TANNINS, Mineral Absorption, & Health + What I Ate Today

TANNINS, Mineral Absorption, & Health + What I Ate Today

good morning everyone I sincerely hope this video finds you well I am pretty excited for this actually because this is going to be the last installment in the anti-nutrient series that I'm planned anyway who knows more anti-nutrients might come up as you probably figured out from the title today we're gonna be talking about tannins and I have a beautiful glass of iced white tea here that is quite rich in tannins I can tell because there's a little bit of a bitter and astringent taste to this it actually makes my mouth feel a little bit more dry than it was before I drank it this tea is also a fairly dark color and the coloring and the astringent slightly bitter taste are some telltale signs that a food is rich in tannins but before I get too far ahead of myself first of all what are tannins why they're water soluble polyphenols that are part of the immune system of plants because of this tannins tend to concentrate in the most vulnerable parts of plants like the new shoots and the leaves and the very inner bark to dissuade predators from consuming or over consuming those vulnerable necessary parts of the plant on a standard Western diet the most common sources of tannins are coffee tea wine especially wine that has been aged in oak barrels and beer but tannins are also abundant in berries and nuts and seeds and a lot of legumes as well as chocolate pomegranate certain fruit juices and several colors of food dyes tannins are known to be an anti nutrient because they can interfere with mineral absorption inhibit digestive enzymes and cause protein Agra Gatien which is a fancy term that means that it makes amino acids clump together so that they can't be digested and utilized in the body there's also been some interesting research done in parts of the world where tannin rich foods like betelnut are chewed and held in the mouth for a long period of time people who do that are known to have much higher rates of cheek and esophageal cancers though it is not clear if is actually the tannin content of the betelnut or if it is another compound that is causing that increased risk in cancer there's also been some interesting research looking at people who consume very large quantities of mate' this study found a dose-dependent relationship with mate' with increased risks of certain types of digestive tract cancers and so again as it has been with essentially all of the anti nutrients that we have talked about the dose makes the poison do we need to be concerned about consuming large concentrated and chronic sources of tannins yes absolutely we need to be concerned about that we need to be wise about our tannin consumption I personally believe that it's very wise to be aware of sources of tannins in your diet this is especially so for those of us who had started to take on traits of a wackadoodle type diet I'm talking to you people who read about how good tea is for you and so you started brewing your morning tea with 72 teabags I'm talking to you natural herbal medicine people who read about how great certain forms of tree bark are and now you're drinking tea from it 18 times a day to reduce the amount of inflammation in your body and I'm definitely talking to you people who live off cacao and superfoods step away from your baggie of powder earthling please you guys just eat actual food in reasonable quantities please they made myself tear up a little bit with that one also if you are someone like me who gets their minerals from whole plant foods it would be wise of you to be aware of overlapping your tannin rich foods with mineral rich foods now certainly we do not have to get obsessive about this but I know that this cup of tea is a pretty gosh-darn good source of tannins and so I know that if I drink that tea with a very mineral rich meal the tannins are going to block a good portion of those minerals from being absorbed but I have read all of the research and I know that drinking a little bit of white or green tea every day is great for me so I like to make it part of my daily ritual and so I prevent the tannins and that tea from blocking the minerals that my body needs by simply drinking my tea about an hour before I have breakfast or two hours after I have a meal generally speaking I am a pre breakfast tea kind of girl because it also does contain some caffeine and I don't like being awake in the middle of the night maybe that's just me also it kind of pays to make sure that the fruit that you're eating is ripe which can be a little bit harder than it sounds since so much of the fruit that we get in our grocery stores and such is picked when it is not yet ripe I know that I have had the experience of biting into an apple and instead of being juicy and delicious and sweet it's a little bit astringent and bitter and it gives me dry mouth that's because that Apple was picked a little bit early and it is still pretty darn rich in tannins I've also had that experience when eating red grapes star fruit off of my tree if it's still green and no it doesn't taste good because it's still rich in those plant protective tannins but even with those simple and easy-to-implement tips it is still not possible to avoid 100% of the tannins found in plant foods and you really don't want to I don't think because been looking at the research all week there is tons of evidence to suggest that tannins are another one of these amazing polyphenols that has the capacity to be tumor cell specific in it's negative effects so what that means is that study after study after study has found that there has either been no effect or no negative effect on normal non cancerous human cells but when cancerous human cells are exposed to tannins the tannins have the ability to induce apoptosis or cell death or otherwise inhibit the growth or development of that tumor and so as with all