The #1 Reason You’re Not Losing Weight On Weight Watchers Freestyle!

The #1 Reason You’re Not Losing Weight On Weight Watchers Freestyle!

since weight watchers freestyle was
released I have noticed that there are really two different sides to the weight
watchers freestyle team people either love it or they hate it most of the
people hate it because they are not finding success with the freestyle plan
today I am here to tell you the biggest mistake you’re making on weight watchers
freestyle and why you are not losing weight hello my friends welcome back to
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content so like I said there seems to be two little camps of Weight Watchers
freestyle there either loving it or you are hating it and odds are you’re hating
it because you haven’t quite figured out how to lose weight on Weight Watchers
freestyle weight lovers freestyle introduced a list of over 200 foods that
are zero smart points and with that comes its own challenges with 200 zero
smart point foods you gain a lot of freedom but you also gain some new
challenges for starters all of us got docked seven smart points and for those
of us that were at the minimum of thirty smart points before now we’re at an even
lower minimum of 23 which seems outrageous when you see how high some
smart points values are for given foods but with all the zeros from our point
foods available it is still very very easy to make a day’s worth of food that
fits into your smart points budget personally speaking I am loving the
Freestyle plan because it is helping me to incorporate very healthy clean Whole
Foods into my diet on a daily basis and because I’m eating those particular
foods I don’t have to quote pay for them by using up my smart points it is a
brilliant brilliant plan but for some you are struggling and if you’re
struggling odds are that’s why you’re here so I’m here to tell you why you are
likely not losing weight now I’m a member of various Weight Watchers
communities I’m a community member on Instagram I am on several Facebook
groups and so I see people’s posts all the time about their frustration with
the free style program and people will say things like I am
eating so many zero smart point foods I’m staying within my 23 smart points
but I’m my weight is coming down slowly or my weight is going up when I read
that I can’t help but think there is one major factor that they are forgetting in
terms of smart points are you ready for this little truth bomb zero smart points
does not mean zero calories I’m gonna let that sink in for a second think
about it at the end of the day no matter what diet plan you’re following you’re
only going to lose weight if the calories you take in is less then the
calories you burn in a day that is the simple mathematical equation that equals
weight loss Weight Watchers has done some things to take nutritional values
into consideration which is amazing and totally the way we should be eating but
at the end of the day its calories in versus calories out going back to what I
said zero smart points does not mean zero
calories and that is how it’s always been but when the only zero smart points
foods were fruits and vegetables it was a lot easier to fill up on fruits and
vegetables because for most fruits and vegetables the calorie count is so low
that it’s practically like eating zero calorie food right not totally like
don’t don’t take this as fat but it’s it’s pretty much the same but now we’ve
added things in like eggs like chicken like fat-free Greek yogurt like corn and
beans these are all foods that are so very good for us but they do not come
with the same calorie price tag as fruits and vegetables my friends they
are much more calorie dense so the biggest mistake you are making is by
eating too many zeroes smart point foods exclusively and then going and eating
all of your daily smart points do you remember when Weight Watchers used to
preach always eat all of your daily smart points back when chicken and fish
and everything counted as smart points that’s because it was really easy to
send your body into starvation mode or not eat enough calories if you didn’t
eat all of your smart points now that all of these nutrient-dense foods that
used to cost us smart points are now Oh smart points that is no longer the
case in case you didn’t know in order to earn your little blue dot for the day
which is your healthy eating range you can eat up to ten points less then your
daily smart points amount and still be considered within your healthy eating
rate this is because you can get all of the calories you need from zero smart
point foods therefore if you’re one of those people that is having you know
four or five eggs for breakfast with lots of vegetables which is very good
vegetables very very good don’t get me wrong the lesson you should learn from
this is not to eat less produce trust me that’s not where you’re making the
mistake eggs for breakfast giant salad with chicken for lunch Greek yogurt
isn’t you know a cup of Greek yogurt for a snack salmon for dinner oh so
delightful so good and so many calories that you are not taking into
consideration on a daily basis I mean quite frankly I could end this video
here that’s what you really need to know zero smart points does not mean zero
calories but to put it into perspective for you I’ve come up with a list of
calories for things that are zero smart points or things that we make that are
low and smart points but maybe you don’t think about the calories so here we go
for a little perspective first of all a banana is roughly a hundred calories
just just so you know so no eating three or four bananas in a
day please cuz that’s just not not gonna help you eggs I can’t tell you how
ecstatic I was when eggs went zero because I got so sick of just eating egg
whites that I started to pay two smart points for an egg every single morning
and I was tired of it so the fact that they went 2-0 is amazing but one egg can
range anywhere from 70 to 90 calories they’re 90 for me because I buy the
Jumbo ones because my husband likes to eat so 90 calories for one egg every
morning now I eat two eggs which is 180 calories that’s not including things
like the fat-free cheese that I put with it and the two ingredient dough bagel
that I have with it in the morning that is a substantial amount of calories
