The Complete Guide to Automatic Pool Cleaners | Swim University

The Complete Guide to Automatic Pool Cleaners | Swim University

are you in the market for an automatic pool cleaner well before you buy let's talk about them there are many different options out there but how do you decide which one is best well there's actually only three types of automatic pool cleaners number one is pressure side pool cleaners which are among the most popular on the market for pool owners some highly recommended ones include the Polaris 65 for above-ground pools and the Polaris 3900 Sport for in-ground pools a pressure side cleaner uses the water from your pump and filter system to power the cleaner and some cleaners do require an extra pump to power the cleaner now when the cleaner runs around the pool that's powered by water pressure and so is the water vortex that it creates tube lift debris off the ground and into a filter bag located on the cleaner itself I highly recommend pressure side cleaners for a few reasons number one they clean up large debris pretty easily they're low maintenance they're very durable and they don't move the dirt into your filter system it's all in a self-contained unit number two is robotic pool cleaners which are by far my favorite pool cleaner on the market because they don't use your pump and filter system to clean your pool in fact they use a low voltage transformer that you plug into an outlet you drop the cleaner in and the cleaner has its own motor to drive the wheels and its own pump to lift debris off the ground and into a filter basket some robotic pool cleaners are really really smart in fact they have computer chips inside them that actually monitor your your cleaners activities to teach it to be more efficient when it cleans your pool also there are cleaners out there like the Polaris 95 50 that are remote-controlled so you can power them yourself now as the technology evolves robotic pool cleaners are becoming more affordable and more efficient and the best parts about them are a few things number one they clean up large debris and small debris pretty efficiently number two they scrub the tiles and the walls of your pool and even the stairs and number three is that they are self-contained units they do not require your filter system to run and they also filter the water so when your filter system is not running you're getting that extra filtering power and lastly number three is suction pool cleaners which are pool cleaners that require your pump and filter system to run and it moves the cleaner along the bottom and the sides of your walls to clean the debris off the ground and into your filter system now I only recommend getting a suction side pool cleaner if you're on a budget and you're just looking to get something to get started so that's all of the automatic pool cleaners that are out on the market today they're all different types there's all different brands but how do you choose which one is best for you and the type of pool that you have well let's say you're a do-it-yourselfer and you just want something super simple super easy I recommend going with a pressure side pool cleaner whether you have an above-ground or an in-ground pool now if you're a little bit more budget conscious you can go with a suction side pool cleaner and if you're just getting started maybe suction sides the way to go and if you're if you've got a budget to work with and you're looking for something that's energy-efficient and is just an excellent cleaner I highly recommend going with a robotic pool cleaner if you have any questions about automatic pool cleaners please go to our Facebook account which is slash Swim University click the little message button and ask your question you can also go to swim University comm for more information and that's it thanks again and happy swimming [Applause]


  1. I have owned two different Polaris robots, terrible! Constantly in the shop, switching back to pressure side this season. The new Polaris Quattro has most of the benefits of a robot without the electronics to fail, I may try that or go with trusted p280.

  2. Thank you for all the information. I have a question about the new variable speed magnetic pumps and a return side cleaner. Today I have a 1/2 hp pump that runs around 3450 rpm and it runs the return side vacuum fine. The newer pump I am thinking about runs at the most efficient speed of 1600 rpm. Do you believe this is enough to run the return vacuum? The newer pump has higher rpm settings but if I want the vacuum to run for many hours, I want the lower rpm for energy cost savings. Thank you

  3. The Polaris 9550 is an absolute piece of junk. Yep, looks really nice in a clear pool. People buy this unit to impress the neighbors, not to keep their pools clean, unless keeping your pool clean means having to deal with half a dozen leaves falling in each week that the skimmer doesn't pick up. Try getting it to clean a pool with some leaves and debris and watch as the 'jet engine' blows everything behind it up into the water and create clouds that will settle back down later and make it look like it never did anything to begin with. The thing barely picks up anything at all before it starts signaling that its full. Used it for a week and eventually went and got a simple $30 attachment to go on the end of the pool pole with a hose attached to the skimmer suction. In half an hour I cleaned up everything that this piece of crap couldn't manage in a week. People should file a class action law suit against Polaris for foisting an expensive piece of garbage on the public that they clearly never bothered testing properly. We bought it without even checking for reviews because we'd always been told that Polaris was the Rolls-Royce of pool cleaners. Selling this is virtually criminal because it doesn't do the job it's supposed to be designed for. Check around for other review sites. The complaints are everywhere about how this clouds up the water via the manner in which the exhaust port blows directly across the bottom of the pool as the unit moves about. If clouding up the water enough that the pool's own filtration system ends up cleaning the water then, yeah, the Polaris cleans the pool.

  4. Thank You I just learned the differences in the various styles of cleaners and know to eliminate one right off my list!

  5. I like this swim university.Because it's funny and way to learn how the pool maintaining.LOL...And It's great to install a RGB LED pool light inside it.It will look more fantastic night.I just found it here in ebay:

  6. I'm looking to get automatic pool cleaner. My problem is the pool has so much dirt. The pool walls are a 90-degree angle and it is ceramic. The dimensions are 10 meters long and 2meters high and 5-meters width. It is an inground pool. My budget is up to $500. What is your recommendation? Thank you in advance

  7. Robot pool cleaners are trash. I've never seen one that worked well in 15 years working on pools. They require too much input from the pool owner, the need to be cleaned almost every day to work and the cords tangle to the point of missing most of the pool. Most retailers will say robots let you run your filtration system less because the robot will filter the water as it runs. This is total BS. If your pool is plumed for a suction sweep, use "the pool cleaner" 2x or 4x depending on pool size. If your pool is plumbed for a pressure sweep with a booster pump, go with a polaris 280 or 3900 sport. Read the instructions carefully and cut the hoses properly for your pool or the polaris units will tangle badly, it helps to leave the hose stretched out straight in the sun for a day or so to take the memory out the hoses as well. If your system is plumbed for an energy type sweep (pressure sweep that uses the main filter pump for pressure instead of a separate boosterpump) go with a polaris 360. Hope this helps.

  8. Do you guys use hayward robotic pools ? i am thinking to buy one as our pump is a Hayward and we never had any issues with it.. 
    Hayward is also a "big" brand so i assume the quality of the pool robot would be ok?
    I found this review on youtube:
    but if some people that have a hayward robot could comments please it would be great…
    Thank you guys.

  9. I strongly disagree with your assement of pressure-side cleaners. Although they do not directly pull dirt into your filter system they do push it up off of the floor to be pick-up by the skimmers into your filter system. So technically, they DO put dirt into your filter system. Otherwise, Where Does Dirt Go? I like Polaris BUT, they are damned expensive to run and maintain!

  10. I have used the Polaris ATV since 2003 and I've been thru 2 brand new units and 3 motors. I'm tired of them. Do I need to run the robotics everyday or every other day and also do I have to take them of of the pool after use? I'm thinking about the MX8 and after watching your reviews now considering the robots. Thanks

  11. I wanted to get the Dolphin Quantum pool cleaner for a 20 X 40 pool have you heard anything whether its good or not?

  12. busco servicio oficial en español,,y no lo encuentro,,ROBOT LIMPIAFONDO,,BLUE DIAMOND,,por favor si alguien ,,me lo indica

  13. do you have worked with them…… really hard to believe that a small basket from a robot cleaner would be better than my huge sand filter…….

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