book itself to kind of study is got sort of two stories in here one story it was all that laboratory research we had been doing for years you know experimentally especially on diet and cancer especially on the effect of protein on cancer growth so I was really into the weeds you know into the details of how that works because of ideas project promotes cancer we could turn cancer on by giving more protein and that by the way was dairy protein right animal protein animal person so I'm from a farm and that was a that was a pill to save a little while to adjust to so we did that for some years with lots of students and other colleagues and and then finally the opportunity came along for me let's go to China we had to first in my lab occur we had the first senior sizes from China to come to the United States at the time our two countries were first talking to each other he was a scientist and so we organized a study that was jointly funded by the United States and China to some extent the United Kingdom or England we went there and we had an opportunity to survey a big population a total of 100 living in total 130 villages you know 6,500 adults plus their family and we just collected a massive amount of information we looked at blood samples and urine samples and food samples and the reason we went to chance to do that is because cancer was so common in certain areas of the country and not in others so we had a chance to come here what's so special about the ones consuming getting more cancer actually getting more heart disease getting more that's getting more that and so we we collected a massive amount of information and so you know it's not simple they were it was complex and so we were then having a look at which kind of nutria characteristics were associated with getting more disease and it turns out the good-old that we eat the West you know more animal food which meant more protein more fat right it also meant less plants plants have an antioxidant that's a big total story so when we consume in a nutshell when we start consuming more animal foods in our diet getting more protein because we think it's so valuable we get more protein we get more fat we get less fiber we get less solar by McGillis the combination of everything work together it's amazing and so that question is that it working together that's a really key thing in science we tend to focus on unfortunately on just looking at one new period of time protein does this fat Thursday favor you know that sort of some useful information in a sense but that's not the best information the best information stand back and look for the Whole Foods right that's really important why animal products aren't just it isn't just the fact that it's it's cholesterol and fat I mean as a cow has hormones and they could going to be 2,000 pounds yeah the igf-1 and the cow is powerful so you're feeding in cancer and things that grow that you don't get from plants right and that's part of the story is true and we all make hormones this event that's right it only makes the body only makes what it needs because right make sure it is respect your hormone the cow that would that make it grow that's why bodybuilders like to have meat because they want to get big well there's another part of that story there too we increased our homeless if you will but eating animal protein protein causes those hormones to increase that's why bodybuilders like it but they also get cancer heart disease I mean the three biggest things the cause of death in the modern world our heart disease cancer and diabetes all of which can be traced to animal products in the Western world right here as we go to the poorer countries is also they die of infectious diseases right says a different story but nature's the Western world yes diabetes heart disease and cancer are the biggest and people don't know that his attacks of pain diabetes and animal products yes they think this is bread and sugar that's right and that interesting point by the way that I got involved in is that this idea it has such a broad effect yeah but all kinds of illnesses and even ancient paints your people switched to a whole food plant-based buys a lot of mine if they switch to that even the chronic pain at 20% of our population tend to have on a regular basis that tends to go away in a lot of cases at least 70 to 80 percent of it wasn't there part of the book where they took people that were eating meat and had cancer they got off of it and then people that were off of meat got onto it and you saw what happens when they switch well that was my own or only study in the laboratory not in China that was done you know experimental well you did do that if we did that and we could turn on cancer but increasing the concern for animal protein this case was no protein I think white people think it's just meat it's dairy he's a big part of it and it is varied actually I sort of thing so when I gave animal protein cancer started to grow we take it away it cuts it off you get her back again and cuts it on in other words that was one of the early I guess you could call it discoveries we made way back in the 1970s this is actual scientific testing that method of course of course and we we got into the laboratory and we work with cells and the biochemistry and we tried to understand is that really true this is crazy you know I'm coming from a dairy farm is hard to digest there accept it so we started looking for the biochemical mechanism we looked and looking to look and that took about 15 years and a tiny behavior that's oh my god you know everything's going wrong when you start eating animal protein it does all kinds of things inside of the cell and this other body to start causing these disease to form and all the sorts of other things all kinds of illnesses and so in the moment you pull that out eat more plants they can 100% of possible don't a lot of salt or sugar and fat or that of course your that way we can see results in 10 days Wow 15 days 20 days it's really truly amazing and my good friend at Cleveland Clinic dr. Caldwell Esselstyn another friend dr. Dean Ornish Dean had been doing some of this kind of thing from a little different perspective they're both doctors and they they basically work on on heart disease take a cure heart disease yeah yeah I mean it's just amazing so you look at I know I know there are people who are going to say well I have a grandfather or an uncle that's 97 years old and he's eating meat all his life more than what I say – you know there's some people about 5% of the people more or less could smoke all their lives right never get lung cancer so is that the proof of the pudding no I mean what about the other 95% exactly and I always say it's not just what you eat it's like you have stress are you exercising and health is a whole package do you know they're not just that and yeah eating a little bit is in if you have a little bit of bad stuff but a lot of good stuff it kind of you know that's right but most people on the modern world all they eat is just bad stuff and so it comes up