that if you’re not thinking about it 200 more calories just in your eggs
alone and that’s only two eggs chicken is 185 calories for four ounces odds are
you’re eating a little bit more than 4 ounces in a serving anyway so you’re
probably talking over 200 calories for chicken that you’re not taking into an
account black beans are a hundred calories for half a cup corn is 80
calories for half a cup salmon for four ounces of salmon is 230 calories good
fats good protein but still 230 calories guys these are things we have to keep in
mind smoked salmon is a hundred calories for three ounces of it I love that
smoked salmon is zero points oh my gosh now here’s a kicker are you ready that
two ingredient dough that we all know and love
the one part self-rising flour one part fat free Greek yogurt mixture right that
quarter cup of flour is 100 calories 100 calories which doesn’t sound like much
but if you add the thirty three extra calories lose the 33
yeah thirty to thirty three extra calories for the yogurt you have a
hundred and thirty-two calories for your three smart point two ingredient dough
now most people will be like a buffer half a cup instead of six points you get
it for five if you make double the amount but you’re also doubling the
amount of calories throwing in that extra quarter cup of flour is going to
add another 100 calories basically what I’m trying to get to here is calories
count there’s a reason that I have said zero smart point foods this entire video
and not free foods there is no such thing as a free food the only thing you
can consume for free is water the only thing even coffee technically has like a
calorie R – so you know but you know what I’m saying you get the point of
what I’m saying food is not free it’s not there’s zero smart points and
they’re doing that to encourage us to eat the right kind of foods but I’m
willing to bet that if you are struggling to lose weight on weight
water’s freestyle odds are it is because you are abusing the zero smart point
foods and eating far too many of them paired with
if all of your daily smart points so what if this is you what can you do well
what I would recommend doing is one of two things you really have to tune in to
your hunger signals and if you are eating all of these zero SmartPoint
foods and having a two to point dinner or a zero point dinner that is great but
I need you to tune into your hunger signals if you’re not hungry for a
dessert later don’t eat it just because you have the points left no longer means
you have to eat the food you do not have to zero out your daily points anymore
that is the joy of weight walkers freestyle it has really truly taught me
that if you are not hungry you do not have to eat so you can either keep doing
what you’re doing and leave some of your smart points at the end of the day I
know somebody on instagram who talked about how she actually only eats 18
points a day because of all of these zero smart point foods that she consumes
so you really have to toy around with what smart points value works for you if
you really want to overindulge so to speak in the zero smart point foods the
other thing that you can do and this is kind of my approach to it is eat smart
points with every meal like every morning this is no joke almost every
single morning my breakfast has been two eggs splash of egg whites for probably
ten or fifteen extra calories fat-free cheese and chives all scrambled up that
is technically zero smart points what I will always have with it is a two
ingredient dough bagel or biscuit I call it because I just roll into a ball from
it me or fryer I don’t bother to shape it into anything but that is three smart
points or if I’m having it as a brunch I’ll make five smart points one on
behalf a cup of flour one maybe I’ll throw an rx bar on it or I’ll make sure
that my snack is exclusively something with smart points so I make sure that
throughout the day I am getting smart points I might have a sandwich with my
pita bread which is only one smart point and maybe I’ll put a smart point of mayo
or use not fat free cheese for a for a couple points with my zero smart point
meat most of the time I will eat something with some smart point value so
what that might end up doing is give still giving me seven or eight maybe
even ten points to mess with at the end of the day
special splurge but that’s not all 23 of my points that I’m saving for a special
splurge you’re not going to lose weight if that’s what you’re doing so that’s
just something to ponder if you want to keep track of what you’re doing I highly
recommend actually writing down the foods you’re eating including the zero
smart point foods we already tracked these smart point foods with a numeric
value other than 0 but write down the foods that you were eating that cost to
zero and look up the calorie counts that’s something you could do another
thing you could do is measure the foods that are 0 smart points so you’re not
eating an obscene amount of them make sure your portions are still within your
control and how you’re having one serving and not two or three servings of
something that is zero smart points you get what I’m saying so there you have it
that is the number one mistake in my opinion I don’t want any comments saying
but this is not my problem I know I’m just saying that within my observation
of the Weight Watchers community this seems to be a common complaint so I am
giving you an easy solution and this is what I’m calling to your attention
most people are having this struggle it’s a whole different story if your
struggle is but I don’t like any of the zero smart point foods if you want that
one second solution to that it is suck it up and eat them anyway but that’s a
story for another day so that is my two cents on the most
common mistake people are making a Weight Watchers freestyle let me know in
the comments below if you agree with me or disagree with me and why what’s your
experience on Weight Watchers freestyle are you finding it easy to strike that
balance do you have some our points left over do you eat all of your points what
are your weight watchers or results because of it thank you guys so much for
taking the time give this video thumbs up and subscribe
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be you in my next video bye you