of these anti nutrients that we have talked about over the last several weeks certainly let's be aware of and wise about these anti nutrients but also we do not need to stress out or go crazy and trying to avoid these anti nutrients because so many of them also have extremely protective properties and of course as we have seen over and over and over again with these protective compounds they are not made to work in isolation they are made to interact synergistically with a myriad of known and as of yet unknown plant chemicals that are found in plant foods whole plant foods and so we will be best served by consuming them in the state in which our bodies are used to them in non insane quantities of actual food okay so eat some whole plant foods don't drink bog water and you should be fine and I know what you're thinking you're like who would ever drink bog water but I had the same thought the first time I heard about a ketogenic diet and everybody's doing it a diet that says bacon and lard or health foods everybody would know better turns out not don't drink bog water duh I'm not so sure anymore y'all I'm not so sure okay so there is my beautiful breakfast and I have already had a few bites of it because I already filmed this except with the microphone off so take to have about 1/3 of a cup of rolled oats that I soaked this morning with a little bit of warm water then I have my standard bananas on top probably gosh I think it was about six of the real small bananas so maybe the equivalent of like one and a half big bananas I have about mm I would say another third of a cup of blueberries in there which are nice and tannin rich if I do say so myself and then a little bit of white pineapple just gonna finish that off my neighbor gave it to me the other day and it is so freaking sweet also quite acidic so then I have some pumpkin seeds thrown on top and a little blob of blackstrap molasses form the minerals and like I said earlier I am wise about mixing my tannin intake with my mineral rich foods I finished my white tea about an hour ago and so that has passed through my digestive system I'm now ready to consume these mineral rich foods but I do have a little bit of tannin rich blueberries and I'm just not gonna stress it stress out about it because like I've been fine for the last ten years I'm going to continue to be fine there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that I'm having any problem with getting too little minerals or too many tannins in my diet all right so I'm gonna scarf this down pretty fast and then I have to run out and do a ton of errands because y'all there is some stuff about to go down on the Big Island you better keep your eyes peeled keep you informed as I can but shits about to get real and I got to go buy band-aids to prepare I'm gonna need a lot of band-aids and I will see you guys the next time I consume sustenance planning on lunch lunch time would be good errands were successful I got another 50 pounds of oats for our household and then I also went and I gave some blood for a research project that's happening through my health insurance providers because as much as I rely on scientific research for getting information about what kind of diet and lifestyle is healthiest I also think it's awesome to be able to participate in that kind of research and over the course of however long I'm a member with my particular health insurance provider they will be taking blood samples from me and doing dietary questionnaires to determine my overall health and well-being with the food choices that I'm making and so the intention is is that over the years I will contribute some to the evidence base of what kind of dietary pattern is healthiest or at least adequately healthy to promote good human health throughout the lifespan and of course I hope that I'm doing the right thing but being part of this research project will help determine that I will try to contribute to the greater good whether I am right or dead wrong so to speak and it is officially a little bit past lunchtime and it is officially eight thousand degrees outside I am quite toasty thus the swimsuit in the house so I am really looking forward to this nice cooling lunch I have leftover salad from last night and then a lot of chickpeas on top with some of the chickpea cook fluid it's nice and cold from the fridge it feels good I also have just a tiny bit of white rice and a little bit of marinated tofu that I will be enjoying as well and this will be a perfect size lunch for me help cool me off be so good right now I am sweating underneath this tape so I like genuinely need to get this off it hurts so bad and I will see you guys for dinner so there is my gorgeous dinner I have a beautiful miso stir-fry some black beans that I defrosted a few minutes ago and some point arrow that has been boiled and steamed combo and then I put some food akaki a seaweed mixture on top of there a little pinch of kelp powder for some iodine and this will be everything that I ate today I hope you all have enjoyed this video and I hope you guys have enjoyed the entire anti-nutrient series and you've learned a lot and you feel really prepared and able to create a super healthy sustainable plant-based diet for your amazing selves because got to make better choices for yourself no one is going to do it for you and you have to take really really good care thank you guys so much for watching I will see you guys soon just kidding it's so hot I decided I needed some banana and ice cream it with a little bit of cacao powder and almond milk I've had some goji berries and walnuts on top and this is going to be perfect maybe it will help me stop sweating because I can't stop sweating so after this that will be everything that I ate today you planted so much today but sweat cools under live out jeans it through my pants to her bones yeah I don't know what I was thinking with pants today it's an tannins