for you so dairy is obviously just as bad as the meat which includes ladies yogurt right that's right yeah and what people understand and yogurt is just fat and sugar and they say to old house probiotics and you know science is kind of complicated don't you might imagine some of this stuff there so called probiotics you were taking a loan you look at them it was pretty good you know some of them right and so in a short run you can actually see some benefits that they're doing that kind of thing but but the point is that what that says to me often times because it might be microorganisms in our gastrointestinal tract and our colon for is that quite you take them out know they can do some good things all this motion we need but to turn take it out and put in a pill and do it that way crazy yeah because if you eat the right food what happens all those organisms in our intestine they they shift gears they've become the right kind of organization that's what happened right right there are a lot of vegetarians out there who take whey protein and they're even know that's dairy bait now is that isolated so much that it's not really dairy anymore or is it still a foreign protein to the body that causes yeah I am aware of the athletes like to use a lot of protein and they do that but and what I'm now become acquainted with or know several world-class athletes in different sports they have switched your over to a plant-based diet and they actually improve their performance right exactly from wrestlers to wait licorice the baseball players basketball football yeah you name it and so I just you know the day John Brady you know this quarterback yeah yeah yeah I mean his chef and taken our course here and he got on to doing this kind of thing so others like Gary Player and golf lane or Tony Gonzalez you know the great football player right yeah a whole bunch of people like that or suing it so they don't need actually protein because you know they die early if they stay on that kind of stuff they're desperate if any are away or that's the big thing out wait for yeah I know we don't read that no the way is just another animal protein source and there's some of it is that maybe I may not be quite as bad as lesser case laid dairy on the one hand on the other hand you have to workout in totality you can't just pull things out and say I mean gives you some information but in a final in the final analysis of the total foods but you can get your protein from plant source of course legumes obviously a great source of protein whole grains and leafy vegetables that's not even even the plants that have the least protein is really enough we'll take your potatoes you did another protein amputated pretty well just starts and loss there's some protein there yeah this was like they're bright there's enough is actually enough protein and potatoes to be ready so the whole thing is crazy so if you eat a well-balanced mixture of all my foods you should be getting here all my some plants only have certain amount of amino acids it's an incomplete protein so you mix it with other plants and now I hear that a lot from the meat people well plants of incomplete proteins they're missing three of the essential amino acids or something that's that's great news really yes big news it's true that you know when you consume a plant protein there's one or two amino acid a little lower then it just not as efficient let's say they don't protein and but there's a reason for that it gets loads down a growth of a little bit that used to be considered bad it's good makes you live longer let you live longer and you don't get the disease subsequent these phases so the so called incomplete proteins pay no attention to it they're superior because anything that makes you accelerate something growth like you know people want to get big muscles fast there's a price you pay for cancer fat yeah and they all get me I'll get heart attacks and cancer and they're under quite a lose your hair your prostate cancer is the big trend now it's bone broth it sounds kind of discussed whole food plant-based basically here bone broth you don't hear way don't even need a lot to supplement forget it exactly that's that's nature yeah that's nature's Palmer yeah and it works I agree I mean people think that people who are vegetarian or I should say vegan which means no dairy no milk no cheese no butter just plant foods that they think they're going to they're lacking like they say there's certain things that meat has that you need like certain like Liza tarring and certain amino acid that you don't get from playing actually that cast neutron but not here an alliance no okay acknowledgments and what was the other one b12 but great well that's that's dirt right I mean it's organisms right well Neutron is not so bad I mean if there is one gets into this especially the food resistance Cooper's very clean compared to what it was maybe met Ryan decades ago and instead of taking out a garden we will be missing a little b12 because we won't have the food right off yeah exactly yeah surely take a b12 and that's video yeah it doesn't mean you're not supposed to eat plants you know they would of course not especially so what other major interesting discoveries that a passing you will be are from the book that you found scientifically yeah here's what I get excited about it I guess I should say what we're discovering about nutrition which incidentally other science has not taught in medical schools right so it's not part of the medical practice system what we're learning about nutrition the whole food plant-based there's a very broad effect what that means is it treats all kinds of illnesses we might get or we have and it's a good for treatment too if you already have it eat that you can reverse a lot of these things you know the nutrition thing is very broad compared to the alternative is taking a single chemical we call them drugs yeah if you take if you use drugs to maintain health just not going to work as you get side effects and they don't work anyhow very well and keep on eating a bad thing you're going to take drugs to patch up your problems a little bit yeah and the short run you might see something but in the long run no well I don't take any drugs we don't I'm 83 you don't take a drug it's just a chemical it has a reaction your body that hides a symptom so the doctors rate my temperature description the height is symptom and I always say well why don't you stop doing what's causing the problem in the first place right the people don't want to do that they say no I want to keep eating my pizza and my beef and my milk and my cheese but just give me a something that hide the symptoms that are coming from that it's ridiculous that's that's what some some of that works is some of the drugs I'm not you know totally opposed to some drugs because some drugs use appropriately at a certain time might have like painkillers or something like that yeah it's understandable but but the fact is that's not the wait you don't think a lifestyle you long term like that no now the