Taste Testing the Latest Food Trend Products | Vol.5

Taste Testing the Latest Food Trend Products | Vol.5

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you follow us on Instagram at sortedfood. But for now, please enjoy today’s video, which is all about – Food trends! – Food trends. (imitates chomping) – We are Sorted. A group of mates who have your back when it comes to all things food. From cooking battles, to gadget reviews, – Ben it’s not worth it! – And cookbook challenges, to a midweek meal packs app. – [Jamie] Crack your eggs and bake. – We uncover the tools
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everything we do starts with you. – Hello everyone, I’m Mike, this is Baz. Welcome to fridge cam. – Now, everybody loves to snack. – Especially if your
name is Jamie Spafford. – And in today’s episode, we explore healthy snacking food trends and see if they’re any good. – Disclaimer, this video
contains some shocking food puns. (upbeat music) – You guys evidently
enjoy and keep asking us to review certain products. This is our first look
at a handful of them. I’ve picked a number of
“healthy” snacking products. – For today, we’ve got our chef James and a normal, Mike, to
test out these products. – I don’t know if I
even unhealthily snack, except for maybe some
chocolate in the evening. – I get really hungry between meals so I have to think about
what I’m gonna snack, otherwise I’m just gonna eat bad stuff. – But you’re thiccer than me,
like two Cs, thiccer than me. – Yeah. – So. – What, booty-wise? – Well, just everything, like, (Barry laughs) pick a muscle, you’re
thicker than me at it. (upbeat music) – Number one. Lift the cloche. Should say straight off,
snacking may also include drinks. – (laughs) Can you snack on a coffee? – Food and beverage that you might consume outside of meal times. – Okay, okay. – Caveats already. It’s a very small packet. There’s not a lot going on in there. – This packet here is
only filled up to there. – There’s a gram. – Oh, it says one g on it, doesn’t it? – Yeah, it’s a gram. – I thought you were doing that by weight. (laughing) – [James] I am a chef. – I thought wow, he can
literally feel grams. – [Barry] It’s Columbian
roasted coffee powder with added red ginseng from Korea. – It’s coffee and additives. – The additive being
ginseng, which has been used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine and they claim to have a
number of health benefits. And by adding it to your coffee, will give you the vitality
you need for the day. Ginseng is a root and if it’s grown for up to four years, it’s fresh. If it’s between four and
six years, it’s white. If it’s six years or more in
terms of how long it’s grown, then it is red, and that
is therefore the premium. Would you like to make one? – Yes, please. – Yeah. – [Mike] So this is what it looks like. – [James] It smells slightly fruity. (upbeat music) – So it’s not huge in flavour. It tastes earthy. I wouldn’t say it tastes
like coffee, would you? – I like it more than instant coffee. – Yeah, it’s much nicer
than instant coffee. – It tastes like more like tea. – All right Doctor Barry,
tell us the health benefits. – Well before I do that,
can I just double check, are you feeling anything at all? You have any, any effects on you? – You are not a real doctor, are you? – I’m feeling a lot of love. – Okay, so it’s shown to
have antioxidant properties that could help improve brain functions. And but also the one that jumped out to me is it can enhance blood
flow in the penile muscles. – That’s the love I felt. (laughing) – [Barry] Yeah, so it can
strengthen your immune system in people with cancer and
even enhance the effects of certain vaccinations. – And as with all these products, we’re not making any health claims, we’re just sharing what the product is, what they claim to do and look at what those ingredients are. – It tastes fine. – I don’t think I would
drink it for enjoyment. – Red coffee, on the rise? Or a bit of a flop? – What that, what? – No peeking! (laughing) – Honestly, I could
see this being a thing. – I don’t think people will, but at the same time, I
don’t think it’s a flop. As a product, it’s fine. – I think it’s on the rise,
– Have a chat, – come to a discussion. – You think it’s not fully floppy but like somewhere in the middle? – It’s like a semi. – [Mike] There you go. (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Ben] You’ve had your morning stimulus, this is the next one. – High protein brot. It’s a multi-seed loaf in a cup. – Is it, oh, is it bread? No way. – And it’s 25% superfoods. – That is a claim. – [Ben] This is microwave bread in a mug. High protein, 25% superfood and vegan. Fast, substantial, tasty. – I am fascinated about this. I don’t know about it
from a health perspective. But bread in a mug, if
it’s good, like cool. – [Ben] This particular thing provides you with 23 grams of protein per hundred. – So you put the powder
in, 75 mls of water. Oh, it’s really banana-y. – It’s really banana-y. Give it a stir, and then in
the microwave for how long? – Three minutes. (timer beeping) – [Mike] It hasn’t risen. – [James] It looks a little bit sad. – Flop it. Ta-da. – [Mike] It’s very bouncy isn’t it? – [James] Yeah, it’s
just like a dense bread. Like a soda bready type. – [Mike] It is like a soda bread isn’t it? – It looks better on the inside
than it did on the outside. – Seedy, bready, really nice. Cheers. – Cheers. – Instantly you get banana, don’t you? That’s the first thing
