The Best Baked Rice and Beans – Food Wishes

The Best Baked Rice and Beans – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with the best baked rice and beans that’s where i do to certain recent
worldwide events i begin a lot of requests for easy hearty recipes that
could be made using basic drying canned ingredients and this incredibly
delicious spanish-style baked rice and beans is all that and more way more
you’re also gonna see a fantastic and foolproof technique for making perfect
rice every time which is important for more than culinary reasons alright there
are just so many things we can’t control right now it feels good to work with
something we can so with that let’s go ahead get started by dumping some white
rice into a casserole dish and while this recipe is designed for pretty much
any long grain white rice I’m actually using a variety called basmati which if
you can find works especially well with this and then as far as seasonings go we
will add some salt as well as some freshly ground black pepper some ground
cumin some chili powder or if you want just some paprika will definitely also
want a little bit of cayenne or in my case a lot of cayenne and then last but
not least some dry oregano and then once all that’s in there we will pour in the
key to this whole operation about a quarter cup of olive oil and we’ll go
ahead and take a freakishly small wooden spoon and stir all that together and by
the way if you wanted you could also use melted butter here as it will have the
same effect or any liquefied fat for that matter okay so that’s up to you I
mean you are for all the princess grace of cooking while sheltering in place but
no matter what you use here the key is to keep stirring and mixing until every
single grain of rice is coated and as you’ll see later that’s what’s gonna
help us achieve such a beautiful texture so like I said we’ll go ahead and stir
that until those grains are thoroughly coated at which point we’ll move on to
the wet ingredients including a 16-ounce jar of your favorite tomato salsa and we
don’t need any fancy expensive brands here okay pretty much anything will work
and I think the one I used included some roasted green chilies although I’m not
really sure since I was kind of scared to look at the ingredients and then to
that we will add a couple cups of chicken broth which of course we will
use to rinse out whatever we transfer to our salsa in with so as not to waste
we will finish up with a couple cans of drained red kidney beans or of course
the canned beans of your choice all right pinto beans would be great as
would black beans and then what we’ll do once we have all that stirred together
and is equally distributed as possible let’s go ahead and cover this very very
very tightly with some heavy duty foil and if you’re gonna use the cheaper non
heavy duty foil make sure you use a few pieces and I know what some of you are
thinking in times like these shouldn’t we save that foil in case we have to
make hats no trust me those don’t work and one of the huge keys of this recipes
getting this covered nice and tightly otherwise too much of our liquid could
evaporate in the oven which by the way is our next stop so once that’s wrap
we’ll go ahead and transfer this into the center of a 350 degree oven for
about an hour and 10 minutes or until it looks like this actually hold on while I
unwrap this or until it looks like this and then what we’ll do once this is
unwrapped is perform the old fork and fluff where we take a fork and break all
this up by sort of going underneath and turning the rice over the top and then
breaking up the clumps and this maneuver is doing two very important things okay
it’s releasing a tremendous amount of heat so that our rice stops cooking but
it’s also breaking up large clumps of rice and to perfectly separated
individual grains and once that was done I went ahead and gave it a taste to see
how I did which reminds me of a tip once you unwrap this taste a little bit to
make sure the rice is cooked before you give the old old fork and fluff because
if it’s not you can always rewrap it and pop it back in the oven but I could tell
through experiences I was stirring mine it was fine so the texture was spot-on
and it was also perfectly seasoned and incredibly delicious so I move down to
final service and garnish with a little bit of chopped cilantro right just
because you’re in the middle of a pandemic does not mean you can forget
about presentation and by the way once all the parsley and rest of the herbs
are gone at the store there will always be a few bunches of cilantro left and
then once herbs I went in for another taste mostly so I could show off the
magic of coating that rice with the oil before we bake it okay because while
these grains where I still have a little bit of starchiness on the surface by
coating them in that fat rice is way less likely to stick
together and get all clumpy so I’ve always considered this one of the
easiest and most foolproof methods for making rice but anyway after eating out
of the dish for a little bit I decided to serve some up in a bowl and I went
ahead and garnish with some Monterey Jack cheese and a little dollop of sour
cream and a little more chopped cilantro and while this would obviously make an
incredible side dish serve like this it really does eat like a meal and one
really interesting thing about this recipe because we used a relatively
small amount of liquid for the amount of rice I think a little bit of moisture
has been pulled out of the bean and they seemed to take on a meteor taste and
texture and when I say meteor I’m referring to taste like meat and not
like one of those big rocks that hits the earth causing the next worldwide
situation but anyway that’s it what I’m calling and think is the best baked rice
and beans so simple so easy so delicious and the
kind of food that makes everything seem a little less scary so for all those
reasons and more I really do hope you give this a try soon so please follow
the links below for the ingredient amounts a principle written recipe and
much more info as usual and as always enjoy you you


  1. 1:13
    Chef John takes Freakishly Small Wooden Spoon off ‘Shelf Quarantine’ while the world is on ‘Self Quarantine.’

