The Best Workout Motivation Ever – Joe Rogan

The Best Workout Motivation Ever - Joe Rogan

it's this fear of discomfort people have this extreme feeling in their mind when it comes to their associations with exercise they want to avoid discomfort they feel like any type of exercise is just like something to be avoided that's not for me fuck that I don't want to sweat I don't want to strain and a lot of times this association that they have is about the beginnings of getting in shape it's not about once you're actually fit because once you're actually fit exercise is something you look forward to it's an alleviation of stress it's it feels great like if I can't get a workout in I look at my schedule I go oh shit I don't any time for a workout which means I'm not gonna get that good feeling and so instead of looking at it like oh I've got to go grunt and sweat I'm thinking I'm not gonna feel good I'm not gonna feel relaxed I'm not gonna feel carefree and I'm not gonna feel even appreciative like my appreciation of things in it gets enhanced greatly after exercise I just feel better I feel like I can take things in for what they are rather than you know whatever that weather or sensory data that I'm getting from any event is just one more distraction that gets in my way and you know that that's a lot of times how I look at things if I'm overstressed or if I'm working too much like our bodies for whatever reason most people their associations are to avoid anything that's uncomfortable but it's so illogical because when you look at comfort and you look at success and progress and the eventual the feelings of accomplishment and of getting past certain hurdles and in terms of like how you feel about life a lot of those are connected to discomfort like discomfort is your friend it really is like discomfort and and not being happy and content with certain situations in life or certain feelings in life there are massive massive motivators and they're they're amazing at at facilitating change and yet our instinct is to avoid those and just sit on the couch and watch some fucking reality show about dudes and make moonshine with our jaw open like its with bizarre and for me at least when I get when I get like really disciplined and really I get really consistent with my workouts one of the things that I feel I almost feel momentum I feel like there's like a push behind me like all right we're you know like after I get out of the gym I have a really good workout I'm like yeah now I'm doing it I'm doing it all the time now and I'm looking forward to the next time and it makes that resistance much weaker and it makes my motivation in my discipline much stronger I think a lot of it is based on just the consistency you know it's one of the things that I talked about recently on the podcast I said you know like blowing something off it's not just not good like blowing off of an exercise that you planned is not just bad for you physically it's also bad mentally because then that option is now available the option to fuck off is available and you did it before and you're probably gonna do it again and you'll get mediocre results not just in that aspect of your life but maybe in all aspects of your life because I think that option to fuck off when you embrace it that is a pathway that you might choose when it comes to dealing with conflict in your personal life dealing with business decisions dealing with career decisions like an uncomfortable decision that you might be faced with we may be you need to make a change as far as like what your pathway is in life but you don't do it instead you fuck off and that the inclination to fuck off I think that gathers momentum as well the inclination to be disciplined that comes with momentum too and I think both things like you did you take a path the path of the healthy person or the path of the fuck off like this is not like your body is like a race car that you can juice up yourself like you can add the fat tires you can add the improve suspension you can beef up the horsepower in the engine you could do all that yourself or you could just choose to have this shitty body that's always falling apart on you because we're essentially ecosystems you know and we're we're charge this weird consciousness that has all this resistance and has all this inclination towards comfort and fucking off and blowing things off is what is in charge of making all these things happen that keep this ecosystem healthy it's almost like if Earth itself had like a shitty manager you know if like there was a manager of or a natural manager of Earth that was like oh god who cares if it rains oh god you know like let's let you know I'm gonna stop growing things I don't give a shit anymore it's all stupid anyway I mean it's literally like the the just blow it up let's just kill all the life what do it's all gonna die eventually I mean the Sun only lasts 7 billion years you see that is the perspective a lot of people take with ageing where it's like well you're gonna die you're gonna age you can't stop aging and it's like yes you're right but that's not the point the point is to age better like that's the point the point is to increase your health span you know and that is we know is possible like that can there's some there's some of these like centenarians and super centenarians I've seen that are like in you know over a hundred years old and they're like riding bikes and racing and it's like yeah they're old they are very old they're experiencing a very good quality of life yeah and there's experiencing a quality of life that these other people that don't exercise feel they physically feel their own body diminishing and they just feel it's inevitable it's just what it is what it is you're wasting your time you're out there running around but no we're not because this experience right now it's not like no one's under the illusion you're gonna live forever but you are enhancing the experience that you're currently involved in right now and you are alive you are alive you do experience this life but do you experience this life optimally is it is it as enjoyable as it can be and we all know that there's a spectrum for that enjoy ability like we've all had times in our life where it's not been so great and then times in a life where everything came together like what a fucking great day whoo like make more of those like you could make more of those and then the whole thing's better and I think when that whole thing is better it affects everybody you touch every but it's around you everybody come in contact with and that in turn made it sound so grandiose but in an in turn can affect the entire race of human beings for more interesting videos like this one please subscribe


  1. I listen to this video every time I don't feel like going to the gym and it's never failed to get me on my feet!
    (The only thing is I wish there weren't so many curse words… I work around little kids and after listening to this so many times, I keep having to catch myself from slipping in front of them haha)

  2. I have on and off depression and interests (which both play a huge part in my work outs). I’m 12. I’m not consistent enough to get the results I want. The most I am consistently active is probably 5 days in a row of me working out every morning, about 30 min – 1 hour. I do all my exercises in my room, with a mat and a pair of dumbbells. Any tips that can help me improve?

  3. Wow he’s pretty right about how when you’ve been working out for a while and you have a busy day and no time for the gym. It kinda sucks and when you do get a good workout it makes you feel better throughout the day

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    It motivates me to get prizes all the time! 🤠

  5. I hate working out in public. I'm usually very reserved, but when I work out I get angry. Can't help it, and it always feels odd to be angry around people I don't know. I prefer to work out in seclusion, out in the woods, in my room. Less judgmental soccer moms on cardio equipment giving me strange looks and breaking my concentration.

  6. I used be an Olympic wrestler back in highschool then join more sports but one day i stopped… Felt in love … Year later i was dumped.. My body was a mess cause i got comfortable now im a bit worse.. I think after watching this video ill dedicate time to myself aswell and get going for it cause that's what i need ! To escape and go back at it .. Im 24 and i feel tired constantly. bad eating habits always saying..tomorrow ill do it tomorrow ill do it and again and again.. Then I try i feel like i can but then i stop.. I want to be who i was before if not someone better

  7. I don't care about the discomfort of exercize but the fact that I am mediocre-weak. I can only do 15 pull ups and then my arms stop moving. I know that if I keep doing them everyday I will get better but I am too impatient.

  8. For the short time we are on earth why not enjoy it happy and healthy it’s a state of mind we fuck up yes , yet that doesn’t mean that’s the end of the road it’s just another bump , you can bet your as it’s worth the struggle and work to get past

  9. but i am already in shape and my problem is that i dont look forward to my next workout, i work out twise a day ,every day. could that be a factor where its to much?

  10. was thinking about skipping offseason practice, this vid made me look forward to working hard and the feeling of being sore.

  11. Wow if you're fat you're a loser who's gonna fuckup in all aspects of life and affect the whole human race… talk about fatphobia

  12. The worst is when you are getting off of being sick and wondering if you are making an excuse to not lift or actually need to take that one last day off.

  13. This kind of felt like he was shouting at me cause he was disappointed in me but it worked cause now I’m about to go redo that work out I just half assed

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