right thing you're joining everyone who's ever yeah and if you need to write the really really healthy stuff your body's going to heal right now quickly and naturally what because people always want scientific proof to prove that this is legitimate so what what other things have you found in your study that that are fascinating well elegance the effect is fast as I indicated before it's broad and it's rapid surprisingly record changed a diet in 10 15 20 days if you got some problems they start going away that's amazing you're a lot of drug they never do that yeah and they cost profit on the way and it's nice and safe you know a side effect the other thing is just the nutrition Trump's genes a lot of people want to make make out that you know we get to see that there's nothing I can do about average check out yeah you know it we all have some bad cheese we have some G's we'd rather not have right but he's right food keep them under control yeah don't get expressed you know the big thing I was the Paleo diet and then you just be a caveman and eat meat that's a ruse you're the Paleo diet the low-carb diet all the same just different names okay and really what they're doing is they're promoting their they're claiming they called the hydrates of the problem that's crazy carbohydrates only fruits and plants so in a way what they're doing they're using this argument or a boy called behind race well then you have to eat more protein at that you know it's kind of food that's really that what the real motive is to protect the consumption of animal foods so they make a story out I mean sure some certain kinds of sugars so simple once white sugar white flour you know that's if they went that far okay we can agree yeah right but that's not what the issue is right you know you need to chill all the food you don't worry about that what are you saying these people would say well I have a certain body type of blood type or yeah I got that book on the blood type thing and in the beginning I felt one that he had something there I started reading I remember I got to page 35 I couldn't stand it because his understanding of science was milk so I gave it to one of my postdocs to read it I said take a look at this right you know he also got the bus to that for two he says I don't want to read that book I mean you know he's basically as in many ways this kind of place science I actually have a blood type where I'm supposed to eat me meet you yeah and I know people that have an eat that have the same blood item they have meat in 30 years and they're better often people like doing that's right I I'm supposed to you eating me I'm 83 and I don't say you drive 83 that's that's amazing you look you're amazing for your age and how long have even vegetarian line we start changing in the late nineteen seventies early eighties thanks to my wife she would listen to what I was saying and so she started changing the diet by 1990 we had made a complete run 1992 is free something like that we had basically been joined the whole way you know just eating whole plant-based foods that's good and yeah and so that's right so whatever number of the years that is and I still run and I you know I might tell a little story here that was kind of in the illustration two days before Christmas is past Christmas always playing racquetball we want to play racquetball with my grandsons both of them are really good athletes and my son and I just wanted to get a point under they used to play quite a bit I fell I fractured my hip and so I by age that's not good the pressure hits me a death sentence for a lot of that's right pressure my hip so I go down it took me to the hospital nationally he's an operation he went into surgery came out of the room I was still under anesthesia more or less he sees my wife he goes like that and she said your husband has unusually strong bones for someone his age and she says to him you know what that so he said why he doesn't his theory and of course that is goes right in the face he Covanta yeah yeah and so he's now sure I said I give him the book has to read the book Nilka and so it was a sister 12 months before you sort of your honor I'm around yesterday two and a half miles has just about but about four months so you know I obviously am recovered very fast and that is awesome when was this study done in China was it under 70 there's two sets of data there was one has to do with mortality rates in China what the Chinese had learned in the 1970s and published in 1981 was that cancer was very common in certain areas right undercut you not another's so that was done then we went to China and mentioned 83-84 we collect a lot of information to see why cats are so high here and some over there so it was the 70s and 80s that was China which means back then they were not really into junk food like we were a little more primitive they were having more more closer to nature foods grown as much right because here people the reason I get cancers because the Twinkies and doughnuts and pizza but over there they were still eating more natural more closer to nature though really it wasn't the modern refined foods I was killing always but eating animals and animal products is was killing hundreds of millions of people heart disease cancer diabetes and you know it is if we don't need to do that obviously we just should eat the whole pie bases we shouldn't not only sure we should try to avoid animal foods we should try a drop also avoid the what I call processed foods right convenience food exactly even if they're made of plant parts right because I'm somebody doing that something exactly exactly you know and they all pass but still that's wrong right if you want pharmacist revolutionary stuff and it's so important people need to know this they really the only diet really works in totality you know that involves all of our health problems that do well and it works at all ages that's important to know to and it works for cross different societies eating a whole food plant-based diet will give you the best health problem met the most number of years period thank you for the interview thank you for your time you're really helping the world it's a miracle you were able to get it through the system and get it out there that's going to happen we got this you know it's also important to the environment which is yeah the truth always comes out you can't hide it it will always come out somehow and things have to balance so thank you again thank you the book is the China Study the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted other doctors like Dean or a say it's one of the most important books about nutrition ever written dr. Campbell runs the Center for nutrition studies is to Cornell University it's an online course that anyone can take to learn more about diet nutrition and lifestyle that's backed by science finally the truth is coming out you can learn more at nutrition studies org or email info at eCornell com my name is Marcus rock Krantz keep watching Marcus to find out more about how to radically improve your life