  1. I love this video it is absolutely spot on! But ya know.. you can’t say this stuff in the FB groups or u get bashed on. All the haters come out of the wood work and start trashing you saying that If u don’t like the plan then get the heck out. I’ve felt this way from the very beginning, that calories do matter!! When I seen eggs on the free list of food I knew this was gonna be bad and I’m still struggling trying to find the right program for myself. And I don’t want to ask any questions in the group for fear of getting hated on. I’m coming from the keto world. I did that for the last 3 years so this is all new to me but I’m still smart enough to realize that if you eat it.. you count it because it counts! I’m trying to do this without having to sign up, yea I’m cheating, I know 🤷‍♀️ but when you dont have the money, you just don’t. It’s all so confusing 🤦‍♀️

  2. I think you make a really good point. I’m just finishing my first week on WW freestyle and I’ll pay attention to what you’re sharing. THANK YOU 🙏

  3. Well WW has lost. Its lost 100,000 subscribers according to the financial reports. So what does that tell you?

  4. I agree with you , thanks for letting me know what I was doing not right, I'm new with WW so now I got this

  5. I am sooooo glad I came back and watched this video again. I watched this last year when I first joined WW again and it made perfect sense and I lost weight (14 lbs), But then it happened I got use to eating and did exactly what you are talking about. I am abusing the free foods and not thinking about the calories and now you have kicked my butt back into the right frame of mind. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

  6. Great video! The most nutritious foods are considered zero calorie because they are full of the great micronutrients we need, minus the added sugar and other crap. I think WW goal with freestyle is to help us make me better food choices and healthy lifestyle changes.

  7. Anyway you cut it, if you are going to lose weight you CAN’T eat what you used to. Period.
    The Freestyle program gives you freedom to decide when and what you eat but you still have to eat only enough,
    not until you feel full-ish. Obviously eating an entire chickens breast meat is too much. Eating an entire bag of carrots is too much.
    Not eating like we used to which got us here in the first place is the trick.

  8. So if you follow the list of 0 point Freestyle foods doctor them up with points but don't use all of your points in a day and only eat when hungry?

  9. Very interesting and I agree with everything you say. I'm going to pay more attention to the calorie values because I'm not losing at the moment. Thank you.

  10. What I have been doing is saving the Free points for times I am actually hungry between meals. So basically, use free points for snacks. You can use your smart points for meals, free points for snacks. That works pretty well for me. A piece of Free fruit or veggies & protein between meals is a great way to get in your whole foods, plus if you’re legit hungry, go for it! Just go lower calorie. The nutrition is still there.

  11. I really appreciate this video. Zero points do not equal zero calories!!!! It’s science. This is also why you still add the zero point foods to your day- the calories. The app will calculate this for you as well. Just keep an eye on it. That’s all she’s saying.

