Tatcha Violet-C Brightening Serum Review | The Most Expensive Vitamin C Serum I’ve Ever Used!!!💸

Tatcha Violet-C Brightening Serum Review | The Most Expensive Vitamin C Serum I’ve Ever Used!!!💸

hi guys welcome back to my channel today
I’m finally bringing you a review on a product that I have been dying to tell
you guys more information about and as you saw by the title and the thumbnail
it is tates violet C brightening serum now I have a couple of samples as you
will see in some of the cutaway shots I did purchase the full size but I ended
up returning it not because I didn’t like it or didn’t want to use it it was
around the holiday time and you know how that goes I needed that money so I
returned it and I was blessed to get some samples so I ended up using the
samples to be able to get a real feel of the product and bring you guys my
thoughts so this is it this is the full review it’s a very pricy product and I
know a lot of you want to know is it worth it I’m gonna let you know right
now in this review so over the holiday season touch’ came out with their violet
C brightening serum and if you think the named violet C rings a bell it is
because they also have a violet C mask that they put out maybe a couple of
years ago now so now they’ve kind of begun to create this line as a violet C
line of products that of course because of the C is definitely focused and
centered around vitamin C and if you don’t know vitamin C is my number one
favorite antioxidant of all the antioxidants out there vitamin C is my
number one jam it is something that I have to have in my skincare routine at
all times because of all the amazing things that it does so this particular
serum that Tasha has produced has a 20% vitamin C and a bonus ingredient 10%
AAA’s if you don’t know EHA stands for alpha hydroxy acid and actually
combining the two antioxidants and acids together really do help one another
be that much more potent do that much more great things for the skin so I
really love that tattoo the decided to put both of these big
powerhouse skincare ingredients together in one product as I said earlier this is
a very expensive serum and if you are familiar with touches products in
general tatcha is not a cheap brand all of their products cost a pretty penny
but this one is pretty steep it’s 110 Canadian for this serum or 88 US you’re
getting one fluid ounce of product or 30 mils if you’re watching this video and
you’re not sure about what exactly vitamin C or a H a is do they actually
both do a lot of very similar things brighten the skin even out the tone
smooth out texture especially the a H a portion of it you’re gonna get all of
that jam packed into one product so I really love the fact that both of those
ingredients are in this one product because they do similar things as well
as very different things but then combined together really help you to get
that brightness evenness youthful look back into your skin there are so many
different types of vitamin C’s and when I did my research I found out that there
are two types that Tasha uses in this specific product and they are vitamin C
derivatives this is not an laa or l-ascorbic acid type of vitamin C so if
you’ve used that in the past and it’s been too irritating maybe this will be a
product you’ll want to give a try vitamin C derivatives sometimes are a
lot more gentler on the skin but trust me I’ve used both I’ve used la a
products and derivative products and they both work wonders for the skin taut
I decided to put two very different types of vitamin C in this product they
included a water-soluble derivative and an oil soluble derivative which is
really really great because whether you have dry skin or oily skin you’re gonna
benefit from both of these derivatives typically drier skins benefit more from
water-soluble products and oilier skins than
more from oil soluble types of ingredients Tasha has done a great job
of really covering all the bases so I can definitely see how this particular
vitamin C product will be able to be used by many different skin types from
dry to oily normal even sensitive skins as far as the eh-eh-eh component of the
serum again Tasha has done a great job of making sure that they use very mild
AAA’s actually fruit base which is probably the most mild type of eh-eh-eh
that you can use anything fruit based will be a lot more gentle on the skin
than your typical glycolic or lactic in this particular serum touches used acids
from apples grapefruits lemons limes and oranges taki recommends using either one
to two pumps I definitely recommend sticking with one I think one gives you
more than enough product to use on your face maybe if you want to take it down
the neck and decollete then maybe use two pumps but it’s already a very
expensive product so I’m gonna advise one pump put it on after cleansing and
toning and then you can follow up with any other products after that so from my
personal experience I would definitely recommend this particular serum to
people with extremely sensitive skin especially if you’ve tried other vitamin
C or acid type of products that just don’t work for you they’re too
irritating this is the one for you vitamin C and AAAS are two powerhouse
skincare ingredients that I really don’t think anybody should be without and I
know someone out there that’s watching this right now has tried it and it just
didn’t work and they don’t use vitamin C at all they don’t use acids at all on
their skin because they’ve been there done that and it’s just too irritating
this is a product that is definitely something you need to try also because
of the price tag I would recommend this also to more sensitive skin people that
maybe want to eliminate having these two ingredients as separate products for me
personally I use a vitamin C product and I usually use a separate acid product
but because this is such a high price tag product and it works so well for
sensitive skins having all of these natural very mild ingredients this is a
product that really can replace two in your routine because of the price
this can be your dedicated antioxidant step and your dedicated
assets step use this as a two in one product then that makes the price a
little bit more a little bit easier to swallow so that’s a guy that is my full
review on touches violet sea brightening serum yes I know it’s a very expensive
product the most expensive vitamin C product for sure that I’ve ever used but
like I said if you’re willing to put it in a place in your routine where you can
bang out two steps in one have your antioxidant and your exfoliation with
the aah A’s and vitamin C together that would be a great way to justify the
price also if you’re just in love with tatcha products like I am I’m still
gonna go out and buy a full-size because I just love tatcha that much but
definitely give it a try sensitive skins this is a really great product to
introduce vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids into your routine if you’ve tried
everything else and it just hasn’t worked for you the price may be worth it
so please give me a thumbs up guys subscribe for many more videos like this
one and I’ll see you next time bye


