The 8 Laws of Health

The 8 Laws of Health

good morning everyone and happy Sabbath and I pray that everyone is alive and doing well this morning I had a long interesting week been studying having some one-on-one studies with people and trying to help them stay on their path so today I'm going to do a lesson on the eight laws of help give you some examples and we can talk about some things that you can do and have some Bible verses to back it up all right let's get started now like I always do it get your Bibles out and I want you to follow on with me I'm just going to start here first to get you warmed up with your faith because if you don't have any faith believing and what the Most High said in this word the eight laws of health it's not going to do you any good now some of you your bodies are worse off than some but it doesn't matter you know why because one day the Most High will give you a glorified body if you are faithful and you must believe so I decided to go to Hebrews chapter 11 and we're going to read verse 1 and verse 6 so follow along with me hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 and then we're going to jump down to verse 6 and it reads now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen jump down to verse 6 but without what faith it is impossible to please him for he that cometh to God must believe that he what is and that he is what a rewarder of them that diligently seek him now to diligently seek Him how do you do that by his word all right ready just jot them down what I'll do I'll just go ahead and put it down below and you can copy-paste put it on your word and just keep it somewhere keep it in the kitchen this would benefit you or keep it in bathroom keep I mean just make a frame out of it type it up make it look fancy or whatever and read this every day all right number one fresh air fresh air what are some ways you can get fresher air well what I do I'm going to use me as an example in the 8 laws of health why not crack my window open if it's too warm outside I just open the window to get some fresh air to circulating because we're constantly breathing in all kinds of things ok remember our skin sheds this is how we get dust so if you see dust it's coming from here ok now if you come out from outside and you have carpet and you bring that's why I'm out here excuse me on my door you have tickets use off take your shoes off because we also bring dust from the ground in here so it's always good to open up your windows and get fresh air excuse me that's another way walks in the country I like to go out to the country because the air is different from the city if you ever have an opportunity to go out in the country just take your kids grandkids and go out in the country fall this is almost here and this is the time that I like to take myself or my grandkids out in the country another way is the park go where there's a lot of trees and if there's some water lake just be around that environment ok the best time is in the morning before noon just get that fresh morning air if you live near a beach which we are blessed to have opportunity to do all three I go to the beach the air is definitely different from the park and the country and then you have the water the water is constantly filtering itself cleaning itself even though we look at it as dirty God has designed the water to do its job so everything that he made was good now I want you to go and read Genesis chapter 1 verse 6 and 7 for fresh air sunshine very important we need sunshine so a lot of people who are deficient in vitamin d3 now we need vitamin d3 for our bone with the Sun calms in contact with the skin and then it activates the liver the liver is what releases vitamin d3 into your blood to help keep it level because the liver is the one that produces vitamin d3 so what I do for my skin I'm not Caucasian but Caucasian people they have to only be in the Sun for about maybe 10-15 minutes because one melanin my tone between 20 to 25 minutes but I'm constantly outside especially in the summer time I make sure that I'm out if I'm not I make sure that I take my liquid vitamin d3 and this one here is 5,000 IU's and hopefully people don't exceed too much of that between 2,000 and 5,000 ok now there's some people that needs 25,000 I use and you don't want to exceed over 50 because you can die from that but vitamin d3 is so important because you don't want rickets but the main source is the Sun that the most high has given us now Genesis chapter 1 verse 16 and psalms 136 verse 8 I'm not going to read it because it'll take too long so just remember to get out in the Sun and even in a winter time even though I don't care for the winter time I make sure that I get out in the Sun let the Sun contact your skin just let it okay if you can expose certain parts without freezing then do that and remember to consult your doctor when you decide to take things like this know what you're doing to the temple of the Most High rest so important so important you can tell when somebody's not fully rested their face they look tired all the time and yes granted people are working third hour shifts graveyard shift and their body biological clock is is offset so if you have the chance to go to bed early do that now I typically if if I stay on course between 9:00 and 9:30 at least in eight hours you want to get some sleep and that's not only just resting that's the main thing but what you want to do is rest your mind people shut your mind down stop thinking so much allow yourself to go to sleep take you a nice hot or temperature to your body and just relax water is so soothing hydrotherapy is a wonderful thing and that's what I do I come home and even in time I take my shower and then I am fully rested if you just go to bed early you'll be fine so rest your mind from daily worries hebrews chapter 4 verse 4 through 11 and Genesis chapter 2 verse 3 exercise very important all these things that I listed it's important for the body so if you can just move the body how by walking I walk three miles every day but my walking consists of power walking okay first the first one first mile I'll get my body warmed up getting the blood flowing getting the heart the lymphatics ready to release some of these toxins okay that's just the first step and then the other two I just power walk and bout time I get to the last one I kind of bring it down and you're you want to get that heart to pump all that blood through so that it can flush through I mean it's amazing how God created this body walking outdoors hiking you get a bonus with that if you're hiking you get the Sun so you get a double bonus do all you can do to circulate the blood exercise it doesn't only mean the gym working out weights Pilate is good use your body as a resistance and you can use bands that's what I do and tome okay I don't want to be muscular want to be tome so that's what I do I go to the gym I get on the treadmill I incline first I go up two by eight and then when I get myself going I raise the incline this is for me to