– Oh yeah. that hits you, so it’s
very banana-y bread. Then I just get crunches of seeds. – It’s actually quite nice. – Yeah. – I’m super surprised. – It’s dense. It’s stodgy. – It would benefit from something. – They say it goes with anything. So sweet breakfast with honey and jam, noon as a side dish with soup or salad, or for dinner with a hearty
topping of cheese, egg, ham, and the alike. – Absolutely. – It’s honestly not bad. – 20 grams of protein in
this is actually quite a lot. So if you’re looking for
something high protein, sort of lowish carbs I
guess that fills you up and it’s tasty in under five minutes, then I’d say this is brilliant. – You can keep it in the cupboard. – [Mike] Yeah. – And it’s literally
like it is instant bread rather than buying six rolls
and having some of them go off. Come on Ebbers, let’s have a good one. – Let’s have a good one. – Is this microwave hello or wave goodbye? (laughing) – That is some of the worst
– No, ones we’ve ever had.
– No, that’s bad. – Sticking with it. – The bread is better than
saying microwave hello. But it’s a wave hello for me. – I would also wave hello to this bread. (upbeat music) – Lift the cloche. – [James] Shrivelled fruit. – I look at this and I’m underwhelmed. Although, – Is this healthy though? Dried fruit is notoriously not healthy. – Yes, it’s just full of sugar. What have we got here? We got dried kiwi and orange. – [James] Pineapple and orange. – Cheers. – This is rind. Keep it real, eat the peel. More fibre, vitamins
and nutrients are packed into the edible outside than
the flesh of the fruit alone but comparative to salty,
sugary, fried snacks, this is a fairly sensible option. – [Barry] How does the rind taste? – The kiwi is like eating sour sweets. – Yeah, tangy. – In a good way. – The orange is like marmalade. It’s bitter, so it’s
not just a hit of sugar, Which is really nice. It’s got all sorts of stuff going on. I like it. And there’s a really chewy nice texture. So as a substitute for candy,
sweets, things like that, I can see it really being useful. – Provides a sugar hit, but I’d have trouble
eating the whole pack, which is probably a good thing. ‘Cause I think like the
trouble with dried fruit is that it is very sugary. It’s probably good for
like getting a sweet hit. – Yeah. – Instead of something like chocolate. – Doctor Barry, could you tell
us about the health benefits? – [Barry] So fruit rinds on average contain three to four
times the fibre content compared to a serving of flesh alone. Fibre not only makes a
snack more satisfying, but high fibre diets are
linked to less heart disease, improved gut health, lower cholesterol, and lower obesity rates. – What I particularly like about this one is it’s not just the ‘inverted commas’ healthy benefits, it’s also the food waste. So the amount of fruit
and veg that’s thrown away and a lot of that is the peel
that we wouldn’t normally eat. So not only you saving that, which Mother Nature’s gone
through the effort of grow, you’re also getting health
benefits of the fibre and the antioxidants. – Ask the question. – Okay then, are you loving the rind? Or should we leave it behind? – I think it’s a great product. I’m gonna say loving the rind. I think the general public
might leave it behind, however. – Oh, I’m loving the rind. I think it’s good. (upbeat music) Oh, what on earth is that? – Oh, it’s a little heart on a stick. – A TeaPop? What’s a TeaPop? – Oh my goodness. – This is silly. – Mine’s lemon and ginger,
what flavour is yours? – Mine is passion fruit punch. – Gourmet tea, 100% natural tea made easy. Dissolves in water. Each TeaPop is made
from natural extraction of all the goodness from loose
leaf tea, fruits and plants formed into a crystallised pop to provide the perfect brew in each cup. – [Barry] At TeaPop, we
believe there is a better way to enjoy quality tea. A more easy, fun and fuss-free experience where a consumer can
enjoy their favourite brew wherever their heart desires. – [Ben] This is a long collaboration with Chester University to
create this bag-less tea, and it’s supposed to be
yeah, fun and an experience. – Oh, yours smells amazing. Mine does not. In it goes. (upbeat music) Oh. – Oh, it goes fast. – This was a product sent to us by Amanda. She thought it would be good
for us to have a look at. So I bought some. – I’m getting the delicious combination of lemon and ginger coming through now. That smells amazing. – I think it tastes nice. It’s sweet and then ends bitter, soury. – The same here. You get ginger, not getting
a huge amount of lemon, and then it sort of tails off and tastes similar to the
bitterness that you get from a loose leaf tea. – I think you get the flavours and then you get the tea afterwards. – Sort of thing I can imagine
seeing in a boutique-y hotel there like a, yeah, something
a little bit different. – It’s a gift, isn’t it? – It is a bit fun, absolutely. – [James] It’s 100% a
gift for a tea lover. – I definitely think it’s very
Instagram friendly as well. And the video we’ve seen from the brand, you know, the videos look good
because of the shapes before and the process of stirring. What about if I told you
that each one works out at one pound 50? – Oh, that is. – [Ben] So nine pounds for that tube. – [James] 100% one off gift. – That pricing for me is
just a complete turn off. – Would you pop it like it’s hot? Or drop it like it’s not? – Yes!