  1. So glad you reviewed this! I actually bought this in order to get the Lucky Bag, so I thought it was a fair price to pay at the time. It is definitely SUPER pricey, but as you said, it is a 2 in 1 product and I've basically eliminated glycolic acid from my routine. I am alternating between this and the new Sunday Riley vitamin c serum (again, yikes on the price) but I have to give Tatcha the edge because my skin looks RADIANT after using it, while the Sunday Riley is more gradual, I think.

  2. Thank you for reviewing this product. I purchased it at the beginning of January. I use just about every product from the Tatcha brand. I was hesitant about the price tag as well because I didn’t know how my skin would react, but I’ve been using the Violet C mask since November & have been pleased with the results of that so I wanted to add this to my regimen! Thank you again pretty lady!!

  3. I absolutely STAN for this serum!!!! It is THE ONLY vitamin C that does not irritate my skin and I have searched far and wide for a good quality vitamin C from Clinique to Drunk Elephant and none of them worked…until THIS ONE!!! It brightens, smooths, clarifies, and I feel it helps breakouts as well!!! Probably the AHA…but I purchased the full size as well and I'm so glad I did!!! I will keep this one in my regimen as well!!!

  4. I love Tatcha products, my sa in Sephora recommend this and I feel in love with it. Do you have any recommendations for exzama really really dry skin.

  5. Hey girl 💗

    Thinking of using Differin for the first time, but would like some advice. I’ve watched Dr. Dray’s videos on it, and researched on Reddit, too. So now, I’m reaching out to see how other people have used it/are using it and what results they’ve had. ☺️

    I’m 23 years old, fair skinned, with combination/oily, sensitive skin with texture and some post inflammatory hyperpigmentation around my chin area that I want to get rid of…Broken capillaries around my nose and blackheads on my nose, too…

    I sleep 7, give or take, hours (I have been experiencing insomnia and exhaustion for the last few months so getting a full 8-9 is difficult… Doctor doesn’t recommend taking anything for it though because of medical conditions I have. There are days when I can get that much but still feel exhausted.), I exercise 3-4x a week, I eat a healthy, regulated diet, I change my bed sheets and pillowcase weekly…. but I feel as if my skin isn’t doing what I want it to do, which is be clear and happy.

