The Best Classic Ice Cream Sundaes In NYC | Legendary Eats

The Best Classic Ice Cream Sundaes In NYC | Legendary Eats

– (Taryn Varricchio)
Time stands still inside one of New York City’s oldest ice cream shops. Customers sitting at the
long marble sundae bar await orders for
old-school desserts, each appropriately finished
with a red cherry on top. This is Eddie’s Sweet Shop. And it’s been serving
the most legendary ice cream sundaes since 1925. (soft music) – [Elderly Man] It’s like
going back in time for me. It’s like finding a
place that I didn’t think existed anymore. (music) – We’re in Forest Hills
today and we’re heading to Eddie’s Sweet Shop, which is one of the
oldest ice cream parlors in New York City. They’re know for these
huge, over the top sundaes that are legitimately
the quintessential sundae you would imagine in your head. But there’s a ton of
shops that sell ice cream in the city. So, why has Eddie’s
stood the test of time? Let’s go find out. (piano playing) – [Taryn] The shop is
operated out of it’s original corner store location
in Forest Hills for the last 95 years. It’s a Queens institution,
but it’s well known beyond the borough. And ironically, there was
never an Eddie. The shop was previously
named Witt’s Ice Cream Parlor before Giuseppe Citrano took
ownership and changed it to Eddie’s Sweet Shop
in the 1960’s. – It’s gone through four
owners now, with many of the previous managers
working until they were ready to retire. And when it was Giuseppe’s
turn, he passed the shop onto to his son Vito. (music) – This place, it never
went through a change. And we were very grateful
for the other owners never to put any money into
the place and change it. We used the same dishes that
have been used since the 30’s. Even those holders are
about from the 1930’s. – [Taryn] Eddie’s is known
for it’s classic sundae with the works. Three scoops of ice cream,
hot fudge, or strawberry sauce and fresh whipped cream, all topped with a cherry. (music) – Every flavor is made
on-site and from scratch using the same recipes
inherited from the shop’s previous owners. – [Vito] Mainly we do
sundaes here, milkshakes. Cones are probably one of the
least things we do. – [Lady] I order something
every time probably because everything is so
good. And if it’s homemade you have to like try
everything all the time. (music) – It’s almost like luscious. It’s so creamy. And this whipped cream is cloud-like. It’s very light, it’s not sweet. (drum beating) – [Taryn] Perhaps what
Eddie’s does best is preserve it’s original charm. The shop sticks to the
classics rather than calling on the newest or
trendiest items. And that’s exactly why
people seek it out. It’s the kind of shop
that appeals to both young and old, to those who have
known Eddie’s for years, and those just coming across it. – Everything about this
place is old school. From the minute that you
walk in, you see the bar, you see the sundae bar. People sit down, they’re
ordering ice cream sodas. And then you get a sundae
that’s literally piled high like this. And you just, feel like you’re
out of a scene of a movie, that’s from, I don’t
know the 1950’s. It really is, it’s like a time
capsule sort of atmosphere. And I think that’s what kind
of makes this place stand out, and, I mean it’s been
here for almost 100 years. (upbeat music) – So it seems like too there’s
an effort to keep things old school and to keep
things traditional. Would you say that’s true? – 100%, it’s so scary to
say my father use to say it. Now I’m saying it. What I see is, our customers
coming in with their children and now their children are
bringing their children. And what’s great about this
place, is they can always say this is exactly how it
was when I came as a child. Or when Grandpa brought me. – It’s what I imagined something
to be like back in the 30’s, 40’s you know. It’s a trip back in time and
you’ve got to experience it.


  1. Nothing innovative or avant garde. This is just old school American dessert at its best, which makes me proud to be an American 🙂

  2. I love the scenery of things like diners and sundaes parlor that’s has that like 1950’s vibe to it like Johnny rockets old diner.i don’t know why I’m so fascinated by old things like diners and music maybe because I have an old soul or I want to experience it

  3. I live in Manhattan but I’d probably be willing to hop on the subway to Queens to experience this — at least once. Maybe I’ll go this summer when it’s really hot outside. That’s the time for good, cold ice cream like that!

  4. It’s like 30 degrees outside and your eating ice cream, I eat ice cream when it’s 10 degrees a outside😋🤪😅😂🤣

  5. Wow, thank you for this feature. I love ice cream/sundaes and it'll be my first time in NY this December. Albeit the chilly weather, I'll be sure to try this as I don't know if I can back to NY again.

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