  12. So these were the stolen ideas. I knew I had heard this before. I even commented on this video. I have been using your ideas for over a year. We all are doing the same program for the most part but hers was an exact replica. Sorry that happened to you. … Glad you don’t care! LOL! 😁 Keep the great videos coming! 💖

  13. I'm thinking about WW and was on it before freestyle. I lost weight when everything counted. It was great! So can we just go by points again and just use the zero smart points for snacks between the points foods?

  14. I’m definitely having a hard time in WW freestyle. I’m a lifetime member and I used to maintain my weight. Then it slowly started to move up. I had to change my goals- moving them up. I’ve gained up to 15+ lbs. I can’t loose weight. I did listen to this video and I will watch the free foods.

  15. I hear what you are saying! I never thought of it that way. I am 60 years old and have not lost more than 5 lbs. in the 2 months of participating in Freestyle. Doesn't it all boil down to "portion control"? Thank you for your insight! It was very helpful!

  16. It kinda sounds like ppl might be bingeing on zero point foods, then eating other points foods on top of that, cuz if I eat fish and broccoli and corn for dinner, I'm stuffed and finished. Even the marketing said that you still have to be conscious of what you are doing. I can literally have rice with every meal and still have chicken and veggies and be within my points by far. I'd be full. Just commenting, here, no offense to anyone. God bless you on your health journeys

  17. I just came across this video and I could not agree with you more. This is my 3rd time doing WW and Freestyle is, by far, the easiest plan for me (I have lost 45 lbs, and been at Lifetime for 10 months). I don’t understand being upset about paying money because you have to count calories AND points so it’s much harder than previous plans. You had to work at ALL of the previous plans to be successful, just as you have to work at anything in life to be successful. What you need to do is practice portion AND self control, and use common sense. That is true of any weight loss program, whether you pay for it monthly or you are doing it with a fitness app. I, for one, am not disciplined enough to do it on my own, and I look forward to the weekly workshops for support, recipes, and feedback. Thank you for sharing the calorie values for some popular zero points foods. I, personally, have never really thought about the calorie values of most of them because I was staying within my blue dot range, but this has totally opened my eyes to the fact that I really need to be more mindful that there’s no such thing as a “free lunch”!

  18. The problem I have with weight watchers is no one size fits all. One program does not work for everyone. I lost 40 pound easily on points plus. Gained it all back when they switched programs. Asked if I could stay on points plus and they were like no too bad you have to change over. You need to get your head around this. We know what’s best for you. No, not every program works for every one. They should let what works for each person be their individualized program. I realize they’d lose money that way because they couldn’t sell their books and magazines and scales with all the various points listed but that’s how you’d get more people interested with individualized programs for what works for each person

  19. Not so brilliant for vegans or vegetarians. Points are too high on grains and such. Starving.

  20. I was doing WW back in 2006, and they had more than one type of program and you could choose which one you wanted to use. It seems that they should be giving people a choice now, too. Those who like Freestyle could use it (I like it, but find the app a bit confusing) and those who like the old program could stay on it. Give people a choice.

  21. Agree. What's the point of zero points if you still have to count calories!! Not familiar with the old way, but maybe it was better. I get that zero smart point foods have calories, but maybe WW should have designed the program a bit better so that people can trust it.

  22. Another reason some may not be losing weight especially if they are eating solely zero point Foods. It might be because they are not eating all of their smart points. The points are there very specifically for you to eat all of your points. Zero point foods are there two help supplement the hunger but it's not for you to overindulge or to eat solely. That is what my coach had to say

  23. Yes! WW does not say eat as much as you can! They still teach portion control. The problem comes in when people pick and choose what they want to hear. They hear o points but they don’t hear portion control, movement, drink water. Common sense goes out the window. When you do the entire program, it works like a charm but you can’t cheat your way through and find loop holes in the system. You’ll only cheat yourself.

  24. When I joined weight watchers about 4 years ago they said that I had to do freestyle for the first two weeks. There was no option to do any thing else not the pro points plan which had been successful with a few years previous. This stopped me going back. To me the Freestyle plan is slimming world which allows free foods in massive portions with no portion control.

