Sunday Car Wash Q&A | Answering Some Fun Personal Questions

Sunday Car Wash Q&A | Answering Some Fun Personal Questions

what's up you guys pitbull toys a lot to wash my car and answer some questions question number one are you single or do you have a girlfriend just playing in the field you're looking at it right here man I saw her here she never lets me down reliable number two can you talk about what it was like growing up in your early childhood let's see well I think of my early childhood I think of just playing sports started like soccer at like 5 and I think I play like baseball but I never liked that and then football football was like the first one at 7 and then from 7 to like 19 I was playing football but yeah my when I think which are my childhood I just think I think of Irvine Chargers and I just playing football that's it question number three how can you build pass faster eat more heavy lifting high reps that's it eat more more heavy lifting compound lifts basic list they said what was your worst weight lifting injury and how did you deal with it probably messing up my AC joint and my shoulder I pretty much I was supposed to be resting and I was like just wanted to Train shoulders like an idiot so I Jack my shoulders up cuz that heavy bench like three days later so after that I just took a lot of time off yeah just lots of time off rest a lot of rehab exercises you just gotta learn I didn't know anything about rehab rehabbing exercises so yeah I just did a lot of light weight and but mainly it's like take the time off let the tissues grow back and as your way back up to heavy weight that's it question number five do you have a family or do you want one someday yeah I'm family mom and dad thing what's it called yeah I mean one day for sure I'm only 25 so I love kids and stuff but not not anytime soon probably when I'm like thirty or older we'll see okay question number six what are your top 3 exercises squad bench Deluth very little squat bench deadlift the basic stuff is always the best stuff well obviously you could accessories will help but nothing beats the basic stuff what Benson telephone it's really my 3:30 look what about you're a beginner no jury nothing to give them um push up pull up and dip right there pull up some day huh question on my second do you do any cardio no I don't unless I'm like trying to lose weight but I'm not trying to his weight so I don't do any steady-state cardio ok question number 8 what program do you prefer to run squat only day lit the only day and you go three times a week four times four five times training about like five times a week and as a beginner you should be doing like three like almost total body exercises every day so like squat like lower body upper body like probably three times probably three or four times a week and then if you're more advanced you can probably do one body part a day but that's more like body building training it's great but it just depends like that's for more probably experienced lifters because if you're a very beginner and just want you all chess you might do only like five sets and then be completely just tired so do full body exercises if you're beginner fir probably three to four weeks I mean three or four days out of the week and then a more advanced you do train one body part a little bit longer that's my advice what is your opinion on CBD oils and training I like CBD where it's good man it's not like no miracle like freaking dicks but it helps definitely as what do you guys by your shorts yeah virus is where I normally get my shorts for a Nike but it's kinda expensive but whatever's okay question number ten have you ever done any Olympic weight training or thought about training for the Olympics um in high school you do like a lot of weightlifting I mean Olympic weightlifting like hand clean power cleans and stuff and honestly I kind of sucked at it but it's a very technical lift and obviously they don't really have good people teaching you at the high school level for Olympic lifts and yeah it's a great exercise don't get me wrong but you just need to have really good coaching and technique I have really bad flexibility I've just been like in the fifth grade I can't even do the shoulder mobility test so Olympic weightlifting has always been hard left all their overhead stuff but I love Olympic weightlifting like that's why I squat high bar with very upright just like an Olympic squad because I like the way it looks and it's very explosive so yeah I like Olympic withersteen training and I do do some of Olympic weightlifting training if you want to say so if you ever have to you know the correct proper training for Olympic weight training would you do it tell your father good the right coach I'll try exactly very interesting is there we've rinsed this water off I'll be right back wash and number eleven pick you had any other car what would it be oh I know 87 grand national GNX Buick inline six torque turbo that's my dream car right there okay and ask for everyday normal day-to-day driving a car um yeah I would like that for sure the other cars out there for our day to day driving car for a newer car cuz I think everybody wants to know like what new car I would have I'll probably want to have a CTS B I love cts-v then I just freaking sick there they drive like a Cadillac but you know got the power and all that stuff so CTS vs or dope I like those anything pretty much like I like I like American for sure I don't really like European stuff cuz they're they're just a hassle to maintain and I've seen all the stuff that goes wrong with them just expensive so even though he had the money I just wouldn't want to be fixing stuff that cost a lot of money for no reason so I like the American cars more for sure but don't get me wrong I like Lambos I like Ferraris all the engineering is a lot just it's crazy so they take the time with it and then they know their for sure question number 12 would you ever consider selling your car oh no never this is my first car I would never sell it what about if the price is right I probably still win it sell it wait come on to the right to the right buyer you say you're pitbull friend yeah I want to buy this car I'm a fair man I don't care what the price is tell me a price tag on it one people said I probably would like over 100 over 100 Kenny just because like I love building cars I would love to do it again even though this is my first car it means a lot to me my buck Mo Money and just a lot of memories in the but what's it called yeah it's just I and it's fun building them so why not build another one trying to get make money off it how much did you pay to actually buy the vehicle and no money invested into it or anything like that to actually just get the car I bought this thing six years ago for $4,000 so I was pretty