  1. i tested a lot and i know that ive protein deficiency if i start craving peanutbutter (and meat of course ;S)

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    LDL (IDEAL = 70) Omnivore: 123 ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ–. Vegetarian: 87 ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿง€๐Ÿณ๐Ÿฅ›. Vegan: 69 โœ…โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐ŸŒŽ. I know because I had a stroke, eating meat and cheese and fish and milk. Hard arteries ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ–. Three months in hospital ๐Ÿฅ. But now Iโ€™m vegan โœ…. Smooth arteries. Scientific fact. And I donโ€™t stink anymore. Clean and fresh every day !!! I didnโ€™t know this !!! ๐Ÿ‘โœ…๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‘•๐Ÿฅพ๐Ÿงฆโœ…๐Ÿ‘ . Shaolin Kung Fu ๐Ÿฅ‹, fast quick๐Ÿ’จ. โ€˜Vegansโ€™ โœ…๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ.

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  4. Dr. Campbell deserves the Nobel prize IMHO. How many scientists can do studies and look at their own belief system, realizing how they grew up, their cultural background in terms of diet was totally the wrong thing to do for great health? His groundbreaking research is having a positive effect on the whole planet!

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  6. The son of Adam cannot fill a vessel worse than his stomach as it is enough for him to take a few bites to straighten his back. If he cannot do it, then he may fill it with a third of his food, a third of his drink, & a third of his breath – Prophet Muhmmad sallahu alayhi wasalam.

  7. What they don't bother to investigate is the OVERALL lifestyle of the meat eaters compared to the vegans. Vegans are less likely to smoke, drink, and eat to excess, and more likely to exercise than meat eaters. That is why you should take these "studies" with a grain of salt.

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  12. This all goes along with what Dr. Morse says about systemic acidosis. I'm 3 days in on fruit detox and my eyes are clear for the first time in 4 years. I love The China Study and I love Dr Morse's explanation of the lymphatic system and base/acid biochemistry and it's effects on the body tissues

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