  25. I think Freestyle teaches people how to eat with a basic template of lean meat, fruit, veggies, beans and a moderate amount of whole grains. It also teaches that things like oil, cheese, honey/sugar, processed foods are "extra" and therefore should be measured via points. This actually promotes a healthy and sustainable outlook toward eating because it is based in healthy choices (not quick fixes) and heightened mindfulness of what kinds of foods pack on the pounds when they are overeaten. In the long run, following this template will be less stressful and more manageable for people. It will bring the joy back to eating. It will take our attention away from the obsession of calorie counting and put it on assembling healthy, delicious meals.

  26. Thank you, so helpful!!! I used to work the system, but I'm trying to use freestyle to train me to eat cleaner and make this a permanent lifestyle.

  27. The problem with the Weight Watchers diet is the fact that people have tons of metabolic conditions that never get to heal properly because they're still consuming " whatever they want " per se.

    Weight Watchers is no different than the standard American diet all it is is just moderation and that's it

    I went undercover to a Weight Watchers facility and I asked a series of questions to the manager of the facility and wow what a joke she didn't act like she knew much about anything health related and it was just a office for a club pretty much and when I went and looked at the process garbage foods that were on the Shelf they were trash full of sugars and hydrogenated oils and it was terrible so anybody that promotes a system based on points where you can eat crap and not feel your metabolic condition is not a good system.

  28. If anyone uses the 0sp foods and actually THINKS they're FREE calories, then, they're only fooling themselves. At our WW meetings, we are all told over and over again, that the 0sp foods are not calorie free. They are healthier foods that most people wouldnt overindulge in. You dont typically see a person overindulging on hard boiled eggs, chicken, broccoli, carrots, etc. You can, however, overindulge on potato chips, rice, mashed potatoes, etc. WW is also setting us up for a healthy lifestyle….so we will be more likely to reach for an apple when we want a snack, rather than a bag of chips. More likely to have our portions at single servings. More likely to have healthier meals and snacks. If you go into WW thinking you can have all the 0sp foods you want all day long, plus your dailies, plus your weeklies, you're not going to lose weight. Period.

  29. Then they shouldn't be zero smart points. We need a way to count them. They've made the points meaningless

  30. Counting calories defeats The purpose of the program if you want to lose weight I would suggest staying within your dailies and do not use your weeklies

  31. Eat real whole foods and avoid the carb, fatty, sodium processed foods…you will lose weight and be in control.

  32. I watched this video several months ago, and came back tonight for a refresher. I’ve been on Freestyle for 9 months with a 74.2 lb loss (at age 67, btw), and 40 to go. My loss has slowed down, as expected, but I wanted to come watch this video to make sure I’m paying attention to the details. This is great info. It may be time to start using the iTrackBites app and see how I’m doing on calories. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Wonderful video, I totally agree, I am 74, started WW online in Jan. and have lost 14 lbs. on 23 points, I am a turtle but only exercise is walking as am very arthritic. My problem is I am careless with tracking oil, marg, mayo, etc. you have reminded me to start MEASURING! 😊

  34. You need to repost this for June or July a 2019 this is so true this is where my problem lies so now I'm going to count calories thank you so much this is why I'm gaining and not losing too much zero food

  35. I need to get a menu to know what to eat a day with the calorie count on it the problem is how many calories should you eat a day.

  36. I agree with you.. we still have to have portion control.. I have lost 25 pounds in 2 1/2 months but I watch my portions when I’m eating the zero point foods

  37. I've been preaching this for a long time! Don't forget that even with zero points, we still need to be mindful of portion control!

  38. Camp hate it!!! Because all those 200 foods are fruits vegetables and garbage that grows out of the ground. I'm all for trying to eat healthier and better but about 95% of what's on that free list I'm not touching with somebody else's ten-foot Pole…. I like the old system but when they went to Freestyle they greatly reduced the number of points. I was doing better before it became freestyle

  39. i just joined WW and I just started going to meetings and one of the ladies at the meetings sat down with me and explained everything to me and she told me that fruits and veggies are zero points but don't go crazy overboard eating zero point foods.