  1. Since I'm Norwegian, I had to Google "bog water". Look what I found: https://beaus.ca/beer/bog-water/ Lol 🤣

  2. Greetings Lily (and family)! First off, you look sooo great. This video's structure, emotion, and length is to die for 🤩. We'd all be better off if more YouTubers were like you 🙌.
    Moving on to what I'm actually inquiring about – The further I dive into nutrition science (and dabble philosophy – cause we all do that, right?😉) it becomes more apparent that maintaining one's health is simply a matter of understanding the human body enough to give it what it evolved having (i.e. a variety of whole plant foods, sleep, sunshine, movement, pleasure). In the past, you've hinted at human evolution and anthropology topics in multiple videos.
    Most notably, in your "Why I Gave Up FullyRaw" video a while back, you made it very clear that wild fruit would have been hard to obtain for early humans. You then used the reasoning that the historical expansion of human brain size was recorded after our discovery of fire, the consumption of cooked roots, and beans and whole grains thereafter.
    The saddening question I pose is: when, do you think, humans historical began to stray from their primal WFPB diet? What motivated this deadly shift?
    Thanks. Rock on✌️

  3. Thank you Lilly for providing us with factual information. 💖Thank you for not talking and wobbling while walking on a treadmill and making me dizzy🌺

  4. Hi Lily💙 I’m so in love with your spirit and the message that you’re spreading💫 I’m plant-based chef and would so love to send you some yummy vegan oil free cheeses/sweets to enjoy, how could I do it?🤗 thank you, best wishes. Mariana🌿

  5. "The most common sources of tannin are coffee, tea, wine, and beer"

    Ahh yes, my four favorite food groups 😂

  6. Love the antinutrients series! Something I've been loving eating lately because of the heat is cold black beans blended up with dates, a little cacao, vanilla, and a teeny bit of almond milk. I pop that in the freezer/fridge to cool it down and it's a cold creamy chocolatey fudgey treat. Reminds me of chocolate pudding in flavor but thicker. Its one of the ways I get myself to eat beans when I'm sweating my butt off and dont want some hot beans and rice hahah

  7. Although I don't do nutrition research, I want to thank you (as a scientist relying on human volunteer participants, myself) for promoting research participation!

  8. The only time I eat like a wakadoodle is when blueberry season comes out. Hello Litre of blueberries in 2 days. I love you very much. (I only get blueberries a few times during the season. The rest of the year it is frozen blueberries in much more modest quantity.

  9. Still a coffee addict. I can't stop/won't stop. I usually drink it a while before eating anyway, which my stomach must really appreciate 😂😂😂

  10. Omg. This is all so complicating. I just eat Whole Foods when I’m hungry and drink tea whenever I want which is not often cause I’m not a tea fan. Love your videos but it’d be nice to see a more relaxed video. I love and and appreciate all the information but sometimes I just wanna see Petoonz and like a day in the life. Pretty please 😉

  11. Hey Lily I know you have videos on thyroid and adrenals mine do happen to be in a bad state from major stress an eating disorder (orthorexia). I’ve since then had chronic fatigue no energy orthorexia is far from my mind. But now I want to be healthy but I have no appetite I lost it and have to force myself to eat now. I want to get as much nutrition as possible do you have any advice? Thank you ❤️

  12. Lily,
    Or anyone here, have you ever heard of Auro Liquid Gold? It's apparently a liquid you put into your water that filters out 250 toxins, and "provides a full spectrum of ionic minerals (70-102) in bioavailable form."

    Does anyone have any experience with this stuff? Or any backup to their claims?

  13. Loved the whole anti nutrient series, Lily! So much good info all in one spot. Thanks for putting it together, you must have had a blast doing the research!

    Re: betel nut… co-incidentally last week I was in the Indian Mart with my Indian friend and we ran into a heart shaped leaf there called "paan". Selling 2 leaves for $5! Sylvia offered up that it's eaten with betel. Afterwards we looked it up online and discovered in addition to the paan leaf, betel's often eaten with the extremely alkaline dust of lime as well as a big chunk of raw tobacco! Ugh! As if the red teeth weren't bad enough! So tobacco and lime may be a confounding favor, in addition to the tannins of betel? Better hit send now, I do go on! 🌱

  14. Hey Lily! Can you talk a little about jackfruit? I’ve seen so many claims that it’s not actually good for human consumption😒

  15. Lily, how is it possible you eat so little and are not hungry? I’m currently going through recovery, so I know I eat tons. But still, you eat so little, I think I will never be able to eat this little and feel satisfied 🙁 I also noticed you used to eat much bigger portions a few months ago, now you eat so much less…

  16. Totally awesome Lily. Thank you for sharing your brilliance and teaching skills. It takes a lot of craft and skill to be a vegan like you. Thanks again for sharing your amazing work. JP

  17. Just now starting this vid but I would LOVE if you could do a video on Zinc!! I'm doing a response video and had to do some research on Zinc and I actually didn't find much on it as a concern for a vegan diet (obviously because it isn't a concern lol). But I just thought I'd propose it to you because you seem to be good at researching and probably way better than me! Love your videos! – A fairly new subscriber ❤️

  18. Super informative…thx lily!! Funny that I would say 70% of the time I drink black tea it makes me vomit within the first minutes of drinking it. Maybe the tannins…..

  19. Sucralose is in so many things these days, even semmingly natural foods and drinks, as well as most protein powders.
    I would like to hear your evaluation, and whether you regard it as okay or best avoided.

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