cheap by at the time I didn't have any money so like that but I was super happy with my purchase well yeah I've jumped about probably like 15 almost 20k into this thing and it's a lot of money but that's that's the period of five years spending that money so it's um it's my hobby it's like it's the second thing I love most compared to weightlifting and like powerlifting it's honestly maybe you didn't mean it probably means more to me because I've been doing cars longer than have powerlifting and weightlifting so it means a lot wait it ain't gonna pay me unless something freakin sponsors so yeah it's Paul do I need to learn how to drive like be a professional racecar driver because that's like always been a goal since I was a little kid – would you be consider you know someone offered you some classes are suppose to take it in one of these good you know car drivers like a reached out Tina said you know watch this video looks like you're interested do all kinds of drift Road race like obviously just learn how to be a really good drag racer that's a lot of time – this just takes practice man you gotta learn from the best just I've learned from the best from lifting I learn from the best and drag racing or any type of the racing sound system huh yes sir it's not complete but a little something a little jail audio speaker 13-inch sub with the 800 watt duct leakage on that and performance technique in that amp seriously like 30 years old it's old one changing those power I don't know that charges that powers up my speakers my Alpine's inside actually have jail audio inside how you said a tall pine and then just a little alpine speaker power my sub I want to get two of these I gotta get a different alternator though what is your favorite color my favorite color oh man that's hard everyone says black and whites not each other but I'm super plain maybe great I like great gray I guess this like sticker same thing mr. st. it's the same thing I guess pretty much yeah I don't really have a favorite color man I really really would you ever consider doing yoga um yeah I've actually done yoga I've done hot yoga before I've done hot yoga and it was honestly super hard it was really hot I've done wrestling so I'm used to like being in a heated room and stuff but um yeah yoga is good it's just I'm so tight a lot of the times I need help and get stretched in that position because I can't even get into it so it's kind of useless if someone can't help me so yeah just depends I need you know me someone to help me but stretching is not the best thing you think man a lot of people over stretch so make sure you're not one of those do you have any upcoming events any upcoming you know things that you're training for dentistry working out and stuff every weekend things um yeah I have a competition in November and I honestly don't even know the exact date I think it's like the sixth I think it's like the first week of November and yeah that's my next powerlifting me it's in up north and where is it Dublin Dublin up north a little near underneath Sacramento and stuff like that so yeah excited for that man I have a new coach that's been training me Steffi Cohen it's been like almost three months I've been training on any third so I'm excited we'll see what kind of numbers I put up what other sports do you like to watch are you like watching sports I like football obviously my favorite thing to watch I like MMA I like basketball I like yeah honestly I like a lot of camp a combat sports I don't really like soccer or baseball it's just too slow for me so probably yeah for sure football I'm in May and then basketball some of my top sports hey Pig I heard you used to wrestle how long did you actually wrestle for yes sir I wrestled for four years just in high school honestly I didn't even wrestle my senior year I don't really regret it I just had to kind of falling out with my head coach he fired my assistant coach that was pretty much like my mentor for wrestling so I'll kind of want to know how I would have done but yeah I wrestled from eighth grade to my junior year and man it was the best times in my life did you win any events yeah for sure I was on varsity wrestling as a freshman I went to CIF as a sophomore and junior I had lots of injuries all hyper-extended both my elbows my sophomore year and my junior so that held me back a lot but other than that mr. Bell's injuries the worst injury that you said it was hard to deal with was to show me more yeah cause it was such a mental thing like I was scared a bench press again because everything I did and just kind of hurt my shoulder so I had to start with the bar and just make my way back up like I said take some time off and then just start with lightweight and take your way back up I get asked a lot what do I got done to my motor and stuff someone tell you guys it's a 5.0 liter it's a 331 stroker so it's still original block from 1992 it's just stroked over so it's a 331 so it's honestly a little bit bigger than a 5.0 so I like a 5.3 and then with that I have aluminum heads I've headers I obviously have a Vortech v tv2 supercharger that helps just push more air a lot more hair and yeah just freaking everything is brand new bigger injectors the headers water pump pretty much anything you can name of is brand-new on this car I'm gonna get a new manifold right here this is the upper intake manifold because it's limiting the on horsepower I'm making about 450 horsepower right now making 502 torque and I need them to make more horsepower I need to get a bigger intake manifold that's not a big enough intake manifold so I'm gonna sell that one and get another one so stay tuned for another card video getting making my car faster and yeah also I got the MSD box I installed that yesterday Efrain shop I made a video that videos out now my youtube you can go check that out that's the rev limiter in the two-step or the launch control and then throttle over rev my motor and that's pretty much it man it's just a basic freakin stroker with the supercharger making about with my with my intake we'll see man thanks for watching my car I hope you guys got to know a little bit more about me with all the questions I answered and if you guys just leave it any more questions below I'll get back to you guys on that I'm gonna start doing a little series on washing my car and doing a Q&A with you guys so yeah leave some questions below like comment subscribe almost forgot before I in this video I'm gonna give a post notification shoutout to Leo's arathi thanks for following man I really appreciate all the support means a lot to me man and for anyone else want me to post over we can shout out just make sure you guys like comment and subscribe and drop a comment on my latest video and I'll pick one of the winners finest post on vacation zone


