The Army Combat Fitness Test – 2-Mile Run

The Army Combat Fitness Test - 2-Mile Run

so I'm specialist York and I'm going to talk to you a little bit about the two-mile run the two-mile run is primarily about efficiency establishing efficiency is going to get you through this two-mile run so much easier the first thing you want to do is control the head again slightly down with the chin looking 10 to 20 yards in front of you next is gonna be your shoulders you want your shoulders back but you want to keep them down so keep your shoulders back allowing your chest to completely fill with air and that will allow you to be as efficient as possible with oxygen consumption then what you want to do is you want to start into a forward lean and when I say lean I mean a straight lean allowing gravity to pull you forward as opposed to bending over at the waist once you've established a forward lean you can start your running stride you want to apply as much power all the way through the leg don't just use your quads fire all the way through with the quads the hamstrings and the gluts and coming off the foot you want to land just behind the ball of the foot that is the moment of impact once you have this you just need to stay confident in what you're doing and one step in front of the other so one of the most important parts in preparing for the two-mile run is going to be spending time at Pace know what do I mean by that that means if you're trying to get a 16 minute two-mile then you need to spend as much time at an eight minute mile pace as possible so if that's 2 minutes and then you take a minute down spend 3 minutes at that pace it's been 4 minutes at that pace never really taking more than 60 seconds rest to get there we can do our 30 60 s we can do our 60 120 s those are great hill repeats hill sprints those are fantastic it allows us to apply power to the ground running downhill is really good that allows us to open up our stride and really work on our turnover however the most important part that we can hit on is spending time at your gold pace

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