1. "Don't just do things to be AVERAGE, Do them to be LEGENDARY"

    What do you guys Like to Watch in my next Videos ?

  2. Stallones amazing! Keeps up with youngs in Expendables while other older fellas didn't do much! I believe Stallone is stronger than Arnold!

  3. Couple of old men trying to hang on to fame. That ship sailed 20 years ago. Sad, I don't wanna be dating a 20 something when I'm 60.

  4. If these "TWO" guys, god forbid pass away , , , everyone of us who has watched this clip will lose a memorable part of our passed lives.These guys are have made a couple of significant brush strokes in the canvass of our memories.

  5. Hermosa juventud pero mas hermosa es la vejes porque se vive de los recuerdos porque ese par fueron grandes

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