– Oh no! We’re back! Well done mate, that is cracking! I would drop it like it’s not. – I would also drop it like it’s not. We see a lot of these things
that are good products, but just unnecessary. (upbeat music) – [Ben] The fifth and final one for today. – Are they nuts? – They’re nuts covered in cacao. – They are exactly that. Nuts covered in cacao. But I want to know what nut? – Interesting, ’cause I was
instantly gonna say brazil nut. – It looks like a cross
between a brazil nut and an almond. – Vogue called it the
delicious healthy nut you’ve never heard of. – It tastes like a praline. – Wow, and they are delicious. It just melts in your
mouth, it melts away. – They are crunchy, but
then as soon as you sort of crack ’em, they just
dissolve into deliciousness. – I think the closest nut
would be a macadamia nut. This is a naughty snack. This is not healthy. – This can’t be healthy. – So these are called pili nuts. – [James] Pili. – [Mike] Pili. – [Barry] They’re used in Filipino cooking. They’re often added to cooking and baking in its roasted form. They give a sweet, bitter
flavour and a velvety texture. – The pili nut is grown on
trees in the nutrient rich soil surrounding the Mount Mayon volcano. This is a healthy snack product
that has four ingredients. Pili nuts, Ecuadorian
cacao, yes, it has salt, and yes, it has sugar. But it is the nut that is
kind of the focal point here, albeit the other ingredients
are well-sourced too. – That deserved the Great Taste
Three-Star Award from 2018 that it was awarded,
’cause they taste amazing. They’re sprouted nuts, which we know activation means that you get
all the nutrients within them. So I can see how its made the H word. – They are absolutely delicious. – It tastes like it should
be really high in sugar. – That’s the thing, like
it’s a genuine substitute to a chocolate bar. – You get the sweetness
that you’re looking for. – The other thing that
is important here is it is complete protein, so all of your essential amino acids provided. One of the highest sources of magnesium, and also really high in phosphorus, which is good for bone health. Considered second most
important behind calcium. – That’s genuinely new to
me, and I really like those. They are delicious, and they taste like they
should be far worse for you. (laughing) – So they are very, very difficult
to get hold of in the UK. And I think this comes to why
they haven’t really scaled and they’re new to us is
because of where they’re grown and they are difficult to scale. However, I picked up those bags in LA, when we were last there. And they were about $4 a bag. – That’s how much I expected it to be. – Yeah. – It’s not like, jaw-dropping amount. – As with all of these, I wouldn’t eat them for
their health benefits. The health benefits are a
nice bi-product to them, if they are delicious. – Okay then. A great product or not? – Or not? – Nut, nut.
– Or nut? – It’s all in the delivery! – Wow, we’ve given up haven’t we? – It is a great product. – Yeah, it’s a great, great product. And it’s completely new to me. Really delicious. So which of those, if any,
do you think will take off? Comment below. – And don’t forget to send us your ideas for future products. – We have also created a
playlist with all of our Food Trend reviews that you can watch by clicking the link in the description. Go binge. – As always, until next time, goodbye. – [Mike] Goodbye. – [Baz] See you on Sunday, 4 p.m. – We’ve also built the Sorted club, where you can get tonnes of foodie inspo using the Packs midweek meal app, discover and share
restaurant reccommendations using the Eat app, listen and contribute to our
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cookbooks you’ll receive throughout the year. Check it all out by
heading to sorted.club. (upbeat music) and now a blooper. – We’ve got Mike and Jamie here, a chef at a normal
– This is James. – [Ben] That’s James. – It’s only 12 years, mate. You were rehearsing in
the mirror last night and you didn’t expect
James instead of Jamie. (laughing) – Clip that together. That’s the blooper right there.


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