  1. Can you do a video on rehabilitation exercises if you havenโ€™t yet been following you for a while all the way from Australia. Always good content to watch awesome stuff

  2. I'm not even watching the video but it looks like your blood pressure is high.. either from orals or EQ. Take care of your health man.. Good luck

  3. Pit when you come to Sacramento for your meat are you going to go to supertraining and get a workout in, that would be cool if you did.

  4. Pit last question how do you maintain 180 pounds with out cardio and stay big as you do? do you take anything to help you?

  5. Hey Pit how long it took you to break into the 300's for bench press? I also wanted to know what excercises you did to achieve that and how many times a week you did the exercises. Thank you

  6. Just started working on my '01 Lightning Truck. So much to but being patient! Definitely liking the car videos bro.

  7. Wat up homie…
    Shout out to bronx new york 718…
    Question do u do abs workouts?…
    If u dont how u got your 6 packs??…

  8. Whatโ€™s up Pit…Keep on getting huge numbers…Shout Out from Fort Hood Tx / Lake Elsinore Ca…๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ

  9. I hurt my shoulders as well. im gonna take it insane but no pushing movements well as heavy lol. been 3 days now feeling better

  10. Sounds like you need to break in that pony pitbull that mustang u have sounds like it need too be redline more often dude instead off most car people who baby there car you need to be racing it either at your local races way park or on the freeway its already supposed too be 500hp which needs too be driving faster!!!

  11. Hey man can you please give a vid on how to increase your incline bench? Would speed bench or band resistance training on it work? The same as it would on flat?

  12. What's up Pit. Good to see you're doing good brother. Keep doing what you're dojng. My name is Adrian Perez from San Dimas CA. Maybe you could shout me out on the next vid? If not it's all good. You still got a loyal subscriber. God Bless

  13. Yo pit, when I bench 300+, I get severe lower back pain, which always takes me out for about a week. Any tips to alleviate the pain and keep getting my bench heavier?

  14. Hey Pit ! Just wanted to say i'm a huge fan boss and am sorry for the confrontation you and Big having…. Keep banging that weight! ๐Ÿ’ฏ

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