The Best London Health Food Spots!!

The Best London Health Food Spots!!

hey guys and welcome back so I was recently in London for two days and I just wanted to share some of my favorite health food spots as there just so many there and I have a few restaurants and cafes to share and some great shops too and I will list a bunch more information in the info section like their websites the closest tube station and a bunch of things like that so check that out and if you're interested just keep on watching so let's start off with some of my favorite cafes and restaurants farmgirl is one of them it is an independent cafe on Portobello Road and it's kind of Australia inspired and you just walk into the cutest little yard and they have both indoor and outdoor seating and their menu is just great they have both breakfast options like smoothie bowls granola eggs much more and they also have a ton of lunch options drinks and sweet treats and they're all made from really great ingredients and as we were there for breakfast I had a Pattaya Bowl or a dragon fruit bowl and a rosewater latte with almond milk and how pretty is that and also my mom had a bowl of granola with yogurt and berries and this golden liquid drink with turmeric ginger and lime and a bunch of other things that was so delicious and this is honestly one of my top favorite food places of all time I highly recommend it the next one is the made Ellie which was founded by deliciously Ella and her husband and as they're more of a deli style they have more pre-made on the same day obviously the pre-made dishes that you can choose from and they also have some breakfast options smoothies juices and sweet treats as well so I chose four different pre-made dishes and there was a quinoa one a sweet potato one some amazing guacamole and sweet potato falafels and I also ordered a green smoothie which was such a dream and a signature cake as well and everything was super tasty and so good but the smoothie was probably my favorite one and then we had pharmacy in Notting Hill which is another favorite and this place is so beautifully put together it's a pretty new vegetarian being in place and they have so many options and I'm just so happy that I managed to go again they had just such an amazing array of dishes like breakfast lunches dinner sweet treats during healthy shops and a lot more and I had a Middle Eastern Super Bowl which was just so wonderful with a ton of elements and I also had a lemonade which was amazing as well and this is definitely another place that I will come back to the next time I'm in London and I highly recommend it a place that I planned to go to was 26 grains but unfortunately they actually closed for summer two days before I got there which was such a bummer but they open again in September so if you get the chance to go they have the most amazing and delicious porridge selection and their location is in the middle of Neal's Yard close to Covent Garden which is so cute another place that I've been to before but I didn't have time to go this time is a detox kitchen and they also have an amazing selection of healthy food and it's just another great place to go if you're close by finally we have la Sherlock Turia which is not particularly healthy but I want to mention it as they have some amazing vegan ice cream there and it is in the Covent Garden area and definitely worth a visit if you're if you're an ice cream lover like me and I got the pistachio of gelato and it was just so good the hen let's move on to my favourite health food stores the first one is Planet organic they have seven different locations throughout London and it's such a great stop if you're into health food they focus on organic natural and sustainable products and they sell most things that you would usually find in a normal grocery store but just healthier versions of it and it's obviously a little bit more expensive than a regular grocery store but in my opinion it's just so worth it and they have a bunch of fresh items too and a juice bar and had this amazing green one with pear cucumber kale parsley and lemon and it was so good then I have Whole Foods here which is one of my favorite places ever it's kind of similar to Planet organic but it's so big they store that I went to was on Kensington High Street and it has two floors and is basically just heaven and they also have four other stores in the land area so I will link to that down below and I don't even know where to begin because they just have so much they have everything from juicers spices beans grains fresh food pre-made food dried goods supplements vitamins superfoods natural beauty products food bar books the deli area and literally anything that you could want I found that some of the prices were actually slightly cheaper than planted organic but I only checked a couple of things so it might be the other way around with some other products but yeah I will do a haul on all of the food and health items that I bought in London this Sunday so stay tuned if you're interested in that but yeah Whole Foods is definitely important obviously the final place I wanted to mention is the Selfridges food haul and they have a ton more than just healthy food but they have such a good selection of that as well they have some great things in the refrigerated area and also an entire aisle of health foods as well and they also have a pressed juice bar which is amazing fresh produce as well and it's just a really fun place to just look around because they have some really interesting and cool stuff so yeah those were all of the places that I wanted to share with you today as I said I only had two days but I tried to cram as much into there as possible please let me know if I missed any of your favorite food spots in the comments below because I'm always looking for new places and please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you found it helpful thank you guys so much for watching and I will hopefully see you in Sunday's health food haul


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  2. I didnt know Wholefoods was in the UK now! I always see it on US videos and am jealous! the London one looked amazing 😍

  3. I need to check some of these out! next time you're here you should go to Yorica! on Wardour street, they have the nicest vegan froyo, ice cream and shakes

  4. I'm going to be studying a semester in London, so this video is going to be so helpful for me! I'll have to favourite it so I can look back at it for reference once I'm there πŸ™‚ I am so excited to have access to a whole foods, I didn't know there were so many just within London! Thanks for sharing with us xx

  5. You missed the good life eatery! Next time you're in london you have to visit – best healthy restaurant in london imo! Mildred's is also great, Yorica for ice cream, honey and co do GREAT Middle eastern dishes, tibbits is good too! Thank you so much for the video, I live in London so love learning about new vegan restaurants! πŸ™‚

  6. I love watching your videos about healthy food, Siri! This inspires me so much. I really want to go to London now and try out everything haha πŸ˜€ Wish we had more healthy food shops here in Norway. Looking forward to your Sunday video <3

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