  40. I just started weight watchers almost a week ago and I have already lost 6lbs in less then a week. I eat one boiled egg and strawberries on the side for breakfast. Lunch I eat a small chicken breast with sugar free honey mustard which is like 2 points cucumbers on the side sometimes I add strawberries instead. Dinner I eat Either chicken again or i eat hamburger with cheese and mustard no bun and tomato on the side and pickles. And then if IF i am hungry for dessert i eat strawberries or apples

  41. I thought about this as well, because it just makes sense! Everything (except water) has calories, so we have got to change our mindsets about "unlimited eating"!

  42. Thanks for the clarity! I've been in WW for almost a year….and have lost 89 pounds…..however, they never said what you just said about calories and of late (last several months) I haven't been losing too much….even though i was sticking to zero point foods! Yes, calories count! Thank you! As simple as it may sound, I didn't pay attention to that as long as I was eating zero point foods…Now I know they're not all equal! I'm waiting for your sequel!

  43. GREAT video! I agree with your assessment that WW is trying to encourage us to eat whole/clean/unprocessed foods. This is why purchased foods (processed or from a restaurant) count the entirety of the calories even when component parts would be zero calories. I think of these zero point foods as the "ideal" foods that should always be our go-to and then we supplement our meals with foods with point values. As such, our already reduced points shouldn't be reduced further for eating ideal foods. This is training us for eating after we reach goal. I do not plan on using my weekly flex points unless a celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, simply because of my mindset with the zero point foods. The bottom line is that we should base our meals around zero point foods and we should not get fixated on eating all of our available points simply because they are "available".

  44. I'm 3 months in and down 12 lbs. Averaging 1lb/week . Your words make sense…thanks for sharing. I'll pay more attention to my journaling.

  45. I have always eaten healthy it’s just some of the healthy foods I was eating are higher in SP. I don’t like freestyle. I don’t eat junk foods or processed food so the issue with force me to eat healthy is not it. I lost 47 lbs on the Points plan. The only freebies was fruits and vegetables. I gained 34 lbs back. I have been wasting my money because I can’t get with this new plan. If something isn’t working why keep paying money out for it. I am going to quit WW and just use the old method of counting everything. I have to look for my books that gave you the SP value for everything. I may even try counting calories. I haven’t tried that one before. WW was the first weight loss program I had ever tried. Good video and observation.

  46. Thank you – recently joined WWs and was just about to give up! But I ask WHY isn't this made clearer in the meetings??? You made it so clear.x Or was I just thick!!

  47. I've been steadily losing weight since I started a few weeks ago. However if I have a "good" day I just convert any left over points into how many naughty treats I can have in the evening 🙄 not ideal! I'm not abusing or over eating 0sp foods but I can see why it would be easily done. I think it's quicker to loose it in the beginning anyway if like me it was a big shock to your system to not live off of takeaways 😂

  48. I’ve done old school weight watchers, points plus and now freestyle. I’ve been on FS for 2 weeks and it took me some time to tweak it. I make sure to eat my 23 dailies and enjoy my meals. I don’t eat fruit after dinner and use zero point foods to supplement my regular meals. I like having my sp for the fun stuff like blueberry waffles and toast but having some egg whites with it makes it stay with me longer. Using the zero points keep me from dipping into weeklies because you can volumize your meals with lean protein and veggies. You made a good point about portion control. 3oz of chicken, a small sweet potato and green veggies is a filling meal. No need to eat a giant chicken breast. I double tracked the first week and come out with 1100-1300 cals a day with 23sp and a handful of zero point foods.

  49. Why bother paying weight watchers when you can just keep track of calories for free. Just eat a lot of fresh produce instead of processed food to learn how to eat better. If Oprah Winfrey is the spokesperson nobody else is losing weight either.

  50. Then the entire plan is fucking useless because it does not tell you the calories at the end of the days eating or as you are going. Just do my fitness plan for free. WW is just plain stupid

  51. I never ever eat all my points. Im a very busy mom and have bever been a snacker. So for me learning portions has been the biggest take away from ww freestyle. Alot of things still have to be measured even if its zero points. Ive been on it for 2 months now and have lost a healthy 22 pounds. Its not a crazy and drastic change, but i have been able to make lifestyle changes and really reshape my way of looking at food while still being able to cook for everyone else and not feel deprived or cranky because i have chosen not to have certain things. Ive tried counting calories before and its never worked. This has worked.