twelve and then my speed is around like three point four because I want my heart to really pump and not only that it builds your muscles because you feel it burning that's the acid inside and we want to break that down so we can release it out in the blood it's a wonderful thing Genesis chapter 2 verse 15 for exercise temperance very important temperance but does that mean having self-control when eating not gluttony overeating eating between meals you have to allow yourself to let the body break their food down so I had some cereal this morning so I weight between 2 and 5 hours depending on when you start so if you a person such as myself you don't work nights or anything like that because I work from home I get up in the morning drink my water and then I wait for a minute and then I'll have my breakfast I wait 2 to 5 hours because it's trying to break things down and then by then it's noon and then I'll have my lunch and if I decide to have dinner then I can do that so I rest so at least give between 2 to 5 hours so this is one way to keep yourself from overeating excuse me eating between meals when you eat between meals that first session between a 2 and 5 hours is trying to break that food down so if you go and eat your meal and within 30 or 40 minutes you decide oh I need an apple what the body does the brain says ok stop working with this first meal and break down this you see and this is why people especially if they eat late and their stomach is sour in the morning because the food is rotten it becomes sour and you don't want that and this is why the body says oh no I got to get this out either you have diarrhea or you vomit so it's something to think about try your best to stay away from stimulants the two stimulants caffeine sugar sugar kills your red blood cells it's highly toxic it is ok I'm so glad that I came away from the sugar and this is why you know you don't see me baking a lot of stuff now we'll say this there's a lot of people that want me to bake because of the holidays coming up but what I'm saying is that the holidays are coming up they like some certain cakes and stuff like that and they like it because I you know I bake healthy ones so I will use store ganic we'll call it cane sugar whatever and I'll bake for them so that's one way and the Bible verses for this here is numbers chapter 11 verse 31 to 34 proper diet try to incorporate good foods such as fruits fruits nuts grains vegetables things like that now when I say seeds I'm talking about like sprout and then your grains like spelt kamut things like that people say what about rice well I don't eat a lot of rice I might have boss monic rice it's still a grain but I'll do a video on that in a future and tell you about that but you want to focus on two things like fruits grains nuts seeds vegetables and your legumes okay you look goom's and then you had your seeds all right so everything in its own balance you know but all the other things that I listed you want to just have everything a balance you know what I'm saying so I like for you to read Genesis chapter 129 remember what I said Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 and verse 6 water so so important people so important I think if we just focus on drinking more water than anything any other beverage you'll see a difference in your skin you won't be height dehydrated a lot and it helped flush everything your cells mainly and I'm just so grateful to the Most High how he has truly blessed me to to live 50 at 50 and to take care of my skin ok it's not only just exfoliating and doing certain exercises to erase my face but water is so important now this is a 32 ounce I drink 3 liters 3 liters if you can drink let's just get you a special pretty mason jar yes I don't get what it is just get you a 32-ounce fill this up and drink it take it with you and drink it all right water it's good for flushing out toxins it keeps us hydrated keeps the skin clean not only internally but externally so I will be getting a water filter ok because I noticed that the bleach isn't it's increased because it shouldn't be burning your eyes so that's not a good thing like I said I drink 3 liters at least 3 33.8 and and that's like in a water bottle so I'll drink like this and you know just drink 3 and then maybe half that's what I do it keeps the bowels moving now for that one genesis chapter 1 verse 6 let me read it and God said let there be a firmament it a sky in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters now when he made this he made it so that like it rained today it was beautiful outside but this morning it was pouring down and I'm telling you we need that we need that water to help you know cleanse the air regardless what they're putting out there God is in control you must believe remember what I said in Hebrews chapter what 11 verse 1 and jump down to verse 6 while worried about what man can do you need to be concerned about what the most high is going to do for you so he gives us these things and he wants us to appreciate what he has created and made for us so again Genesis chapter 1 verse 6 and the last one trust in the Most High trust in God trust in Yahweh okay I'd like you to read proverbs chapter 3 verse 5 through 7 trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not to thy own understanding and all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths be not wise and I own eyes fear the Lord and depart from evil depart from evil sin fear him in obedience when you obedient you are listening to him now all of these things that I list are the eight laws of health that I do so when accidentally do I get tempted with sugar not physically the eyes are the first thing to temptation if I can control this I can control this and then my body and everything else will be imbalanced see this here is the problem the eyes in order for you to desire something to want something this so if you can work on this then you won't have any problems I'll just say that but you got to do it through Christ you got to stay in his word and you got to read David three times a day Psalms what what is it put it down there what is it fifty-five or seventeen you got to do it so I just wanted to come in this Sabbath morning and give you the eight laws of health and this is what I do daily daily on top of me praying three times a day and just stayin and showing him and asking the Most High to build my faith strengthened my faith all right you guys I hope this helped I'll put everything down below you have a blessed Sabbath I'll see you in the next video you



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    How do you feel about Apple Cider Vinegar? I have tummy fat, well, lots fat, and heard it would help.

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    When you mentioned cane sugar I thought of Cain and Abel, and Cain killed his brother. Cane sugar is toxic, and leads to sickness that can kill. Spelled differently, but things in life can be so cryptic sometimes.

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