    Be well, stay kind and blessings to all ~

  2. Kent Rollins suggested your channel and I'm glad I checked it out. You are very enjoyable to learn from. Thank you

  3. How badly will I ruin this recipe by putting the exact same ingredients in a slow cooker instead of a baking dish?

  4. This is a perfect year and time for planting some herbs and greens, for those garnishes and more , like in planters, or the ground, if you can. A Victory Garden, lol. Good luck!

  5. Amazingly, for the first time in three weeks I actually have all these ingredients in my food cupboard (ok, the rice is long grain, but what the hell)….oh and TP.

  6. Add just about any sort of meat (chicken thighs, good sausage, shrimp, etc.) and you would turn would looks a spectacular dish into something other worldy…PLUS all the fats and juices from the meat leaking into the rice as it cooks!

  7. Chef John's recipes are always spot on…but the comments section REALLY shines. Rock on, all you Foil Hat People! Stay safe and healthy.

  8. Food Wishes: Chef John, thanks for continuing to post new videos to help distract us from this covid-19 situation! Hope you and your family are well!

  9. I didn't know how much I needed a tiny wooden spoon until I saw this video. It is, after all, the Daphne Moon of tiny spoons.

  10. Just a little less tasty version of Rajma Chaval.
    Indians would know.
    Once you have rajma chaval (rice), you'll forget all this.

  11. Simple in execution but oh, so delicious. Be safe and well Chef John and to everyone ✌💗🤗🤗🤗

  12. I have all the ingredients so I'll have to try this. I never thought of baking salsa so that will be interesting.

  13. I learned a rice-in-the-oven trick that may help here. Put a piece of parchment paper right on top of the rice, cut to fit the surface, then cover as tightly as you can, and bake. Double insurance on keeping moisture in while baking.

  14. You are performing a very important public service, my friend. We are all scared, but listening to your voice right now is, at least for a moment, like finding an island in the midst of turbulent seas.
    Like everything is back to normal

  15. "Just because you're in the middle of a pandemic… does not mean you can not forget about presentation" is literally my words to live by.

  16. Chef John, how do you think this would be with brown rice? Could you possibly give some advice on altering liquid amount/cook time to make it work? Thanks!

  17. I like the videos but could you add in a step where you remind people to wash their hands before?
    Lots of reckless people out there.

  18. Please I Like your ideas and humor and You but the way you are wording your words at the end sounds bit fake and extremely annoying :(((

    blah blahhh blahhh blahhhhhhh….blahh blahh blahh blahh blahhhhhh

    Speak naturally your voice is ok without the silly endings deliberately placed on the ends of sentences..

    Do that nd i'll sub you any day until now a thumbs up.

  19. 1:25 Princess Grace (Grace Kelly) was Son Altesse Sereine (Her Serene Highness), Princesse de Monaco — may she rest in peace!

  20. Hi Chef John, try making some Egyptian dishes, one of my favorites is macarona bechamel. its like a Egyptian lasagna. a layer of bechamel and pasta on the bottom, a layer of meat cooked in some tomato sauce, then another layer of bechamel and pasta, and then a nice layer of bechamel on top, brush an egg wash over the top, bake covered, 350 until heated through and broil some color on top. rigatoni, penne and lasagna pasta all work for this

  21. I just made this now! Do it! Soooo delicious! Especially after topping it with sour cream. I'm having a bowl right now as I type 😋

  22. Bravo! It is still cold enough in Idaho that I like using the oven, and I have all the ingredients on hand but cilantro, but I do have garlic tops and parsley, and I think I will put some onion in too.

  23. My wife still removes the lid on the pan when she makes rice, and counts "1 basmati, 2 basmati" then slams the lid back on the pot. This dish looks fantastic, and she won't have to count.

  24. Where do I get a "freakishly small" wooden spoon? BTW, chef, I dont know if you read the comments, but I made the Irish stew just like you instructed! Couldnt be happier with the results! Thank you for posting these videos!!!

  25. When you were coating the rice with seasonings in the beginning, I think the wooden spoon was too small.😂😂😂

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