  52. I started with Freestyle and I love, love, love it! I had already spent about six months taking a break from trying to lose weight and instead concentrating on what I wanted my permanent, forever eating plan to be–heavily influenced by my daughter who has a healthy relationship with fool. No surprise, it was focused on what WW calls zero point foods. I also concentrated on thinking about what made me pleasantly full, not stuffed. So, I eat 2 slices of Canadian bacon at breakfast for one point, not the 4 I could have for that same one point. I hear people on YouTube saying, "Hey, check to see how high you can go before it goes to the higher point value." Umm, that is not how healthy-weight people eat. I hope they keep Freestyle as an option.

  53. I had great success with W W back in 2000-2001..the problem that I have now is adjusting to the fact that you can have as much chicken as you want til full and not track ..for me it is better for portion control and you count points for everything..I feel that the program was better back then..

  54. I agree with you that a lot of people are probably doing full meals at 0 points and then thinking they have all their daily points for snacks, desserts, etc. when if we were counting calories,
    we wouldn’t do that. It’s about common sense and stopping when you’re full. However, Freestyle does not cater to people who need something strict to keep them in check, it caters to people who know how to stop when they’re full and make good food choices and if we all could do that then we wouldn’t need Weight Watchers, would we?

  55. Maybe they should go back to old school WW with the scales and weigh everything. (As much as I hated that, it did work if I applied myself.)

  56. I get the concept of teaching us healthy eating habits, but out of the gate, as a non-fitness, non-nutrition guru, WW was always the one thing that I could count on to shave of pounds/maintain. I am VERY frustrated with smart points, and it is discouraging. This girl needs to go back to the dumb points. haha

  57. Can you please let me know which itrack bites for points plus? The names all changed from your video and now I am so lost!!

  58. Makes sense! Maybe their is a lack of information that isn't being provided. Maybe coaching through WW can be beneficial.

  59. Soooo……..Diva….looks like we'll have new WW options in about a month! Are you going to give another try? I'm thinking about it!

  60. I think WW has tried to change it up and failed lots of its members. This new plan I think could be good for maintenance but for losing weight for some is not working.
    I've counted calories my whole life and when I joined weight watchers back in 2016 it was great counting points and not having to worry about calories. Since my return, it's tiresome having to count points as well as calories. What's the point in that?? I have such a low bmr because I'm short that having all these free foods even in moderation means I don't lose weight. Still, I keep my subscription going for Connect (in the UK) as it's a great community.

  61. People need to stop saying zero points is “free”. #tanstaaff There ain’t no such thing as a free food! (Except maybe celery and leafy greens 😉) I track in my WW app and on MFP. I can’t count beans as 0 SP, I created a recipe to give them the old value. I also started leaving points behind at the end of the day. Planning on going 💚 come November.

  62. I just joined WW and it seems to be going well so far for me. I am sure I'll hit a road block at some point and I'll need to change it up a bit, but for now it's going well. I like the freedom and still holding me accountable.

  63. I think if a person is useing serving suggestions as a guide you would get better results and developed a healthier habits. A serving of yogurt…A serving of coolwhip… A serving of butternut squash. The unlimited 0 points food list is great if we understand exactly what she is saying ….its not calorie free. This is the elephant in the room with the program. Thank you for the reminder!

  64. I love the freestyle way. Zero point foods encourage me to choose healthier and leaner meats, it encourages me to snack on healthier options. This type of diet is teaching me to live a lifestyle and better eating habits. That’s why I love this.

  65. Thank you for making this video.. what I also do in the evening.. in order to be aware .. is also add up my daily calories.. as I find when I’m eating super clean.. If im less than 1000 calories then I know I need more food.. another reason for no weight loss is UNDER EATING.. I find that happens too. This program is NOT trying to push eating out of control! It’s teaching us to pick .. carefully pick our diets. At the end of the day.. some people want to continue with unhealthy ways.. and still lose weight.. good advice. Thank you.. completely agree

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