Taking you with us + Peach day

Taking you with us + Peach day

all right we're going out to eat we haven't done this in a while we're always cooking at home so we're gonna treat ourselves to tap those actually we've even been making homemade tacos right yeah they're good they're good you know you get like some greasy tacos when you go out so we're gonna do that we have a lot of errands to run this week this is what I mean huh it's just timing what is timing like we cannot do everything I once that's the way in last minute what do you owe the party yeah I haven't told them that part yeah but yeah we have a LYLAS party that we're throwing this weekend and we always end up running out of time so we're like let's plan everything out and start doing things early a little bit of everything early so today we're gonna start tapping into it he's cutting the grass although you're gonna do it again before they come we're being good about that when guests come we cut a grass if people don't come it looks like before um and then so we're gonna do some gift thingies for Lila's party set up lights in the basement just do a bunch of stuff we'll take you guys along with it right now we're gonna vote eat we need some fuel I'm also gonna get my leg down somehow it's gonna happen scared you aren't even good some typos yeah suddenly think I need it for my sitting again with back I'm doing you're right though right oh this one was ugly babe and that's probably what happened with this one – I bought a blanket couple of these guys and I kept them outside their nests pretty hot and sunny so I was like come I keep them outside well the chipmunk decided it will be its breakfast my plan it was so sad it's on back from our that one just split his ears and you rock coming out it's awesome but the phase he had when you you're so mad you're like I don't know what that looks like alright not very pretty huh do i do mad faces a lot no no that was yeah you really want this one it's cute you're gonna nurse it back to health because it looks great on the bottom Oh touch oh yeah they feel alright cute okay we'll take this that is not that no it needs water oh and light you know in water happen she's the water and so he's won this race and she's in the mouth because I beat you guys she said no that's how you tell my right if you always done that when they went little stinker you little stinker water your baby water it it's okay if you spill we're outside keep on going it ones a lot of water give it a lot of water try getting most of the water in the pot oh you want to do the strawberry yeah tiny water good job now put the rest in is it cuz you still didn't give it enough making it rain all right thank you don't drop it on the yeah you're holding the fragile stuff I should have been grabbing that but daddy needs to put it on the screen okay she'll go psycho and so this is a distraction and the reason for that is because she likes the FL o W is even the weeds so we're gonna do this for her birthday so much into a plant person way too much I will show you a clip why are you praying she doesn't want daddy to cut the of her going psycho while he is doing it she's trying to like figure out what I'm saying I see her anyway so we're gonna do this to distract her it's the goody bags for her party and we went all out did we not like mummy came scooch over this way so I could dump the bag like these cute little pens oh my goodness and then even more cuz there are boys coming and I kind of wanted to make it like I have like a bunch of like this and and like hair ties for girls so we got them fireworks glasses things like that so we got to divide everything kandi where's the oh these I want to show these they're so cute they're little hair ties like there's so many I can't believe I'm having a hard time finding them a different type systems test bells so this should be fine look at taxes who are you gonna be late Rainbow Dash yeah and her friend is gonna be I think the name is Twilight right she's gonna be tilite when they got tutus and everything so I server excited all right we got a lot of work here Oh almost everything was from the dollar store yeah these like came in an eight pack whoopee cushions I thought that was like really cute that one I got from Meijer and then like the glasses the sunglasses and the other ones they just showed a couple tees also from there do we get nails from there I think it's just those two yeah so we gotta go through everything to separate the decorations from the goodies we got a lot of work to do right what's your daddy do it very cute watch the daddy did she's like I don't know I don't want him here though this is our thing all right daddy's gonna go find something else to do okay thank you big girl she helped me open everything up over here we got these cute little fluffy pens I think it's adorable the girls will love it we have these really cute hair ties and so as you guys when hubby was recording fireworks for boys and girls nail polishes for girls will be cushions because they're fun everyone's gonna be sitting on those that day a lot of these tops that are cute sunglasses we got starburst and all pink isn't that awesome yeah they're gonna be fun Smarties and now we're gonna put them all in a nice little goodie bag all right it's mama set up a bunch of cut up plastic rectangles not really squares I was going for squares thinking about those rectangles yeah yeah you got to put one of each of these on the back hey all right this is teamwork I am sweaty but that is what's going in one goodie bag okay so now we're putting on these little baggies and that's what it looks like it's a lot of stuff I didn't realize there was that much stuff in there but yeah thank you now I got a bunch to do because even after the ones that we have laid out they're still the boys once to do so we got a lot to do daddy finished you finished we didn't finish in here and we got a big backyard hi I'm sitting here putting on my shoes and thinking of all the work we have ahead of us cuz we have a favorite 16-foot trampoline we got a bill I keep making bubbles with my mouth you can't see that you're talking in like little bubbles I'm just weird I'm looking at the 16 foot trampoline behind him though we have to build we have ever probably ball net put up but that doesn't happen to like the day of which kind of sucks we moved our pallets our seating area for those of you who have been following for that long and yeah we have like a seating area of pallets and cushions and we move that we clean the backyard but still gonna set up so much hang lights outside oh there's so much to do you got to cut firewood bags from those logs we have in the back for bonfire and so it's Tuesday's but I feel like it's all good I gotta cut your hair all this stuff takes time hey I do have to do my hair get rid of my white hairs not funny but funny I've had white hair since I was like 18 but they're getting worse they're getting worse alright so we're gonna do like date I'm surprising you making time for this yes she's on a cool so she's having fun oh you're gonna call me for fog every single time yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh alright that was a really good session I've been having really good sessions maybe because it's like super hot and it just feels overly productive if you get what I mean we're gonna end the video here I hope you guys liked it if you like these videos hashtag love it so I know you love it be sure to LIKE the video be sure to be subscribed it's a little battle right by the subscribe button so you notified every time you post the video and it's all next time bye guys


  1. Any advice With the smith machine squats every time I do them I have lower back soreness it doesn’t happen when I do barbell squats

  2. An amazon, unlike insecure snowflakes I like my women strong, you're an example, gorgeous, kind-hearted, generous, warm

  3. I just repoted 25 plants at my mom's house they desperately needed it because she is not healthy enough to do it herself anymore but she always loved plants and flowers, also added 2 new babies to her collection. You were the inspiration for this, thank you❀ #loveit #plantladygoals

  4. I love watching your videos. Your energy is amazing and I can feel it. You guys are such a sweet family. Keep it up 😊😊😊😚

  5. Happy birthday Lila ❀️❀️ those are some awesome goodie bags I wish i were getting one lol I was excited to see sparklers and those pop snap things we used to have those all the time as kids. To my knowledge they can’t be purchased where I live they have to be brought in from out of state! Hope you guys have a blast and Lila enjoys her special day 😘 #loveit looking forward to the next vlog!

  6. Great video- your family is always so adorable πŸ™‚ the 3 of you make the perfect bunch! Thanks for sharing the workout. Finally done with vacations/family visits that I can hit leg day this week!

  7. You are so inspiring! Ahh <3 Found you on youtube a few weeks ago and been obsessed since. Keep it up girl you are killin it! πŸ™‚

  8. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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