    I am very interested in starting Differin, to help with some closed comedones that I have; and those texture and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation issues. Would Differin help with these concerns? Even though I get breakouts only monthly around my jawline or temple area, I do want to treat my skin. However, I’m nervous about the potential purge or dryness that I could experience… Been using Glycolic Acid and other zit helping acids (Salicylic and BP) for the last year or so. Read online that that helps prevention of that stage of Differin. Is that true? Any advice would be so helpful as to avoid either or make that period easy and smooth without leaving a mark behind. I have combination/oily, sensitive skin.

    My routine:


    Derma E Scar Gel
    10 minute wait

    Dampen face:
    Derma E Vitamin C serum
    Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel (Extra Dry)

    Alba Botanica Broad Spectrum SPF 45 (if going out)


    Vanicream Gentle Cleanser

    Pixi Glow Tonic / Glow to Go 20% GA Pads (2x a week)
    20 minute wait

    Derma E Scar Gel

    10 minute wait

    Elf Hello Hydration! Cream


    Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads (Every Monday)

    Derma E Overnight Peel (2x a week)

    1x Aztec Healing Clay Mask or any necessary mask

    Am I doing anything wrong? I feel like my routine is good but…do you recommend more hydration, another moisturizer? I’d be so grateful if you would recommend and advice.

    Where would Differin fit in here?

  6. I really want to try this and the Essence together. Going to make myself hold off till the next Sephora VIB sale. Thanks for the great review!

  7. I use Tatcha Cleansing Oil, Exfoliating Cleanser, Rice Polish (Deep), Essence, Violet C mask, Vitamin C/AHA serum, Water Cream& Primer…My skin looks better now than even when I was a teenager, but why the heck hasn't Tatcha created a Toner to use prior to the Essence?! I'm waiting eagerly! LoL

  8. Hi sweetie. Just wanted to let u know since I found your channel 2 weeks ago I have binge watched them all LOL. I can listen to u talk all day. Also do follow Dr Dray channel here on YT. She is a dermatologist and does the best break down scientifically of all these skincare products?

  9. Oh my gosh, totally love your presence! Took a look at your list of recent videos and found your content so interesting that I just had to subscribe. Looking forward to exploring your content.
    PS: I’ve slowly gotten into Tatcha skincare this past year and this was going to be my next addition. Really found your review so informative and useful. Thank you for the terrific discussion!!💕

  10. Great video and wonderful content! I'm learning so much!
    I have a question, how would you compare it to the Drunk Elephant vitamin C serum? And also which one would you recommend for the spring/summer season to come ?
    I'm trying to decide which one would be more effective. I'm combination/ oily skin.

    Thank you!

  11. I just bought this serum yesterday. Hopefully it works for me. I've been using the Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Day Serum…..it's good. I just needed a vitamin c that had more to it. The Sephora rep recommended it. I'm hoping it wows me.

  12. I just used the sample pack i got when I purchased the tatcha silk canvas its so watery. I used it and then put the tatcha silk canvas on top. (Idk if youre supposed to do that) im just inlove with the silk canvas I wear it alone lol

  13. Thank you love the video can I purchase this in the UK it sounds fabulous I'm 57yrs young and love vit c it give me a lovely glow please advice once again thank you 🙂

  14. I really love your reviews and how knowledgeable you are. I would love to know more about how the product affected your skin and what you personally noticed/experienced. Subscribed!

  15. I would never spend that much money in a product..! Way too ridiculous..! Those who can pay for it, good for them.

  16. Appreciate this review! Currently using the Tatcha vitamin c serum now for a few weeks and haven’t noticed much difference, wanted to see what others out there thought. Your review was so helpful, but also so clear and articulate. Appreciate so much no frills as well!! Looking forward to your other reviews!! Just started loving tatcha too! It’s a high end brand where I feel most products last me a while and works!

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